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Chapter 240: Deep Schemes

Chapter 240: Deep Schemes

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If Ling Tian and Water of Heavenly Wind were to be greatly injured from their confrontation, the Yu Family might be able to wipe the both of them out together! Even if Beyond Heavens were to find out, it would be far too late for them to do anything. After all, the continent requires a powerful family like the Yu Family to suppress all other powers. No matter how angry Beyond Heavens might be, they would definitely leave the Yu Family alone for the stability of the continent.

Following which, they had to just suppress the other weaker families, and their Yu Family would be the number one in the continent! At that time, their Yu Family would be able to do whatever they wished, and ruling the world would no longer be a dream! After the Yu Family builds up their strength, they wouldn't even have to fear Beyond Heavens!

The continent is a large place and martial arts aren’t the solution to everything. Strategy and schemes are even more important!

Yu ManLou was indeed a formidable character! To think that he would actually plan so far ahead! However, Yu ManTang was clueless about all of this. He only thought that his big brother was concerned about his daughter’s happiness and had made such a decision despite the losses of their family. Thus, he was extremely touched in his heart!

"Big brother, a few days ago, we received news about Northern Wei sending men to assassinate third brother and BingYan. Should we… why not we grasp the initiative? What does big brother think about that?" Yu ManTang suddenly thought about something and asked.

"There is something wrong about this matter!" Yu ManLou immediately rejected Yu ManTang, "This matter is extremely fishy and it is best for us to observe the matter first. Furthermore, third brother and a few white jade experts are in Sky Bearing. With their martial arts, there shouldn’t be any problem. Even if things were to go wrong, they would be able to escape for sure. As for BingYan, there is no need to worry at all. With Ling Tian by her side, the assassins that Wei ChengPing can hire are no more than a joke!"

"Furthermore, I am extremely suspicious," Yu ManLou said with a frown, "could this be a plot aimed at my Yu Family? Since Wei ChengPing wants to assassinate third brother and BingYan, shouldn't it be kept a secret? Why were we able to receive news of it so easily? Aren't they afraid of our Yu Family taking the initiative to wipe out their imperial family? They should know that our Yu Family has the capabilities to do so! There is definitely something fishy about this matter!"

Yu ManTang couldn't help but frown, "That’s right, hearing brother’s analysis, I do feel that there is something fishy. Besides, how would Wei ChengPing dare to openly provoke our Yu Family?"

Yu ManLou let out a chuckle, "That’s why there must definitely be something going on behind the scenes. Even if it isn’t because of Water of Heavenly Wind, one of our archenemies is definitely behind the matter! Since they are waiting for our response, they must be prepared for sure. Now that we can ensure third brother and BingYan’s safety, we should remain calm and not make a move. The best thing for us to do now is to be patient and observe their next move!"

Yu ManTang’s eyes lit up, "That’s right! If we don't react, they would only have two choices. It’s either they retreat silently or carry out the next part of their plan. No matter what they choose, they would definitely reveal some clues to us. At that time, we can take them out in one fell swoop! We would definitely achieve twice the effect with half the effort."

"That’s right!" Yu ManLou praised. However, there was a strange inexplicable light in his eyes. At the same time, the corner of his lips curved up ever so slightly. While the smile looked amiable on the surface, one would be able to see cruelty and savageness upon closer look…


The long procession of prisoners moved along slowly and was already nearing the Sky Bearing City. In just another dozen of miles, they would be at the Ling Family Courtyard.

A squadron of troops charged out from the southern entrance with the upper echelons of the Ling Family leading the group. Duke Ling and General Ling were both red from anger with fire spewing out from their eyes. Especially Duke Ling’s expression, filled with complicated emotions with a slight trace of reluctance and pity. At the same time, it was also filled with anger and heartbreak! However, Ling Tian who was by their side was completely calm.

Behind them were a few luxurious carriages with Old Madam Ling and Chu Ting’er seated within them. Worried about Yu BingYan’s safety with the assassins of Northern Wei in Sky Bearing, Ling Tian brought her along and placed her in a carriage with Ling Chen.

Yu BingYan was a lovable individual with a lively and easy going character. On the other hand, Ling Chen was extremely gentle with a cautious character. After staying together during this period, Yu BingYan and Ling Chen were already as close as sisters.

