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Chapter 263: Enticing the Enemy

Chapter 263: Enticing the Enemy

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Ling Tian could see with one glance that the five of them had mental states that were absolutely calm and unruffled. Obviously, the sparring sessions with Yu ManTian had yielded great benefits to them, allowing their strength to take yet another great leap forward! Ling Tian couldn't help but nod his head in satisfaction, and now would be the best time to let them employ the new tactics they had learned into a life and death scenario! If the XiMen troops didn't show up, then Ling Tian would go on the hunt to allow the five of them some live target practice, for example, Qian ShuiRou's underlings.

Ling Tian spoke out, "Tonight, Ling Jian and I will work separately, and it will go like this..." The crowd burst into laughter, and someone said, "Young noble, I really don't know if you're too smart or too devious, hahaha…"

The five of them typically treated Ling Tian as just a brotherly figure, and Ling Tian himself also never maintained the sort of stifling rules from the aristocratic families. This was something which Ling Tian was pleased about. In order to reach the apex, a martial cultivator would inevitably face long periods of loneliness, so he focused on developing an atmosphere of familial love.

However, Ling Tian couldn't bring himself to smile this time, instead turning towards Ling Chen and saying, "Chen'er, your mission is to protect the safety of yourself and BingYan. As for the matter of fighting, it will not concern you at this point. Today's battle is just an opportunity for you to get used to the blood and slaughter of a battlefield, do you understand? I didn't want you to experience it so quickly, what a pity…"

Ling Chen nodded in reply, with a warm feeling suffusing in her heart. Her young noble constantly looked for opportunities for her to temper herself in blood and slaughter. However, when the fight really came, he would always take care of her first, attempting to keep her hands as far away from blood as possible. Ling Chen's heart was already satisfied just based on her loved one's intention to protect her.

Having made all the arrangements, Ling Tian then brought Ling Chen and Yu BingYan back to Smoky Thea Tower.

As the sun set and the moon revealed itself in the sky, under the fervent and admiring gazes of people, Ling Tian delightedly pulled at Ling Chen and Yu BingYan, the two peerless beauties, and walked out of Smoky Thea Tower, blending into the crowd.

It was as though he didn't realize that behind him were a few stealthy shadows trailing behind. Since someone wanted to assassinate him, then how could he not give them the chance to take action?

XiMen Qing was actually still furiously racking his brains on how he could lure Ling Tian out of Smoky Thea, but seeing Ling Tian walk out by himself just like that, he couldn't help but be overwhelmed with joy. He thought to himself, This is really following the saying of if King Yama wants someone to die at midnight, who will dare to keep him past daybreak? Since Ling Tian has taken the initiative to walk out like that, isn't that fulfilling this prophecy? He immediately sent down the order to carry out the plan.

As Ling Tian walked, he was chatting and laughing together with the other two ladies. They actually didn't return to the Ling Family, but rather walked towards the west.

Walking along an alleyway, the three of them suddenly came to an abrupt halt when they saw a sea of blood red in front of them! Around fifty or so people, wearing a blood red uniform and carrying greatswords were standing orderly, blocking the entire road!

While there was still a distance between the two parties, they wouldn't be able to avoid battling even if Ling Tian's group wanted to run using their movement techniques!

Ling Tian's gaze traveled, and he observed that the fifty or so people were all full of vitality and strength, with fierce gazes and vicious expressions on their faces. All of them were staring at him, as though he was their greatest enemy. Glancing at the entire alleyway, it seemed like the whole place was devoid of life except his group and theirs.

Footsteps sounded and rustled. The fifty of them took big strides, gradually getting closer, the imposing manner and bloodthirst more and more apparent with each step. Even though there were only fifty of them present, they gave off the feeling like it was a regiment of a thousand people rushing towards them!

In the darkness, a cold and sinister voice came out of nowhere, "KILL!"

Fifty of them, all raising their swords, rushed up at once. However, in that ensuing madness, they actually didn't even let out any screams or shouts for blood! All they could hear was the heavy breathing as well as the shuffling of footsteps as the group sped towards them. The front few blades were already chopping down towards Ling Tian's head, their movements uniform; this was something impossible to achieve without much effort put in!

Ling Tian coldly snorted, shouting out, "Seeking death!" He had long drawn out his sword and immediately stabbed out three times consecutively, aiming for the throats of the three closest men! With his momentum, he would definitely be able to kill the three men before any of the swords hit him. By rights, those being targeted would immediately dodge or block the blow, but in reality…

The red-robed men didn't even bother blocking or dodging, their swords still resolutely chopping downwards as though they didn't care a whit about their throats being slashed! Even their comrades were the same, ignoring the fact of their teammates looming death, unhesitatingly still targeting Ling Tian!

Ling Tian was inwardly startled, as these kamikaze warriors were truly aggressive! His speed didn't decrease and instead increased, tapping on three points one after another, before miraculously retracting and deflecting a blow from a sword above his head. After this his body retreated at high speed, looking like a blur as three arrows of blood fountained out. He actually had the time to pierce the throats of those three targets of his! With any ordinary high-leveled cultivator, just looking at how Ling Tian was able to deal with the kamikaze warriors, his soul would have long fled with his battle morale in tatters!


