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Chapter 234: To Flip in Fury

Chapter 234: To Flip in Fury

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Seeing Ling Tian’s expression, Ling Ran could not help but feel that the situation was getting out of hand, and could only cautiously reply, "This… isn’t this the same? No matter whose idea it is, this matter… isn’t a bad thing, right? It should be a good thing for our Ling Family!"

Ling Tian laughed out loudly, and cut it short as his face grew even frostier, "If that’s Aunt’s idea, then I’ll pretend I never heard it; but if the idea is from Long Xiang, hehehe… then he must be tired of living! A small emperor of a tiny empire, he’s akin to an egg! For me to deal with him is as easy as slaughtering a chicken!" Ling Tian spat out ruthlessly, his voice laced with disdain.

The moment the words came out of his mouth, the entire chambers went deathly silent!

Ling Tian actually called out the name of the Emperor in front of the Royal Consort and Princess? And he did not even attempt to hide it? Especially the sentence after that, was he tired of living? What kind of crime was that?!

"What kind of guts do you have to say such things?!" A wave of anger rushed through Ling Ran. Looking at the nephew she had pampered since young she was intensly angry. Her face had turned red as she shouted, "How dare you actually utter such blasphemous words! Are you not afraid that our entire family would be annihilated?!" At the side, Princess JiaoYue stared at Ling Tian with frightened eyes, thoroughly cowed by his presence!

"Annihilating our entire family?" A crazed bout of laughter came from Ling Tian’s mouth. "HAHAHA…."

Chu Ting’er shared a glance with the Old Madam, both revealing helpless glances; they had long expected such a response from Ling Tian. Chu Ting’er hurriedly placated Ling Ran, "Sister, Ling Chen is no ordinary person. Other than possessing great martial arts, she has also long become Tian’er concubine! When we went over to save you, Chen’er also put in a lot of effort, and she could even be said to be your savior! The Emperor has long known that Chen’er has a husband. He had already questioned Ling Chen’s origins when we were back in the palace. It’s probably because you were unconscious that you didn’t hear anything."

"Ah?!!" Ling Ran turned pale with fright. This was obviously Long Xiang’s fault then! Regardless of how pretty and outstanding Ling Chen was, she ultimately belonged to somebody else! And it even was his own nephew! Especially since Long Xiang was the monarch of a country! Drooling over beauties was not a big matter, but to snatch the concubine of one of his subjects, wouldn’t that make him the laughingstock of the century? How could he retain his dignity as a monarch? If the officials in the court knew about this, how would they react?!

This was especially so for the only successor of the Sky Bearing’s top family, Ling Tian’s concubine! This was akin to cuckolding his own nephew! Once word gets out, how big of a wave would it cause? And how could the Ling Family take such an insult? Hand over their future head’s concubine on a golden platter? Once the matter gets blown up, the Ling Family would definitely flip in fury!

With Sky Bearing now in a state akin to a tightrope walker balancing up in the air, how could it be able to withstand the fury of the Ling Family? It would cause the destruction of both common stone and jade!

While Ling Ran belonged to the Ling Family, she was unclear of the power of the current Ling Family, and also grossly overestimated the strength of the Imperial Court. If the Ling Family were to really revolt now, Long Xiang would most likely have no choice but to step down and abdicate his throne!

"Haha, what an awesome plan! First bestow a Princess, in order to gain the position of first lady of the Ling Family; next is to grant the title of crown prince to the newborn son, in order to buy favour of the Ling Family, and thoroughly lock the young and old generation in place. Finally is the matter of asking the Royal Consort to bring elegant ladies to enter the palace, knowing that she would bring in her own family. Then he would be able to snatch the peerless beauty from his own nephew, and thoroughly satiate his desires… three birds in one stone, respect, much respect!" Ling Tian sighed in praise as he continued, "The Emperor’s mind really thinks fast! Even if things don't work out, he could attack and defend as he pleased, and with the crown prince left in the family, he believes that no family would want to miss this chance for a meteoric rise; and while they won’t be happy, they would still endure! Aunt, don’t you agree?" Ling Tian warmly smiled at Ling Ran as he asked.

Ling Ran now fully understood the reason for Ling Tian flipping out! If another man were to come up to you and snatch your woman away, you would probably have the same reaction! Looking at Ling Tian’s warm smile, Ling Ran could not help but shiver, and did not care about her dignity as the Royal Consort, immediately stammering, "Tian’er, the matter isn’t like this, Aunt didn’t know that you… you and Ling Chen have already…"

"I believe you were totally ignorant," Ling Tian interrupted, "But your husband is definitely aware of it! Since he dared to move, hahaha, Aunt, this matter doesn’t just end here! If you had asked me as the status of a Royal Consort, that wouldn’t be too offensive, but if you were coming from the viewpoint of my aunt to request such a thing from me, hehe…" His tone was low, yet one could detect something that was on the verge of exploding out from within him!

