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Chapter 264: The Show Begins

Chapter 264: The Show Begins

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Kong YuanYang had heard about this matter more than ten times already. Every time he heard about it, he felt as though he entered a cool room on a scorching day, as he was extremely pleased with the news. Seeing his rival who had always been a step above him in such a pathetic state, Kong YuanYang couldn't help but feel a wave of elation as he mocked Ye BaiFei's misery. While he had already heard about this matter so many times, Kong YuanYang wasn't tired of hearing it in the slightest and even teased Ye BaiFei about it today.

However, it was a pity that he didn't understand, because anyone who had participated in that previous fight was extremely clear that Ling Chen was no ordinary lass but a frightening expert. Be it Ye BaiFei or the rest who had participated in the previous battle, they had felt a wave of fear when facing the lady with exceptional martial arts!

Ye BaiFei then sneered, "When you meet Ling Tian, you will naturally find out for yourself. Perhaps you don't even have to meet Ling Tian, you just need to exchange blows with the lady by his side and you will know for yourself if you will be baffled by her beauty!" Following which, he shut his eyes and ignored Kong YuanYang.

Kong YuanYang then chuckled, "For a lass who isn't even at the age of twenty, what can she possibly accomplish even if she began training from her mother's womb? Boss Ye, you should just admit your defeat! Rest assured, this brother here will definitely catch Ling Tian for you and let you do whatever you want to him. Haha! As for that beauty, she will be mine to enjoy. This brother here will definitely not stand on ceremony!"

Ye BaiFei opened his originally shut eyes and looked at Kong YuanYang, "Don't blame me for not reminding you. If you want to deal with Ling Tian, the only way will be for you to wait for my injuries to recover and join hands with you. If we were to join hands, we would have a chance of beating him. However, we would have a 50% chance at the very most! With our martial arts, it is impossible to kill Ling Tian on our own! Your martial arts are slightly weaker than mine and you may not even be able to defeat that lady in a fair fight. It doesn't matter if you want to throw your own life away, but you must definitely not delay the matters of the pavilion! You should be clear about the consequences!"

Kong YuanYang then said with an eccentric tone, "Rest assured, at the very least, this little brother will be able to make a full retreat and I will not leave half my life there. At the very least, I won't be beaten silly by that lass!"

Ye BaiFei snorted and shut his eyes without saying another word.

Right at this moment, a loud bang could be heard from the outside and a miserable shriek followed it. Both of them were startled as they looked out and saw that the wooden door of the little courtyard had already flown up towards the roof of their house with a footprint embedded within it. The door was actually sent flying with a single kick!

While that was happening, some distance away Ling Tian held onto Yu BingYan and continued to sprint with Ling Chen following closely behind him. Although the three of them seemed to be running for their lives, they were extremely clear that this was no more than a show. With Ling Tian and Ling Chen's movement techniques, those red-dressed death troops would never be able to catch up to them. As long as the three of them could lure the death troops to the battle site, their plan would be accomplished!

As for XiMen BuHui and the others giving chase in the rear, they were pleasantly surprised to find out that Ling Tian seemed to be growing tired from carrying Yu BingYan and began to show signs of slowing down. Thus, they couldn't help but grow excited as they let out a battle cry and began to speed up. However, they never realized that after entering into a corner, there were another two red-dressed masked men who joined their troops secretly and were following them along the way.

As for Ling Tian, he asked Ling Chen leisurely while sprinting, "Chen'er, are you tired?"

Ling Chen acted as though she was panting but not a droplet of sweat could be seen on her face, "Young noble, I am only using half of my strength so how can I be tired? However, it is just too tiring to restrain myself!"

She had 100 units of strength but was only able to use 50 units of it. She could obviously easily throw her enemies off, but she had to feign weakness to ensure that they stayed on her tail. This was an extremely tiring affair!

Ling Tian then shook his head and lamented, "The movement techniques from these people of the XiMen Family are completely rubbish. They are just too slow! In order to match their speed, we have no other choice. This young noble is not tired in the slightest and our pace is no more than a leisurely stroll to me. However, it is far too tiring to keep up this act. I have to pretend that I am tired and ensure that they will not be able to see through the trick. Such a job really isn't easy."

Yu BingYan began to burst out into giggles, "Tian'ge, with their speed, they wouldn't even be able to catch up to me. Why do I need you to carry me? It will only make you tired! Right, Tian'ge, what kind of a trap did you lay for them ahead?"

Ling Tian pretended to pout, "Nonsense, is your Tian'ge someone like that? What kind of a trap would I have? I only want to let the friends from both sides meet each other and warm up to each other. It is all out of goodwill."

Yu BingYan almost burst out into laughter. The goodwill of her Tian'ge was probably to send the troops from both sides straight to hell.

Finally, Ling Tian gave a long sigh, "Thank goodness, we are finally reaching the place. Why do I feel as though I am an adult running with a bunch of three to four-year-olds? This is too much of a torture. Chen'er, these people from the XiMen Family are really stupid. They only know how to eat the dust in our rear and don't have any other methods. At the very least, they should know of something called hidden weapons right? What a bunch of pigheads."

Chen'er could no longer hold in her laughter, "Err, young noble, perhaps they had never learned it before. After all, hidden weapons are quite profound."

