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Chapter 237: Bloody Mess

Chapter 237: Bloody Mess

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Bearing with the palpitations of her heart, Yang Xue got off her bed trembling with fear, stumbling for a few times before finally finding the flint to light a lamp. After grabbing onto it with much difficulty, she had to strike it for more than 10 times before the lamp was finally lit.

Yang Xue carefully raised up the small lamp and walked to her bedside. As she unknowingly glanced at her hand, she suddenly realized that it was stained with blood! She couldn't help but let out a shriek and almost fainted on the spot!

As she approached the dripping sounds, Yang Xue lowered her head to take a look and her body trembled from what she saw. The place where her pillow was placed was filled with a puddle of blood! The eye-catching bright red puddle was dripping down from her bed slowly with a barely audible ‘ta-ta’ sound.

Following the trace of the blood, Yang Xue’s beautiful eyes widened in fear as she began to go into shock. A long red belt dangled down from the ceiling with two bloodied heads hanging on it! A male and a female! Yang Xue could clearly see that the heads were that of Su HuaiRen and Little Chrysanthemum! A long sword skewered both the heads together with blood gathering on the tip of the sword, dripping down slowly.

The expression on both their faces was identical: contorted in extreme pain! Their hollow eyes were filled with despair and both their mouths were opened wide with not a single tooth present. Even their tongues were gone and only a large hole was left behind! It was as though they were cursing Yang Xue in their minds.

Just when Yang Xue was about to have a nervous breakdown, both the heads suddenly started rotating and something dropped onto the bed with a thud. A cloth filled with words written in blood could be seen. As Yang Xue opened it to take a look, her eyes began to turn dark!

On the bloody note, every detail about how she planned Ling Ran’s mishap was written down. From when the plan should be carried out to when the poison should be administered, whatever Yang Xue said and did were all clearly stated! It was in full detail! Furthermore, not only did it have everything Yang Xue instructed Su HuaiRen to do, it even had Su HuaiRen’s signature!

Yang Xue could no longer remain standing. She fell on the ground with her mouth open wide and her breath ragged. It seemed that the only thing she could taste was the blood in the air. The harder she panted, the more she felt as though she was unable to breathe! However, she was after all the empress of Sky Bearing. After calming herself down, she knew that the testimony in her hands couldn't be witnessed by anyone else! Raising up her trembling hands, she lit the note on fire, and once it was reduced to ashes, she let out a sigh of relief.

Right at this moment, the window of her bedroom silently swung open and a chilly wind blew into the room. Yang Xue felt her body shiver as her hair stood up on end! Both of the heads also began to sway gently, as though they were greeting Yang Xue. With a loud shriek, Yang Xue took a few steps back as her body broke out into a cold sweat!

After Little Chrysanthemum’s suspended head swayed for a moment, her already messy hair suddenly scattered with a ‘peng’ and covered half her face, only revealing her despair filled eyes. Following which, a long note could be seen falling down from Little Chrysanthemum’s hair with the words, ‘Your Highness, I really miss you!’ written on it!

Yang Xue’s vision turned dark and she could no longer endure the frightening scene in front of her. With a soft groan, her body collapsed on the floor as she fainted.

As the sun rose, the maids, eunuchs, and guards gradually began to awake from their slumber. They all felt their heads dizzy and throbbing with their bodies weak and without strength. However, their Empress who usually woke up early was completely silent even though it was already nearing noon. In anxiousness, the maids began to pluck up their courage and began to shout for her but to no avail. A few of Yang Xue’s personal maids then pushed her bedroom door open to take a look but all fainted on the floor from fright!

The Empress’ usually beautiful bedroom had transformed into a living hell in just a single night!

Cries of panic and fright could be heard from afar as two young men ran over clumsily from the Eastern Palace. One of them only wore a pair of shorts while the other was completely naked!

They were Yang Xue’s sons, the current crown prince and his younger brother!

Yang Xue’s younger son had a face full of fear with despair in his eyes! His eyes were opened wide with confusion and fear in them. Furthermore, a bloodied head could actually be seen in his embrace!

