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Chapter 231: Strolling in the Rain

Chapter 231: Strolling in the Rain

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A short while later, Ling Tian turned back and said, "Ignore him. Relay my question to those in charge of the Violent Wind Gang: Do they need a full year to catch Su HuaiRen? Send my exact words out!"

Ling Chen stuck out her tongue, thinking about the pitiful reactions from those of the Violent Wind Gang when they heard Ling Tian’s orders. However, she also couldn't help them and could only relay the message.

The sky turned dark as the city was suddenly covered by thick clouds. At that moment, a light drizzle covered the city. Ling Tian then stood up and said with a smile, "The drizzle is like silk, the drizzle is like a poem. How can we let down the heavens for giving us such beautiful scenery? Chen’er, are you willing to accompany your husband to take a stroll in the rain?"

"Young noble, you're not waiting for the emperor?" Ling Chen asked.

Ling Tian took a step forward and stepped right on the wine glass that NanGong TianLong had just used. With a crisp shattering sound, the glass turned to smithereens. Then, Ling Tian turned around and said to Ling Chen with killing intent, "The emperor? Ah ah ah, why should I care?! So what if I ignore him?! Hmph, if he wasn’t my aunt’s husband, I would slaughter him today like an ant! Just who does he think he is, eyeing my lady!"

Hearing Ling Tian’s anger, Ling Chen was extremely moved by Ling Tian’s actions. Her face began to blush red as she let out an elated smile. She knew that Ling Tian was enraged because Long Xiang fancied her and couldn't help but feel a sense of sweetness and warmth in her heart. Just like how she was the most beloved lady in Ling Tian’s heart, Ling Tian was the most beloved man in her heart! Looking at her beloved man, her eyes were filled with tenderness.

"The free-floating petals are light like a dream, the endless drizzle is thin like worries. Chen’er, do you know? The thing I enjoy doing the most is to take a slow stroll in this light drizzle, especially with you by my side." Ling Tian then looked at the dark sky and dream-like drizzle slowly coming down. The light drizzle seemed to have covered the skies like a dense fog, creating a dream-like feeling. "Whenever there is a light drizzle as such, I would feel as though the whole world would dissipate into nothingness, leaving me alone in this vast world hoping that there can be someone by my side."

Ling Chen and Ling Tian took a slow stroll in the rain. Ling Tian then looked at the passersby rushing around, and he was reminded of the same scene in his previous world. In that moment, Ling Tian suddenly felt a trace of fear in his heart. It was as though he was almost unable to distinguish his dreams from reality, as though his presence in this world was no more than a long dream. He felt as though he was still in that distant past and bleak future.

However, what Ling Chen felt was a far cry from Ling Tian’s desolation. Ling Chen was filled with gentleness and happiness. In the light drizzle, she held onto her lover’s hand and took a slow stroll. Ling Chen felt as though everything around her, even the dark skies, gentle winds, endless rain, and the rushing passersby were filled with a poetic intent.

"The free floating petals are light like a dream, the endless drizzle is thin like worries." Ling Chen muttered these two lines with a thoughtful look on her face. The more she thought about it, the more she felt as though these two poetic lines were both dreamy and mystical but yet real and void. It was filled with the ethereal feeling of a dream, extremely fitting with the present weather! "Young noble, these two lines are really wonderful! Did you come up with it yourself?"

At this moment, Ling Tian felt as though his soul was extracted from his body, melding into the gentle drizzle and drifting around in the rain. He felt as though he was looking down at the world with an indifferent attitude. Such a feeling was just indescribable. As he heard what Ling Chen asked him, he replied without thinking, "Yes."

After answering her question, he felt as though he finally woke up from his dream and looked towards Ling Chen. He then saw her face full of happiness and the joy bubbling from her very soul, looking towards him emotionally with a pair of satisfied and blessed eyes. Facing Ling Tian’s fiery gaze, she lowered her head with shyness. However, she suddenly lifted up her head courageously and met Ling Tian’s gaze with a pair of burning eyes.

Ling Tian let out a light sigh and grabbed Ling Chen’s waist, pulling her into his embrace! From today on, there will only be a single Ling Tian in this world! Let the original Ling Tian and the Ling Tian from my previous world disappear with the rain!

"What a beautiful rain; like a poetry, like a painting, like a dream, and like an illusion. It makes one both drunk and sentimental. The most beautiful part is the accompaniment of my beautiful wife walking through life with me. In this lifetime, what more can I ask for?" Quickly concealing all of his emotions, Ling Tian laughed and hugged Ling Chen, walking forward with a relaxed expression.

