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Chapter 236: Horror in the Imperial Palace

Chapter 236: Horror in the Imperial Palace

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Ling Tian coldly smiled as he continued, "So what if he takes over the country? In the end, it still belongs to the Long family and not our Ling Family! He will still be surnamed Long! And our Ling Family’s younger generation will still have to heed their orders! As the saying goes, wealth never goes past three generations. Maybe the Imperial Court still needs to rely on us for the first two generations, but we’ve already reached the state where we can only promote in status. With the Imperial Family’s knowledge, there’s no way there they would allow a family with enough ambition and power to take over the country to remain a threat! Thus, it is only a matter of time before our Ling Family is destroyed! Doesn't grandma agree? Don’t try to kid yourself!"

Old Madam Ling was silent for quite a while. As the wind blew over, her fluttering white hair looked incomparably desolate. She sighed, "Yes, when you’re still alive, the Ling Family won't be harmed. But people eventually die, and after centuries, if there are no other capable people in the Ling Family, then the Imperial Court will destroy us for sure! The most unfeeling party here is the imperial family. I’m clearer than you on this point!"

Ling Tian’s gaze was deep and profound as he cautiously replied, "As such, it will only be by building our own country and taking our clan’s fate into our own hands that we have a chance to survive. If our descendants perish in the future, that would be because of their own incapability, and not because of others!"

"This woman and her husband are already old. Whatever happens in the Ling Family from now on, I’ll leave it to you." Old Madam Ling could only sigh and reply as such.

Ling Tian’s heart jumped with joy. By saying this, it signified that his grandmother had chosen to unconditionally support him! As such, things would only get easier!

"There’s still something that I require grandma to personally settle. I’m quite sure you’ll enjoy doing this." Stretching his hand into his bosom, he took out the notebook that NanGong TianLong had given to him. " These are all the spies that the NanGong family has hidden in our place the past ten years. Paired together with the deeds of Ling Kong, I’ve dug through everything, there shouldn’t be anything left out!"

Taking over the little notebook, Old Madam Ling’s eyes flashed with a sharp killing intent as she growled, "Good, this matter can be left to me. It can be considered as fulfilling one of my life’s objectives!"

"En, however, Ling Kong is still after all grandpa’s adopted son. If we don't handle it well, it will make grandpa sad. Let me deal with him personally, as I’ve yet to settle my debts with them!" Ling Tian pondered a while more, before continuing, "I’ve also already deployed my men to control the areas where each of the spies are at. As long as grandma orders it, I’ll have them all captured and sent over!"

Ling Tian gave a cruel smile at this point, commenting, "These people are truly unrepentant, grandma cannot go easy on them."

"Get lost, you brat!" Old Madam Ling jokingly scolded. "These old bones have lived for decades, and I know more stuff than you do. Do I need you to remind me?" However, she suddenly paused for a while before giving a knowing smile, "Are you worried about Ling Zhen? You thought that grandma didn't know what kind of person he is?"

Ling Tian seriously nodded his head. "In the past ten years, Ling Zhen has always been by your side, and you’ve personally groomed him. In these ten years, Ling Zhen has actually not made a move! This is the most skillful sort of scheming in my generation! No matter what problems fall into his hands, he can produce a perfect solution for it. If he wasn't Ling Kong’s son, with such caliber, he would definitely be a great asset! However, since he has already decided to be enemies with our family, then keeping such a person would only be a huge tumor! I’m aware that grandma will settle him cleanly, but being humans, we will definitely have feelings, let alone something that has been with us for a long time!"

A severe look passed through Old Madam Ling’s eyes in contrary, "Tian’er, you look down on grandma too much. I’ve been waiting for ten over years for this day. What feelings do I have for that traitor? The father and son are my enemies who caused me to almost not be able to enjoy the blessings of having a grandchild!"

Ling Tian laughed out in understanding, "Since you have already steeled your heart, then you can just activate the family head token at any time, and lock all of them up within the residence! I’ve given my men instructions not to let even a single one of them go! Such matters should be handled quickly!"

Old Madam Ling nodded in agreement, commanding, "Then pass down the order. The Ling Family should also be purified. I’ve waited too long for this day!"

When Ling Tian returned to his courtyard, Ling Chen immediately rushed up to him. "Young Noble, the Violent Wind has reported that they have found Su HuaiRen and little Chrysanthemum. They have captured both of them!"

