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Chapter 248: Peerless Expert

Chapter 248: Peerless Expert

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"Bullsh*t! I think you are the one who doesn’t know how to smile!" Ling Tian scolded. Just what should I do? With the way the six of them are acting, they are no different from a peasant farmer putting on a luxurious government official uniform and standing in the imperial court! Their luxurious clothes were just not able to conceal their lack of elegance! If Ling Tian were to bring the six of them in, others would probably think that he was here to ruin the scholarly meeting. At that time, they wouldn't need to talk about observing others, as Ling Tian would probably be revealing himself!

In fact, it was Ling Tian’s fault for asking Ling Jian to train the other five to smile. In his whole life, apart from being more relaxed around Ling Tian, Ling Jian had never smiled to others before. Perhaps, it wasn't more than five times that Ling Jian’s teeth could be seen when he smiled! For Ling Tian to expect him to train others to smile was just asking too much of him.

However, Ling Tian didn’t have a choice either; the five little brats were led astray by him. Apart from Ling Tian and Ling Jian, the five of them wouldn't listen to anyone else. Even Ling Chen had been angered by them until she cried countless times. As for Ling Tian, how was it possible for him to have the time to teach them to smile? Count on Ling Jian?! It seems like Ling Jian didn’t know how to smile either!

"Haiz!" Ling Tian let out a long sigh and the five of them lowered their heads in fear with a face full of guilt. However, they just didn't know what they did wrong.

Thinking carefully, Ling Tian commanded them solemnly, "From now on," Ling Tian pointed towards the crowd on the streets, "every one of you has to greet every single person you see! Make sure you put on a smile! A friendly smile! Smile your way to the Smoky Thea Tower! Each and every one of you has to smile to a hundred people at the very least. If any of you were to create trouble or scare others away from your smile, there isn’t a need for you to go to the Smoky Thea Tower already. You can make your way back to the Ling Family Courtyard and you will be grounded for half a year! Am I clear?! Ah’Jian, you especially! You’re the worst!" Ling Tian hollered.

"Yes…" the six of them lowered their heads in dismay, as though they were facing an insurmountable task.

"Ready, set… go!" Ling Tian waved his hands! The six individuals dressed as scholars then dashed out swiftly, grabbing onto a person each and trying to greet them with their stiff appearances. The next moment, the streets were filled with chaos.

Ling Tian walked behind them slowly with a dark expression, ignoring the chaos like it has nothing got to do with him.

Ling Chen and Yu BingYan laughed to the point tears could be seen in the corner of their lips! They couldn't help but place a hand on Ling Tian’s shoulders for support, laughing to the point they no longer had any strength! Laughing to the point that their sides began to ache!

The head of the guards, Wang Tong, and a few other Blood Iron Warriors led a few horses and walked behind Ling Tian. All of their faces were cramping up as their faces began to turn red and purple. While Ling Tian, Ling Chen and Yu BingYan could laugh, the few of them could only hold it in, not daring to laugh at all. If the six assassins were to find out that they laughed, the six of them would definitely not hold anything back. While it was impossible for the six of them to kill Wang Tong and other guards, it would be impossible for the guards to escape a good beating.

Only when it was nearing noon did the group of them finally arrive at the Smoky Thea Tower. At this moment, Ling Jian and the five other brats were filled with an amiable smile on the face. However, the muscles on their faces were almost cramped up from smiling and their eyes slipping into a daze. At the same time, a look of helplessness and depression could be seen in their eyes.

If they knew that this mission was going to be so tough, the six of them would probably choose to carry out an assassination thousands of miles away instead than come here!

In front of the Smoky Thea Tower, a large armchair could be seen with the gorilla-like Third Master Yu seated on it! At the same time, his neck stretched out towards the crowd as though he was searching for something.

In the corner, the staff in charge of receiving guests were hiding in fear as they looked at Third Master Yu with fright in their eyes.

From afar, Ling Tian could already see Yu ManTian’s messy hair and revealed a smile. Sending out his inner qi, he stealthily made a path in front of him and walked towards Yu ManTian.

All of a sudden, Ling Tian’s sixth sense alerted him of a highly dangerous presence! At the same time, a powerful inner qi began to push back at the inner qi he sent out!

Ling Tian was shocked as he stopped on the spot, imbuing his inner qi into his sleeves and dissipating the other powerful qi with a wave of his sleeves. In that moment, Ling Tian could obviously feel that be it the skills of the other party or density of his inner qi, the other part was more than a notch above himself! Even Ye QingChen definitely couldn't be compared to this person hiding in the dark!

