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Chapter 245: Revert to Old Ways

Chapter 245: Revert to Old Ways

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That night, the Ling Family hosted a magnificent family banquet, and both Ling Xiao and Ling Tian father and son drank themselves silly, to the point they lost consciousness. The both of them made Chu Ting’er as well as Ling Chen so heartbroken that they kept crying.

The two women were completely puzzled, just what was wrong with the two of them? They would hardly exchange a word for months, and now they’re suddenly drinking wine together like best buddies? And they even got themselves drunk!

Recalling their expressions, Chu Ting’er and Ling Chen were fuming, yet secretly found it funny.

Just when both of them started to see double, Ling Xiao had suddenly performed a military salute, before speaking.

Ling Xiao patted Ling Tian on his shoulder, staring at him with his drunken eyes, "Not bad, urrrppp, brother, you’re not bad at all. This elder brother really… looks up to you."

Ling Tian was equally in a mess, replying, "What’s that nonsense… We’re brothers, why should we look up to each other. Come, cheers!"

Ling Xiao: "Today’s wine… tastes good to this elder brother! I’ll drink my fill!"

Ling Tian: "Hmph! This wine… This younger brother has much of it… drink as much as you want!"

Ling Xiao: "Hahaha… brother is really… easy-going… later, give this brother… some… of your wine!"

Ling Tian smacked his chest: "No… no problem!"

Listening to their antics, the entire great hall went into hysterics. Old Madam Ling laughed so hard she coughed out the wine that she just drank; while Chu Ting’er spat out the mouth of wine she had just taken onto Ling Chen, leaving her dripping wet. Ling Chen was laughing so hard she had unknowingly upended her cup, spilling the wine all over the table...

Even the moody and depressed Ling Zhan couldn't help but crack out a smile, kicking Ling Xiao's body, "D*mn you b*st*rd! What nonsense are you spouting? He’s your son!" However, due to Ling Xiao’s sturdy build, coupled with his drunken state, this kick had totally no feeling, only managing to knock him off his chair where he immediately started snoring on the floor….

When the rest turned to Ling Tian, they unexpectedly found out that he had long planted his handsome face into a bowl of fish soup, steadily and slowing breathing… this was definitely the highest stage of drunkenness; silently fading into darkness...

On the journey back previously, both father and son had a long talk about a lot of issues and had opened up to each other. Both were equally pleased; the son thought that having such a father was a blessing to him, while the father felt that having such a son was a matter to be proud of! Thus they were very happy and ended up drinking a little more than expected.

However, on the morning of the second day, the happiness between the two was broken!

Because he was too happy, Ling Tian had brought out his own wines for the banquet. The men were given the Luna Fragrance and Hero’s Blood, while the women drank the Maiden’s Heart. Everyone indulged in the heavenly wines.

However, on the morning of the next day, after freshening up, Ling Tian had, as per normal, sat under the grape racks to meditate and recuperate. In a moment, Ling Xiao strolled in, impolitely opening his mouth and saying, "Son, those wines that you took out last night, give your old man another thousand jars. I’m thinking of bringing them to the army for the lads to enjoy them!"

"One… ONE THOUSAND??!!" Ling Tian jumped up as though he was a cat that just had its tail stepped on, even his voice went up by an octave, "Father, do you think this is a mountain pebble? One thousand jars, even if you behead me I can’t take out that much!"

Such good wine, it’s good that I even let you gorge yourself at home for free, but to think you want to bring it over to the barracks to reward your soldiers! And to think you ask for a thousand jars the moment you open your mouth! Ling Tian thought in fury.

"Oh, then five hundred jars should do; that settles it." Ling Xiao also felt that a thousand was pushing it and generously reduced it to half.

"I don’t even have five jars, let alone five hundred!" Ling Tian snorted in anger. To think that he was so touched that he broke into tears yesterday, but how come he reverted to his old ways so soon?

"B*ast*rd!" Ling Xiao also flared up. "How many do you still have? Take them all out for your old man!"

"There are only two left." Ling Tian nimbly drew out two jars, and spreading out his hands, he put on the attitude of a hoodlum. "I don’t have any left. Not even a drop. If you want it, just take it. Else the deal is off." Want to take my wine to give to the troops of that dogsh*t emperor? Forget about it!

"You little brat, do you think that you’ve all grown up now?" Ling Xiao grabbed onto Ling Tian’s collar with a hand, sneering in anger, "If this old man doesn’t beat you up today, you probably won’t know I’m your father! I’ve raised you for so many years, but you are calculating with me over a few jars of wine!"

Seeing that the two of them were about to come to blows, Ling Chen stood by the side worrying helplessly, but she couldn't do a thing. On the other hand, Yu BingYan was curiously looking at her prospective father-in-law with a look of disbelief on her face as she spoke, "Sister Chen, that’s Ling Tian’s father, the Sky Bearing God of War? Ling Xiao?! Grand Marshall Ling?!"

