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Chapter 243: Exterminate Them All

Chapter 243: Exterminate Them All

Translator: chuchutrain Editor: DavidT , Rock
*WARNING* This chapter contains detailed descriptions of torture. If you’re squeamish I suggest that you skip past those parts as fast as you can. You won't miss anything important.

The moment Ling Xiao heard that Ling Kong almost caused the entire Ling Family to lose their successor he had the intention to make mincemeat out of him, so how could he still have a shred of pity for him?!

"Ka… ka…" Next, the punishment squad member stretched out his leg and began to trample on Ling Zhen’s fingers one after another. With every step, a clear sound of fracturing bone would sound out; much like popcorn. While doing so, he leered at Ling Kong, saying, "Sir Ling, young noble’s bones are really well proportioned, hehe, this popping sound is so addictive to hear, don’t you think so? I believe when hearing this, you should also feel more relaxed, right? I’ve put on such a good show for you, I wonder if you could spare some compliments?"

Ling Kong’s body trembled, as he turned his head away in pain, unable to continue witnessing his son’s mutilation. Little did he expect the other punisher who was bored out of his wits at not having his turn would suddenly explode in anger at his actions! Stepping forward, the punisher grabbed a fistful of hair and viciously pulled his head back up front, snarling at him, "You better look properly for your daddy here! This is a show we went to great lengths to put together. Sir Ling, so how could you miss it? It’s alright if you don’t praise us, but you actually don't even want to look!"

Under the intense pain, Ling Kong opened his eyes and was only greeted with the pathetic look of his son in a half-dead state. He finally couldn't take it and broke down. Through a haze of tears, he could faintly make out Ling Zhan’s back, and his eyes flashed with a cunning light. He immediately yelled out, "Foster Father, Foster Father! I beg you, please let go of Zhen’er. All the mistakes can be borne by me alone! But Zhen’er is still young, he didn’t do anything wrong, all of this was done by me!"

Ling Kong then knelt in his prisoner cage, knocking his head continuously. The place of contact was rapidly reddening with his blood, and his voice was growing hoarse with all the shouting, "Foster Father, please turn over and see, that’s Zhen’er… that’s my Zhen’er! You always hugged him when he was young, and both you and Foster Mother also pampered him … Foster Father, are you going to be so heartless? I beg you, leave him a way out… I’m kowtowing to you now…"

Ling Zhan’s sturdy body trembled violently for a moment, involuntarily turning around. His eyes were filled with unshed tears.

Ling Tian inwardly thought to himself, Looks like I went too far this time. If Grandfather comes forward with a compassionate heart and requests Ling Zhen be given a way out, I won’t have another chance to strike, and wouldn’t that be leaving a huge tumor?

As such, he immediately sneered, "Ling Kong! If you were standing in my grandfather’s shoes today, would you let any of us Lings go?"

Ling Kong was stunned speechless by the question. If it were him, he would definitely not let any of them go! Even if he did, he would never trust the person, let alone anybody else!

Ling Tian continued in an icy tone, "How dare you still have the guts to beg for mercy! I ask you, when you received the appointment from the Yangs and secretly infiltrating our family, did you think about when my Grandfather saved your life? When you poisoned my mother and tried to cut off our lineage, did you think about how Grandmother and Grandfather brought you up? And did you think about the brotherly affection between you and my father, when you colluded with the NanGongs to topple us Lings? Did you even ever consider yourself as a member of the Ling Family? Then there’s the embezzlement at the Northwest Horse Ranch, did you question your conscience even once? Has your conscience all gone to feed the dogs there?! Now that your scheme has been exposed, you only know how to beg for mercy, but did you ever think of such things when you happily betrayed us? A person who completely loses his conscience doesn't have rights to justice and righteousness! To think that an unfilial, heartless and disrespectful person like you still has the cheek to live under the heavens!"

From afar, the audience that was listening to Ling Tian all started to cast a gaze of disdain towards Ling Kong. All of them had the same thoughts, This sort of person, who did so many unspeakably evil things, how could he even try to beg for forgiveness?

Duke Ling, who was halfway through turning around, shivered slightly and turned back once again, letting out a heavy sigh.

