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Chapter 246: Were You The One?

Chapter 246: Were You The One?

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"Tian’ge?" Yu BingYan looked towards Ling Tian, "What’s wrong with you? Why are you putting on such a perverse smile? Are you ill?"

"Err…" Ling Tian snapped out of his daze and swallowed a mouthful of saliva before glaring at Yu BingYan, "Nonsense! How is this young noble perverse? Little lass, do not spout nonsense to ruin this young noble’s image."

Yu BingYan pursed her lips and mumbled, "You are at most only a few days older than me. Why do you always act like you are an old man and call me ‘little lass’? I am already turning seventeen! Right, Tian’ge, I have asked you this many times already; just how old are you?!"

Ling Tian twitched his lips, "Why are you asking about this? You just need to know that I am your Tian’ge. A little lass like you just likes these kinds of senseless nonsense. Am I not more talented than the other young nobles?"

Yu BingYan’s voice suddenly went a pitch higher, "Sister Chen and I naturally know about your talents. However, it seems that no one else apart from the two of us knows about that. I want to let the world know that Tian’ge is the most outstanding person in the world." She then shook Ling Tian’s arms and whined, "Can I? Tian’ge!" Her whiny voice made Ling Tian shudder and he quickly raised his arms in surrender.

"Young noble Ling, it seems that you have received the invitation as well. Are you planning to attend the meeting?" A gentle voice sounded from the entrance of the courtyard. As the three of them turned to take a look, they saw Xiao YanXue standing there. She was dressed in a light yellow dress, standing by the entrance with a slight smile as her dressed fluttered slightly in the gentle breeze.

A trace of shock flashed past Ling Tian’s eyes, "It’s you? Miss Xiao, why are you here?"

Yu BingYan, who was excitedly waiting for a reply, spotted the trace of surprise in Ling Tian’s eyes. She then couldn't help but grunt silently and stomp her foot lightly in frustration.

As Xiao YanXue looked at Ling Tian, a complicated expression could be seen on her face. It seemed to contain a few traces of disgust, but yet a few traces of surprise and disbelief. After Ling Tian shocked the whole Sky Bearing City, how could the Xiao Family not know about that? From then on, they all knew that Ling Tian’s real strength was unfathomable! It turns out that the words of Xiao FengHan were completely true!

Originally, it wouldn’t matter if Ling Tian’s martial arts were at a profound level. To the Xiao Family who believed that money could do anything, Miss Xiao would definitely not place Ling Tian in her sights if he was just a boorish and straightforward man. But in just a few days, the Ling Family made a lightning-fast move to form an ‘alliance’ with the NanGong Family and wipe out all the traitors in their midst! The strength of their Ling Family was still rising, and the authority of the family had actually skipped the God of War and Goddess of Fortune, landing right in the hands of Ling Tian. How could she not be surprised?

Ever since he was young, Ling Tian had the title of number one silkpants in Sky Bearing. Just how much tolerance would he require to bear with such a title? At his young age, he was actually able to tolerate the disdain of the world despite being more talented than his peers. Just what was his motive? How would he be able to endure all of that without having an ambition? Now that the heroes of the world were gathering in Sky Bearing, it was the time for the storms to brew and Ling Tian actually chose to reveal his strength at this moment! Just what was his motive for doing that? Why didn’t he continue concealing himself further?

After seeing Ling Tian today, countless complicated emotions filled Xiao YanXue’s head. She could already vaguely feel that despite the fact that this teen in front of her usually put on a calm face, there were definitely countless of secrets hiding behind that calm facade! Now, Xiao YanXue had the urge to uncover all of his secrets to see just what was going on. With regards to Ling Tian, Xiao YanXue was filled with curiosity!

However, Xiao YanXue was indeed the strategist of her generation. She quickly readjusted her complicated emotions and lightly tapped the white invitation in her left hand. With a smile, she said, "This little sister has also received this invitation. However, I am afraid that I will make a fool out of myself, and I am extremely anxious. I never expected sister Ling Chen to be talented in many ways and she is like a scholar amongst us females. How can I bear to not use a talent right in front of me? I would like to invite sister Ling Chen to attend this meeting with me."

Ling Tian replied with a smile, "However, I have also received the invitation and Ling Chen would naturally go with me. For a housewife like her to not accompany her husband but go to the meeting with another lady, isn’t it a little inappropriate?"

Xiao YanXue let out a grunt of frustration. Ling Chen was a fairy-like being but was actually reduced to a mere ‘housewife’ by Ling Tian. Xiao YanXue felt extremely disturbed when she heard that and felt indignance on Ling Chen’s behalf. She then couldn't help but ridicule, "Oh, it is this little sister’s mistake. I originally thought that with your great talents that young noble Ling wouldn't receive the invitation. Who would have thought that the scholarly meeting was able to invite a grandmaster like yourself? It is indeed amazing… ah ah ah…"

The meaning of her words was simple: I never imagined that an incompetent silkpants like you could also receive the invitation for a scholarly meeting; this is just too amazing! While Xiao YanXue knew that Ling Tian was not a simple silkpants, was wiser than his peers, and had unfathomable martial arts, she didn't think that he would be able to excel in the literary arts. After all, just how many people would be talented in both martial and literary arts?

