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Chapter 217: Volunteer as Tribute

Chapter 217: Volunteer as Tribute

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"And I still thought… turns out… aiiii." Yu BingYan wanted to say something but stopped halfway. However, the meaning in her words was already very clearly conveyed.

The courtyard door lightly opened, and a youth dressed completely in black walked in. One could clearly see that he was elegant and handsome, but his expression was just like a dead board except for his eyes which were like a predator, piercing and fierce.

"Ling Jian, why are you here?" Because Princess JiaoYue came often to visit the Lings, she was aware of Ling Tian’s trusted aide, and thus couldn't help but blurt out.

Seeing the three ladies, Ling Jian couldn't help but be startled.

Under normal circumstances, Ling Jian wouldn't even appear at the Ling Residence in the day. However, he had just received some urgent and important news today which required him to look for Ling Tian in order to plan a countermeasure. Hence Ling Jian recklessly decided to rush over. Little did he know that not only was Ling Tian not present, there were even three beautiful ladies looking at him with a gaze akin to seeing a rare specimen at the zoo.

"Oh, turns out that your highness is here. I was looking for young noble about some matters, but since he’s not here, this servant shall take his leave." Since Ling Tian was not around, there was no point in Ling Jian staying over. He said his piece, thinking ‘I’ll come back later,’ as he looked up to see the sky dyed in crimson, signaling the ending of a day.

"Wait up! Ling Jian, I have something to ask you." Princess JiaoYue shot him a smile that was not really a smile as she stared at him, "You’re quite good, Ling Jian, to actually collude with your young noble to make a fool out of this princess for so many years. Was it fun?"

Ling Jian was immediately put in a spot. If another lady dared to talk to him this way, he most likely would have had silenced her with a stab, even if the person was from the Royal Family! However, JiaoYue was after all Ling Ran’s daughter, which mean that she was Ling Tian’s cousin! Ling Jian couldn't find an answer to give to her, and could only cautiously reply, "What’s the meaning behind Princess’s statement? This servant does not really know. I still have other matters at hand, so I’ll have to leave now."

While the Ling Family residence knew to give respect to the trusted aides of Ling Tian, which meant that Ling Jian was not a mere servant, but since he didn't know how much Princess JiaoYue was aware of, he could only play the part of a servant.

"Hmph, you don’t understand?" Princess JiaoYue coldly snorted once, "I think you understand it clearer than anyone else here! Hurry up and confess to this princess now!"

Hearing this, Ling Jian shut his mouth, and a chilling killing intent exuded from his body. With an indifferent tone, he icily spoke, "Some matters are better off if you directly ask the young noble, princess!" This sentence sounded like nothing a servant would say to their master, and even more nothing like what someone would say to a princess of a country. In his tone was an arrogance carved deep in his bones, as well as disdain towards the Sky Bearing Royal Family! With Ling Jian personally running the First Pavilion these few years, other than Ling Tian, Ling Chen and Old Madam Ling, there was nobody in this vast world that he considered his superior! The only exception was Yu ManTian, but even with his exceptional martial skills, his straightforward personality, and his trustworthiness, he had only gained the respect of Ling Jian!

Don’t joke with me! In this world, other than the young noble, there is nobody else capable of ordering me around! So what if you are the Princess of Sky Bearing? If you were not the cousin of Ling Tian, just based on your first sentence, I would’ve killed you! Even if you were Long Xiang, with but a command from the young noble, he would only end up as a departed spirit under my blade! You all, have no qualifications to talk to me this way!

Ling Jian only spoke that one sentence before turning to leave. However, when had Princess JiaoYue had someone talk to her like that? Even the Empress Yang Xue, who hated her mother and her to the bones, had to use a civil tone to address her! To think that Ling Jian would be so bold! At that moment, Princess JiaoYue was so angry that she was at a complete loss for words, her lips trembling, unable to form a word.

Ling Jian was preparing to step out of the door when a messenger rushed in, shouting, "Someone from the Wei Residence has come. May Miss Wei quickly return to the Residence, Sir and Madam Wei have something to discuss with you."

Princess JiaoYue asked, "How many have come?"

The messenger replied, "Two; one of them seems to be the head butler of the Wei Family."