Seeing Ling Zhan turn his back on them again, Ling Kong knew that he was out of options. Even his last hope was mercilessly crushed by Ling Tian’s words! Viciously glaring at Ling Tian, he spoke with eyes filled with insanity, "Ling Tian! Don’t get too cocky, this old man will haunt you even in my death! When I die, my soul will follow you, torture and curse you! I’ll personally make sure your bones are shattered, and your flesh chopped into a thousand pieces! Just you wait, this old man’s spirit is coming for you! Hahaha…"

Hearing this sinister and venomous voice, all the audience couldn't help but shiver in fright. The originally sunny and hot day suddenly seemed to have turned dark and cold, and coupled with the voice, everyone couldn't help getting goosebumps!

Ling Tian guffawed in response. These words might scare others, but I’m someone who came directly from the yellow springs! What a joke! He harshly rebutted, "Ling Kong, don’t waste your effort! This young noble here will wait for you! Even if you become an evil spirit, this young noble also has ways to prevent you from ever reincarnating! Later, I’ll make it so you have eyes but can't see, have ears but can't hear, have a mouth but can't speak, and have a body but can't feel… hahaha, even if you become an evil spirit, you’ll still be a crippled one! You better take the chance to properly appreciate your five senses and enjoy the show while you still can! I’ll make your son into a big radish to pull, before flying him up like a kite! This young noble will then deal with you traitor after that!"

Ling Kong’s face paled. He had long expected himself to die, even with a thousand cuts or being split apart, but upon hearing Ling Tian describe the methods of torture, he too trembled in fear. Being part of the upper echelon of the Ling Family, how could he not know what was ‘pulling a radish’ as well as 'flying a kite'?

These were two of the most inhumane punishments available! What they meant by pulling the radish was actually to bury someone into the earth, then split apart the skin on his head and pour mercury in! Because of its properties, the dense mercury would flow from the head of the person down to their toes, and the only way this could be achieved was to split the person’s skin from his flesh! When the mercury reached the person’s toes, the person’s skin would be completely separated from his body, and then the person would be pulled out of the earth without his skin, much like a radish! The most frightening part about this was that the person would be alive throughout the whole process, suffering not only excruciating pain but also an unbearable itch, and even after being pulled out, they would still be alive! Even a simple breeze that blew past them would feel like a thousand knives cutting their body!

As for flying a kite, that was to pierce a person’s stomach with a barbed pike, lightly turning it a few times to make the intestines tangle around it. After that, the pike would be ruthlessly swung up, making the victim fly up in the air. The tangled intestines would then come out of the person’s abdomen while they soared through the air, resembling a kite. If the person was sturdy enough, they could actually survive this, which led to it being an inhumane torture method!

The two punishers let out a shout of acknowledgment, and with cruel smiles, started digging a pit. Looking at the two of them, it seemed like they were completely excited at the prospect of seeing blood!

"F**k!!!!" A primal scream of fury came out of Ling Kong’s mouth, and he vomited a mouth of blood before slumping down on the floor of the cage...

"Enough! Killing people is as easy as putting their heads on the ground. There’s no need to go through such antics!" From afar came the voice of Duke Ling. He turned around, then waved his hands weakly, "Let them leave with as little pain as possible."

Ling Tian immediately obeyed, shouting, "Stop! There’s no longer any need to dig!"

Putting his hands behind his back, he walked to the front before announcing, "Very sorry to all here, but this is the last moment of your life! You people need not speak; this young noble is also very clear on who enticed you, so there’s no need for any interrogation! Right now, I wish all of you a good walk in the yellow springs!"

Pausing for a while, Ling Tian let out a cold smile, "I also welcome whoever wants to be like Ling Kong, and haunt me as a ghost! However, remember this; whether you want to be a ghost or reincarnate, you had better not make me as your enemy! It’s just that, if you want to reincarnate, with your crimes, you probably have to wait for a few lifetimes, as such, so long until then!"

Ling Tian no longer tarried, raising his hand and dropping it down swiftly, at the same time a sound like thunder blasted out of his mouth, "Kill!"