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Chapter 242: Sorting Out the Scum

Chapter 242: Sorting Out the Scum

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However, that Du ZhongXin did not say a word, lowering his head with two trails of tears flowing down.

After panting for a moment, Ling Zhan glared at Du ZhongXin once more before walking to the second prisoner carriage.

In this carriage, a middle-aged lady could be seen. From her silhouette, one could tell that this middle-aged lady was definitely a pretty lady. However, she was presently dispirited with a face full of dust and her hair all messed up. She no longer had her usual elegance!

Looking at the lady in the carriage, Ling Zhan bellowed, "Yang XianXian, what do you have to say?"

That middle-aged lady looked up and looked at Ling Zhan with her lifeless eyes before replying in a hoarse voice, "This slut knows that I have let you and the Ling Family down. I have nothing to say and seek a swift death!"

Ling Zhan nodded his head slowly as his gaze turned stern, "Good! You actually dare say that you have nothing to say! Yang XianXian, I saved you from the hands of a bunch of robbers who were about to gang rape you back then. Because you had the surname of Yang, almost everyone objected to keeping you with me. However, this old man took pity on you and kept you despite the disagreements. Today, after betraying me and the Ling Family, you have nothing else to say?!"

Following which, Ling Zhan continued walking forward, not saying a thing as he walked past the carriages. However, the grief in his eyes only grew deeper with each step. Ling Tian had already got off his horse, following closely behind his grandfather. If his grandfather were to be overly agitated, things could get bad!

Finally, Ling Zhan stopped in front of a carriage with his burly body trembling slightly. His eyes were filled with hatred but yet pity, disgust but yet apprehension. In the carriage lay Ling Kong! Foster son of Ling Zhan, the fifth in command in the Ling Family!

"Foster father, foster father, save me. Please spare me, I…" before Ling Zhan could finish his sentence, Ling Kong had already begun shouting.

"Ling Kong, how has this father treated you over the years?" Ling Tian could hear that Ling Zhan’s voice was already trembling. Perhaps it was out of habit, but Ling Zhan still referred to himself as ‘this father’. Despite knowing that Ling Kong was a spy sent over by Yang KongQun, despite knowing that Ling Kong was the culprit who almost caused him to have no grandchildren, despite knowing that he was a traitor, Ling Zhan was still…

Ling Tian let out a soft sigh; perhaps the only reason why Ling Zhan was so successful was because of his straightforwardness and kindness.

"Foster father’s kindness towards me is like a mountain! This child dare not forget it!" Ling Kong began to weep, "It is just that this child did not have a choice and have let down foster father and the Ling Family." Ling Kong sobbed bitterly, as though he was truly regretful about what he had done, "Foster father, this child is regretful. From today on, I will never allow myself to be controlled by others. I am willing to be an oxen or horse for the Ling Family…"

"Chi…" Ling Tian began to sneer, "Ling Kong, after acting for more than a decade, I have to admit that your acting skills are really outstanding, fooling almost everyone in the family. I am curious, are you not tired? Even if you aren’t tired, I am irritated by your act!"

Ling Zhan shook his aged head, "It’s too late. If you confessed to me before all of this, this old man would have definitely given you a path to live even if everyone in the family objected! But now, it is too late."

Ling Kong then looked towards Ling Tian with a vicious and sinister glare. He then turned towards Ling Zhan and shouted, "Foster father, you are being fooled! This brat is the one who is trying to lay a trap for you! Back then, I fed Chu Ting’er, that slut, the heir severing grass and it was impossible for her to conceive. Who knows where this little b*st*rd came from! Foster father, you must investigate the matter clearly! You must not fall into his despicable plans! The foundations of the Ling Family…" Peng!

Before Ling Kong could finish what he had to say, the enraged Ling Tian had already sent his foot out, breaking the wooden grills of the carriage and kicking Ling Kong in the lips. Ling Kong then flew into the air with his mouth wide open as a mouthful of blood, with a few teeth mixed within it, sprayed out.

When Ling Kong began shouting, Old Madam Ling, Ling Xiao, and Chu Ting’er could hear it clearly. A dense killing intent then shot out from their eyes! Who would have thought this scum would still try to frame Ling Tian before his death, sowing discord in the family!

"Don’t beat my father!" From afar, an enraged roar could be heard. In the Ling Family’s troops, a fellow who was tied up like a dumpling struggled his way over. After walking a mere two steps, he was kicked ruthlessly by a guard beside him, smashing into the ground pathetically. He was Ling Kong’s son, Ling Zhen!

