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Chapter 249: Apex of Martial Arts

Chapter 249: Apex of Martial Arts

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Two lifetimes of experiences allowed Ling Tian to spot an interesting fact, that martial arts exponents would not use all their strength from the start, probably about 70% to test the waters.

Ling Tian didn't know what rule or habit this originated from, but to him, this was pure stupidity! If you want to fight, then come forth with your full strength! If you cannot win then scram, if you can win, then finish it cleanly and stop dragging it out! What kind of lousy rules are you following?!

However, this gave Ling Tian an inspiration and he decided to go ahead with it. No matter whom that green-robed person was, if he dared to not use his full strength in the first exchange, then so sorry, with the combined forces of Ling Tian and all his comrades, even if this person was the fabled Beyond Heavens Sect Master, Ling Tian was certain that he had the power to make him regret it for life!

To spoil my plans, whether you are in the good or evil way, I’ll kill!

A glint of appreciation flashed in the eyes of that green-robed man! To think that this youth could come to a decision so quickly, immediately targeting and setting up such a perfect formation to kill him! While Ling Jian and the rest might be lost among the crowd, but how could the mysterious person not be able to sense that faint killing intent they exuded?

The expert sighed once to himself, feeling much regret! This type of battle was one that he wished to partake in the most! But it was impossible at this time.

From beside Ling Tian’s eyes suddenly came a voice, much like a mosquito buzzing, "Kid, you’re ruthless enough! Not bad, but a pity that I can’t accompany you guys to play today. You must be Ling Tian, right? If I exchange moves with you today, I’ll definitely hurt the lives of the five brats there, then it wouldn’t be fun anymore! Heh heh, I’ll look for you someday!"

Compressing one’s voice into a line! Communicating via a mosquito buzz! He was definitely an expert!

Ling Tian narrowed his eyes into slits and sent his voice back the same way, "May I know who is Mister? Why are you here? To say you do not want to exchange moves now, I’m afraid it’s too late!"

However, the man didn't reply. Casting his eyes over, he only saw the green-robed man look towards him with a hint of a smile playing on his lips. Although he remained standing in his original spot, he appeared one moment as mountain that one could only look up to and admire, then akin to the great ocean, which gave the feeling that one couldn't harm him in the slightest, then again to as if he had become one with the heavens, only faintly discernible like the mist. The man suddenly moved, his body fracturing into tens of thousands of light beams, disappearing in all directions!

Ling Tian sighed, and his right hand signaled to the others to stop.

And indeed, after that brilliant scene, the person’s image became indistinct, finally disappearing altogether! It was unknown at what point he escaped, but his speed was so fast that he actually left a life-like afterimage!

Ling Tian remained silent, his face impassive, but his heart was filled with turmoil.

This person was simply strong beyond his imagination!

When the other six arrived in front of Ling Tian, a trace of lingering fear was still on their faces. All of them knew that even if they were to fight with the man when he wasn't prepared, except for a select few, the rest would have to be buried as collateral damage!

That person’s martial arts could be said to be at the apex!

Ling Tian looked at the six of them, and suddenly started smiling, "What do you think of his skills?"

"Unimaginable!" Ling Jian’s face was only filled with respect! The other five also nodded their heads in unison, a sort of admiration plastered on their faces.

"Useless!" Ling Tian scolded them jokingly, "Let me tell you guys, everyone can achieve such a state like that man! The question is whether you have the desire to reach such a stage!"

"How could we not want to?" All of them immediately argued.

Ling Tian smiled in response, "In the past, you didn't have an objective, and thus your martial arts were practiced without purpose; now you have a visible goal in front of you! This sort of realm has been reached by someone, and it’s just that you guys haven't reached it yet." Ling Tian gave a meaningful smile, "To actually reach such a state, how much hardship did the person have to suffer in order to achieve it? How many things had he given up, in order to reach such a stage? Go and think about it, when you have the answer, then think about whether you guys are able to do it! Once you are certain, then you just have to continue walking on your current road!"

Ling Tian turned about, putting his hands behind his back as he walked towards the Smoky Thea Tower saying, "I’ll be in front of you guys, always guiding you!"

The six of them looked at the back of Ling Tian, immediately growing silent. But their eyes burned with a fervent passion!

Yu BingYan was gazing at Ling Tian with eyes full of respect! Ling Tian always made use of live examples of people and objects to explain concepts to Ling Jian and the others, and this also enlightened Yu BingYan! Only by doing so could he dispel the fear of the man that was left behind in the hearts of Ling Jian and the rest, turning it into the ultimate strength and motivation! And this was merely achieved with a few short sentences!