"This is… yes, yes he is, haiz!" Ling Chen tried to divert the topic but failed, and could only admit it. She couldn't help but feel embarrassed for Ling Tian. Between family members it would be fine, but you just had to do it with two of your future daughters-in-law spectating by the side; in the future, how are you going to be a fatherly figure? This was the saying, ‘throwing away your face, throwing it all the way outside your country’!

Seeing that the situation was not in his favor, Ling Tian immediately wriggled free and made a break for it. Ling Xiao hesitated for a while, eventually picking up the two jars of wine and chasing after him, hollering all the while. Just like that, the Ling Residence was plunged into chaos in the early morning.

The chase of the father and the running of the son finally caught the attention of all the higher ups!

Old Madam Ling and Chu Ting’er immediately came out to put a stop to it. After asking about the situation, they immediately berated Ling Xiao and severely warned Ling Tian never to hand over any of his wines to Ling Xiao, ever! Ling Xiao was only allowed to drink a few cups during celebratory occasions, and even had to go through approval by Old Madam Ling! Ling Tian was all smiles when he heard that, nodding his head repeatedly like a hen pecking for food.

As for Chu Ting’er, she was even crueler. She immediately wrestled the two jars of wine away that Ling Xiao was holding in his bosom, making him so heartbroken he kept grinding his teeth. However, he had no say in this matter, and could only stare.

Ling Tian had obtained an overwhelming victory this time. Just as he was delightedly going back to his little courtyard, a servant rushed up to them. "Reporting to Old Madam, Sire, Madam and the Young Noble! The XiMen family has sent an invitation over!"

Old Madam Ling glanced drily at Ling Tian, "Probably some mess you created, right? Go solve it yourself." She then dragged Chu Ting’er, together with the two jars of wine and left the scene.

Ling Xiao stared wistfully at the two jars being taken away and could only let out a long sigh. Seeing that the servant was staring at him, he snapped, "Whoever created the trouble should go solve it, so why are you looking at me!" After which he stared daggers at Ling Tian, "Little brat, you wait for this old man, see how I take care of you!" Then he walked away looking like a rooster which was just defeated!

However, this phrase of Grand Marshall Ling had been repeated for at least a few hundred times, but he never carried it out once!

Ling Tian could only bitterly laugh and accept the invitation.

Returning to his little courtyard, a faint smile hung on his mouth.

"Young noble, what are you so happy about?" Ling Chen asked as she approached him with Yu BingYan in tow. Yesterday, the two ladies had fled like frightened rabbits back into the carriage when they had heard the pitiful wailings and did not see the actual bloody scenario, so their mental states were particularly good. This was especially so for Yu BingYan, who considered herself privy to the internal matters of the Ling Family, and could already be considered approved by the Lings, thus she was in her own land of happiness.

"Oh, it’s because of this. Take a look." Ling Tian passed over the invite, and the two ladies huddled closer, craning their necks to take a look.

"... thus all talented heroes under heavens, converge like bright gems;

the golden opportunity of a lifetime goes to them.

Taking step by step for a thousand miles, boiling tea at Smoky Thea;

how much of a pleasure it would be if all heroes were to swap sword for pen to challenge me!

I’ve long heard that young noble is well-versed scholarly, and creative in wit, truly a talent of Sky Bearing! If I could get the young noble to grace me with his presence, and exhibit your graceful demeanor, I believe this scholarly meet would be enriched by twofold! Young Noble has a refined temperament, which leaves us desiring to raise our heads to look at you as well as to hear your poetry! Yours Sincerely, Junior XiMen Qing!" Ling Chen read out loud, and before she had finished reading, both the ladies’ eyes were already shining!

"Hey! Brother Tian, it’s a scholarly meet! Let’s go let’s go!" Yu BingYan immediately stepped forward, grabbing onto Ling Tian’s arm and swinging it back and fro. "I really want to see all the literary experts gather together and see how much poetry they can write that will be passed down for eternity!"

Ling Chen, whose hand was clutching onto the invite, also smiled sweetly at Ling Tian, the desire in her eyes apparent.

Ling Tian could only shake his head helplessly. He already predicted that the scholarly meeting would be a hard to resist temptation for the two ladies, and he was right! He couldn't help but think, Seems like poetry and songwriting are popular no matter which world we’re in. No wonder those main characters from reincarnation books can have droves of females throwing themselves at them with just a sentence! Wait a minute… does that mean that this young noble can also give it a try…? Heheheheheheheh! Stroking his chin, he began to wickedly smile to himself. The two ladies by his side immediately got the goosebumps when they saw his smile!