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Chapter 226: Shock

Chapter 226: Shock

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"Young noble, for you to be so anxious to raise our strength, do you have something big for us to do?" Ling Jian asked.

Ling Tian then responded with a smile, "Whether or not there is something big for you guys to do will rely on how much all of your strength can improve. If you guys can't reach my goal, it won’t make a difference to me to ask someone else to do it. Ling Jian, you should be aware that the First Pavilion is not the only power in my hands."

Ling Jian’s body shook as his face turned red and he replied seriously, "Rest assured young noble, we will definitely raise our strengths, even if we have to place our lives on the line! We will not let you down!"

"Mmm, do you have any other important news?" Ling Tian asked leisurely.

Ling Jian thought for a moment before saying, "Nothing more." Ling Jian felt as though Princess JiaoYue’s attitude seemed strange and made him feel slightly uncomfortable in his heart. But after thinking about it, Ling Jian decided not to mention the matter.

"I do have a piece of news about the XiMen Family." Ling Chen said, "The Violent Wind Gang sent a message, saying that XiMen BuRuo and XiMen Qing went to the Yang Family last night. They only left the Yang Family at about 11 pm."

Ling Tian nodded his head in acknowledgment.

Seeing that there was nothing for him, Ling Jian was about to leave!

The three of them then looked at the sky and realized that the day was about to break! Another full night had passed unknowingly!

Before Ling Jian left, Ling Tian said solemnly, "Ah Jian, if you are going to make another low-level mistake like this again, I will seriously doubt my judgment from back then!"

Ling Jian’s body shook, and he knew that Ling Tian was extremely displeased about the matters today! After following Ling Tian for more than 10 years, this was the first time Ling Jian heard Ling Tian speak to him with such a tone! Ling Jian’s body couldn't help but shudder.

Ling Tian then turned around and revealed a smile, "Ah Jian, because I have a family, you guys and Ling Chen, I cannot die. So, even if it is for you guys, I will never give up! Although you don't have as many burdens as I do, you will eventually have a family of your own. Furthermore, you have to answer to me and be responsible to your brothers! So, we no longer hold the fate of our lives in our own hands. If we choose to throw it away because of a moment of hot-bloodedness, we will be no more than fools! Do you understand what I mean?"

While Ling Tian didn't say much, Ling Jian’s body was full of perspiration.

Yesterday, Ling Tian’s shout was like loud thunder on a clear day and it shook the whole Sky Bearing City! Following which, he easily killed the fourth young master of the XiMen Family, XiMen Zhang. The height of his martial arts was unfathomable and his means were extremely cruel. The four from the XiMen Family had died on the spot in a miserable manner! These two things spread across the city like wildfire!

In just a short while, all the various powers that were staying in Smoky Thea Tower knew who that roar belonged to. After they found out who the roar belonged to, all of their faces changed in shock! Obviously, no one could have imagined the silkpants Ling Tian be a martial arts expert! In that instant, every one of them had the same thought, "For the number one silkpants in Sky Bearing to be a disguise, just what did this mean?"

Many of them then thought about how the number one fortune teller from Beyond Heavens, Ye QingChen, appeared in the Ling Family and came into conflict with the Yang Family. After which, they all came to the same conclusion: Ling Tian must definitely be a secret successor of Beyond Heavens! If he was really a successor of Beyond Heavens, then his usual silkpants appearance would be completely explained!

Apart from the fact that every successor of Beyond Heavens had exceptional martial arts and were talented geniuses, the biggest trait was the fact that they would never interfere in worldly affairs! As the only offspring in the third generation of the Ling Family, it was impossible for him to abstain from worldly affairs. The only choice would be for him to act like a silkpants in front of everyone!

After the XiMen Family found out about this, they stopped all their disciples from seeking revenge with Ling Tian. While Beyond Heavens didn't interfere in the worldy struggle for power, they were not afraid of any provocations. If you want to seek death, I will definitely satisfy your wish! Even the XiMen Family would not want to provoke such an enemy! On one hand, they sent news back to the family to ask about what they should do next. On the other hand, they found the Yang Family and indicated their intentions to form an alliance. No matter what, it was impossible for the XiMen and Ling Family to work together after Ling Tian killed XiMen Zhang! Since it was impossible for them to work together, it was necessary for the XiMen Family to form an alliance with another party that would never work together with the Ling Family, the Yang Family!

