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Chapter 256: Testing Heavenly Moon

Chapter 256: Testing Heavenly Moon

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He had just met a mysterious expert at the entrance of the Smoky Thea Tower. Furthermore, there was the appearance of the Blood Slaughter Pavilion and a mysterious power like Qian ShuiRou had actually appeared in the city without any trace. For all of them to appear in Sky Bearing at the same time, Ling Tian wouldn't believe that there wasn’t a scheme behind it! At such a time when the storms were brewing, all the various powers were already within Ling Tian’s calculations and plans. However, the true problem was the fact that Ling Tian never noticed the entry of this mysterious power! Of the many experts who entered Sky Bearing, only Ye BaiFei walked into the city openly while the rest of them had entered without a single trace! Could there be other organizations concealing themselves within Sky Bearing? How could there be no news at all!

There weren’t many organizations that could escape completely from Ling Tian’s information net in Sky Bearing. Apart from the Yang Family, the only other party would be the imperial family! The Yang Family had suffered from a huge setback recently with their ability to hide information being crippled as well. As such, Qian ShuiRou was probably under the protection of the imperial family! This sudden news had set off alarm bells in Ling Tian head! Ling Tian could feel that great danger was approaching!

I am called Ling Tian, and I will rule the world! Why would I be bothered by the changing winds and storms? Let the winds and storms be even more ferocious!

Following a wave of fragrance, Ling Chen walked into the room elegantly and sat down beside Ling Tian, nodding her head towards him.

Ling Tian let out a heave of relief and looked towards Gu XiYan with a frown. He then said slowly, "Tower Master Gu, I am extremely dissatisfied with regards to this matter!" Ling Tian’s words were chilly as his finger tapped the table lightly. The ‘ta-ta’ sound which was produced seemed to be knocking right in the depths of Gu XiYan’s heart, "I should have received news about this from the start but you didn't mention it at all! Furthermore, you should be the most familiar with the men from all the Great Families, but you also didn't mention anything about that! What does this mean?"

Ling Tian’s sharp gaze pierced right into Gu XiYan’s soul as he continued, "You have not treated me like your real master yet! You still want to rely on your own Smoky Thea Tower!"

"This can’t be done. I will definitely fulfill any promises that I make, but I am also extremely concerned about discipline. You should be clear about how I will treat someone who takes me lightly. If you are not dedicated to me, how can I be at ease? In other words, what would you do if you were me?!" Ling Tian looked at Gu XiYan with a knife-like gaze and said coldly.

Gu XiYan was shocked as she broke out into a cold sweat immediately! Dropping to the floor on her knees, her whole body began to tremble. In truth, she was not concerned about her own life but Ling Tian had already become the only hope for her ShangGuan Family to regain their former glory. If they were to lose Ling Tian’s support, the ShangGuan Family would never have the chance to shine again! In fact, the day of their destruction might be right before their very eyes. While the Ling Family was secretive about their cleansing mission a few days ago, the sheer number of people who died made it something impossible to be kept a complete secret.

"Young noble, I… this slut deserves to die!" Gu XiYan’s face was pale as she stuttered!

Ling Tian glared at her coldly for a long while before saying, "Get up. I don’t want something like this to happen again!"

"Thank you young noble for your magnanimity! This will not happen again." Gu XiYan stood up with sweat still rolling down her face. From Ling Tian’s previous tone, she could already hear Ling Tian’s determination to get rid of the Smoky Thea Tower. The majestic aura previously emanated by Ling Tian left a lingering fear in her heart!

Just like what Ling Tian had said, if she were to place herself in Ling Tian’s shoes, she certainly wouldn't let herself off easy!

Ling Tian sipped on his tea and said calmly, "The ShangGuan Family suffered for so many years and bitterly survived through many difficult times. I believe that the Smoky Thea Tower is not your only property right? I want to hear the truth! Of course, you have the right to remain silent!" The only reason why Ling Tian acted so domineeringly before this was to ask this question. He knew that Gu XiYan would definitely have some lifesaving trump cards in her hands! After Gu XiYan ran the Smoky Thea Tower for so many years, she had close ties with many of the government officials. If Gu XiYan were to say that she never planted any spies into those families, Ling Tian would have serious doubts about her abilities. At this moment, Gu XiYan’s hidden trump card was a critical factor which Ling Tian needed!

