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Chapter 260: Night Time Assassin

Chapter 260: Night Time Assassin

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Ling Tian then let out a bitter laugh and replied, "Mister really thinks highly of my Ling Family. My grandfather is a loyal warrior of the empire, and my father doesn’t seem to be tired of it…"

Ling Tian’s words seemed to point to the fact that both his father and grandfather were loyal to the imperial family except for himself. The meaning of his words was completely self-explanatory!

Meng LiGe let out a laugh and ignored Ling Tian, saying, "Let's talk about Southern Zheng and the Wu Empire. While both of these nations don't have a large army, their soldiers are accustomed to fighting and their strength can't be underestimated. However, both of these empires have always been enemies, and this is something that can't be changed! If any of the two empires were to be attacked, the other empire would definitely take the chance to beat them when they are down. While the other empires may form alliances, these two empires have been fighting for many generations with their enmity as deep as the oceans. It is impossible for them to ever form an alliance. Therefore, these two empires would never make a rash move before they have the absolute strength to wipe out the other powers!"

Meng LiGe then repositioned the cups again, "Now, the situation of the continent is much clearer. From the way things look, there seems to be only the Ling, Eastern Zhao and Northern Wei left in the game. However, this is not the case. The Xiao Family has been covetously eyeing the continent for many years already and they would never let go of such a good opportunity. Especially the fact that the Xiao Family’s strength has developed quickly in the past few years. By comparing them to the other normal powers, they can be considered to be the number one power! Furthermore, there is still the Yu Family!" As he said that, Meng LiGe couldn't help but look at Yu BingYan. While she hadn't introduced herself yet, how could Meng LiGe not guess that this beautiful lady in front of him was the little princess of the Yu Family? As Meng LiGe looked at her, her face couldn't help but change.

Ling Tian then stretched out his hand and grabbed Yu BingYan’s hands lightly, "It’s alright. Mister can feel free to speak his mind."

Meng LiGe smiled before continuing, "The Yu Family is a thousand-year-old family with strong foundations. While the Yu Family seems as though they are detached from the secular affairs of the continent, they are only storing up their strength. If not for that true otherworldly Beyond Heavens to hold them in place, perhaps…! Presently, they definitely have to be guarded against but there isn’t a need to place your guard up too high. After all, the Yu Family is not alone in eyeing the Heavenly Star Continent! Regardless of the power who has the upper hand in the end, their final opponent would definitely be the Yu Family!’

Meng LiGe’s deduction was extremely close to what Ling Tian had guessed previously. Ling Tian then revealed a thoughtful look as he nodded his head.

"It won’t happen," Yu BingYan quickly said, "our family has our ancestor’s teaching in place, forbidding us from fighting for territory to ensure the long-term survival of our family. First Uncle will never go against the rules of the family for sure. Besides, if our Yu Family were to really go against our ancestor’s teaching, we will definitely draw out Beyond Heavens to take action. The consequences of that action are definitely not something that we will be able to endure. First Uncle will not be willing to take such a risk for sure."

Ling Tian laughed bitterly and thought, The Yu Family is probably going to go against their ancestor’s teachings this time. Regardless of the family, it is impossible for them to hold back their ambitions when the world is just within an arm’s reach; even a saint would be no exception, much less an ambitious character like Yu ManLou. By using Yu ManTian as a comparison, Ling Tian was easily able to judge the fact that Yu ManLou’s strength was definitely above his. Together with the strong backing of the Yu Family, even if Beyond Heavens were to send out their men, they might not be able to stop the Yu Family!

"As for Northern Wei which shares a territory with the Yu Family, while their strength has been growing in recent years, the Emperor is presently ill and Crown Prince Wei ChengPing is in control of both political and military authority. He is just missing a step from obtaining the title of emperor. While he is a ruthless and crafty individual, he still lacks the courage and breadth of mind to truly accomplish great things! Perhaps he may have obtained the upper hand for a moment, but it is impossible for him to be the final victor. Thus, at the very end, there can only be three families fighting and one watching. The Ling, Eastern Zhao, and Xiao would naturally be the ones fighting with the Yu Family watching by the side. However, the final victor can't be predicted yet!" Meng LiGe then put out a profound smile.

"That’s right, the DongFang Family has always been unfathomable. The way I see it, if we remove the Yu Family from the Eight Great Families, the DongFang Family will be the strongest!" Ling Tian said with consideration.

"No!" Meng LiGe disagreed and said with a smile, "The DongFang Family can only be the third in place. As for the second, it should be the Ling Family. The strength of the Ling Family is deep to the point it is frightening. Even if young noble were to proclaim yourself as the number one person in the world, LiGe would believe it."

Ling Tian was stunned for a moment before laughing out, "Mister is indeed a wise man."

Meng LiGe greatly admired how Ling Tian didn't bother denying anything and felt extremely comfortable in his heart, "Young noble Ling, you don’t have to think about fooling me. For young noble to conceal yourself for so many years, how would you reveal your strength so easily if you weren’t relatively confident about the strength in your hands? With young noble’s patience, it shouldn’t be anything difficult for you to conceal yourself for another three to five years, right?"

Ling Tian replied with a chuckle, "Actually, I'm not extremely confident at the moment. But if Mister can support me, there is at least a 50% chance that I can obtain the world!" Ling Tian’s words were said with a chuckle as though it was a joke but yet seemed real.

