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Chapter 223: To Seize Total Victory

Chapter 223: To Seize Total Victory

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But Ye BaiFei looked even more bedraggled, the sword in his hands had actually snapped into many pieces, all falling to the ground with a tinkle. His body looked like a rubber ball being thrown by some huge force, smashing into the ground and rolling away, even as he constantly vomited blood!

Ye BaiFei rolled on the ground for at least two hundred feet before he hit the wall of the courtyard with a bang and stopped. However, he was indeed a top-notch assassin to be hit by such a serious injury and not die! With one hand on his chest and the other pressing on the wall as support, he actually slowly stood back up.

"Leader!" The other six of them let out a shout and rushed up to surround him, protecting him.

Blood constantly bubbled up from Ye BaiFei’s mouth, his face pale as paper, evidently his injuries weren't light! However, the first thing he did when he stood up was to look at his opponent. In his mind, with his skill of ‘Man and Sword as one’, he was certain that he could at least injure him a little!

However, he was sorely disappointed to see Ling Tian standing firmly on the ground, his clothes unstained and even with a provoking smile as he spoke, "Brother Ye truly lives up to his name as the ‘Flying Golden Leaves’. Hehe, you really ‘flew’ well!"

"You!!" Ye BaiFei felt disappointed and humiliated. His injuries weren't light, but that attitude of wanting to win made him force himself to stand up and look at his opponent’s state. He had secretly hoped for his opponent to look as bedraggled as him, but upon seeing that he was actually unruffled, he was completely disheartened! Ling Tian even made such a sarcastic remark, causing him to agitate his already bad injuries and spit out a huge gout of blood, before collapsing!

"Leader!" The few black-robed men immediately went over to support him, seeing that he was unconscious with shallow breathing! One of them angrily rushed over and raged, "This sire, killing people is as easy as breathing is to you! Since you’ve already won, it’s up to you to choose whether you want to kill, so why must you insult my big brother?"

Ling Tian gave a cold smile, "This is because he has the qualifications for me to be sarcastic to him! You guys should feel honored for him!"

"You!" Hearing this sentence, all six of them saw red, and with the sound of drawing blades, all of them pointed their blades at Ling Tian, ready to charge up and fight it out with him!

"If you guys still want to save your leader’s life, don’t point your swords at me; I hate that the most! Besides, do you guys really want me to kill you?!" Ling Tian seemed oblivious to their killing intent, instead putting his hands behind his back and taking two steps forward indifferently.

"You… Sire, you are willing to let us go?" One of them couldn't help but blurt out. This was what all of them were actually thinking! Since the opponent had already gotten the advantage by breaking their formation and heavily injuring Ye BaiFei, then their overall strength would definitely be stronger than the six of them combined. How could they be so compassionate as to allow them to live?

"You guys are killers, but we aren’t. You people are not going to leave? Haha, alright then, we’ll take our leave first!" Ling Tian nodded his head at them.

Holding on to Ling Chen’s hand, the two of them leisurely walked past the six of them, gradually fading into the darkness. The six men had a sense of having just escaped from death itself! They never thought that they would be able to preserve their life when facing off against such a powerful expert! Thinking about his domineering aura which threatened to swallow the rivers and mountains, every one of them had a back full of cold sweat!

Ling Tian indeed did not have any intention to destroy the root completely! Initially, it was because he was unaware, but now it was because he couldn't!

Because he had to treat Ling Ran's poison, even after a whole day of urgently working he had only recovered around seventy percent of his inner qi! In order to break out from the formation of the seven killers, and to exchange moves with Ye BaiFei, took up practically all his strength!

The fact that Ye BaiFei could pull off the state of ‘Man and Sword as One’ greatly surprised Ling Tian! Under this one exchange, even though Ye BaiFei was seriously injured, Ling Tian was actually not better off! The internal energy in his body was already at its dregs, like a candle flame on the brink of flickering out. If Ling Tian hadn't exhausted his inner qi from fighting the seven assassins, then that palm of his would have actually killed Ye BaiFei! As it was now, Ye BaiFei was still alive with some serious injuries, but Ling Tian’s internal organs were also lightly injured due to the shock of exchanging moves with him!

Ling Chen had also expended quite a bit of energy in her fight against Ye BaiFei. If she were to persist to kill the other six, and the poison she sucked from Ling Ran were to flare up then and there, the tables would have been turned completely!

Thus, the battle had to end there, and the six of them would not and could not be killed!

Ling Chen held onto Ling Tian’s hand and immediately got a shock when she felt the weakness of his body! Her heart broke at this sight, and her eyes immediately filled with unshed tears.

