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Chapter 258: What are Commoners?

Chapter 258: What are Commoners?

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Rong ZhiYu’s frail body stood up straight in the center of the hall with a majestic grandeur!

After a short while of silence, everyone started to cheer together, "Number one poet! Number one poet! Unprecedented talent! Young noble Ling Tian! The cheers from the almost one thousand of them flooded the Smoky Thea Tower like a tsunami!

Ling Tian was shocked and he quickly stepped out and gave a bow to Rong ZhiYu, "Mister, you think too highly of Ling Tian. With my young age, how can I be worthy of such a title? I implore Mister to reconsider your decision. Ling Tian is really undeserving."

Rong ZhiYu chuckled, "Age isn’t important in the scholarly circle and the wiser individual is the senior. Young noble Ling doesn't have to be so humble. Young noble’s talent is far beyond your peers with a stunning flair for poetry. Everyone present today can be the witness to that! You definitely deserve the title of number one poet! All of the scholars present are cheering from their hearts to display their sincerity and there wouldn’t be a reason for young noble to reject the title."

Ling Tian couldn't help but let out a bitter laugh. He never imagined that he would end up with the title of number one poet from his display today! At the same time, he couldn't help but exclaim in his heart, Li Bai is Li Bai indeed! A random poem which I picked out had actually created such an intense reaction. If I were to recite all of Li Bai’s poem, wouldn’t I become a poetic sage? 1

The moment Ling Tian presented his poem, no one else dared to come forward to disgrace themselves! As such, the first day of the scholarly meet had come to an end. While it was an abrupt end, everyone was extremely energized and excited from the first day alone as they all felt that this was a worthwhile trip. None of them would have imagined that the supposed number one scholar, XiMen Qing, would have been defeated so thoroughly today. Furthermore, Ling Tian had displayed his talent and greatly shocked everyone in the audience! All of the scholars then decided that they must definitely come early the next morning to enjoy the interesting meeting which awaited them.

However, Ling Jian and the five other assassins were completely bored from this meeting and told Ling Tian that they wouldn't come again after today. As it was also Ling Tian’s intention, he immediately agreed to it.

Seeing everyone bidding their farewell and leaving the Smoky Thea Tower, Ling Tian held a small banquet in the Heavenly Fragrance Chamber with Mister Qin and Meng LiGe. Afraid that her service would be lacking, Gu XiYan served all of her best dishes and wine.

Ling Tian had become world famous today and was right in the limelight. Naturally, the person who was the happiest was Mister Qin. Mister Qin’s eyes were already a thin line from the wide grin on his face and he seemed as though he was floating on cloud nine. Even if he were to die right here and now, he would surely have no regrets in his life.

As Mister Qin and Meng LiGe entered the chamber, they realized that only Ling Tian and Yu BingYan were present while Ling Chen, the country-toppling beauty, was missing from the table. Both of them were secretly depressed in their hearts as they wondered where Ling Chen went. But being seniors, how could they possibly ask about the female companion of their disciple? Thus, they could only hide the disappointment in their hearts.

After a few rounds of wine and dishes, everyone began to warm up to each other. What startled Ling Tian the most was the fact that Meng LiGe was knowledgeable in all aspects, be it geography, astrology, religions and etc. Furthermore, he had his own unique take on many different things which immediately stirred Ling Tian’s interest. Thus, Ling Tian purposefully asked him some obscure questions and Meng LiGe was actually able to answer them rather accurately. While the bulk of the answer was just a deduction, Ling Tian was still amazed by Meng LiGe’s knowledge and immediately had a different impression of him.

No wonder the world said that he was a wise man. It was true indeed! Just his knowledge alone was worthy of everyone’s respect. His knowledge wasn't inferior to Ye QingChen, and he was probably more knowledgeable than Mister Qin!

The topic suddenly changed to the various Great Families and Mister Qin was the first to ask a question, "Tian’er, since when did you become so popular? For that Third Master Yu to speak up on your behalf, I am not too surprised. Even for the DongFang Family to want to build good ties with you, it is still something within expectations. But since when did the NanGong Family also come to your side? This is what makes me the most puzzled."

Ling Tian laughed and explained his alliance with the NanGong Family. As they heard that the head of the NanGong Family, NanGong TianLong, actually suffered a loss under Ling Tian, everyone couldn't help but burst out laughing.

Ever since the start of the banquet, Meng LiGe had been observing Ling Tian and everyone else in the banquet and couldn't help but be startled! He had never seen such a harmonious relationship between teacher and student before. This Ling Tian was really a special breed! The way Mister Qin looked at Ling Tian, how did that seem like a teacher looking at a student? Mister Qin obviously looked like he was talking to his closest grandson. His face was full of love, joy, and gratification. At the same time, Mister Qin was also completely relaxed, without a trace of fear or reservedness when talking to this future family head.

Such a master and subordinate relationship was something which Meng LiGe had always desired. When serving Wei ChengPing, this was something that would never happen! Comparing Ling Tian and Wei ChengPing, the difference was obvious. Ling Tian was trying to win over Mister Qin's heart for the purpose of winning over his heart, while Wei ChengPing was winning over his heart for winning over his strength! While the ending was similar, the difference in process was as wide as the heaven and earth! The former was like the gentle winds and light spring drizzle, gradually moistening something without even a trace. As such, one would be able to unknowingly accept serving his master with joy. As for the latter, it was like a fierce thunderstorm, with speed as the number one priority! While the former required a great deal of time, the effects were long-lasting. As for the latter, because of the short time spent building their relationship, there was a risk of betrayal after a period of time! Meng LiGe and Wei ChengPing were a fine example of this.

