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Chapter 229: Terms of Alliance

Chapter 229: Terms of Alliance

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"That’s right, the NanGong Family is a famous family from the southeast region and all who come out from there will definitely live up to their fame!" Ling Tian almost burst out laughing and he raised his teacup to NanGong TianLong, "Chen’er, bring the best wine in my room over. My mood is good today and this young noble will have a good drink with Family Head NanGong."

"Young noble Ling is too polite," after NanGong TianLong declined Ling Tian modestly, he remembered the reason he came here today, "haiz, I am really ashamed. This old man is here to seek forgiveness from young noble Ling."

"Oh?" Ling Tian’s eyes lit up but his tone was still indifferent, "What kind of a crime did Family Head NanGong commit? Besides, I am still young and belong to the younger generation. How can I accept such words from Family Head NanGong?"

NanGong TianLong’s face contorted in misery, "Let us not beat around the bush any further. For the past few years, our NanGong Family was foolish and listened to that old b*st*rd Yang KongQun. To think that we actually had covetous thoughts and violated your Ling Family. I hope that young noble Ling will forgive us." As he said that, NanGong TianLong took out a small notebook and placed it on the table.

The moment they met, NanGong TianLong was already certain that Ling Tian wasn’t someone easy to deal with. Before he even had a chance to open his mouth, Ling Tian had already led the conversation in a large round-about fashion.

With regards to the alliance between both their families and Ling Tian’s conditions, NanGong TianLong was certain that Ling Tian would definitely lead the conversation in circles if he didn't mention it himself. While Ling Tian was in no hurry at all, his own NanGong Family couldn't wait any longer! Because of this, NanGong TianLong decided to be resolute and took the initiative to offer the notebook of names.

While he didn't seem to care much on the surface, he was already trembling under his robes! These people were elites that the NanGong Family had spent a large amount of effort to train! Once he handed them over, his NanGong Family would no longer be able to spy on the Ling Family’s strength. Furthermore, their information net in Sky Bearing would also be completely dissolved! From today on, the NanGong Family would be blind in Sky Bearing without any source of information!

The losses and damage suffered by the NanGong Family couldn't even be estimated!

However, if they could form an alliance with the Ling Family, those losses could still be accepted!

With an expressionless face, Ling Tian took the notebook in his hands and casually flipped through it before throwing it to the side. It was as though Ling Tian felt that the notebook was completely useless.

NanGong TianLong’s eyes narrowed as he thought, This brat is really difficult to deal with!

"Family Head NanGong," Ling Tian’s appearance turned solemn, "since we are now open with each other, let us not mix personal and business matters. However, we do have to be clear about some things. I believe Family Head NanGong also knows that in the current situation, the Yang Family surely wouldn't dare to touch my Ling Family no matter how bold he is. So, my Ling Family can be said to be without any worries and we definitely have the ability to watch the war from the sidelines! I wonder if Family Head NanGong has anything to say about that?"

NanGong TianLong let out a long sigh and said with a tinge of sadness, "That’s right. While the Ling Family does have some troubles, they aren't anything difficult to take care of. With young noble’s wisdom, they definitely won't be a problem. This old man is still extremely clear about that."

Ling Tian nodded his head with praise and said, "With your NanGong Family’s eagerness to seek revenge, it will only be akin to me finding trouble for myself if both our families were to form an alliance!" Ling Tian said with a sigh, "I wonder what we should do?"

NanGong TianLong’s face sunk as he said, "If the Ling Family can lend my NanGong Family a helping hand, we will definitely give our thanks! Furthermore, the alliance is also extremely beneficial to young noble. If we can cause irreparable damage to the Yang Family, Sky Bearing will belong to your Ling Family. Furthermore, your Ling Family has close ties to the Imperial Family and even if the young noble… ah ah ah, it may not be impossible."

Ling Tian smiled and shook his head, "Family Head NanGong is wrong. To be honest, the present Yang Family isn’t anything to be feared by me! If not for the fact that I cannot personally… besides that, it is definitely a taboo for my Ling Family to help your NanGong Family to deal with the Yang Family. The Imperial Family would definitely grow wary of us, and the consequences of that would definitely be great."

NanGong TianLong hurriedly replied, "However, I believe that the consequences will be negligible as compared to the benefits you stand to gain!"

"That’s right! Benefits!" Ling Tian leaned on his bamboo chair and raised his finger, "At the end of the day, everything is because of this single word: benefits! All the so-called alliances are just formed on this single word. In other words, if you want me to help your NanGong Family deal with the Yang Family, that’s fine! Let me see what kind of benefits I stand to gain. Of course, if the benefits aren’t appropriate or suitable, then the alliance… ah ah, we don’t have to talk about that any further."