As for the Xiao Family, they also shifted into the Smoky Thea Tower with the other powers. On one hand, it was also for the sake of their face and on the other hand because they didn't have an excuse to continue staying in the Ling residence.

However, Xiao YanXue would still visit Old Madam Ling and Chu Ting’er frequently, and find Ling Chen to learn music. After a few visits, the three ladies can be said to be bosom buddies.

After the Xiao Family moved to the Smoky Thea Tower, Yu ManTian, who was already itching for a fight, found a random excuse to fight Xiao FengYang! While Xiao FengYang’s brain wasn’t too bad, his martial arts just couldn’t be compared to Yu ManTian. Thus, he was easily taken care of by Yu ManTian in just a few moves. Being a martial arts fanatic, Yu ManTian was naturally dissatisfied, cursing Xiao FengYang for being a sissy.

As for Gu XiYan of the Smoky Thea Tower, Ling Tian had already given her a stern warning when the Xiao Family moved in! Ling Tian warned her to not touch anyone from the Xiao Family and even hinted to her that it wasn’t impossible for her to get her revenge if they were to follow him wholeheartedly!

Gu XiYan who was originally in despair quickly grabbed onto her final life preserver! Especially the fact that this life preserver of hers seemed to be rather powerful. With the hope of revenge, she would naturally not dare to go against Ling Tian’s orders!

As for the XiMen Family who had their young master killed by Ling Tian without mercy, they were completely silent! Their actions also became extremely strange. Originally, the other Great Families had the intention to watch the show from the side and witness the hidden strength of the number one young noble from Sky Bearing. However, they were all greatly disappointed!

While the XiMen Family’s actions of not provoking Ling Tian was a wise choice, they were still part of the Eight Great Families after all. Thus, the XiMen Family’s cowardly actions drew gazes of disdain from all the other Great Families! Their own child was killed but they didn't even dare to retaliate! Can this be considered a Great Family? It was no more than a disgrace! Unknowingly, the XiMen Family’s reputation was taken down a notch.

The only two who were extremely depressed were the Xue brothers. The two of them were originally in charge of protecting Yu BingYan, but after Yu ManTian came to Sky Bearing City, the situation took a drastic change! After both of them had been trampled on by Yu ManTian for two days, they found Ling Tian to discuss if they could continue protecting Yu BingYan in the Ling residence. However, they were mercilessly chased out by Ling Tian. From then on, the both of them were the punching bags for Third Master Yu!

The thing which puzzled them the most was the fact that Yu ManTian would always sneak out suspiciously at dawn every day. When he returned in the afternoon, his clothes would definitely be in tatters with bruises all over him! However, his face would be extremely satisfied and full of joy! During this period of time, Yu ManTian’s clothes were discarded extremely quickly. Every time he wore a new set of robes out, he would return with his clothes in tatters. He would always leave with a fresh set of clothes but return in a pathetic state, but look extremely happy! In just a short few days, the amount of money spent on changing his clothes amounted to 2000 taels of silver!

Both the Xue brothers were extremely depressed and attempted to question Yu ManTian once. However, the originally happy Yu ManTian immediately flew into a rage and give the both of them a good beating. From then on, the both of them didn’t dare to question him any longer.

It wasn't that the both of them didn’t think of tailing Yu ManTian. Every time they tried to tail him, they would definitely be spotted and given a good beating! Now, the Xue brothers could no longer be bothered. As long as Yu ManTian was still alive, he could do whatever he wished! As such, both of them would either sleep in or go drinking whenever Yu ManTian left. But every time they went drinking, they would dream about the fragrant wine from the Ling residence and let out a long sigh. From then on, the so-called famed wines in front of them were all tasteless to them.

As for the other families, they all observed the Yu Family’s actions calmly. Especially after the various experts suffered under Yu ManTian’s hands, they would all gather to await Yu ManTian’s return in the afternoon to witness his pathetic appearance. Looking at his pathetic appearance, they would all let out wolf whistles and burst out into laughter, venting their anger from making fun of Yu ManTian. However, Yu ManTian would always be indifferent towards them and would still be full of smiles. At times, he would even join in the fun with the crowd, making everyone feel their actions to be pointless.

At the same time, those brats didn't show any disrespect to Yu ManTian. During his next visit, Ling Chi apologized to Yu ManTian and thanked Yu ManTian for sparing him. In the following spars they had, Yu ManTian could also feel that the few brats purposefully restrained their killing intent to form a suitable sparring environment.