Ling Zhan frowned with a sinister glare surfacing on his face. The last trace of pity he had towards Ling Kong disappeared completely, looking towards Ling Kong with disdain before walking away!

Ling Tian looked towards the struggling Ling Zhen with a sinister gaze and said coldly, "Ling Zhen, you’re pretty filial eh? With just your filial actions, I can forget about all of our past grievances! However, you have to pay for the words you just said!"

Ever since Ling Kong saw his son, his whole body turned ice cold! Hearing Ling Tian talk to his son without a trace of emotion, Ling Kong’s body began to shook as he seemed to have understood something. Ling Kong then began to scream out, "Ling Tian, one should pay for their own doings! This daddy here harmed you and your mother back then, but it has nothing got to do with Ling Zhen! Come at me if you have the guts! You little despicable b*st*rd, come and take care of this daddy, come!"

The corner of Ling Tian’s lips curved up and he roared, "Bring Ling Zhen here!"

The guards acknowledged the order and grabbed Ling Zhen up like a little chicken, carrying him to Ling Tian effortlessly. Throwing Ling Zhen down on the ground mercilessly, Ling Zhen’s face plunged right into the ground as his nose bled immediately! After Ling Zhen’s body landed on the ground, his body slid a few feet and was a few steps away from Ling Kong!"

Seeing his son’s pitiful appearance, Ling Kong felt as though his heart was being sliced up by blades. His eyes turned red as he let out a hoarse roar of rage, "Ling Tian, what do you intend to do?"

Ling Tian sneered and shouted, "Both father and son forgot the kindness my Ling Family showed them and conspired with the Yang Family. Not only did they not repay the family head’s kindness, they had the ambition of wolves and wanted to swallow my Ling Family! They are both too sinister and cannot be forgiven! Today, I gathered everyone here to expose their doings and character, and I will sentence them to death!" Ling Tian’s gaze swept past the crowd with majesty and everyone who his gaze swept past felt their soul shudder with fear ingrained deep within their hearts! Ling Tian then continued, "Everyone present here are the talents of my Ling Family! Ling Tian hopes that the same thing will never happen to anyone of you here! Everyone present should learn from this lesson!"

Turning around abruptly, Ling Tian faced the two guards who carried Ling Zhen over. With a cold smile, he said gently, "The both of you, put up a show for Ling Kong with his son. However, if Sir Ling Kong doesn’t enjoy the show, the both of you will be in trouble! Hahaha…"

The guards then responded respectfully, "Rest assured young noble, we will definitely take good care of young noble Ling Zhen! We will definitely ensure that Sir Ling Kong enjoys a good show!"

Ling Tian burst out into laughter and walked away.

One of the guards the revealed a bloodthirsty excitement, stomping on Ling Zhen and flipping his face up to the sky. With a flip of his right wrist, a shiny dagger could be seen in his hands! He then chuckled and walked slowly towards Ling Zhen!

"NOOO! DON’T!!!!" Ling Kong roared out in desperation, looking at his son helplessly!

"AHHHH…" a loud shriek could be heard, and all those witnessing the scene trembled.

That guard used the dagger in his hand to slowly slice open Ling Zhen’s clothes, piece by piece. However, he made no effort to control his strength and blood spewed out every time he swung his dagger!

Ling Zhen’s body was completely restricted from being tied up and he could only let out a pitiful wail. His usually suave face had already contorted from the pain, with a malevolent expression on his face. There were a few times where he almost fainted but the guard by his side would take out a bottle of strong wine and splash it over Ling Zhen’s wound. As such, Ling Zhen would quickly wake up from the pain and continue wailing!

"BEAST!!! All of you are beasts! Stop, I beg you… I beg you! Let go of my son…" In the carriage, Ling Kong was using his head to smash into the carriage’s pillar, making ‘peng peng’ sounds. However, not a trace of cruelty could be witnessed in his eyes any longer. Replacing the cruelty was endless grief and begging.

Ling Zhan had already turned around, not willing to watch any longer! However, Old Madam Ling squinted her eyes and calmly observed the process without an expression. Chu Ting’er had already buried her face in her husband’s embrace with her body trembling slightly. As for Ling Xiao, there was actually a trace of delight as he faced the bloody scene in front of him!