"This old man had already satisfied the condition that young noble mentioned previously…" NanGong TianLong felt his heart itch with hatred.

"That wasn’t a condition!" Ling Tian interrupted him and tapped on the notebook lightly, "This name list only shows your sincerity to cooperate. I only said that I would consider the matter if I have the name list…" Ling Tian paused for a moment before saying, "Chen’er, let Family Head NanGong see the name list we have prepared."

Ling Chen acknowledged Ling Tian’s orders and placed a name list in front of NanGong TianLong.

Ling Tian then smiled, "NanGong TianLong can verify the details of both these name lists to see if we have maligned the innocent! I think that my judgment won’t be too far off!"

NanGong TianLong looked at Ling Tian with a doubtful gaze and picked up both the name lists. The moment he began to flip through the name list, his face changed completely!

There were 70 to 80 names on the name list that NanGong TianLong brought. As for the one which Ling Tian showed him, there were over 200 names, a whole 150 more than what NanGong TianLong brought! Furthermore, the names on NanGong TianLong’s list were almost all on Ling Tian’s list. Even if Ling Tian missed a few, not more than 10 were missed!

"Young noble is indeed amazing, NanGong TianLong is amazed." NanGong TianLong forced himself to remain composed, "It's just that your name list is more than twice the length of mine. Ah ah, perhaps…"

Ling Tian sneered as an oppressive gaze shot out from his eyes, "Family Head NanGong, with both of our statuses and environment, it is a joke for you to say something like that!" Ling Tian’s face then turned ruthless, "This is related to the survival of my Ling Family, the life and death of over 10,000 people! There is no need to talk about soft-heartedness! In order to unroot all future problems, does Family Head NanGong think that Ling Tian really will be merciful? Do you really think that I won’t kill the one hundred plus innocent people? Hahaha…"

NanGong TianLong’s back was already wet from perspiration! What a ruthless individual!

"So, this name list is only capable of showing your sincerity and nothing more. To talk about benefits and conditions, it is still lacking!" Ling Tian then took both name lists and passed them over to Ling Chen, "If Family Head NanGong is planning to give me a fake name list, there isn’t a need for us to continue negotiating! With this name list here, the both of us will still be able to continue talking harmoniously. At the very least, I will be willing to consider your NanGong Family’s sincerity! This is the true meaning of this name list! This is the sincerity of your NanGong Family! As for the benefits of the alliance, ah ah, you can’t be thinking of letting my Ling Family do all the hard work for nothing right?"

NanGong TianLong let out a long sigh. He never imagined that this important name list of his NanGong Family was only enough to exchange for the rights to negotiate! However, he still felt a lingering fear in his heart. To think that Ling Tian caught almost all of the spies!

"Young noble Ling, while you do not really care about this name list, this name list represents more than ten years of hard work and effort of my NanGong Family. All the names on the list are elites of my NanGong Family. To my NanGong Family, this is already a huge blow to us. For us to be willing to make such a sacrifice, our sincerity should be obvious. I think that I have already done enough." NanGong TianLong tried to persuade Ling Tian, "I never imagined that young noble will have other conditions. Does young noble really think that my NanGong Family has fallen to the point where we are fishes on the chopping board? Even if young noble wants to exterminate us all, does young noble really think that you can suffer the losses? Will you be willing to suffer such losses?! Please answer me!" As he said that, NanGong TianLong raised his head up and looked into Ling Tian’s eyes with a fiery gaze!

"More than ten years of effort and hard work? Elites of the NanGong Family?! What has this got to do with my Ling Family? The fact that they are the elites of the NanGong Family makes the NanGong Family all the more despicable!" Ling Tian stood up and faced NanGong TianLong’s gaze without retreating. His voice also became stern, "Ah ah, Ling Tian has no doubt that these men are the elites of the NanGong Family! However, who was the one who sent them onto this path of no return? They are all dead for sure! Who is the true culprit? If not for your NanGong Family’s intentions to swallow up my Ling Family, would there be such a situation today? There are a cause and effect for everything in the world. While this may be a great loss to your NanGong Family, it is no more than you suffering from your own deeds done to my Ling Family! How can you blame others for your earlier actions? Are you trying to use your family’s mistake as a negotiating chip? HAHA…" Ling Tian let out a loud laugh, "What a joke!"