Ling Tian nodded his head in agreement, "That makes sense."

The red wall in front of them with two alleys to the right and left was the designated location set by Ling Tian!

The show was finally about to begin!

They were finally approaching their destination!

As Kong YuanYang squinted his eyes and looked ahead, he could only see two masked men dressed entirely in red. They were unbridled as they walked in with the person in front scolding, "Where did these b*st*rds come from? Why are they hiding in this tortoise shell? Come on out and kowtow to this daddy here."

"Your daddy is the one present." An assassin flew into an outrage and drew his sword, stabbing towards the chest of the red-dressed man. The sword move was simple but sharp and vicious.

"Eh?" The red-dressed man shouted out, "You actually dare to touch grandfather XiMen here? You're seeking death!" With his body tilted to the side, a sword was unsheathed, and the assassin's sword was suppressed underneath. Following which, the sword slashed out towards the assassin. If the assassin chose not to let go of his sword, his fingers would definitely be lost. But if he were to let go, his weapon would immediately fall into the hands of his enemy. Helpless, he could only let go of his weapon and retreat.

The red-dressed man then made use of his advantage and kicked right into the assassin's abdomen, sending him flying into the air. After the assassin landed right in front of Kong YuanYang with a loud thud, he was no longer able to stand back up.

The next instant, all the assassins of the Blood Slaughter Pavilion darted out of the room and surrounded the two red-dressed men. With their swords unsheathed and gleaming in the sunlight, their faces were filled with a dense killing intent!

Kong YuanYang's face was calm as he stepped out of the room, "Who are you? What are you here for?"

The red-dressed masked man then laughed cruelly and said, "This daddy here is your grandfather! I am here to teach my grandson a lesson!"

Kong YuanYang was completely enraged! After roaming the continent for decades unhindered, since when did he suffer from such humiliation? His eyes then turned red as he commanded, "Kill them! Leave no one alive!" The moment the command sounded, Kong YuanYang was the first to charge over before his subordinates could even react.

Tonight, regardless of who these two red-dressed men were, even if they were the children of the Celestial Emperor, Kong YuanYang would show no mercy! It was all because they had thoroughly enraged him! They must be killed! Diced into thousands of pieces!

The assassins all began to charge forward, trapping the two of them right in the center. However, the red-dressed masked men were not afraid in the slightest. With their nimble movement technique, they darted around and managed to both attack and defend.

Kong YuanYang gritted his teeth as a light ball exploded from his sword and shot out into the sky. At the same time, he shouted out, "Seize blood!" His voice was chilly and could freeze the souls of men.

The black-dressed assassins in the surroundings then charged over in a crazed manner with their eyes turning red. They no longer bothered about defending their lives and charged directly at the red-dressed masked men.

In just a short while, the red-dressed masked men were no longer able to withstand the attacks of the assassins. Thus, they whistled and jumped out of the circle with the red-dressed man in the lead scolding, "How despicable, overwhelming us with your numbers. This grandfather here won't accompany you anymore!"

Kong YuanYang laughed malevolently saying, "You want to leave? Not so easy! Leave your life behind!"

The red-dressed man then burst out into laughter and said with disdain, "With just a few three-legged cats like you guys? You actually want to kill this grandfather! What a joke!" He charged out of the encirclement with his sword moving like the wind!

Kong YuanYang then said hatefully, "If I don't kill you today, I will not be considered a human!" With a wave of his hands, the many assassins charged forward without a care for their lives.

Both the red-dressed men stared at each other and the delight in each other's eyes could be seen. They then laughed and said together, "How refreshing! Goodbye!" Unleashing their movement techniques at the same time, they charged into the air and landed on the roof. With a loud laugh, they had already disappeared towards the east.

Kong YuanYang roared, "Give chase!" Jumping onto the roof, he quickly gave chase with the other assassins following behind him with rage all over their faces.

XiMen BuHui led his troops and chased after the Ling Tian trio. In the eyes of those from the XiMen Family, Ling Tian had already tried to make a few circles but was still unable to shake them off. Furthermore, he was gradually becoming slower and should be getting tired already. Thus, XiMen BuHui became bolder as he shouted out along the way that they definitely had to kill Ling Tian.

A loud swoosh could be heard and more than ten black-dressed figures charged over like a shooting star. At the same time, a laugh could be heard, "XiMen BuHui, you guys have fallen into my trap. See how I destroy every last soul of your XiMen Family in Sky Bearing!" Following which, he waved his hands and said with a mellow tone, "Kill without mercy!" It was as though he was giving out an order.

XiMen BuHui and the others were fuming! Lifting up their swords, they went around the red wall and realized that the back of the wall was empty with the Ling Tian trio nowhere to be found.

Swoosh-swoosh-swoosh. Thirteen to fourteen black-dressed figures landed in front of XiMen BuHui with a face full of killing intent. The assassins glared at XiMen BuHui with a face full of hatred as though they had seen the enemy who murdered their parents. They were the assassins from the Blood Slaughter Pavilion! After chasing the two red-dressed masked men, they had lost any trace of the both of them when they arrived in this district. Hearing that there was a commotion in this direction with red moving objects being seen from afar, they charged over without consideration.