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Chapter 255: Third Master’s Poem

Chapter 255: Third Master’s Poem

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Originally, the various scholars all came over to Smoky Thea in order to achieve some sort of fame for themselves and get some background. Another reason was that they were unsatisfied with the tag of ‘number one scholar under heaven’ that was given to XiMen Qing. If they attended this meeting and managed to stump him, would that not be a reputable matter?

But no one expected that after only a mere few minutes since the event began, the number one scholar XiMen Qing had actually been beaten until he looked like a dog with its tail between its legs. While this was heartening to all the audience on the scene, it also proved the prowess of the other ‘talented scholar’, Ling Tian! However, composing poems could be considered the forte of most of those present, and all of them immediately started to mentally compose drafts. Some of them even began to try and recall all their best works, secretly seeking for one that would suit the occasion today.

Looking at the group of eager people rolling up their sleeves and getting ready to do battle, the judges couldn't help but secretly sigh to themselves, knowing that this bunch of kids would definitely receive a heavy blow once again! Wasn’t the knowledge of pairing couplets the fundamental to composing poetry? To be able to immediately produce such an unconditional match, and even a few at one go, how could his poetry composition be inferior to others?

The judges unanimously pinned their attention and hope onto Ling Tian, fervently hoping for him to once again come out with a poem that would be universally appreciated! Not strangely, they were not too concerned about who would be the winner of this literary meet.

A hubbub of laughter and conversation suddenly sounded, as a strong fragrance of wine drifted over. The crowd subconsciously frowned in displeasure, and turning to the source of the fragrance, they saw Third Master Yu acting like the king of a country seated in the host's seat, with five other scholarly-dressed and refined looking gentlemen, all slouching in their seats! There was even a kid that looked like he was fourteen or fifteen, holding a wine cup and fighting with Third Master Yu! Their voices were raucous and piercing to the ear.

"Third Master Yu!" While others might not have dared to say anything, Mister Qin was definitely not the sort, "We’re having a scholarly meet now, could you lower your voice? Should I ask Tower Master Gu to get you a table outside instead?"

Yu ManTian glared at him, "What scholarly meet? I heard my big brother say that Mister Qin is a capable person, but even so, you can’t judge a person by its cover! This Yu ManTian here is also a learned man, and my Yu Family is also a family with a literary reputation! How could you ask me to keep quiet just like that? Do you think that I wouldn’t be able to compose a poem as well? You’re looking down on me too much!

"To think that even you can compose poems!" An airy and ephemeral voice traveled over. This voice was dreamy and indistinct, unable to pinpoint which direction it came from. Even with Yu ManTian’s cultivation, he couldn't locate the speaker!

Yu ManTian immediately flew into a rage, abruptly standing up and hollering, "Who’s that b*st*rd talking?!" His bloodthirsty eyes scanned past every person, and those being scanned only felt a chill invade their body, causing an unspeakable discomfort. However, no one answered, and the silence was soon broken by another, "Who is that b*st*rd sprouting nonsense?!" Still, the surroundings remained deathly silent!

Ling Tian, however, clearly located the voice; it belonged to that cross-dressing female named Qian ShuiRou whom they had met that day! However, that voice came too suddenly, and only spoke that short sentence, thus Ling Tian couldn't even clearly locate where the actual person was!

Yu ManTian revolved once but couldn't locate the source. However, he didn't return to his seat, instead grabbing onto the wine jar with one hand, taking a few steps forward and raising his voice, "Everyone thinks that this Third Master is unable to compose and is a boor! Today, this Third Master is going to explain himself, and compose a poem to let the world know of my scholarly-ness!"

Everyone was completely tongue-tied at this statement, and Yu BingYan couldn't help stomping her feet in anxiety behind Ling Tian, as she wondered what her third uncle was up to at this point in time. Are you insane? You can’t even compose poems, let alone be scholarly!

Ling Tian glanced over and met Ling Jian’s eyes. It was at this time that he realized that Yu ManTian was probably incited and provoked by those few little ghosts!

XiMen Qing laughed as he mediated, "Third Master Yu is naturally a brilliant strategist, with peerless martial arts. But every person has their strengths, for this sort of recitation and calligraphy, it would better to leave it to people like us, and Third Master you actually just need to critique."

XiMen Qing’s words were obviously spoken out of goodwill, plus he even took the initiative to complement Yu ManTian, allowing him to step down in a graceful manner. In his mind, for someone as uncouth as Yu ManTian, what would he know about composing? Thus, he could use this opportunity to retreat with his reputation intact, and this would allow for the relations between their families to improve!

With such thoughts, XiMen Qing gave a light smile, waiting for Yu ManTian to express his gratitude towards him.

Unexpectedly, Yu ManTian not only failed to reciprocate but instead started to scream and shout at him, "Your grandma, you little XiMen b*st*rd, you brat, you actually think that this old man cannot compose poetry, right? Is that so?"