Thinking about this, Meng LiGe’s began to look at Ling Tian with a look of praise.

Ling Tian suddenly looked towards Meng LiGe and said seriously, "Mister Meng, I believe that you should already know your present circumstances and I will not beat about the bush in front of a wise man. Ling Tian is extremely worried about Mister’s safety and will speak candidly. I hope that Mister will not blame me!"

Meng LiGe could vaguely guess what Ling Tian had to say and replied with a smile, "Young noble Ling can feel free to speak your mind."

Ling Tian continued, "With Mister’s wisdom, you were actually willing to serve under Wei ChengPing’s wings. Ordinarily, such a thing shouldn't have happened with Mister’s keen eyesight. This is something which Ling Tian is puzzled about and I seek guidance from Mister."

Meng LiGe let out a bitter laugh before saying, "Young noble Ling is unaware of something. Many years back, my teacher owed the imperial family of Northern Wei a favor. Right when I had finally graduated from my teacher’s teaching, the imperial family of Northern Wei came to find my teacher to seek a disciple to aid Northern Wei. Originally, my knowledge was far too shallow to take on such a task. However, I was the only one by my teacher’s side at that time."

As he said that, Meng LiGe shook his head and downed a glass of wine before continuing, "My teacher had always placed great emphasis on one’s promises and my teacher just couldn't ignore Northern Wei. At the same time, he was also unwilling to ruin my future. Thus, he let me make the decision. As a disciple, how could I ignore the worries of my teacher?"

Mister Qin suddenly stood up and gave a bow to Meng LiGe. Meng LiGe wanted to avoid the bow but was stopped by Mister Qin, "Junior Brother, you cannot avoid this bow. This is something that you deserve. This is a bow from this foolish brother to thank you for your sacrifices. This brother is really guilty." As Mister Qin said that, tears filled his face.

Meng LiGe let out a sigh, "How could I not repay the kindness from our teacher? For Senior Brother to say this, you are making me embarrassed." After pausing for a moment, Meng LiGe continued his story, "When this little brother first arrived at Northern Wei, I realized that Crown Prince ChengPing was extremely narrow-minded but was capable in his means. He was resolute and ruthless in his actions, a talent to rule the nation! This little brother then thought that if he can treat me well and listen to at least half of my teachings, it wouldn’t be a bad thing for me to stay in Northern Wei. However, I never imagined that he…" As Meng LiGe said that, he shook his head bitterly before suddenly letting out a carefree smile, "However, that’s also good. This little brother actually benefited from it and I no longer have to involve myself in the political whirlpool of the continent. It is really a blessing in disguise."

Ling Tian nodded his head and began to think carefully. Meng LiGe’s final sentence was obviously being spoken to him. Meng LiGe was obviously trying to hint to Ling Tian to not rope him in. Thus, Ling Tian let out a smile, "Mister is straightforward with your words and how can Ling Tian possibly force you. While Ling Tian may not have any other abilities, I do have some principles for sure. How would I dare to force Mister to do what you don't want to? When the storm subsides, Mister can choose to leave if you want to. However, please remember that the door of the Ling Family will be open forever. Even if you can't stay for long, it would also be good if you can come and take a rest for a short while when you are tired from touring the continent. While the Ling residence isn’t very reliable, it will be able to fend off the storms and rain for Mister. I hope that Mister will not reject me!"

Meng LiGe cupped his fists in reply, "Thank you young noble!"

Ling Tian gave a carefree smile and raised his glass, "Meeting each other shows that we are fated. I wonder if Mister can discuss the situation of the continent with me? Just take it as a casual conversation in the banquet and you can feel free to say as you like. Ling Tian is all ears."

Meng LiGe shook his head with a laugh, "Young noble Ling is really crafty!" After falling into deep consideration for a moment, Meng LiGe suddenly looked up at Ling Tian seriously, "Before this, I want to ask young noble a question. I hope that young noble will reply me."

Ling Tian said seriously, "Feel free to ask; as long as I can answer it, I won't hold anything back!"

Meng LiGe stared at Ling Tian and asked with an imposing manner, "I wish to ask young noble what are commoners to you?"

"Commoners?" Ling Tian laughed, "Mister, with regards to what commoners are, it is dependant on the status of the person judging their worth. With a different status, the way they judge commoners would definitely be different. Does Mister agree with me? Does Mister really think that I will answer you freely at this moment and place?"

Meng LiGe frowned and replied, "Will young noble enlighten me?"

Ling Tian twirled the wine glass in his hand and smiled, "If Mister has a question, I will naturally have to be honest. In my eyes, the commoners of the world are no more than ants!"

The faces of everyone present changed immediately! None of them expected Ling Tian to reply in such a manner! Mister Qin began to frown with a face of displeasure.

As though he understood something, Meng LiGe began to probe Ling Tian, "Young noble seems to have something else to say. How can this be freely speaking your mind?!"

Ling Tian laughed and said with a deep tone, "That’s right! If I am a commoner, then the commoners of the world will be like flesh and blood to me. However, I am now born in a Great Family and if there are no other changes, commoners are no different from ants in my heart. This is indeed what I feel! Does Mister not believe me?"