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Chapter 244: Father and Son Bond

Chapter 244: Father and Son Bond

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On the way back, Duke Ling was dispirited to the point he couldn't ride on a horse, so he sat in the carriage as well. Ling Tian knew that while he had taken care of the hidden danger in his Ling Family, his grandfather was also thoroughly heartbroken! Ling Zhan had never schemed against others and would treat people with sincerity. He was a straightforward person who valued the relationships around him! Of the many people they had taken care of today, there was actually quite a large group of them who were personally groomed by Ling Zhan. They were his brothers of many years. Especially Ling Kong, he was Ling Zhan’s treasured foster son! The betrayal of all those people had been a hard blow to Ling Zhan. Who knew when he would be able to cheer up? Perhaps he would never be able to fully recover from this blow!

Ling Tian and Ling Xiao rode on their horses with worry in their hearts, not saying anything to each other.

"Father, in regards to the families of these people, how you think we should take care of them? We can't…" Ling Tian broke the silence first. While he had a plan in his heart, he should still show his father some face.

Ling Xiao’s burly body was firmly seated on the horse as he looked at his son with a complicated gaze, "There isn’t a need to continue, I understand that principle! You can just take care of the matter yourself and there isn’t a need to ask me. Didn’t your grandfather hand over all authority into your hands?"

After the matter of the traitors had been settled, Duke Ling discussed the matter with Old Madam Ling for a moment. Then, he announced to everyone in the Ling Family that everything in the family would be taken care of by his grandson, Ling Tian. In other words, he was already announcing that Ling Tian would be the family head. It was just that he didn't hold a ceremony. It seemed that Ling Zhan and Old Madam Ling needed to take a break.

However, the strange thing was that Ling Zhan never discussed this matter with his son at all before announcing the matter. He then didn't bother giving an explanation and even ordered that no one was to interfere with Ling Tian’s actions! The meaning behind his words was simple: apart from the two elders in the family, only Ling Xiao and Chu Ting’er would interfere with Ling Tian. However, Chu Ting’er would never go against the actions of Ling Tian. As such, Ling Zhan’s words were as good as spoken to Ling Xiao alone!

Ling Tian naturally understood what this meant. With all of his actions, especially the fact that he no longer concealed anything from his family, Ling Zhan, Old Madam Ling, Ling Xiao and Chu Ting’er could already feel that Ling Tian was hiding a huge ambition! Of course, this was done intentionally by Ling Tian, since his family members might be unable to accept this if it was revealed too suddenly.

However, Ling Tian’s ambitions were obviously opposed to Ling Xiao’s loyalty! It was something that was completely irreconcilable! If Ling Tian were to act in the future and Ling Xiao chose to stop him, the best timing would definitely be missed. As such, Duke Ling gave such a strange order!

At this moment, Ling Tian could tell that his father was a little bit displeased. Thus, he said with an apologetic smile, "Father, no matter what, I am your child. How can I not seek your advice on things?"

Ling Xiao’s face was calm as he turned around and looked at Ling Tian in the eyes. However, his eyes were filled with complex emotions. He then said slowly, "Actually, when you established your Ling Family Courtyard eight years ago, I had the thought of sending our 30,000 men to flatten the Ling Family Courtyard. Then, I would ground you at home for life!" He then laughed bitterly, "But as I thought about it, I just couldn't bear to do so. You are my biological son after all. You are my only son! No matter what you decide, I can only choose to support and not oppose you. If I were to treat you with enmity, how would you be able to live with your actions?!"

Ling Tian was greatly startled! Looking at this boorish looking father of his, Ling Tian never imagined Ling Xiao to have such sentimental thoughts. His heart was completely stirred, and he was at a loss for words.

If his father really chose to do that back then, what would he have done? Conceal his strength and bide for time? Or…

The sound of the horses’ hooves was rhythmic with their words being drowned by the commotion by the crowd. While Ling Xiao’s words were spoken softly, it resounded like thunder in Ling Tian’s ears!

"While I am a boorish man, I have fought countless battles and lived in an army camp for all my life." Ling Xiao said with a self-mocking laughter, "Even if I am foolish, how could I not tell what the Ling Family Courtyard was built for? What kind of men were inside, what the large plaza was used for… or perhaps, what kind of men they could be used to train. As a general who has spent my whole life in the military, I was able to tell with a single glance!"