Yang Xue’s elder son, the crown prince, looked slightly better but his eyes were also filled with fear and restlessness. But at the very least, he was still in his right state of mind.

It turns out that when the both of them woke up in the morning, they found out that their bedrooms had been turned into a living hell! The two beautiful palace maids they had slept with last night had been dismembered!

Their blankets were soaked in blood, with the heads of the beautiful maids still being held in their hands. On their beautiful faces, a look of pleasure from the previous night could still be seen.

Their rooms had been turned into a slaughterhouse with blood splattered and severed limbs all over the room.

The rooms of both the princes were no different from a living hell! They sprinted out with a shriek and rushed out of their palaces without wearing anything at all. In shock and confusion, one had forgotten about the fact that he was holding onto a head and grabbed onto it like it was a treasure.

Upon witnessing this scene, the guards and maids rushed forward to support and protect the both of them. However, the eyes of their second prince had a vacant look as he mumbled some incomprehensible gibberish. At the same time, his glittering saliva drooped down towards his chest without him even noticing anything. A stench filled the room as his bladder and bowels were loosened.

Yang Xue’s own son, the younger brother of the current crown prince, Long Sun, had completely crumbled from extreme shock and he suffered a mental break down.

The crown prince wasn’t in a good shape either. His eyes were lifeless, and he was curled up into a fetal position as he muttered some incoherent words!

The whole palace was in complete chaos!

Long Xiang quickly rushed there and immediately started puking upon witnessing such a scene before being overwhelmed with shock!

Just like how when Ling Ran was poisoned, everyone knew that it was definitely the actions of the Empress and the Yang Family. However, they all came to a tacit understanding that dealing with the Empress would definitely bring about dissatisfaction from the Yang Family and throw the empire into chaos!

For this incident in the palace, there wasn’t even a need to think about it. It was definitely done by the Ling Family! Consort Ling Ran was poisoned and both mother and child were almost lost. How could the Ling Family swallow their anger like that? They would definitely take their revenge!

However, Long Xiang never imagined that the Ling Family’s revenge would come so quickly and in such a frightening manner! Furthermore causing such a horrifying effect.

Thinking about the Ling Family’s frightening strength, Long Xiang couldn't help but feel his whole body freeze up from the fright!


That evening, the Ling Family’s Family Head Order was sent to all of their organizations, regardless of size.

At the same time, Ling Tian’s orders were also sent out to all of his hidden powers to aid the Ling Family!

The wailing of ghosts and cries of wolves could be heard from all around as a bloodbath was unleashed!

The Ling Family’s strength could no longer be compared to what it was like a decade ago. In these few years, with the rise of the God of War and Goddess of Fortune, the assets of the Ling Family had spread all across the Sky Bearing Empire. But despite the huge size of the Ling Family’s organization, they were all controlled in an instant. While a few of the more alert spies could feel that something was wrong, they no longer had a chance to escape and were all caught. Especially at the Northwest Horse Ranch, which had large numbers of high-leveled staff being taken back to Sky Bearing City!

The messenger falcons were quickly dispersed like a black swarm in all directions. They later gathered in the Ling Family courtyard from all over. The news on each and every single falcon was the same: Mission accomplished. Everything went as planned and no one was able to escape!

In Ling Tian’s little courtyard, Ling Chen reported to Ling Tian with a smile, "Young noble, mission accomplished! All the suspects were captured without a single one of them escaping! They should arrive here in three days time!"

Ling Tian’s eyes narrowed as all of this was within his expectations. He then said calmly, "I have been planning this carefully for a full eight years. Together with the fact that these are all my own family’s businesses, it would be a joke if I let anyone escape!" Stretching lazily, Ling Tian stood up and said with a mellow tone, "Command all the respective heads of the Ling Family’s businesses to rush back to the Ling Family Courtyard! Inform the courtyard to set up tents for them to stay in! In future, the rules of the Ling Family will have to be changed. The previously undisciplined attitudes will no longer exist!"

Ling Chen acknowledged the order and wrote up a note without delay, sending it out with the messenger falcon.