Thinking about what happened to her and Ling Tian on the way to the palace today, Princess JiaoYue couldn't help but worry about Wei XuanXuan. If she really met such a sleazebag on the way, would that not be trouble for her? Now that all sorts of major powers were gathered in Sky Bearing, who knows if there would be another such silkpants roaming the streets!

As such, she frowned and replied, "With the unstable state that Sky Bearing is currently, wouldn’t it be dangerous to escort Sister XuanXuan home with just two guards? We had better arrange for more guards." Casting her gaze over to the exiting Ling Jian, she snapped at him, "Ling Jian, stop right there! Inform Wang Tong and get him to arrange for some guards to escort Miss Wei back!"

Ling Jian was already frustrated by the fact that he couldn't get to Ling Tian on time. Hearing that Princess JiaoYue actually wanted him to summon some men over, with the intention of making him stay for further interrogation, he couldn't help but roll his eyes, saying, "Why do we need so many? Just myself alone will do!"

Princess JiaoYue coldly snorted, about to chide him, but surprisingly, Yu BingYan interrupted her by saying, "With this elder brother escorting, Miss Wei will definitely be safe." As she spoke, she shot Princess JiaoYue a knowing glance.

Seeing Ling Jian accompany Wei XuanXuan out, Princess JiaoYue couldn't help but ask in bewilderment, "Why did Sister agree to his demand? That guy isn’t even skilled, how could he take care of Sister XuanXuan?"

"Princess can relax, there will definitely not be any problems!" Yu BingYan gave a sweet smile in response.

Princess JiaoYue’s knowledge and experience couldn't compare to a descendant of the Yu family. While Yu BingYan couldn't practice martial arts, her experience and eyesight for details were at the level of an expert. She had only met Ling Jian this one time, but from the moment he released that ice cold killing intent, she had a rude shock upon realizing that Ling Jian’s internal strength was only one step away from the XianTian realm! He could at least be considered as a White Jade cultivator in their family, and it was rare to see a talent of his age, even for her Yu Family! Having interacted with Princess JiaoYue before, she knew that the latter was innately kind and thus couldn't bear to watch as she offended a potential future expert. How could such an expert place a princess in such a small country within his eye?

One Ling Tian and one Ling Chen were enough to shock people out of their wits. To think that there was still another Ling Jian!

In the last few days, she had discovered that a mere Ling Residence already possessed three such experts! And they were all extremely young! How strong was the Ling Family exactly? How many more hidden experts did they actually have? How was it possible for a normal aristocratic family to recruit such strength?

Upon considering the possibilities, Yu BingYan then realized that the Mysterious Yin Essence Heart Sutra that she found in Ling Tian’s study was definitely not some torn and tattered thing, but rather something which Ling Tian had probably spent much effort in searching for her! Thinking about how much effort Ling Tian had gone through to make her find it, Yu BingYan couldn't help but feel a wave of happiness surge through her, and the corners of her eyes grew wet. At that time, Ling Tian probably didn't want her to know about his strength, as well as didn't want her to feel uneasy if she were to discover anything, right?

Yu BingYan foolishly leaned on the courtyard door, letting the gentle breeze tug at her sleeves as she stood there in a daze…

While the Wei residence was not far away from the Ling residence, the walk was about an hour. Sir and Madam Wei had wanted to discipline this unruly daughter of theirs, and actually didn't send a sedan over! However, from the Ling Family's side, only Ling Jian accompanied her, and having not had any experience in serving the nobility, of course didn't know of her requirements. Since he could walk a few thousand miles on foot, then this small distance would be as simple as lifting his legs! Furthermore, Ling Jian didn't volunteer as tribute specially for Wei XuanXuan, but only to escape the interrogation of Princess JiaoYue. Until he received the green light from Ling Tian, no matter how much Princess JiaoYue were to question him, he would only keep his mouth shut!

But Ling Jian conveniently forgot a huge point! Wei XuanXuan was a noblewoman who seldom stepped out of her house. With her weak constitution, how was she able to withstand such a long journey?

She had only taken a few steps when she felt her legs turning numb. At the front, while the butler of the Wei Family would look back in concern, he seemed to not want to stop for a rest! Wei XuanXuan couldn't felt but feel bitter, knowing that it was the intention of her parents for her to suffer a little! Having previously been dragged along by Yu ManTian, her two legs were still hurting, and knowing that there was such a long route ahead of her, she was acutely aware of the pain in her legs.