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Chapter 230: Lust

Chapter 230: Lust

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"As for what Family Head NanGong said about the state of your NanGong Family, I believe Family Head NanGong is clear about that in your heart. This young noble is about 90% clear about your NanGong Family’s strength. Regardless of whether or not you will believe me, Ling Tian is extremely confident. However, Family Head NanGong is not clear about my strength and the full strength of my Ling Family. So how can you estimate if we will be able to accept the losses?! Ah ah, Family Head NanGong, we are now talking about the alliance which your NanGong Family requires. An alliance is something that both parties must benefit from and have common goals. Furthermore, there must be a party to take the initiative. If the party taking the initiative isn’t able to come up with any conditions to satisfy the other party, then such talks of an alliance are no more than empty words."

NanGong TianLong’s eyes turned ferocious as he glared at Ling Tian hatefully for a moment before his gaze turned dim. A trace of anger could then be seen on his boorish face as he panted for a short while before finally calming down, "I wonder what other conditions young noble wants? You may list them out!"

Ling Tian smiled, "After this battle, all the assets of the Yang Family in the Sky Bearing Empire will belong to my Ling Family. As for their assets outside the empire, we will split it 60 to 40. I will take 60 and you 40. Your NanGong Family will only have the rights to the money but no rights to interfere in the operations of those assets! What does Family Head NanGong think?"

"You!" NanGong TianLong stood up and pointed at Ling Tian in rage. He was angered to the point he could not say anything for a long while as his body trembled, "What do you think my NanGong Family is?"

Ling Tian sneered, "How can two people share a narrow bed? Does Family Head NanGong not understand my intentions? For your NanGong Family wishing to enter Sky Bearing, there isn’t any room for discussion at all. If Sky Bearing cannot belong to my Ling Family after the Yang Family perishes, what is the point for us to cooperate? While Ling Tian isn’t smart, I will never accept a loss. If we only change the Yang Family to your NanGong Family, what does our Ling Family stand to gain from that? Just so our Ling Family can have a new opponent? Haha…"

NanGong TianLong let out a snort, "Everything in Sky Bearing will belong to your Ling Family. This was originally within my plans and I do not have any opposition in regards to that. I would still be able to accept it if you were to take 60% of the other assets. However, why will my NanGong Family be prohibited from interfering with their operations?! Isn’t this being too unreasonable? Does young noble really want to treat my NanGong Family as just a runner to do your errands? This condition of yours is too harsh and we will not accept it!"

Ling Tian’s eyes glimmered, "Ah ah, as the saying goes, ask for sky-high prices and pay the price of the earth. Since Family Head NanGong isn’t satisfied, what do you think we should do?"

At this moment, Ling Chen walked over with a flask of wine and a few dishes.

Just as Ling Tian predicted, this lass did indeed take out the strong wine that he had served to the Xue brothers. Everyone around Ling Tian didn't have a good impression towards NanGong TianLong. For him to covet the assets of the Ling Family, he deserved to die! Why should he be served good wine?

However, this low-grade wine in Ling Chen’s eyes was still a one-of-a-kind fragrant wine to NanGong TianLong! The fragrance of the wine seeped out and NanGong TianLong swallowed hard. However, NanGong TianLong was the head of the family after all. After gathering his concentration, he continued, "If both of our families work together, the Yang Family will perish for sure. Since both of our families are going to work together, the split of benefits must be fair as well. The Ling Family has already managed to clean up your family's internal condition and has overtaken the Yang Family to become the number one family in Sky Bearing. The benefits of your Ling Family can be said to be enormous. However, young noble actually demanded 60% of the Yang Family’s assets outside of Sky Bearing! Furthermore, you still want to prevent my NanGong Family from interfering with them. This is a little too much." NanGong TianLong originally wanted to say that he should be the one with 60% with Ling Tian taking 40% but decided to swallow his words. If he were to really anger Ling Tian today, it would have been meaningless for him to hand over the name list and every NanGong Family member in Sky Bearing would certainly perish. Such a loss was not something that their NanGong Family could bear!

"This young noble had already said previously, ask for sky-high prices and pay the price of the earth. Since Family Head NanGong isn’t satisfied, you can just state what you think." Seeing that NanGong TianLong finished saying what he wanted, Ling Tian signaled to Ling Chen to pour him wine.

"All the assets outside Sky Bearing will be split equally amongst us! Half each! We will not interfere with each other’s operations!" NanGong TianLong clenched his teeth and made a concession!


"There still isn’t news?" Ling Tian frowned and swept the wine glass that NanGong TianLong had just used onto the floor.

