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Chapter 227: Delivered to One’s Doorstep

Chapter 227: Delivered to One’s Doorstep

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"Ai, if you don't have the scenery in your heart, then how could you paint out the scene? If an artist doesn't plan in advance, how would they be able to display their flair on paper? Yan’er, you’re blessed with superior intelligence, how could you make such an amateurish mistake? The definition of a perfect artwork…" Ling Tian sighed once, "... refers to your artistic skills, intent, spirit, style and core melded into one, now that’s perfect art! You have the skills and the outline of the intent, but you’ve only just been exposed to the artistic spirit, so at times your portrait is vibrant and at times lacking in spirit. The definition of spirit is essentially the character within an artwork. For a beautiful piece of work, just the concept is not enough, one has to inject it with character, then would it be the meat on the skeleton! As for style, it emphasizes on uniformity, one should always use the same style in drawing all things! A master painter can tell that the author of the artwork is an amateur if the artist’s style is disordered and messy. Lastly, the core of the painting has to have some form of realism within, for example a drawn flower would be able to attract bees and butterflies, and if a youthful lady was drawn, it has to be able to ignite the hidden desires of a ma… cough cough. In any case, that’s about it."

At the last sentence, Ling Tian nearly choked himself to death on his words; what nonsense was he spouting? While it might have seemed normal in the twenty-first century, it was greatly inappropriate for this age. This was especially so for the last sentence!

Indeed, the two ladies let out protests while having reddened faces, but surprisingly Yu BingYan didn't come forth with fists ready to pummel Ling Tian, instead remaining in deep thought and muttering, "How do I reach this state?"

Ling Tian secretly laughed to himself as he spoke, "That stage is the extremity of painting, with your current stage now, you could only be considered to have just stepped past the threshold of artistic spirit. To reach the pinnacle, hai! It’s easier said than done!" Looking at the downcast look on BingYan’s face, Ling Tian softened his tone a little, "However, there’s still a way! As long as this master is here, haha, this isn’t a big problem. Didn’t you notice that Chen’er has already improved by leaps and bounds? This is all because of my teachings!"

While Ling Tian’s preaching at the beginning were half-truths, he had done so because he wanted to pave a road for Yu BingYan to begin fusing the Dao of Art together with the Dao of the Martial Way. From Xue Leng, Ling Tian had learned that not only was Yu BingYan afflicted with an incurable disease, she was also the representative for the sixty year battle with the Shui Family, so he had come up with this plan. In truth, he didn't have much confidence, so in order not to cause too much disappointment to Yu BingYan, he could only use this roundabout method to spur her on!

Based on her current condition, if Yu BingYan didn't take a novel approach and forge a new path on her own, then she would definitely lose and die in the battle three years from now! This was something Ling Tian couldn't accept! Furthermore, because this matter involved the honor of both aristocratic families, and they didn't accept substitutes, Ling Tian couldn't come up with any better idea except this.

Yu BingYan suddenly jolted up and hugged Ling Tian’s arm, pouting while shaking it, "No wonder why Sister Chen’s paintings always look so good, it turns out that she is already near the peak! Brother Tian, you have to quickly teach me, I want to reach this stage too!"

Ling Tian put on a stern face as he replied, "Yan’er, it’s not that I don’t want to teach you, but rather that this path is thorny and difficult to walk… Chen’er spent ten years before she could achieve her current accomplishments, and I don’t want you to go through the same thing."

Yu BingYan gently bit her lower lip as she resolutely replied, "I’ll definitely succeed! If I don’t, then I… I…" She couldn't finish her sentence even after a long time, her little face dyed completely crimson.

"If you fail, then you will have to be young noble’s woman; if you succeed, then you get young noble as your husband!" Ling Chen burst into laughter as she jested.

"Sister Ling Chen, you’re bullying me!" Yu BingYan couldn't restrain her embarrassment, throwing herself towards Ling Chen. Only after tussling for a while did they stop, sweating profusely. With the hairpins skewed and eyes dazed with exhaustion, the two were a beautiful sight to behold.

"Quickly explain your idea. I want to hear how difficult it is!" Yu BingYan urged at this point.

Ling Tian hid his smile as he glanced at her. He decided to throw another leash towards her, such that he could completely be in control of her, saying, "What happens if you end up crying and throwing a tantrum and asking to quit when it gets too difficult? I think you better not, or else even Chen’er would laugh at you!"