Gu XiYan began to sweat again, "This subordinate deserves to die as I didn't have the opportunity to report it to young noble. I do indeed…"

Ling Tian waved his hands and interrupted her, "That’s your business and I don’t want to know. I only want to tell you to rely on all your strength to get some information that I am unable to get. Do you understand what kind of information I am referring to?"

A confident glow could be seen in Gu XiYan’s eyes as she said, "This subordinate understands! I will definitely give young noble a satisfied response!"

Ling Tian waved his hands and said, "Go. I will give you the way to contact me and you have to update me at the earliest possible time. Do you understand?"

After a loud commotion sounded from the outside, it suddenly became silent as a poetic voice sounded,

"Spiritual energy of the ancient’s congeal,

Tender and violent without any basis.

Unceasing ripples on the still waters,

Swinging bamboo trees clamoring without complaint.

This little one crafted this out of a moment of inspiration from the morning breeze. I hope all of you will give me your opinions."

This poem was describing the ‘wind’ of nature but yet was able to do so without using the word ‘wind’ in it at all. At the same time, the poem had an elegance ingrained within it. As Ling Tian, Ling Chen and Yu BingYan recited the poem in their heads, they felt as though while it was a decent piece, it was still lacking in meaning. It was definitely no more than a dream for him to win the spot of number one talent.

Indeed, an old scholar said with a frown, "While this little brother here is able to describe the wind beautifully, it seems as though there is a second half to this poem. I wonder if you can let us enjoy the whole poem?"

That young man’s face turned red as he bowed, "This student had a flash of inspiration and only received these four phrases. After thinking about it for a long while, I was unable to come up with the second half. I am extremely guilty."

That old scholar nodded his head and responded with an ‘oh’ before remaining silent. Following which, a few other students began to recite their delighted works and looked towards the judges with an expectant gaze. However, they all returned back to their places with a red face without fail.

A soft cough could then be heard from the Extreme Joy Pavilion and XiMen Qing walked out with his folding fan. With a look of disdain, he casually glanced at Ling Tian. As Ling Tian saw that, he chuckled and whispered to the two ladies beside him, "This fellow is here to show off again. I really admire that thick skin of his. How does he have the face to come out here again after being so thoroughly embarrassed previously?!"

Yu BingYan let out a smile and said, "Brother Tian, when are you going up to compose a poem? This little sister is looking forward to your masterpiece!"

Ling Tian smiled slightly and pinched onto her nose lightly, "My dear talented lady, what about you? When are you going up? This brother here is also waiting for your masterpiece!"

With her nose being pinched, Yu BingYan was unable to say a thing, quickly swatting off Ling Tian’s finger before pouting in frustration. Ling Chen then placed her arms around Yu BingYan’s shoulders and glared at Ling Tian, "Young noble isn’t allowed to bully her."

Ling Tian laughed and stroked Ling Chen on the face gently. Then, he whispered to her, "My Chen’er is the best and I will not bully Yan’er already. I will only bully you. I will definitely bully you well at night." As he said that, he let out an odd laugh.

Ling Chen’s face was completely red, glaring at Ling Tian with a fierce gaze. However, the look in her eyes had betrayed her thoughts. The expectant gaze could be seen in those beautiful eyes of hers.

By the side, XiMen Qing said with a mellow voice, "In this majestic meeting, I had specially…"

Before he got to finish his sentence, someone else had begun shouting, "Let me, let me! It’s my turn now." Everyone held their breaths and looked towards the voice together. After being interrupted, XiMen Qing also looked over with a depressed look. It turns out, the voice sounded from the Yu Family’s Heavenly Dream Chamber.

Following which, another voice sounded, "Why should it be you? It is my turn now." Following which, a commotion could be heard.

A young teen dressed in scholarly robes then jumped out with a bright smile, "I made a poem…" Before he got to complete his sentence, he was dragged in by another teen, "I already said that it was my turn! Why are you going before me?" Following which, the sounds of quarreling became louder as more people joined in the argument. Following which, the sounds of them fighting could then be heard!