"There isn’t any news about Su HuaiRen and Little Chrysanthemum." Ling Chen looked at Ling Tian’s expression with a tinge of nervousness, "However, ever since the Northern Wei Envoy, Meng LiGe, came to Sky Bearing, they haven't made any moves. They only shifted into the Smoky Thea Tower yesterday. I heard that the vice envoy, Shi YiTan, and Meng LiGe are not on good terms. Shi YiTan seems to be making things difficult for Meng LiGe and there are even signs of Meng LiGe being confined. It is really puzzling."

"Shi YiTan?" Ling Tian responded with an ‘oh’. All of a sudden, he burst out into laughter as he spit out the wine in his mouth, "This name of his really makes me completely speechless! Shi YiTan? A pile of dogsh*t? 1 Err… my goodness, that’s too disgusting. Hahaha…"

Ling Chen had never imagined that this vice envoy’s name could actually have such a weird meaning. After hearing Ling Tian’s explanation, her face turned red as she burst out into laughter as well, "Young noble, I really don’t know what goes on in your mind. Why do the names of others always end up different in your mouth?"

Ling Tian let out a laugh before frowning, "If that’s the case, Meng LiGe’s situation can be said to be precarious. Since Wei ChengPing sent him to Sky Bearing, Wei ChengPing would definitely have his intentions. Now that both the envoy and vice envoy are fighting, it is obvious… Chen’er, let the Violent Wind Gang take note of the Northern Wei’s envoy. Make a report of all their actions ever since they arrive in the city and send it here. No matter what, Meng LiGe is Mister Qin’s junior brother and he can be considered to be my senior uncle. Now that he is in my territory, I should still take care of him."

Ling Chen nodded in response before saying with a smile, "Young noble, I never imagined that NanGong TianLong would actually agree to the harsh conditions which young noble gave. Young noble really bullied the NanGong Family this time. For young noble to bully a Great Family as such, while others may be able to do it again in future, I am sure that such a thing has never happened before. Chen’er is in admiration!"

Ling Tian shook his head with a thoughtful look in his eyes, "NanGong TianLong is the head of the family indeed. He is indeed capable! While his purpose here may have been for revenge, it probably isn’t the case anymore. The only reason why he agreed to my condition was that he wanted to pacify my Ling Family!"

"Why is this so? Does he still dare to enter Sky Bearing?" Ling Chen could not understand. Could their fierce argument previously be NanGong TianLong’s plan to stall for time?

"That isn’t it. They do indeed have the intention to retreat. In other words, Family Head NanGong is really afraid! The only reason why he is still in Sky Bearing now is definitely not to deal with the Yang Family! It is just that he isn’t resigned to leave Sky Bearing before the matters here come to an end. Furthermore, it is also because he isn’t confident of leaving here safely. That is the reason for the negotiation today! This old fox wants to test my attitude. Thus, I will naturally have to be overbearing before finally setting his mind at ease. As for dealing with the Yang Family, Family Head NanGong doesn’t dare to risk it. He is afraid that if both their families were heavily injured, I would wipe out both of them and pick up the pieces! The NanGong Family originally didn’t understand our strength and would have thought differently. However, NanGong TianLong has already decided to retreat after what happened yesterday."

"Oh, I see." Ling Chen nodded her head but was still confused, "With regards to young noble revealing your strength yesterday, Chen’er is still puzzled about your intentions. Why would you expose yourself in front of all the heroes in the continent after concealing yourself for so many years? Won't this be too risky? Isn’t it a waste for the many years of our planning to be…"

Ling Tian then let out a profound smile, "Chen’er, you do not need to be worried. I naturally have my own intentions." He then changed the topic and asked, "Is Old Madam at the attic or backyard? I have to find her to give her the name list. It is still best for Grandmother to take personal action for something like this."

"OId Madam is in the hall," Ling Chen then snuck a gaze at Ling Tian, "I heard that the emperor is here to see Consort Ling Ran and Old Madam is there as host. I heard from sister XiaoHe that the emperor will be paying a visit to young noble later."

With Ling Chen’s intelligence, how could she not understand what Long Xiang was visiting Ling Tian for? Ever since Long Xiang saw her previously, Ling Chen had already understood that the emperor probably had some thoughts about her. However, Ling Chen wasn't afraid in the slightest. While she had the status of a maid, Ling Tian had taught her personally over the years. Not only did she have Ling Tian’s inheritance of martial and scholarly arts, she was also greatly influenced by Ling Tian’s character and she didn't really place this Sky Bearing emperor in her sight. She was more afraid of the fact that Ling Tian would be angry at her because of this, even if it wasn’t her fault.

Indeed, Ling Tian’s eyes narrowed as he said with a chilly tone, "Birds of a feather do indeed flock together! He and that dogsh*t empress of his are really a pair made in heaven! The both of them are really trying to seek death! He actually dares to have fancy designs about you even after I revealed my strength, and even dares to come knocking on my door! Hehe, lust really gives him courage!"