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Chapter 247: BingYan’s True Appearance

Chapter 247: BingYan’s True Appearance

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However, Ling Tian understood the hidden intentions of Ling Jian and gang. That group merely wanted to take this opportunity to recognize all the talents of the different aristocratic families. Under Ling Jian’s constant nurturing, this group had long taken all other aristocratic families as enemies to be purged in the future! To have such a chance to observe them closely, this would allow them to commit their future targets to memory, which would save them a lot of time and effort in the future. Thus, Ling Tian didn't object to their request, but added a condition: if anyone appeared wearing that deadpan face which they used for killing, he would kick them out with his foot! Even if they didn't know how, they had to try!

As for this scholarly meet by the XiMen Family, Ling Tian had great expectations for it! The moment everyone was to gather together, which families were working together, which families had formed alliances in secret, who was the outstanding talent of their generation, and any sort of spider’s threads and horse tracks would be clearly seen by Ling Tian. Furthermore, he had that scrupulous and intelligent Ling Chen beside him!

As for the XiMen Family, this was probably planned a long time ago by them, given that XiMen Qing was a fame seeker. Since they had suffered a disadvantage, they would definitely have to regain some sort of face, and also pull Ling Tian down by exposing him as an unlearned and barbaric silkpants. For someone who had killed XiMen Zhang, this would also allow them to vent some of their frustrations.

As to whether the XiMen Family had another plan in mind, Ling Tian was not aware. Thus, he could only play it by ear. However, just for precautions, Ling Tian sent an order to Gu XiYan, telling her to scrutinize every single dish that would be carried out, including using a silver needle to dip in every single vat of wine before sending it out! Ling Tian had a premonition that the XiMen Family would not let the matter of him killing XiMen Zhang go that easily. Furthermore, with the two countries always warring against each other, would it not be better for the person who struck first? Ling Tian held onto his chin, secretly thinking to himself.


In the morning three days later. A cool breeze brushed past, and little clouds dotted the sky. A perfect day.

Ling Tian lazily stretched and sat up on his bed, touching beside him out of instinct. However, his hand hit the empty air, then he realized that the Ling Chen who would typically curl up like a kitten beside him had disappeared long before he woke up. Being a person of two lives, Ling Tian was not only well versed but also had unceasing demands. Having been ‘tormented’ by him the whole night yesterday, that lass Ling Chen should have been sleeping like a pig today. So why had she woken up so early?

The moment he opened the doors, a cool breeze flowed in. On the east, the clouds were stained red, the sun was already rising.

In front of his grape racks, two ladies in white robes were standing side by side, gossiping about something. A hint of a smile surfaced on Ling Tian’s face as he looked at the backs of Yu BingYan and Ling Chen. It was unknown as to what the girls were so animated about, could it be that the scholarly meet actually had such great influence on them, that the both of them couldn't sleep at all?

Thinking to this point, Ling Tian could only cough out loud and jest, "This is only a scholarly meet, why are the two of you so excited?"

When the two ladies heard his voice, they turned their heads towards him simultaneously.

Ling Tian felt himself growing dizzy from shock!

In front of him were two heaven toppling beauties, the right being the Ling Chen that he was so familiar with. But who was this peerless beauty on the left? Why did she look so familiar?

Dressed in a simple and elegant white robe, her entire being practically radiated purity like fine jade. There was a light green sash around her waist and hung on it was a purple jade ornament. Whenever she moved, the ornament would refract the colors of the rainbow, enshrouding her in a halo.

Her hair was like mist, lightly folded up and pinned to the side with a simple jade hairpin. On the hairpin was embedded two large pearls the size of a fingernail, brilliant and lustrous. Other than that, she didn't have any other accessories, exuding a simple, elegant and pure image.

Her gently curved eyebrows looked like willows blown by the wind, and together with it were a pair of shrewd eyes, profoundly deep like a calm lake. Below her sharp nose was a small cherry-red mouth, and it was parted in a half smile, with pristine white teeth peeking out, moving even the most refined gentleman.

Flawless skin as though sculpted from the finest jade, but retaining its delicate beauty, tracing down to her swan-like neck, her thin shoulders all the way down to her tiny waist, she looked like a sculpture come to life.

She exuded a pure and holy air, as though banishing all thoughts that men would have to violate her, and with the light fog still present in the early morning, drifting lazily in the morning breeze, she looked just like an immortal fairy which had descended onto earth, but completely unable to mix herself amongst the mundane people.

"You’re… Yan’er?" Staring at the mischievously smiling female, his brain short-circuited; he was only able to stutter out this sentence after a while.