XiMen Qing’s bootlicking apparently backfired on him, and he only felt extremely embarrassed. He angrily retorted, "Then I’ll see what Third Master has to show!" Before flicking his sleeves and leaving.

"Shrrring!" Yu ManTian suddenly drew out his sword, pointing it at the back of the leaving XiMen Qing! Everyone got a shock at that moment. However much you don't appreciate his good intentions, you shouldn't try to kill someone here, right?

‘Shua shua shua’, a few sounds were heard, and from the Extreme Bliss Chamber came out seven to eight experts, protecting XiMen Qing in the very center, all of their swords drawn as though waiting for war.

Yu ManTian only guffawed, saying, "This old man is just composing my poem, I didn’t even violate any rules! What, you guys want a fight? I’m more than happy to!"

Everyone went silent at that. You pull out a sword and want to hack and kill, and say that this is all for composing poetry?

Third Master Yu waved his sword, then boomed out his first sentence, "This old man has a sword in hand!"

This sudden shout made many of the listeners spit out their tea in response, but unabated Third Master Yu continued with his second phrase, "The b*st*rds of this world are many!"

Yu BingYan pursed up her mouth, looking as though she was laughing but at the same time furious, and for the rest of the aristocratic families, they were already giggling to themselves. A few of the elderly judges were already looking annoyed, huffing at their beards.

Yu ManTian now turned one round, the blade in his hands constantly refracting light, and stately shouted out the last two stanzas of his ‘poem’, "If one provokes the fire in this old man’s heart, I’ll raze and kill all these b*st*rds!"

Returning his sword to the sheath in satisfaction, Third Master Yu tilted his head in pride, "How is it? Each of my phrases were rhyming! Not bad right! Praise me, I can accept it!"

Everyone fell to the ground in shambles!

"Clap clap clap…" The sound of applause was heard, and someone’s voice could be heard praising loudly, "Good poem, really good poem!" This was followed by a long and clear whistle. That was Ling Chi!

All the elderly scholars had dark-lined disapproving faces!

"This could be considered a poem?" A jeering laugh sounded once more, clearly heard even through the laughter in the entire hall! This was the same voice of the person who had mocked Yu ManTian earlier, and with that ephemeral voice of hers, despite the large number of experts in the Smoky Thea Tower, none were able to pinpoint where exactly this person was hiding!

Third Master Yu let out a bellow, "Who dares to say that this isn't a poem? Come out now!" His voice boomed like the thunder, and immediately, the whole hall turned absolutely silent! Yu ManTian swept his hawk-like eyes across the room once more, but not surprisingly, he couldn't locate the person!

The moment the voice sounded once again, Ling Tian’s eyes immediately fixed on Heavenly Moon Chamber!

He turned his head and instructed a servant, "Call your tower master over!"

The lass gave a sound of assent and headed out.

After a while, Gu XiYan rushed in. Seeing Ling Tian coldly staring at her, Gu XiYan felt her whole body covered in cold sweat! Only then did Ling Tian ask, "Who’s situated in Heavenly Moon Chamber? Why did I not know of such a character coming to Smoky Thea Tower!"

Gu XiYan wiped her sweat before softly answering, "Begging for forgiveness, but that room was the option picked by the butler of the Imperial Family after knowing that the Heavenly Fragrance Chamber was already occupied!"

Ling Tian frowned. He had of course known about this matter, and originally thought that it was the entourage of some prince or princess from another country, but to think that the voice belonged to Qian ShuiRou! Since Qian ShuiRou could speak inside, this meant that her authority was also the highest! Thus Ling Tian was certain that the reason that he hadn't received any information was that nobody from the Sky Bearing Imperial Family was within the chamber!

If this was the case, then therein lies a problem. Who was Qian ShuiRou? Why would the Sky Bearing Imperial Family help her to reserve the Heavenly Moon Chamber? For the arrogant Imperial Family to settle only for the A-class Heavenly Moon Chamber, was it because Qian ShuiRou didn't want to raise suspicions about her identity? Then what was her relation to the Imperial Family, and what exactly was hidden from him?

After muttering irresolutely to himself, he asked again, "Do you know how many are there inside? Who is serving them? Any of our own people?"

Gu XiYan answered in a low voice, "There were a total of four people at the start, I’m not sure if more came. All of them wore wide-brimmed hats, hiding their faces, and rejected any of our hospitality."

"Oh?" Ling Tian narrowed his eyes. This was strange! It seems like he would need to pay a visit to have a chat with the butler Long QianXing.

Ling Tian called Ling Chen over and whispered a few words in her ear. She agreed and immediately set off.

Quietly standing beside him, Gu XiYan only felt the aura around Ling Tian becoming more and more sinister, and she couldn't help but feel her heart racing, the sweat on her face unceasingly flowing.

The sounds of applause rang non-stop from the outside, evidently a few of the talented people had also begun to showcase their skills, but Ling Tian had completely lost interest in this scholarly meet!