"Father, then why did you…" Ling Tian wanted to ask.

However, Ling Xiao ignored him and looked towards the dust cloud in front of him and said, "As such, I have only visited the Ling Family Courtyard twice in the past eight years. Every time I went to the courtyard for a visit, I would bring a large number of officers with me, stopping before I entered the front of the courtyard. Then, I would fly into a rage and give you a good scolding before leaving. This is so you would slowly become the biggest laughing stock in the army. This was also why I would always scold you in front of big groups and ensure that the whole city knew the reason! Tian’er…"

As he said that, Ling Xiao looked at Ling Tian silently with a smile in his eyes, "it isn’t easy to be a silkpants. These few years, I know that you have been rather tired of acting. Actually, I am also extremely tired. You put up your act and I put up mine."

Ling Tian suddenly felt his nose turn sour and his eyes began to water. His throat also began to choke as though he had phlegm stuck in his throat stopping him from saying anything. At the same time, his heart also turned sour but was filled with happiness.

So… this boorish father of mine who looks extremely uncouth had already known what I wanted to do. Furthermore, he actually used his own methods to silently support and protect me!

All of these were things that Ling Xiao could never speak of, even to his own wife. He knew what kind of a risk this was. Therefore, he hid all of his secrets and worry he had for his son deep within his heart. He used his broad chest to endure this pressure alone!

Just how could a boorish man like him do something like this?!

For the first time, Ling Tian felt a deep fatherly love from this boorish father of his. This was the affection between father and son!

Despite Ling Tian having the experience from both of two lifetimes, he had the urge to dive into his father’s embrace and burst out crying!

"All these years, I really wanted to hug you like when you were younger. Hug my precious son who I have always been so proud of." Ling Xiao said with a tinge of frustration.

"Father!" Ling Tian could no longer hold back his tears.

"Ah ah ah…" Ling Xiao smiled with tears glistening in his eyes, "How can a grown man like you cry like that?"

Ling Tian wiped his tears away and smiled embarrassedly with warmth in his heart. He finally understood something: even if he had the experience of two lifetimes, he was still a child in front of his biological parents. Ling Tian really loved and enjoyed this feeling.

"ShiJiu and the rest are your men right?" As though he felt as like it was an embarrassing thing to shed tears in front of his son, Ling Xiao changed the topic.

"Yes." Ling Tian replied.

"They aren’t too bad. They are very good!" Ling Xiao said with gratification, "All these years if I didn't have them, I would have… Haiz, it has been tough on those kids." Ling Xiao looked towards Ling Tian warmly, "I am very satisfied that you would have such intentions. Your capabilities, wisdom, and talents are a hundred times greater than mine! For your grandfather to hand the Ling Family over to you, I am at ease!" Ling Xiao then revealed a heartfelt smile.

"I am very satisfied that you would have such intentions… for your grandfather to hand the Ling Family over to you, I am at ease!" These words stirred up a huge wave in Ling Tian’s heart! He almost began to burst out crying again!

He had always thought that he was extremely intelligent for hiding his strength from his father! He had always avoided his father and even looked down on his father. However, his father had actually guarded him silently for so many years. Despite him assigning a few guards for his father, such a matter was almost insignificant to a general like Ling Xiao. However, Ling Xiao had still said, "I am very satisfied." From the way Ling Xiao looked, it was as though he could feel his son’s filial intentions from the guards and was completely overjoyed!

The pitiful hearts of all parents in the world! Especially the parents of the secular world!

Ling Xiao let out a laugh and his horse sprinted forward. In the dust cloud, Ling Xiao’s voice could be heard, "With regards to the family members of those traitors, you can make the decision. It is up to you if you want to kill or subdue them. But if you want my advice, I think that their existence would be a wild card and it is best to uproot the weeds by the roots. While I am not a wise man, I definitely understand such a simple logic." He was indeed an old general who lived on the battlefield. This advice of his was completely in line with Ling Tian’s plans.

Ling Tian unknowingly stopped his horse and looked at the majestic silhouette of his father in a daze.