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Chapter 233: Equal

Chapter 233: Equal

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Qian ShuiRou’s eyes flashed with a chilly gaze as she said with cupped fists, "Brother Ling, have a safe journey!"

Just as she cupped her fists, a dense wave of internal energy was sent out towards Ling Tian’s back. In the short meal they had, Ling Tian had been on the attack with her in defense, and she was already extremely depressed from that. However, she never imagined that Ling Tian would take his leave so quickly after just ending their conversation! This made Qian ShuiRou, who wanted to find a chance to retaliate, even more depressed. Ever since she was young, she had been complimented as a peerless talent and had never suffered from such a miserable defeat before. Now that she saw Ling Tian leaving, she couldn't help but send out a probing strike!

Even if she were to lose in the scholarly arts, she must definitely make Ling Tian lose face with her martial arts!

Ling Tian continued to walk gracefully as though he didn't feel anything, but Ling Chen who was behind Ling Tian turned behind with a smile and flicked her sleeves, "How could we trouble young noble Qian to send us off? We thank you for your kind intentions and may young noble return!" A soft inner Qi was sent out from her sleeves, like the gentle waves crashing into the beach’s shore!

When both the soft waves of inner Qi collided, not a single commotion could be seen and the waves were completely canceled out. However, the rain surrounding them disappeared completely! The rain surrounding Qian ShuiRou turned into fog while the rain surrounding Ling Chen turned into ice! This exchange ended without any winner or loser!

Qian ShuiRou’s clothes fluttered slightly and her body shook slightly. She then couldn't help but look up at Ling Chen with shock in her eyes, together with elation from finding a worthy opponent.

After the two waves of inner Qi collided, Ling Chen left with Ling Tian without looking back. A chuckle could then be heard from the curtain of rain as both Ling Chen and Ling Tian melded into the scenery and could no longer be seen.

"Young… noble, are you alright? So he is Ling Tian? But young noble, why did you let him go? Isn’t he one of our targets this round? Why didn’t young noble…" The lady dressed as a man asked with doubt.

"Haiz!" Qian ShuiRou let out a long sigh, "No wonder!" However, she didn't bother answering the question and entered into deep thought with a frown on her face. I really never expected that Ling Tian was such an extraordinary individual! It seems like our goals may not be achieved this time!

Who would have thought that a random maid by his side would have such exceptional martial arts! Looking at the direction Ling Tian and Ling Chen disappeared off to, Qian ShuiRou remembered how Ling Tian seemed to have emphasized greatly on the words ‘brother Qian’ with a meaningful tone. Qian ShuiRou then couldn't help but mutter, "Don’t tell me… has he already seen through my disguise? That can’t be right. Are his abilities really above mine?"

Thinking about this, her brows suddenly straightened as her eyes glowed with a majestic glare, "It can’t be! Even if Ling Tian is from Beyond Heavens, I don’t believe that he can triumph over me! I must definitely kill him!"

"How was she?" Ling Tian turned behind and asked Ling Chen while wiping a raindrop off her face.

"Very strong! Really very strong!" Ling Chen’s eyes were solemn, "From that small exchange, Chen’er is certain that her inner strength is definitely above mine. I was only able to dissipate the force of the collision by taking a few steps back. However, she was able to receive 70% of my full strength without even moving a step."

Ling Tian nodded his head and said, "Let the Violent Wind Gang pay attention to these two individuals. However, they must not get into a conflict with either of them. That lass’s martial arts aren't weak and Ling San wouldn't be a match for her. In fact, if the two of you were to engage in a fair fight, you wouldn't be her opponent either!"

"Lass?" Ling Chen questioned, "That Qian ShuiRou is a lady?"

Ling Tian nodded his head and laughed, "A pair of lasses!" he then continued, "My Chen’er should have more confidence in herself. If she wasn’t a girl, how could she shift her gaze away from you so easily?"

"Young noble… you are really too naughty!" Ling Chen’s face turned red as she hammered Ling Tian, "You make it sound as though I’m a…" as she said that, she didn’t want to finish her sentence and continued hammering Ling Tian, "You’re too naughty, too naughty!" At the same time, she felt unresigned in her heart, Am I really weaker than her?

As both of them walked back to the Ling residence, Long Xiang who was here to pay Ling Ran a visit had already returned back to the palace. Knowing that Old Madam Ling was with Ling Ran, Ling Tian took the name list and went to find her.

Seeing Ling Tian arrive, Princess JiaoYue’s face turned red as she felt an indescribable feeling in her heart. Thus, she hid behind Old Madam Ling.

Old Madam Ling and Chu Ting’er were chatting happily with a look of joy on their faces. Even Ling Ran, who was currently on the bed, was full of joy with her face red from elation.

Hearing that Ling Tian had come in, Chu Ting’er let out a dissatisfied snort and asked, "Where did you go? When the emperor summoned you just now, you were actually nowhere to be found! You are really capable now, right?!"

