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Chapter 220: Intolerable

Chapter 220: Intolerable

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For Ye BaiFei to rush to the Sky Bearing City in such a sensitive period, there was probably a conspiracy behind the scenes! How could Ling Tian ignore the matter completely?! Currently, Ling Jian and the others from The First Pavilion were raising their strength to deal with the changes in the near future. But if Ling Tian were to send others instead, he may alert Ye BaiFei instead. Furthermore, they may be unable to fight Ye BaiFei alone either. Thus, Ling Tian had no choice but to make the trip personally.

The sun disappeared completely and the final trace of light had been swallowed by the darkness. The night was here!

Feeling Ling Chen’s body tense up, Ling Tian squinted his eyes to take a look. Indeed, in the quiet street a white dressed figure silently appeared. If he wasn’t Ye BaiFei, who else could he be?

From the cautiousness of an assassin, Ye BaiFei began checking out the courtyard at top speed to ensure that nothing was amiss. After he was done with his checks, he flipped onto the roof and began looking around. Ling Tian and Ling Chen had already retracted all of their aura and were presently carefully holding their breaths.

Finally, Ye BaiFei landed in the courtyard lightly like a feather. However, he didn't enter the room but instead took out a thin item and placed it on his lips. Then, a mellow wind-like sound could be heard. Even if someone were to hear it, they would only treat it as the night winds and ignore it. While the sound was soft, it traveled a long distance without dispersing! It was as though the sound was some type of signal.

A short while later, black figures could be seen flashing around in the night and seven to eight black dressed figures entered from all directions. From their swift movements and superior footwork, it was obvious that they were all top-notch experts!

Ling Tian and Ling Chen were both startled! While Ling Tian had already guessed that Ye BaiFei didn't come into Sky Bearing City alone, he never expected there to be so many of them! Just what kind of an organization was this? They actually had so many top-notch experts? For so many of them to infiltrate the Sky Bearing City, why would they go to such lengths if they didn't have a big plan? Thinking about this, Ling Tian couldn't help but perk up his ears.

In just a short few moments, all of them had already entered the room.

"Boss, why did you call us over? Didn’t we agree to wait for the best chance before taking action together? For you to gather us over now, aren’t you afraid of alerting our enemies?" A gentle voice could be heard.

"There are changes in the situation. Today, I found someone who seemed to be an expert from the First Pavilion. His martial arts were deep and unmeasurable, probably a notch above mine and no weaker than Yu ManTian. I made an appointment to have a battle with him at 3 a.m. in the willow forest to the south tonight. This person is extremely powerful and we will undoubtedly have to face the First Pavilion eventually. As such, we should make good use of this opportunity to get rid of him! That would be the best choice, so I gathered all of you here." Ye BaiFei’s voice could be heard.

"Oh? This person actually has such cultivation? His martial arts were even higher than our boss’? I wonder what his background is like and how old he is?" An astonished voice could be heard.

Ye BaiFei responded with a ‘Mmm’ and didn't say anything else. The rest of them then began to break out into discussions. In the eyes of those present, Ye BaiFei’s had already achieved great heights in his martial arts and he was a top-class figure in the world. However, they never imagined that someone would actually be even more powerful than Ye BaiFei! Thus, they were all in shock with a few of them in disbelief.

On the tree, Ling Tian was stunned. The First Pavilion? Who? Since Ye BaiFei mentioned it, it couldn't be wrong. For the person to be slightly stronger than Ye BaiFei and weaker than Yu ManTian, the person should be Ling Jian! Did he meet Ling Jian?

Thinking about this, Ling Tian felt a ball of anger rising in his heart. He was enraged that Ling Jian was creating trouble even before his internal injuries from his battle with Yu ManTian were fully recovered! He actually set a date to fight with Ye BaiFei! If Ling Jian’s injuries were to worsen, he might not be able to fully recover! Furthermore, Ye BaiFei was obviously planning to get rid of Ling Jian at all costs! With the situation in the Sky Bearing City being so treacherous now, how can that brat still be so reckless?!

Ling Jian was still required to monitor the fight between Ling Chi and Yu ManTian. After every battle, Ling Jian was supposed to give the others pointers. At such a moment, he actually chose to go and pick a fight with someone else!

If Ling Jian was in front of Ling Tian now, he would probably be thoroughly beaten up by Ling Tian! This was just too preposterous!

Ling Tian had only intended to check on Ye BaiFei’s intentions and nothing more than that. After purging Ling Ran’s poison today, Ling Tian had already exhausted a great deal of his inner qi. At such a moment, it really wasn’t suitable for him to take action!