Ling Chen let out an embarrassed smile and looked towards Ling Tian with her beautiful eyes. In her heart, she felt as though young noble seemed to have lost something just now. Or perhaps, he seemed to have gained something, being completely different from before. However, she just couldn't figure out what was different about him. Thus, she let out a chuckle and thought, young noble will be young noble, what kind of differences can there be?

Feeling the strong wrists on her waist emanating warmth, Ling Chen snuck a peak at the people rushing around her and realized that none of them were paying attention to them. She then couldn't help but lean into the embrace of her beloved man…

Ling Tian’s expression was obviously much more relaxed than before. In that instant, he was finally separated from his previous life and he felt as though he had finally let down a heavy burden! It was as though his soul was unshackled, dancing around in his rain and singing out at the top of his voice…

As the light drizzle landed, it felt like the gentle consolation of a mother, and also like the gentle embrace of a lover. In that instant, Ling Tian felt as though his whole soul and body were washed clean, making him feel extremely refreshed.

At this moment, two white dressed teens caught the attention of Ling Chen and Ling Tian! The first one was a tall man, only a few inches shorter than Ling Tian at the very most and could definitely be said to be extremely suave. Walking in the rain, he looked as though he was detached from the secular world, as though he was a tall and proud bamboo hanging by the side of the cliff. A unique charisma emanated from his body, as though he would still be a lonely existence even if he stood amongst thousands of people, the only one who everyone would focus on!

By his side, while the other white dressed man was also good-looking, his looks paled in comparison to the taller white dressed man! Furthermore, a light makeup could be seen all over his face.

With a single look, Ling Tian could tell that the both of them were a man and women pair as well! Furthermore, Ling Tian noticed that both of them were not stained by dirt at all despite walking in the rain. The both of them were obviously martial arts experts as well! Occasionally, a glimmer of light could be seen flashing past the lady’s eyes, but the man’s eyes were calm from start to end, without revealing a trace of his radiance!

As Ling Chen and Ling Tian were studying them, they were also studying Ling Chen and Ling Tian. At the same time, both of their eyes revealed a trace of appreciation. However, the trace of appreciation was filled with a sense of pride, as though they were looking down from high above and it was an honor for Ling Chen and Ling Tian to be appreciated by the both of them.

With his naturally graceful elegance and suave appearance, Ling Tian was naturally extremely eye-catching. Furthermore, Ling Chen was a country-toppling beauty, looking as though she came out from a painting. Her white dress floated in the rain, looking as though she was a fairy who had descended from the heavens and was strolling in the vast lunar palace. When the both of them walked together, they looked like a pair made in heaven and were obviously extraordinary individuals!

How could Ling Chen and Ling Tian not catch the attention of others?

"What a magnificent young noble, what a beautiful lady!" The white dressed man looked towards Ling Chen and Ling Tian, letting out some words of praise. As his clear eyes looked towards Ling Chen and Ling Tian, they were filled with appreciation and shock. But when he looked towards Ling Chen, a weird flash could be seen, as though it was filled with envy but yet filled with something else.

"Ah ah, that’s right! What a magnificent young noble, what a beautiful lady!" Ling Tian replied with a smile, repeating the same words back to the both of them. When he said ‘what a magnificent young noble’, he looked at the white dressed man. When he said ‘what a beautiful lady’, he looked at the lady dressed up as a man. Ling Tian’s meaning was simple, he was telling the other party that he had already seen through the lady’s disguise.

The white dressed young man seemed to be unbothered, letting out a loud laugh. Ling Tian could feel something wrong about the laugh, making him feel slightly uncomfortable. However, Ling Tian just couldn't explain what was wrong. The young man then walked forward, opening a fan with a ‘shuah’. After flapping the fan gently, he said with a smile, "The both of you have exceptional bearing and are definitely extraordinary individuals! I wonder if I can have your names?"

Ling Tian felt things becoming weirder by the minute. This white dressed young man was obviously not from Sky Bearing and definitely recognized him. If not, why would this young man approach him for no good reason? Furthermore, this young man had a strange and unfathomable feeling. While this young man seemed elegant and gentlemanly, Ling Tian had a feeling that he was extremely pretentious! Besides, it didn’t seem appropriate for him to be waving a fan in the rain!