Meng LiGe laughed out loud and shook his head, nodded his head, then shook his head again. It was as though he had agreed but yet as though he didn’t agree. As the both of them looked at each other, they let out a laugh together.

By the side, Mister Qin was already shaking his head as he faked a sigh, "Haiz! On one side, my junior brother. On the other side, my disciple. One old fox and one little fox! I really don’t know what the both of you are thinking about." Yu BingYan also burst out into giggles as she heard that. Originally, she disagreed with what both of them said and began to pout. However, she began to laugh when Mister Qin said that.

The night had arrived, and a chilly wind blew in from the window. A flower-like fragrance drifted into the room as everyone became fresh from the fragrance.

At this moment, a black-dressed Ling Chen floated into the chamber like a cloud and shook her head at Ling Tian.

Ling Tian then took a step forward and hugged her into his embrace. With a tinge of heartache, he asked, "Are you tired? Let me send someone to prepare food for you."

Ling Chen let out a satisfied smile and lay in his embrace silently, shutting her eyes without saying anything.

Mister Qin and Meng LiGe let out dry coughs together and turned around. At the same time, they cursed under their breaths about the decreasing moral standards amongst the younger generation. To think that this young couple would display their affection in front of the both of them. What a preposterous act!

A trace of jealousy could be seen in Yu BingYan’s eyes as she bit down on her lips but didn't say a thing.

Ling Tian then let go of Ling Chen and she slipped out from his embrace. At this moment, Ling Chen finally realized that she had acted inappropriately, her face turning red as she hid behind Yu BingYan’s back without daring to show her face again.

Ling Tian let out a laugh and said, "The XiMen Family’s actions today were far too strange. No matter what, they are one of the Eight Great Families with more than a hundred years of heritage. A few days ago, I killed a few of their people with the youngest son of their family head included amongst the bunch. Today, I humiliated them in front of a crowd and they still didn't have any reaction. This is just too strange and so I sent Chen’er to probe into this matter." As he said that, he looked at Ling Chen with a doting look, "Who would have imagined that she would be gone for half a night."

At this moment, Mister Qin, Meng LiGe, and Yu BingYan seemed to have been enlightened. It was no wonder that Ling Tian would display such heartache. It turns out, this beautiful lady in front of them had just spent half a night on the roof of the Extreme Joy Chamber. At the same time, a wave of respect filled their hearts.

Yu BingYan then twitched her lips and said, "For such a matter, why don’t you just let those little brats do it? Why is there a need for sister Ling Chen to take action personally? I can’t believe you would bear to let this country-toppling beauty do such a thing." When she said ‘those little brats’, she was obviously referring to Ling Jian and the rest.

Ling Tian chuckled in his heart, The mood of this lass really changes so quickly. A while ago, she was still being jealous and now she is scolding me for Ling Chen's sake.

All of a sudden, a loud ‘Wuuu——" could be heard, and Ling Tian was the first to react. In an instant, his body had already flashed in front of Meng LiGe. He swiped his right hand, and he felt it turn numb as an iron arrow appeared in his hand!

An assassin! Furthermore, the target of the assassin wasn’t anyone from the Ling Family but Meng LiGe? Why was this so?

As Ling Tian spread his senses out, he heard a sharp swooshing sound again and three arrows flew in their direction! The target was still Meng LiGe!

With nimble footwork, Ling Tian had already caught the three arrows in his hands. With a light kick, the large table was flipped up with the surface of the table blocking half the window. At the same time, Ling Chen waved her sleeves, and all the candles in the Heavenly Fragrance Chamber were extinguished!

Relying on the darkness, the others had already hidden themselves out of sight from the window under Ling Chen’s instructions. Ling Chen herself stood up straight as she prepared for battle with her eyes flashing in the dark. After everyone recovered from the initial shock, they realized that Ling Tian had already disappeared!

Holding onto the four iron arrows in his hand, Ling Tian drifted out of the window with a killing intent burning in his heart!

Just when his body was about to drift out of the window, his toes tapped on the windowsill and he took off into the air. His white robe fluttered in the wind with his body already rising thirty feet into the air!

In the moonlight, Ling Tian could see three black figures swiftly running out of his sight to the east. With a grunt, Ling Tian’s body spun in the air and he swung his right arm. The sharp arrows in his hand then shot out like black lighting, looking as though they had broken through space to instantly appear behind the three black dressed figures!

Only at that moment was the loud whistle of the arrows breaking through the air heard! The loud whistle filled the entire night sky!

Ling Tian’s throw contained 120% of his inner strength! Smoke could even be seen coming out from his palm from the friction of the arrows against his skin!

The three black-dressed figures knew how powerful those swift arrows were and knew that they had to block them. With a loud battle cry, the three of them raised their swords to block the arrows!

Three bangs like thunder then sounded! The arrows landed on the ground but the three iron swords were completely shattered! Just how powerful was Ling Tian’s angry full-force attack? The bodies of the three black-dressed men trembled as they each spit out a mouthful of blood from the force of the collision. Pitifully taking two steps back, they collapsed on the floor looking as though they had suffered serious internal injuries.

Ling Tian was still suspended in mid-air as he witnessed all of this. Just when he wanted to propel himself forward to capture them, he felt a great sense of danger.

From the roof of the Heavenly Dream Chamber, a bright flash could be seen charging at Ling Tian’s body! Before it had even reached Ling Tian, a large rainbow could be seen!

There was actually someone who could be one with the sword, charging at Ling Tian with undisguised killing intent!

A killing trap!