Ling Tian only replied with an ‘oh’, before grumbling, "If they had to take any longer, I would have given all of them a good smack on their butts!" However, he didn't stop walking, entering the study and writing out a few orders before handing them to Ling Chen to deliver them.

Only then did he ask, "Where are the two of them? Did they only catch them? Any others?"

Ling Chen reported, "In a small village at the suburbs, we caught Su HuaiRen’s wife as well as his two children. The men were afraid that you would want to question them, and so only had them tied up, not daring to torture them. Does young noble want to go over to take a look?" As she finished her report, she suddenly broke into laughter, "However, that Su HuaiRen was indeed prepared. Under his house was a huge space stored full of food, at least half a year’s supply! The amount of gold and treasures hidden together inside was be enough for a man to live for three lifetimes! Furthermore, the place was well hidden, with a water well directly beside them and also a passage for excrement to flow away. Obviously, this place must have been prepared a long time ago."

Ling Tian laughed in acknowledgment, "This makes sense! If Su HuaiRen didn't have any life preserving methods, how would he dare to take up such a heinous task? Hmph, he definitely planned it well; first hiding for three to five months, then when the worst has blown past, he would secretly escape and enjoy his life as a wealthy man! Hahaha, a pity… he won't have this sort of future anymore!" Ling Tian’s face turned frosty cold, and he continued, "I’ll let him know what’s it like to live life for the moment!’

Ling Tian stood up and walked out from his study, before addressing Ling Chen once more, "I don't have to personally settle this sort of matter, just pass it to Ling Jian! All of them are to die after the matter has been completed! Ask Ling Jian to bring their statements as well as their heads and come and find me! No matter what methods he has to use, I want a full confession from them! Just make sure that he leaves their facial features recognizable!

Ling Chen assented and went to spread the news. In her heart, she knew that this matter was already closed!

While Ling Jian’s interrogation moves were passed on from Ling Tian, it was already the case of the student surpassing the master! Ling Jian’s moves were cruel but effective, leaving people shell-shocked! Those who had witnessed Ling Jian interrogating someone would all be nauseous for three to five days, unable to eat or drink well for the month. Most lost a few pounds because of that, so it seems like a good way to lose weight!

The moment Ling Tian sent down the order for Ling Jian to take action, Su HuaiRen could be considered to have been sent down the path of no return! If Su HuaiRen were to muster up all his courage and commit suicide before Ling Jian appeared, he would at least save himself more than ninety percent of the pain he was going to receive! However, once Ling Jian arrived, he would most likely be unable to even kill himself, for by then, his life didn't belong to himself anymore!


Clouds covered the sky and a light drizzle began to fall. The surroundings were plunged into a darkness in which one couldn't see their hand in front of their face!

Yang Xue had trouble sleeping the past few days, being plagued by nightmares. Especially with the incident of plotting against Ling Ran. The fact that her flawless plan could be seen through and thwarted by that brat Ling Tian made her clench her teeth in hate and anger! Now Yang Xue no longer had any chances to succeed, and could only wait for Ling Ran to give birth and bring the child into the palace. But by then, with their heightened awareness, for her to strike would be even more difficult!

If she really gave birth to a boy….

Upon thinking of this, Yang Xue no longer had any thoughts about sleeping. Her only option left was to pray hard that Ling Ran would give birth to another daughter. Other than that, she didn't have any ideas to counter them. She endlessly worried for over half the night before she finally fell asleep from exhaustion.

In her dreams, she suddenly felt cold raindrops dripping onto her face, the cold seeping into her bones! She suddenly woke when she realized that she was in the Imperial Palace, so how could there be rain dripping on her?

"Pa pa…." The sound of raindrops echoed non stop as though they were landing directly beside her. The heavy scent of blood could be detected in the air, making Yang Xue frightened beyond compare. In her imagination, she felt as though there were innumerable demons in the darkness, quietly waiting for the chance to latch their claws onto her body.

Stretching out a hand to touch her face, she felt something viscous, enough to prove that she was not having a mere dream previously.

There was no sound at all in her surroundings, as though only she was left in the entire Imperial Palace. Yang Xue was already at her wit's end, and could only shout to summon her servants. Her voice sounded mournful as it echoed through the entire palace, but there was nobody running to answer her. This was something impossible, but that impossible matter had still happened! A deathly silence answered her, increasing the eeriness of this entire incident.

Yang Xue only felt her heart grow cold. Boundless fear seemed to have smothered her in its embrace, and in the silent surroundings, only the "ka ka" sounds of her teeth clattering together in fright could be heard.