Ling Tian stood up and turned to walk out of the chamber. Without turning back, he coldly continued, "Actually, I wouldn't mind letting the child in your tummy seat on the throne before he is born! After all, in part of him runs the blood of my Ling family!" A wave of suppressive killing intent surged out from Ling Tian’s body!

While Ling Tian’s figure got further away, in Ling Ran’s heart, he seemed to be becoming a mountain which covered the skies and earth, pressing down from above, making one hard to breathe!

"Brother Tian!" Princess Jiao Yue felt as though her heart had broken into seven or eight segments, her face pale and bloodless as her body threatened to collapse! The moment she heard Ling Tian say ‘bestow a princess to secure the title of first wife’, her heart felt like it was being cut apart. While she knew that she was merely a pawn in her father’s hands used to win over his subjects, but to hear it from the younger cousin, what’s more her future husband, caused her vision to darken and her to almost faint in grief!

A complicated look shot past Ling Tian’s face, but he did not turn. "Rest easy in the Ling residence, cousin; when the day comes when you don't want to be a pawn any longer, I’ll give you the happiness you want. Actually, the thing I hate most is to always be under the control of others, and I believe that’s the same for you!"

When he finished, Ling Tian’s shadow suddenly vanished from the steps!

Princess Jiao Yue stood dumbfounded on the steps, two clear streams of tears flowing down her cheeks! If this matter hadn't happened, maybe after marrying into the family, so long as she put in enough effort, both of them still could be in sync, living together in harmony and happiness! She knew recently that her cousin Ling Tian had actually only been hiding behind the signboard of ‘number one silkpants’, but was in fact well versed in character, literary talent as well as martial arts! Wasn’t such a person the dream husband for many a woman?

However, with today’s matters, Princess Jiao Yue was trapped in between, unable to do anything! Her father’s lust, as well as her mother’s suggestion, immediately caused herself to be despised in the Ling Family! All her fantasies of an enchanting life with the man of her life, all disappeared with the wind!

"Aii! Look at yourself!" Old Madam Ling could not help but sigh out at Ling Ran, "You were totally ignorant, but just had to be the mouthpiece! Now that Ling Tian has really been moved to action from anger, this matter will not be easy to solve!"

Chu Ting’er coldly snorted in response. "How could this matter be blamed on Tian’er? How heavy is the crime of snatching someone else’s wife? So what if he’s the emperor? Now that the flames of war have started, what could a small country amount to? Who knows, maybe by the end of the war, Sky Bearing will have disappeared! He actually dares to think with his p*nis, this shows that he is definitely pitting himself against Tian’er. As such, he needs to be prepared for revenge! Tian’er is already restraining himself. If it was Brother Xiao, hmph, he would have long ago killed his way into the palace!"

Pausing for a while, Chu Ting’er viciously continued, "The moment our family revolts, then Sky Bearing would be the first to fall! At that point, I’ll see if he still has the lust to think about Tian’er's wife. Haha, he thinks ous Ling Family is a pushover? Even if Tian’er doesn’t say anything, I definitely will not agree! Even if I have to cause a commotion at the palace hall, I also want to ask, which imperial court has a rule of the monarch snatching the wife of a subject!"

Chu Ting’er had completely sided with her son, and took the opportunity to add some pressure on Ling Ran. While everyone knew that this was not the best time to revolt against the emperor, even if they did, the Imperial Court would not be able to do a thing! The best would be if Ling Ran could just suppress this matter, but if she could not, then based on Ling Tian’s temper, Sky Bearing could prepare to have a change in dynasty! However, how far the Ling Family could go based on the flames of war raging now is yet to be seen!

However, how could anyone expect Ling Ran’s face to turn pale after Chu Ting’er spoke, immediately falling into a dead faint!

While the Ling family had their misgivings, the apprehension for the Imperial Family was even larger! When Long Xiang visited today, he casually asked about Ling Chen’s identity from Ling Ran. Not being informed, she told him that Ling Chen was just a maidservant of Ling Tian! This put Long Xiang in great joy, while maidservant and concubine only had a word of difference, this word meant the difference between heaven and earth! Thus, he immediately requested for some ladies to be sent into the imperial court, and hinted for one of them to be Ling Chen.

Furthermore, after Ling Tian had revealed his strength, Long Xiang had gathered a few of his court officials for a discussion, and they deduced with Ye QingChen’s visit that Ling Tian had to be the hidden successor for the Beyond Heavens Sect! Being a disciple would mean that they could not involve themselves in any matters of the state, and even more unable to go against an Imperial Family. As such, Long Xiang relaxed his guard towards the Ling Family! He thought that even if they had ambitions, they still had the Beyond Heavens to stop them!

With all this factors put together, Long Xiang felt secure behind a strong backer! But little did he know that this was a coincidental ploy that Ye QingChen had caused! This misconception would go to make him commit the worst mistake of his life, and also the greatest reason as to why Sky Bearing collapsed in the future!