Only when Ling Tian’s hand tightly gripped her hand once did Ling Chen wake up from her reverie. She suppressed the thoughts in heart and immediately poured all her reserves of strength towards him, not even sparing a bit for herself!

It was past 1 a.m. Ling Tian sat cross-legged on his bed, a white fog gradually diffusing back into his body. Slowly opening his eyes, a ray of light shot forth from his eyes. His internal energy had actually fully recovered!

This was the ‘Ceaselessly Circulating, Incessantly Renewing’ point of the Divine Shocking Dragon Formula at the XianTian realm!

He abruptly stood up and stretched, only feeling extreme comfort in every single part of his body.

Every time he exhausted his internal energy before replenishing it, there would miraculously be a small rise in his cultivation level. Ling Tian had also experienced this in his previous life, and if not for the fact that continuously exhausting one’s energy would bring about side effects, he would not have minded doing it a few more times!

This was after he had taken the time to treat his internal injuries. He had actually sat there since 7 p.m. until now!

Ling Chen was likewise seated cross-legged on another side of the room with a solemn expression, a cold mist visible to the naked eye draped around her, as though she was cast from flawless icy jade. The area around where she sat actually had ice crystals forming, even in the early summer heat!

Ling Tian let out a satisfied smile. Since the day Ling Tian went to bed with her, this lass had finally gotten rid of all her heart knots, and no longer had anything to worry about losing anymore. As the saying went, ‘when one comes across a happy occasion, their mood would be great’, this was exactly how Ling Chen was feeling now! Without any heart demons, her cultivation bottleneck also seemed to be loosening!

The sound of clothes rippling in the wind could be heard from outside, and Ling Tian’s mouth curved up in response. It would definitely be Ling Jian. Only he would appear outside his room without any sort of invitation!

However, this time Ling Jian was extremely gentlemanly, even lightly tapping on the window and waiting to enter. Most likely he was probably still embarrassed after barging in one time and catching the two of them making out! This action now was not only showing respect for Ling Tian, but also a small kind-hearted gesture towards this little sister of his.

Ling Chen opened her eyes at the sound and retracted her inner qi. In an instant, the ice crystals as well as the cold mist all vanished as though they were never there!

Ling Tian lightly coughed once, and Ling Jian opened the window, floating in. Not surprisingly, he had on a disgusted expression on his face, as well as huge amount of disdain! Most likely, he was extremely pissed about Ye BaiFei having a no-show!

Those in the martial world viewed promises very seriously. ‘A sentence spoken out cannot be taken back even when using a team of horses to chase.’ This saying applied to even the lowest martial arts practitioners, and even more so to those in the upper echelon like Ling Jian and Ye BaiFei. One would rather die than to go back on one’s word! Ling Jian had long used all the vulgarities he knew on Ye BaiFei!

"You seem to be pissed at not being able to battle tonight?" Before Ling Tian could open his mouth, Ling Chen had already spoken! Today’s matters were all the fault of that jerk in front of her. If Ling Chen herself had gotten injured, she would not have minded, but today it was the young noble that was injured!

Ling Chen had already decided that Ling Jian was going to get the punishment of his life the moment she saw him! Seeing Ling Jian climb in from the window at this ungodly hour reminded her of the time when he had broken into their little lovemaking session! Ling Chen’s heart was immediately set on fire once again as her old desire for vengeance flared anew! Boy, you came at the right time! Let’s settle all our debts!

"Mmm!" Oblivious, Ling Jian only let out a heavy snort, "This is infuriating, so infuriating!" Ling Jian had waited there for a whole hour but didn't even see a ghost's shadow. This made him extremely depressed!

Added on to that was the fact that he came by Ling Tian’s courtyard five to six times throughout the afternoon, yet didn't see Ling Tian. He was already depressed, and wanted to find Ye BaiFei to vent his frustrations, but who would have thought that Ye BaiFei wouldn't even show up?

"You will drive me to my grave!" Ling Chen snorted, giving Ling Jian a huge scare! Staring with widened eyes at Ling Chen’s ‘tigress’ mode, he couldn't help but bewilderedly scratch his head, thinking, What did I do now? How did I offend this lady here? After awhile he seemed to have come up with an answer as he gave a forced smile and beamed, "Oh, I actually have something to report to the young noble, and came a few times during the day but the young noble wasn’t around. Hehe, don’t worry, I’ll leave as soon as I’ve said my piece. I definitely won't interfere in your ‘happy ending’, hehehe!" As he finished he shot an ambiguous smile, wiggling his eyebrows and winking at Ling Chen, while laughing in a meaningful manner!