Furthermore, Ling Tian appreciated Ye BaiFei’s talents greatly and wanted to make use of this opportunity to bring Ye BaiFei under his command. Thus, Ling Tian didn't have any intentions of fighting Ye BaiFei today.

However, now that he knew that they were about to ambush Ling Jian, how could Ling Tian endure any longer? At this moment, the arrow was already nocked and there wasn't a choice but to fire it!

Sending an eye signal to Ling Chen, she responded with a nod and the both of them together put on a black mask. Ling Tian was already ready to kill! If Ling Jian wasn’t injured, he wouldn’t mind following the lot of them to the willow forest to wipe out all of them! However, Ling Tian couldn’t do that now. In fact, he couldn't risk Ling Jian taking action at all! If Ling Jian were to cause his injuries to take a turn for the worse, that would be disastrous!

Ling Tian had no choice but to take care of them right here. While his inner qi was only about 60% recovered, he would definitely be able to force them all into retreat with Ling Chen’s aid and destroy their plans for tonight!

The door opened and eight people, including Ye BaiFei, came out from the room. They were obviously preparing to go to the willow forest to find a place to lay an ambush.

"Sword shattering the wind and clouds, stirring up golden leaves. Despicable to the extreme and shameless beyond comparison!" a crisp voice sounded and the eight of them stopped together! As they turned back to take a look, their swords were all unsheathed.

"It’s you!" Ye BaiFei’s eyes narrowed as a look of caution filled his face! With a single look, he could tell that the person in front of him was the mysterious individual who slashed his belt with a single move. How was it possible for Ye BaiFei to forget such a humiliation? However, Ye BaiFei was extremely cautious as well. Ling Tian’s martial arts were immeasurably profound and he was definitely not a match for Ling Tian alone! Now, it seems that…

"Ye BaiFei, I have misjudged your character! It turns out you were such a despicable person! After agreeing to a one to one battle, you actually plan to ambush him in a group! Did the fame of Golden Leaves BaiFei come about like that?" Ling Tian ridiculed with sarcasm.

Ye BaiFei snorted, "Sir, you are wrong. Golden Leaves BaiFei was never a righteous knight. I am only an assassin who killed for money. Why would I give a damn about those dogsh*t pugilistic rules? The victor will be the king and the loser will be a thief. What’s the need for all these morals?!"

Ling Tian let out a cold snort. This logic was something which he constantly said and even influenced Ling Tian. However, he had never expected Ye BaiFei to have such thoughts as well. For the same words to be used on himself, Ling Tian no longer felt that it was just! In his heart, Ling Tian was an extremely protective person, and he would never allow his brothers to be harmed!

Can this be considered to be like the saying, ‘Only government officials are allowed to commit arson, but the commoners aren’t allowed to light a lamp’?

"Despicable fool, spare me the nonsense. Since this young noble met such an incident today, I will not allow you to harm a good person! Talk with your sword!"

Ye BaiFei let out a chilly glare, "Sir, while your martial arts are top-notch, your experience is shallow. You have already revealed our hiding place, and it is too late for you to leave. Everyone be careful! This person’s martial arts are extremely high and all of you must be extremely careful. Use your full strength and kill him!"

Ling Tian let out a laugh, "What is there to fear about a bunch of little pawns. Come at me!" Just when he was about to unleash his attack, a fragrant wind passed by his nose and Ling Chen drew her sword!

Ling Tian couldn't help but be stunned, but he immediately understood Ling Chen’s meaning and warmth filled his heart.

Ling Chen naturally knew that Ling Tian had already exhausted a great deal of his inner qi from purging Ling Ran’s poison in the palace. Currently, it was impossible for Ling Tian to have fully recovered! How would Ling Chen ever let the unrecovered Ling Tian charge straight into battle? As long as she can heavily injure or even kill some of them, she would be able to reduce their opponents’ strength and reduce Ling Tian’s burden! Thus, for the first time in her life, Ling Chen felt the urge to kill!

While Ling Chen cultivated the Divine Ice Formula and her appearance was cold like snow, she didn't like to fight in her heart. However, for her beloved man Ling Tian, she charged out without any hesitation! Furthermore, she obviously chose the leader, Ye BaiFei, as her opponent!

Ye BaiFei never imagined that the white dressed lady in front of him would also have martial arts comparable to his! In just a blink of an eye, she had already appeared in front of him and a cold gleam could be seen on her sword. The next instant, he was already covered in the cold light from her sword! The ferocity of her attack and exquisiteness of her moves was something that he had never seen before!