Yu BingYan flared up and stubbornly said, "Brother Tian, you look down on me too much! I’m from the Yu family, and nobody in the family gives up halfway!"

"Good!" Ling Tian stood up. "From today you shall begin the first phase. Every morning, you have to produce three paintings with a certain character and pass Chen’er's or my evaluation. If you fail then you have to redraw! In the afternoon, you’ll cover your eyes with a piece of black cloth and redraw the three paintings. Only when I deem you fit to have passed the first level can you then go on to the second level."

Yu BIngYan couldn't help but take in a breath of cold air, "Three paintings with character? Redraw if I fail? Cover my eyes and draw?? Are you planning to reap my life? How is this possible for a human?"

"Scared?" Ling Tian replied in a considerate tone. "If you’re scared then you can forget it. That time, Chen’er also did the same thing, and even did it perfectly."

"Who’s scared of whom?! Since sister Ling Chen can do it, so can I!" Yu BingYan glared at Ling Tian.

"Good! Since you’re not afraid, then Ling Chen will be your superior from today onwards. If you can't complete your task for the day, then Ling Chen will tell you what your punishment is!" Ling Tian put an end to the topic!

As such, he could use this chance to develop a strong foundation in painting for Yu BIngYan, then use this to develop a martial skill. With Ling Chen by her side to guide and protect her, it was killing two birds with one stone.

The two ladies immediately agreed, looking at each other and smiling. Ling Chen, of course, understood Ling Tian’s intentions in letting her do this, so her smile appeared weird. Ling Tian shot her a glare before coughing twice to hide it. Realizing that his objective had been met and that he had nothing else to do, he sat back down, before suddenly springing up as he remembered something. Turning to Yu BingYan he said, "Yan’er, now that you’re considered at the threshold, remember this. Whatever you draw in the morning should be with your heart and those in the afternoon, with intent! When you have reached the stage of having the heart but not the intention, that is when your Dao has reached the small success stage! These words on heart and intent are similar to the martial arts books, so you can slowly sift them out and learn. There are myriad beings and Daos in the world, with countless paths for everyone to walk, but all roads eventually lead to the same end. Remember this!"

Yu BingYan was long aware that Ling Tian was a hidden expert of the martial way and definitely wouldn't take his words as mere gibberish. She only mumbled to herself, "Having the heart but not the intent…?" She seemed to have been thrown into deep contemplation.

A pretty maid walked over at this point, "Young noble, Madam requests your presence in the hall."

Ling Tian straightened himself, asking, "What is it regarding?"

"The NanGong Family Head, NanGong TianLong has already arrived, asking specifically to see you." The maid timidly replied.

"Oh," Was all Ling Tian replied with before seating himself back down. "NanGong TianLong specifically asked for me? Must I show him face now? What a joke! Just because he wants to see me, I’ve got to run over like a dog? Since when did the NanGong Family have such a big face?"

The maid stared in shock. For someone of NanGong TianLong’s identity, secretly coming over to Sky Bearing, personally coming over to the Ling Family, and ‘requesting’ to see the young noble, how much of an honor was that! However, their young noble seemed to totally not reciprocate that kindness!

"Go and tell the NanGong Family head that I’m waiting over here for him, and ask him to come over to find me." Ling Tian continued in a lazy tone. Since he’s already delivered himself to my doorstep, haha, might as well go all the way!

The maid hesitated a little, not moving, instead stammering, "But the Madam said…"

Ling Tian glared at her, "Go! Now!"

The Madam of the Ling Family, Chu Ting’er, was even more confused over this whole situation. The head of the NanGong Family, one of the Eight Great Families, actually came over to visit them and was even courteous and polite to her! Luckily, her name as Goddess of Fortune put her above the rest of the ladies, and while having some small talk with this big shot, she constantly looked at the door, wondering why that brat wasn't here yet.

While both of them were talking, they could tell that the other party was already showing signs of impatience, yet had no choice but to continue talking, making both of them equally depressed! His coming to Sky Bearing was supposed to be a secret, and coming over to visit Ling Tian was even more under wraps, so why did the Ling Family not feel as though this was an important matter! To even have the maid dilly-dallying along, how could the news of him stay under wraps?

Before long, the maid sent to report the news came rushing over. "Where’s your young noble? Why is he not here?!" Seeing that she only came alone, Chu Ting’er asked with a furious expression.

The maid could only stammer, "Young noble said, young noble said…" Sneaking a glance at her Madam’s expression, she didn't dare to continue.