Third Master Yu was currently enraged! While he was extremely straightforward, he was definitely not a fool! After receiving this piece of news, he immediately realized that Ling Jian’s young noble was definitely Ling Tian, and also the person who beat him up previously! Originally, Yu ManTian wanted to find the hateful brat for revenge immediately. With the complex situation in Sky Bearing, it was no surprise for the Ling Family to be the target of many parties. To think that this brat actually wanted to compete with me in all the scholarly arts! How is this any different from mocking me! Thinking about that, Yu ManTian almost wanted to bang his head from the embarrassment!

However, he had made a wager with Ling Jian. If he couldn't defeat the combined strength of the few brats, he couldn't find trouble with Ling Tian! In just a short while, the frustrated Third Master Yu had paced a few hundred rounds in the room! He was like a frustrated dragon trapped in a cage!

As for Xue Leng and Xue Fei, they sent the news back to their family head, Yu ManLou, at the fastest possible time. Regardless of how large or small the matter was, they reported it back to Yu ManLou, emphasizing on Yu BingYan and Yu ManTian’s interactions with Ling Tian! They then waited for a reply. After knowing about Ling Tian’s martial arts level, the both of them were now at complete ease with regards to Yu BingYan’s safety in the Ling residence! If their little princess were to meet with a mishap under Ling Tian’s protection, the both of them would probably be useless as well!

As for the BeiMing and DongFang Family, they were unexpectedly silent! The BeiMing Family, which originally had close ties to the Yang Family, acted extremely abnormally. They stopped their disciples from leaving the family and began to conceal their strength in such a critical period.

As for the NanGong Family, they never expected Ling Tian to reveal his strength at such a moment and in such a domineering manner! After deep consideration, NanGong TianLong was certain that Ling Tian’s move was an ingenious one! While it wasn’t an extremely rare piece of news for the NanGong Family to be aware of Ling Tian’s exceptional martial arts, it was still an important one. For Ling Tian to publicize his strength to the world, that was also akin to pressuring the NanGong Family to agree to his conditions. After a series of discussions, their family decided that they had no choice but to go through with the alliance. However, they were now both afraid and excited at the same time! For Ling Tian to display his strength publicly, one of the Great Family would definitely be the sacrificial lamb for Ling Tian to display his might! The NanGong Family definitely hoped that they were not the sacrificial lamb! For them to speed up the alliance with the Ling Family, it might even be a good thing for them. After all, the men sacrificed today may give them a powerful ally in future.

The BeiMing Family must have probably considered such a point as well, thus choosing to conceal their strength in such a moment! Facing an enraged dragon which had just woken up from its slumber, and furthermore being on its territory, it would be extremely foolish for them to be reckless in their actions.

Nobody could have predicted that the various plans that all the different families had would have been messed up by the sudden appearance of an unexpected person. All of these were unknowingly created by Ling Tian’s actions! This was just like the saying, ‘planting a seed with effort but it does not sprout, planting a willow casually and a shade was formed’!

In the afternoon, Ling Tian was seated below his rack of grapes leisurely with Yu BingYan in front of him. A table was in front of her as she painted the lush green scenery around her. Ling Chen stood beside Yu BingYan, occasionally chatting with her and breaking out into giggles. These two lasses obviously had an extremely close relationship.

Yu BingYan held onto her brush as she looked at the leaves on the rack of grapes with focus. Occasionally, she would then lower her head to paint a few strokes. Sometimes, she would bite onto the end of her brush with a frown as though deep in thought.

Looking at Yu BingYan’s focused appearance, Ling Tian frowned as he watched her. Finally, he couldn't take it any longer and stood up, "Yan’er, the biggest taboo of painting is hesitation. How can a famous painter be like you, painting a stroke once every few minutes? If that’s the case, you will never be able to form a complete painting in your life! If you don't have the perception of bamboos in your mind, how will you be able to paint the bamboos?! Do you really think that ‘having the perception of bamboos’ is something ordinary?"

"Having the perception of bamboos?! A complete painting?!" Yu BingYan blinked her eyes, "What is a complete painting? What does it mean to have the perception of bamboos?"