Everyone stared at each other completely unaware of what was going on. Yu ManTian’s excited voice could then be heard, "Good! This kick is interesting! That’s right, hahaha… punch his face… you idiot, you should be grabbing his little brother…"

With a loud ‘bang’, a few people rolled out of the chamber with pathetic appearances.

A young man rolled on the floor and stood up swiftly as he scolded, "Little brat, do you really think that this daddy here won’t dare to beat you up!" With a loud ‘peng’ he kicked out.

At this moment, a young man was thrown out from the Heavenly Dream Chamber and kicked right in the butt. After being kicked right on the butt, his originally unstable body was sent flying. With a loud curse, he flew past the curtains and right into the Heavenly Moon Chamber!

Following which, the sound of ‘ping-ping-pong-pong’ could be heard, as though this teen had landed on the dining table. After a loud shriek and a furious roar, a loud ‘pa’ could be heard as the teen began to curse, "Save me!!!"

A few other young students then quickly shouted out as they charged in anxiously, "Don’t hit my brother, we will compensate you guys with silver."

In the chaos, the curtain of the Heavenly Moon Chamber was pulled down by an unknown person and the situation in the chamber could be witnessed by everyone present.

Ling Tian fiddled with the wine glass in his hands and looked over with a relaxed and indifferent expression.

In the Heavenly Moon Chamber, a large table was extremely clean, but the whole floor was in a mess. Obviously, this was the work of Ling Chi who fell on the table.

Qian ShuiRou was holding onto a half-filled wine glass and standing by the window of the Heavenly Moon Chamber. She looked as though she was in thought as she looked towards the five people who burst into her chamber with a smile which didn’t seem like a smile. At the same time, her pristine white clothes were actually completely clean. Obviously, Qian ShuiRou had already realized that something was wrong when Ling Chi had landed on the table and quickly retreated away. Thus, the flying wine and dishes didn't land on her at all!

Around the table, eight black dressed middle-aged men were completely enraged. Looking at the five young men who charged in, they looked as though they were about to explode. At the same time, their clothes were more or less stained with some of the sauces or wine from the dishes. But for them to dodge the flying dishes and wine to such an extent in this small confined area, it was enough to show their superior movement techniques! The eight of their eyes were glowing like lightning with a powerful aura emanating from them. It was obvious that they were all top-notch martial arts experts!

Only Qian ShuiRou’s maid was stained with a body full of soup, sauces, and wine. Her eyes were filled with tears as she chased Ling Chi and beat him in exasperation. Ling Chi hugged his head with his arms and dodged all her attacks, apologizing as he ran around the room.

It was also no wonder that the little lady was so angry. Her beautiful and clean dress was completely stained all over and covered with all the different colors. How could a vain young lady like her stand that?

In truth, the chaos was because of this little lady chasing Ling Chi. The other experts only watched them chase each other emotionlessly as though it had nothing got to do with them.

Ling Tian’s eyes spun quickly as he signaled to Ling Chen and Yu BingYan to not move. He then took his wine glass and walked out with a laugh, "So it is brother Qian! Ling Tian was just thinking that it was a waste for brother Qian to not be here with your poetic talents. However, it seems that the heavens answered my thoughts, and I have finally met brother Qian here. Ling Tian is extremely excited to be able to witness brother Qian’s splendor again!’

A divine light shone in Qian ShuiRou’s eyes as he revealed a slight smile, "So it is young noble Ling. It is an honor."

"Brother Qian is wrong," Ling Tian shook his head and said with dissatisfaction, "I call brother Qian as a brother but brother Qian is still calling me a young noble. You obviously aren’t treating me as a brother." After Ling Tian had said this, everyone revealed an odd look on their faces.

Qian ShuiRou then let out a non-committal smile and replied gracefully, "Brother Ling is really interesting."

Ling Tian then walked into the Heavenly Moon Pavilion without any reservation and threw Ling Chi out by his collar. After clapping his hands, he said with a smile, "Brother Qian doesn’t need to stand on ceremony. This young noble shall be a busybody and help you take care of these little troublemakers. Let us brothers have a good drink."