Ling Tian replied with an ‘err’ and didn't say anything else. However, Ling Ran who was on the bed chuckled, "It’s okay for a young man to love playing around. How is this a big matter? Since when did Tian’er stay at home anyway. Sister-in-law, you are controlling Tian’er too strictly. Besides, the emperor is Tian’er’s uncle, and he definitely won’t get angry at Ling Tian. Furthermore, Tian’er performed a great merit yesterday, and the emperor has yet to reward him."

Ling Tian responded with a smile, "How can it be considered a merit to save my own aunt? It is only right for me to do so."

Ling Ran responded with a smile. Before she got a chance to say anything, Chu Ting’er had already spoken, "Tian’er, do you know? The emperor just made a promise that if your aunt’s child is a boy, he would be made the next ruler of Sky Bearing. In other words, the crown prince. Your aunt is going bonkers from the excitement."

Ling Ran’s face turned red as a look of worry could be seen on her face, "We still don’t know the gender of the child. Who knows if this child will be a boy?"

Ling Tian was stunned for a moment, "What about the present crown prince?"

Chu Ting’er then responded as though it was only logical, "Of course his title will be revoked. How can a b*st*rd like him be worthy to run Sky Bearing? Tian’er, to think a little idiot like you will ask such a simple question."

A chilly glare could be seen in his eyes as Ling Tian responded with a simple ‘oh’. At the same time, he thought to himself, Just what is Long Xiang planning to do? Don’t tell me…

Ling Ran then turned to Old Madam Ling and said, "Mother, now that I am in such a state, I will not be able to serve the emperor for a year at the very least. Furthermore, the emperor has many other consorts, and… Now that the emperor finally decided to make such a promise, I am afraid that there will be many changes in the palace without me around."

Old Madam Ling couldn't help but glance at Ling Tian as she asked, "Then what do you think we should do?"

Ling Ran then helped herself up and said, "Just now, the emperor was talking to me and said that he wanted to choose another batch of beautiful ladies to bring into the palace. After thinking about it, why shouldn't our Ling residence send a few beautiful ladies into the palace as well? If they can gain the emperor’s favor, then our Ling Family will also have backing in the days when I am not present. I wonder what mother thinks about that?"

Before Old Madam Ling got a chance to speak, Ling Tian had already asked, "Who does aunt think we should send?" Ling Tian’s words were slightly chilly. Ever since Ling Ran talked about choosing a batch of beautiful ladies into the palace, Ling Tian understood what Long Xiang was thinking about. A ball of fire then burned in his heart!

Old Madam Ling quickly turned around and sent an eye signal to Ling Ran, telling her to stop talking about the matter. However, Ling Ran didn't notice it and replied excitedly, "The way I see it, the few ladies in sister-in-law’s place aren’t too bad. Especially the one from Tian’er’s courtyard…"

The moment she said that the faces of everyone present turned ugly. Especially Princess JiaoYue’s face turned completely pale! Princess JiaoYue had heard Ling Tian proclaim clearly in the palace, "She is my wife!" Now that she heard what her mother had said, she knew that things would go wrong for sure! In the past, she didn't know about Ling Tian’s strength and thought that he was no more than a silkpants. However, she now knew that Ling Tian had exceptional strength and vaguely seemed to have the intention of ruling the world! For her mother to say something like that, it was extremely inappropriate!

The next moment, the atmosphere in the room grew tense to the point where it was difficult for one to even breath. Ling Ran couldn't help but stop in shock as she looked at everyone’s face with worry in her heart.

Old Madam Ling and Chu Ting’er had long known that Ling Tian and Ling Chen were both mutually in love with each other. From the very start, the both of them had already tacitly accepted Ling Chen. If not for the fact that Ling Chen’s status was far too low, Ling Chen’s appearance, character, and talents were more than suitable to be Ling Tian’s wife! But despite that, both Old Madam Ling and Chu Ting’er already saw Ling Chen as someone who belonged to Ling Tian! In other words, the Ling Family had already acknowledged Ling Chen as their daughter-in-law!

Now that Ling Ran mentioned this issue, how would their faces not be ugly? When Ling Ran mentioned this matter, Old Madam Ling already had the heart to stop her. However, before she had the chance to do anything, Ling Ran had already babbled on.

Without waiting for anyone else to say anything, Ling Tian suddenly burst out laughing. However, his laughter was laced with dense killing intent, making the hair stand on everyone present!

"Aunt, is this your idea? Or is this that… emperor’s idea?" Ling Tian asked with a smile. While he was still smiling, a malevolent glare could be seen in his eyes! As Princess JiaoYue snuck a glance at Ling Tian, she felt a chill run down her spine and felt as though she was in a freezer! Her whole body inevitably felt like it was freezing up.