The rest of the kamikaze warriors didn't even spare a glance for their fallen comrades. Hefting their blades, they actually stepped on the bodies of their fallen comrades, rushing in for the kill!

What elite kamikaze warriors, what a tenacious fighting spirit!

"Good!" Ling Tian shouted out in praise. With a wave of his left hand, a large number of silver needles were shot out, and the skies were filled with silver light, after which many stuffy noises were heard as a great number of them were injured.

Ling Tian immediately grabbed Yu BingYan, shouting, "Go!". The sound of blades clashing could be heard as Ling Chen freed herself from the entanglement, easily floating over to where Ling Tian was. The three of them moved like lightning, retreating quickly.

Normal people would definitely be unable to escape from this encirclement, but Ling Tian and Ling Chen were not ordinary people. Their movement techniques had long surpassed the realm of convention, and they were easily able to escape even though they were surrounded!

On one of the rooftops at the side of the alleyway, a black-robed man suddenly floated down, his hand holding onto a sword as he blocked the escape path of the three. Ling Tian was certain that this person's objective wasn't to injure him, but rather just to delay him, allowing the kamikaze warriors to catch up and surround them. By then, it would be a miracle for him to escape!

However, how could Ling Tian be blocked so easily? This guy didn't have the ability to do so!

Ling Tian's speed didn't even slow down as he thrust out the sword in his hand to meet the assailant, the sword in his hand refracting out a multitude of light! A brief contact and Ling Tian's trio had already dashed past like a tornado! From afar only came his voice, "XiMen BuHui, so it's you!"

The black-robed man's mask had actually shattered under Ling Tian's sword energy, revealing the panicked expression of XiMen BuHui! On his palm, rivulets of blood could be seen as he gazed in the direction Ling Tian was escaping, the sword on his hand trembling.

Only he was aware that when they had crossed swords, how close he actually was to death itself! His original intention was just to obstruct Ling Tian, but in a single moment, his advance had immediately turned into a full-on defense, fighting to protect his life!

XiMen BuHui completely believed that if Ling Tian wasn't in a hurry to extricate himself, he would have been able to seriously wound or even kill him, or simply cut off his sword hand! It seemed like Ling Tian was afraid of the kamikaze warriors that his house had trained up. However, who wouldn't be, when facing a bunch of killers who were unafraid of death? Even if you were an expert, you would still need to retreat when facing such people. As such, so long as they managed to surround Ling Tian, his death would be assured!

A pity that he was wrong!

He didn't see the crafty smile on Ling Tian's face as he unmasked XiMen BuHui, as well as the scheming look in his eyes when he spotted everyone chasing up towards him.

The forty-seven kamikaze warriors ran past XiMen BuHui like a raging torrent, chasing towards the area where Ling Tian had escaped. XiMen BuHui only now wiped the cold sweat on his head.

However, thinking about when Ling Tian had spoken that sentence, 'XiMen BuHui, so it's you!', his heart suddenly jolted. That's right, he recognized me! If I don't kill him today, then whether he's from the Beyond Heavens Sect or not, just simply with the power of the Ling Family, the XiMen Family would have no end of trouble. Thus, Ling Tian had to die!

Thinking through this point, XiMen BuHui straightened his body and followed the rest of the kamikaze warriors to chase Ling Tian. However, his heart was already incredibly depressed, and the original excitement and high spirits had already vanished with the wind.

This was a small courtyard, hidden amongst the lavish villas that surrounded it, seemingly unassuming. But nobody knew that in this place actually hid the number one killer in the whole of the continent, waiting for an opportunity to strike!

Ye BaiFei sat at the head of the seat with his face a pasty white color. After the battle that day with Ling Tian, Ye BaiFei had abandoned the original place they had resided in, occupying this new place. This was the cautiousness of a killer, and this place was also the ambush location for another group that Kong YuanYang, the second powerhouse of the Blood Slaughter Pavilion, had brought over. So this location was definitely safe.

When the Blood Slaughter Pavilion had received the assassination notice, Ye BaiFei and Kong YuanYang had all brought a group and came here with the intention to compete. But before their operation started, Ye BaiFei already had his base exposed by Ling Tian! The two groups didn't get along well but left without a choice, Ye BaiFei could only hide in here temporarily.

Ye BaiFei had pulled out all his stops during the battle that day, causing his life to be in danger. Even though he had rested till now, he hadn't even recovered half of his original strength, let alone mended his broken bones.

Seated opposite him was a skinny man who was precisely the other legendary killer of the Blood Slaughter Pavilion, 'King Yama Beckons' Kong YuanYang! Right now, he was sniggering while saying, "Leader Ye, this junior here really can't believe that, with your unrivaled skills, you could actually be injured in the hands of a silkpants! I even heard that the person who crossed swords with you was a young lass. Could Leader Ye have been mesmerized by her beauty, leading to you falling into a trap? Hahahaha!"