Qian ShuiRou looked at Ling Tian with a smile which didn’t seem like a smile and responded with a nod, "Then this Qian will thank brother Ling." In the Heavenly Moon Chamber, the eight black dressed men looked towards Ling Tian emotionlessly. However, there was a look of wariness in their eyes as an almost undetectable… killing intent!

With a face full of smiles, Ling Tian silently studied these eight men and was startled by the results. Each one of them was a top-notch expert with none of them being weaker than Ling Feng! At the very most, they were only slightly weaker than the strongest Ling Chi!

Ling Tian suddenly felt as though this world was extremely crazy! Where did all these experts come from? It was as though all of these experts had surfaced from underground in a single night. From the strength of Qian ShuiRou’s guards, Qian ShuiRou could be said to be one of the stronger power present in Sky Bearing! Even the guards of Yu BingYan from the Yu Family were far weaker than her lineup!

With so many top-notch experts and the fact that Qian ShuiRou’s strength was even stronger than her guards, just what was their motive for coming to Sky Bearing? Furthermore, what was with the enmity and killing intent in the guards?!

While the smile on Ling Tian’s face had not faded, he could already feel that something was wrong in his heart! The present situation was just far too messy, and Ling Tian could feel a gigantic cyclone being formed!

A short while later, a few beautiful waitresses arrived and quickly cleaned up the room and served up a fresh plate of fruits and desserts. Qian ShuiRou then raised her hand up and invited Ling Tian into her own Chamber.

At this moment, XiMen Qing had already recited a poem in delight. It was a farewell poem.

"Enjoying a feast with wine glasses lifted high,

Face full of tears from sending one off.

The night was like a dream and fantasy

The present night wind was chilly and desolate!"

While Ling Tian felt disdain towards XiMen Qing’s character, he had to admit that XiMen Qing’s farewell poetry completely captured the essence of a farewell. From the farewell banquet the night before to the loneliness after sending off his guest. It was indeed a good description.

At this moment, everyone else had already finished their poems and even Xiao YanXue had recited an enchanting and graceful poem, making Ling Tian extremely shocked. He never imagined the usually fierce Xiao YanXue to actually have the gracefulness and the dreams of a young lady. He then couldn't help but giggle to himself, I really can’t judge a book by its cover.

After XiMen Qing had recited his poem, everyone was filled with praise. Especially the few scholars, nodding their heads in approval with the young talents from all over burying their heads in shame. In that moment, no one else dared to take the stage as everyone couldn't help but look towards Ling Tian. It seemed as though a habit was already formed; after XiMen Qing appears, his target would definitely be Ling Tian and Ling Tian would definitely be able to compete with him. Thus, everyone looked towards Ling Tian with expectant gazes.

Ling Tian laughed bitterly as he twiddled with his wine glass while looking towards Qian ShuiRou, "Brother Qian, Ling Tian still remembers brother Qian’s ‘pouring out a cup of plum blossom wine, one’s heart melts with the rain to become none’. Why doesn’t brother Qian show your talent today as well? You can also let us witness brother Qian’s glamor."

Qian ShuiRou shook his head as he leaned back onto his seat with a carefree appearance, "Brother Ling really knows how to joke. Brother Ling is the true talent, and how would this crude little brother dare flaunt my skill in front of an expert? If I were to go out now, I would only become a laughing stock. It is best that I don’t make a fool of myself. However, brother Ling is a talented individual and this little brother is looking forward to brother Ling’s magnificent display." As Qian ShuiRou said that, she waved her fan with a natural elegance.

With a smile on his face, Ling Tian noticed the details of Qian ShuiRou’s actions. At the same time, he couldn't help but exclaim in his heart, This lass’s cross-dressing skills are just too mystical. Regardless of her actions or expressions, she is able to do it perfectly. The most amazing fact is that the mask on her face is able to display every subtle expression she makes! Even face to face, Ling Tian couldn't tell that this elegant young noble in front of him was actually a lady in disguise.

"Young noble Ling, ah ah, everyone is waiting for your magnificent piece." From outside, a voice sounded. It was the proud voice of XiMen Qing who was dying to regain his reputation.