If Ling Tian didn’t estimate wrongly, the person hiding in the dark was definitely capable of being the number one expert in the world!

Just who was he?!

Ling Tian’s gaze swept past the large crowd as he unleashed all of his six senses. In just a short while, Ling Tian had already searched his surrounding hundred feet but just couldn't detect anything! The skills of this expert were just too baffling!

A light flashed past Ling Tian’s eyes as he carefully searched everyone single person around him. Ling Tian spared no effort at all and his whole body began to tense up. It was as though he was a gigantic bow which was pulled taut, letting out an arrow at the first sign of something wrong!

Searching his surroundings, Ling Tian just couldn't find anyone suspicious! If it was anyone else, he would have probably thought that it was a mere misperception from being anxious. However, Ling Tian wouldn’t think that way!

In both his previous and current life, Ling Tian had struggled at the edge of death far too often. He had only managed to escape death by relying on his acute senses! Ling Tian was sure that his judgment was definitely accurate! When he tried to create a path with his inner qi previously, the expert must have been near him. Due to the basic instinct of an expert, the expert immediately retaliated upon sensing Ling Tian’s inner qi! Thus, Ling Tian was able to grasp that slight gap.

However, Ling Tian could feel that this expert definitely didn't have any bad intentions, retracting his inner qi in the first moment and concealing himself completely! For him to release and retract his inner qi with such ease and carefreeness, the grasp he had over his inner qi was definitely at the state of perfection! While Ling Tian didn't want to create trouble, Ling Tian would definitely not let him off! For such a frightening character to appear in such a crucial period, how could Ling Tian not be careful?

Finally, Ling Tian’s inner qi landed on a green-robed man. The green-robed man had a head full of black hair and didn’t look too old. It seemed as though it was acceptable for him to be in his twenties or thirties, but yet not impossible for him to be in his forties or fifties. However, it also seemed possible for him to be in his sixties!

When Ling Tian looked at him, he also raised his head up coincidentally. His eyes just couldn't avoid Ling Tian’s gaze!

When the both of their gazes met, Ling Tian realized that he didn't have the alertness and vigor of a martial arts practitioner. Instead, his eyes seemed plain as he looked towards Ling Tian with curiosity.

As Ling Tian studied this green-robed man with his sharp gaze, he seemed to cower slightly from Ling Tian’s gaze.

From his appearances, this green-robed man just didn't look like anything special. He was an individual who would never be spotted if you threw him into the crowd. But for some reason, Ling Tian’s gaze locked onto this individual after sweeping the crowd!

Seeing how his acting was so genuine, Ling Tian sneered and walked towards the green-robed man while purposefully emanating an overbearing killing intent!

Let me test him! Ling Tian came to that conclusion in his heart. However, Ling Tian wasn’t completely testing him either. While Ling Tian was already half sure that this green-robed man was the hidden expert, Ling Tian wasn’t completely sure! If he wasn’t, it was very normal. After all, this green-robed man just didn't seem like an expert. But if he was, the strength of this green-robed man was just too frightening and Ling Tian must find out who he was. But regardless of who he was, Ling Tian would definitely test him!

In such a crucial time, such a frightening expert was a huge variable! Ling Tian didn't think that this mysterious expert would help him for no good reason. Ling Tian also didn't believe that this mysterious expert would willingly submit when he revealed his talents and strength. No matter who you are, as long as you continue acting, I will kill you without hesitation! Even if you are innocent, you can only blame your bad luck! In such a moment, Ling Tian had no qualms about killing the innocent!

In chaotic times, human life was as worthless as grass!

As though he could feel Ling Tian’s overbearing killing intent, a trace of astonishment could be seen in that green-robed man’s eyes. He then stood up straight and in that instant, the green-robed man turned into a towering mountain which stood up proudly! While he wasn’t tall, the green-robed man looked like he was looking down on humanity with arrogance! It was as though he was living in the clouds and the ruler of humanity!

You’ve finally stopped acting! Ling Tian sneered and made a weird signal with the hand behind his back. His aura also exploded forth as he sent out his aura like a gigantic tsunami! Ling Jian and the rest had already been startled by the green-robed man’s imposing aura. But without receiving Ling Tian’s signal, plus the fact that the green-robed man was just too unfathomable, Ling Jian and the rest didn't dare make any rash movements. After seeing the signal which Ling Tian gave them, they were all shocked!

The six of them then stealthily spread out; while they seemed like they were blending into the crowd, they were actually picking the best spot to take action!

The signal which Ling Tian gave to them meant: Regardless the consequences, surround him and attack with your lives! Victory and defeat will be decided in a single blow, kill him at all cost!