The three of them were naturally able to understand the sarcasm in Xiao YanXue’s words. Ling Tian was expressionless while Ling Chen revealed a trace of frustration in her eyes. However, she was after all trained by Ling Tian for many years and had a strong control over her mental state. Thus, the flash of frustration was quickly concealed, and she regained her cool.

By the other side, Yu BingYan couldn't take the sarcasm in Xiao YanXue’s words. While the Xiao Family was the number one financial magnate in the world and was extremely powerful, how could a mere financial magnate be compared to the number one martial family, the Yu Family! While Xiao YanXue was the princess of the Xiao Family, Yu BingYan was also the only princess in the huge Yu Family! By just comparing their statuses, her status would definitely be higher than Xiao YanXue. Thus, how could she endure someone ridiculing her sweetheart in front of her?

With a cold sneer, Yu BingYan said, "With Miss Xiao’s looks and talents, there would definitely be many ‘flower protectors’ who would be willing to go with you. Do you still need sister Chen’s accompaniment?" Her words were rather crude, ridiculing Xiao YanXue for having the intention to show off.

However, Xiao YanXue was not angered at all as she smiled, "This little sister is just an ugly individual. How can I be compared to the little princess of the Yu Family?"

Ever since she came to Sky Bearing, Yu BingYan had always appeared with her true appearances concealed. None of them had seen her true appearance before and even Ling Tian was not an exception. For Xiao YanXue to retort in such a manner, it was no different from her ridiculing Yu BingYan for being ugly! How could Yu BingYan not read the intentions in her words? Her eyes turned red from anger as she let out a snort and entered the room, not coming out again.

Ling Tian’s face turned chilly as his gaze swept over Xiao YanXue’s body coldly. After she began to grow uncomfortable from his gaze, Ling Tian said, "Miss Xiao has inherited great looks and wisdom from your parents but they should not be compared in such a manner. Not only are the words a pollution to our ears, it is also polluting your own tongue. Miss Xiao should mind your words."

Xiao YanXue’s face turned red as she said apologetically, "I went too far just now, I’m sorry." After she said the words, she felt as though her words were a little too much. If Yu BingYan’s original appearances were really as such, her words would be far too damaging to Yu BingYan’s self-esteem. Being scolded as ugly in front of her sweetheart, what lady in the world would be able to endure that?

Ling Tian never imagined this little missy who had been pampered since young would actually know how to apologize. He was shocked for a moment as he glanced at her again. He then said calmly, "Forget it, does Miss have anything else for me?"

Ling Tian’s words were already hinting for her to leave! If not for Xiao YanXue apologizing, Ling Tian would have probably sent her out immediately!

Xiao YanXue felt as though she didn’t have the face to stay any longer and said, "When young noble Ling arrives at the Smoky Thea Tower for the meeting, you can find me at the Bright Light Chamber where the Xiao Family is staying at. This little sister will take her leave."

While the Smoky Thea Tower made arrangements for the various Great Families, she never saw any special arrangements made for the Ling or Yang Family. If that was the case, wouldn’t Ling Tian have to squeeze with the crowd? Thus, she invited Ling Tian to her Xiao Family out of goodwill. After she had said those words, she took a small bow with a smile and wanted to leave.

Ling Tian looked at her back view with a smile which didn't seem like a smile and said calmly, "Thank you, Miss Xiao, for your kind intentions. However, the Heavenly Fragrance Chamber belongs to the Ling Family."

It was actually the Heavenly Fragrance Chamber?! The Heavenly Fragrance Chamber which was never opened to the public?

Originally, Xiao YanXue thought that the Smoky Thea Tower allowed the various Great Families to stay because of an order from the imperial family of Sky Bearing. Or perhaps, the imperial family paid the Smoky Thea Tower to allow the various Great Families to stay for free. After all, the various Great Families will be staying in Sky Bearing for quite a period of time and the amount of money spent would be great. As such, the Heavenly Fragrance Chamber which had never been opened up should definitely be saved for the imperial family. Who would have thought that it was actually reserved for the Ling Family? If that’s the case, where would the imperial family stay if they were to participate? What would the Ling Family’s actions then mean?! That they were above the imperial family?!

Just when Xiao YanXue was about to speed up, she suddenly stopped. With her back facing Ling Tian, she asked softly, "Young noble Ling, that night… were you the one?"

These words of hers were extremely vague. However, being involved in the matter, Ling Chen and Ling Tian both knew what Xiao YanXue was asking. Xiao YanXue was obviously asking if Ling Tian was the one who saved her back then.

Xiao YanXue waited for a moment and didn't hear a reply. Turning around, she realized that there was no one behind her anymore. With a complicated expression, she bit her lips and thought for a moment, After stomping her feet, she then left the place.

Ever since the ancient times, literary arts were first and martial arts second. The XiMen Family’s scholarly meeting had incited a huge wave of excitement in the city. Not to mention the various talented young nobles and miss, even Ling Jian sent news from the Ling Family Courtyard that the few brats there were interested to watch the event.

After Ling Tian received that news from Ling Jian, he didn't know whether to laugh or cry while Ling Chen held onto her sides while she died from laughter. You guys are a bunch of assassins, why do you want to join in the fun for a scholarly meeting? Even if you guys know how to read and write or have some literary sense, you guys are still far from joining a scholarly meeting, right?!