To control the situation with such a technique, this was approaching perfection!

No one was aware of the profound significance these few sentences were to the six of them, not even Ling Tian himself! It was only many years later when the six of them stood at the apex of martial arts that they then linked it to the words that Ling Tian had spoken today!

"D*mn you!" The moment Yu ManTian saw Ling Tian he immediately jumped up, cursing him! "B*st*rdly gigolo, you played this third master here!"

"Third Uncle!" Yu BingYan displeasedly cut in, "You’re already so old, why are you still like this? Brother Tian didn't even offend you!"

Yu ManTian immediately choked on his words. He didn’t offend me, but he nearly made me get beaten to death! Then almost shamed to death! And then set a whole series of traps for this Third Master to fall into! They said that a female would support her husband’s family over her own, but surely it’s not to this extent, right? Yu ManTian felt a bit resentful over being chided by his niece.

Shifting his gaze, Third Master Yu’s gaze fell upon some familiar characters.

"Wahaha, so you fellows came too!" Yu ManTian bounded forward happily. After the many times of sparring, he had developed good relations with these fellows, to the point of being overly attached.

Not even two steps were taken before Yu ManTian stared in shock, followed by throwing his head back and laughing, "Hahaha, you guys are… grieving scholars? WAHAHAHA…."

On the other side, the six of them were a little embarrassed, angrily staring at the unbridled Yu ManTian. All of them had expressions as though they wanted to beat him up, but Ling Chi recovered the fastest, snapping his fan open as he stepped forward saying, "Third Master Yu, seems like you’ve changed into a new set of clothes! Does your brain still hurt?"

Having reopened past wounds, Third Master Yu immediately yelled and swatted a palm towards him, which Ling Chi dodged while laughing.

Looking at them jesting, Ling Tian had an inspiration, and pulled Ling Jian over, whispering a few words to him, before pulling both Ling Chen and Yu BingYan out of Smoky Thea Tower.

Ling Jian turned to Yu ManTian, saying, "Third Master, the young noble has just abandoned us, how about going to your Yu Family’s side to take a seat?"

Yu ManTian casually waved his hands, "Of course you can, wahaha, welcome, welcome! In a while, let’s go attend the scholarly meet as well!"

The six of them froze in shock, shouting in unison, "What! Third Master, you are attending the scholarly meet as well?!" In their tone were obvious hints of shock. They couldn't imagine someone of Third Master Yu’s character attending the scholarly meet!

Yu ManTian’s hairy face reddened as he raged, "What? Looking down on this Third Master? In the past, all my ancestors were erudite pigs , which one of them wasn’t a heaven shaking talent? This Third Master, after all, comes from a family with a literary reputation! An aristocratic family based on ink and brush! If even little brats like you guys can go, why can’t this Third Master attend!"

Third Master Yu actually wanted to say the words ‘erudite scholars’, but due to his lack of knowledge, he actually mispronounced it as ‘erudite pigs’! The six of them immediately suppressed a wave of laughter as they replied, "Then we’ll have to properly admire this third master’s elegance later on!"

Yu ManTian raised his head proudly, "I’ll make you guys bow to me in respect! To my absolute literary talent!"

As he spoke, he accompanied the six of them into the tower; shoulder to shoulder, extremely intimate!

"Esteemed Young Noble Ling is here!" Gu XiYan was dressed in festive robes and smiled as she walked over. "Why did I not receive word in advance? All the private booths are already filled, how about I trouble young noble to come over this lowly woman’s sitting area for a rest?"

Till now, Gu XiYan was unaware that Ling Tian was the black-robed man that day, so she merely greeted Ling Tian as per normal and even sent a few coquettish glances his way. However, this incurred the jealousy of Yu BingYan and Ling Chen, who sent a jade hand snaking their way to both sides of Ling Tian’s waist, giving it a good pinch and twist. Ling Tian drew in a cold breath through gritted teeth. Seems like there would be another two patches of purple on his waist tonight, but hey, at least they were evenly proportioned on both sides! He couldn't help but smile through the pain.

"Tower Master Gu." As things were, there was no need for Ling Tian to continue hiding. "This young noble has booked the Heavenly Fragrance Pavilion." This sentence was spoken using the voice of the black-robed man that night to Gu XiYan.

Gu XiYan immediately recognized the voice, and her eyes shrank as her voice trembled, "Ah? This… I didn't know it was the young noble who had arrived… begging for your forgiveness."

Ling Tian indifferently replied, "It’s alright."