Ling Chen doubled over in laughter. "Look at this, sister. I told you that he would definitely not recognize you!"

Yu BingYan also giggled in laughter, her laugh sounding like tinkling bells, "Yeah, Tian'ge is so stupid."

That peerless beauty was actually Yu BingYan!

While Ling Tian had long known that Yu BingYan would definitely not have below average looks, but he couldn't verify it because the mask worn by her was specially designed to ward off spiritual senses. Men who looked at her back and side views would probably harbor dirty thoughts towards her, but Ling Tian could guarantee that all those thoughts would vanish the moment they stared at her true face! While Ling Tian was no womanizer, he had a love for beauty, and seeing Yu BingYan’s true face today gave him a sort of pleasant sensation, as though his spirit was being cleansed!

"Hmph!" Ling Tian ultimately recovered his senses. "You two lasses wanted to prank me, but this young noble has already seen through your scheme! Yan’er would always come to greet me in the morning, when was she ever so reserved towards me? The moment I saw your backs facing me, I already knew!" While Ling Tian discovered the reason behind Yu BingYan revealing her true image, he believed the actual reason was due to Xiao YanXue insulting her, which made her unwilling to concede defeat and thus reveal her face to exact revenge.

Right now, with the two ladies standing side by side, if Ling Chen were to be described as a slender and elegant daffodil, then Yu BingYan could be considered as a magnolia beginning to blossom! Both ladies had their strong points, and neither could be said to truly have an advantage over the other!

As they say, a woman will only doll herself up for the man she loves. Today, Ling Tian received the full force of that saying!

Before the three of them left the house today, they were cut off by Chu Ting’er who had some instructions to give. But before she could talk, she received a shock. How had Ling Tian managed to get another heaven toppling beauty by his side in the span of a night? It was only when Yu BingYan had shyly called out, "Good morning, Aunt," that Chu Ting’er realized this lady was actually Yu BingYan! This was indeed the saying of ‘When one gets to the mountain, there will definitely be a way up’. She had been so worried about her son, but look at him, surrounded by ladies such as Ling Chen, Yu BingYan, and Jiao Yue, this was indeed the epitome of ‘the blessed need not rush for things’!

She only vaguely heard her son make some succinct introductions, then drag the two ladies who had faces as red as a monkey’s butt out of the door. Only after a while did she snap out of her stupor, but she found that she couldn't even see their shadows any longer.

She gritted her teeth, inwardly scolding that brat of hers, but she suddenly started laughing to herself, excitedly running over to Old Madam Ling’s chambers to report the good news.

"Mother, haha, tell you some good news," Chu Ting’er joyfully spoke, "I don’t need to worry about Tian’er's marriage anymore. To think that this kid… is actually such a play boy!"

Old Madam Ling quietly sat and sipped her tea, her expression not even changing in the slightest. However, the corners of her mouth rose up in a mocking smile, "No need to worry? Good, Ting’er, you’re really smart! Let me tell you, this old woman already stopped worrying about his marriage at the age of five. That day, didn’t I tell you he was this old woman’s ‘good Tian’er, good grandson’? To think that you as the mother only realized it now! How smart you are!"

Chu Ting’er froze on the spot.

When Ling Tian stepped out of the main door, he couldn't help but let out a roar of laughter. Ling Chen stared mutely for a while in shock, before she couldn't help but cover her mouth, her eyes narrowed to slits as she tried to control her laughter. Only Yu BingYan remained as she was. When she had met Chu Ting’er just now, she had the impression that she was the daughter-in-law meeting her mother for the first time, and up till now, she found her body burning hot with embarrassment.

At the entrance of the Ling residence, six good-looking scholarly fellows were waiting. However, their actions were a little weird, constantly tugging at their sleeves, or arranging their headgear, as though they were extremely uncomfortable. The close-fitting robes made the six of them feel as though they had been chained up. In their hands was a paper fan, but the posture of them holding it made it look like they were gripping onto a sword!

Seeing Ling Tian walking out, the six of them greeted in unison, "We pay respects to the Young Noble." At the same time, they squeezed out wizened looking smiles on their faces. It looked as though chrysanthemums were blossoming on the faces of zombies, an unspeakable horror!

This group of people was precisely Ling Jian and the five brothers.

"Ah Jian!" Ling Tian laughed, before catching himself, "This is the result of your three-day practice on how to give an elegant smile? You trained up five, no, six including you, six smiles that look like bullsh*t?"

Ling Jian’s face was bitter as he replied, "Young Noble, this is a tall order. It’s not that I can't train, but this bunch… they… they…" Ling Jian looked back at the five zombie-like faces behind him, "They do not even know how to smile!"