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Chapter 265: Fight but Lose Out

Chapter 265: Fight but Lose Out

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XiMen BuHui's pupils shrank as he suddenly came to a conclusion: No wonder Ling Tian seemed neither too distant nor too close! He was actually leading them to this location in order to ambush him here with his own people! What a vicious ploy! However, he probably underestimated the XiMen Family. How could these dozen odd people even deal with these death warriors?

Kong YuanYang also received a huge shock! To think that there was actually such a large number of people dressed in the same blood-red robes waiting for him here. With a glance, he could tell that all of them had a certain amount of skill, plus they were inordinately fearsome! He began to have some second thoughts, as while he believed that he would have the strength to win the battle, their losses would be huge, and this would undoubtedly affect their operation. Thus, he began to think about retreating.

A pity that at this time, someone within the sea of blood-red shouted out, "A bunch of dogs in black! My brothers, let's kill! Don't let them escape, or else the consequences will be dire." This was followed by a rustling sound, and all the assassins from the Blood Slaughter Pavilion were suddenly greeted by steely blades in front of their faces. Never in their dreams did they expect the group of them to actually attack without even speaking a word, with the person standing in front being pierced through like a kebab and falling onto the ground without a word, his soul having already left this world.

The other killers immediately avoided all the offending blades, but Blood Slaughter Pavilion had a strict hierarchy, and thus everyone all turned their gazes to Kong YuanYang, waiting for him to give the order on what to do.

Kong YuanYang was already furious, already filled with hatred towards the blood-robed men in front of him. However, he was not clear about their identities yet, and seeing that the party seemed to be quite strong, he had wanted to retreat and decide later. However, before he could open his mouth, a black-robed man had appeared directly behind him out of nowhere and shouted, "Kill all these red-robed bastards!" before rushing out. In a blink of an eye, he had reached the side of the red-robed men, and immediately beheaded one of them, causing the person's blood to spurt upwards.

Kong YuanYang also didn't dwell on that matter, because he felt that what his subordinate had uttered was exactly the thoughts in his heart. Seeing one of them get beheaded further increased his excitement as he believed them to just be mere paper tigers. This caused him to throw caution to the wind as he loudly yelled, "Kill! Kill all these bastards who love wearing blood-red!"

Seeing his subordinate get killed in front of him, XiMen BuHui was also furious. However, thinking about it, he realized that whatever his side had shouted made sense. One had to know that their death warriors had all consumed the secret medicine of the XiMen Family, the 'Unfettered Celestial Ascending Powder', and thus couldn't live for long. If they could take this chance to undermine their opposition's strength, it would be a good thing, and since he had already exposed his face and the Ling Family wouldn't let him go, then he might as well just drop all pretense!

Immediately, he waved his sword, exclaiming, "Kill! Leave no one alive, dismember all of them!"

A shout came from both sides as they rushed towards each other like tidal waves. It seemed as though the heavens sent down lightning and the volcanos erupted as both sides struck out with their full strength, trading life for life!

The Blood Iron Death Troops were purely created to slaughter, and the training they received was not on how to quickly kill someone, but to torture them till they pleaded for death. On the other hand, the Blood Slaughter Pavilion had strict requirements on the martial skills of its people, and every move of theirs aimed to kill. When the two sides collided, the number of deaths would definitely not be small!

The Blood Iron Death Troops themselves had undergone rigorous training, and they wouldn't even make any noise if a blade landed on their heads. As for the Blood Slaughter Pavilion, they were even more uncommunicative, only letting the blades in their hands do the talking. Both sides fought intensely, to the point that except for the sounds of clashing blades, no other sounds could be heard! Both sides had people staring with bloodshot eyes as well as clenched teeth, staking their lives to kill as many of the opposing side as possible. However, they behaved like thieves, not even making any sound, just obsessing over killing the rest.

This sort of battle was rarely seen and rarely heard of.

Inside this muddled area, both sides failed to notice that the two red-robed people, as well as the black-robed man that appeared later on, had no intention to stake their lives. They mainly defended as they retreated, slowly leaving the encirclement before vanishing into the night.

Ling Tian and the two ladies were hidden on one of the random rooftops, peeking their heads out to observe the mindless massacre below intently as though watching a movie. Suddenly, Ling Tian started to coo, mimicking the call of a nighttime bird. Shortly after this sound traveled out, the surroundings flashed as two black-robed men and four red-robed men appeared in their vicinity. Leaning beside Ling Tian, their eyes all were busy glued to the scene as well.

"What an intense fight." Ling Tian sighed emotionally, as though in a soulful mood, "These people originally had no hatred or grudges towards each other, but they could actually get themselves into such a desperate fight, indeed life is ever changing, aiya aiya."

Ling Chen and Yu BingYan covered their mouths as their shoulders trembled uncontrollably. To think that the original schemer could actually bemoan the state of the universe, what a joke! However, they didn't dare to make a sound, so they had to painfully suppress their laughter.

It was actually Ling Jian and Ling Chi, who had dressed up as the red-robed men and gone to attack Kong YuanYang, and the other two who had infiltrated the Blood Iron Death Troops were Ling Feng and Ling Yun. The black-robed person who had blended in with the Blood Slaughter Pavilion was Ling Dian. After they had completed their respective tasks, they then met up with Ling Lei who didn't have a role in this operation, then heeded Ling Tian's call and rushed over. Hearing Ling Tian's words, they also started to quietly snigger.

Ling Tian seriously spoke, "The six of you, carefully watch the moves of the Blood Slaughter Pavilion, then reference them based on what I've taught you. If you can master the various areas of using a sword, it will definitely be of benefit to you in the future."

The six of them trained their eyesight over and saw that although the moves of the Blood Slaughter Pavilion were simple, every single one of their moves was precisely executed, one move leading straight to another, without any excess movements! Although it looked slightly unnatural, the crispness behind every single strike was enough to make up for this minor deficiency. Their skill was especially obvious as they dodged left and right to avoid the blades, and as every time their swords came out, be it wound or kill, the sword would never return back without having tasted blood!

Ling Tian indifferently spoke, "What I've passed to you were complete sets of sword moves and sword intent, but the path taken by the Blood Slaughter Pavilion is completely different. Killing someone for them is like a conditioned reflex, the moment they have the thought, the sword comes out to kill! If you guys were to fight with them, while you might win, there would definitely be casualties facing their final desperate strike! This sort of style belongs to only the Blood Slaughter Pavilion and no one else, so if you can comprehend this, then you'll have an advantage when you face off against them the next time."

Ling Jian's eyes never once left the battle as he softly spoke, "The fight that young noble has instigated today is not just as simple as letting the sandpiper and clam war against each other, only to be the fisherman that takes the rewards! You guys should also know that if we were to face them separately, we would definitely win. But in that scenario, we would definitely have to eat some losses, and young noble doesn't want to see that! You bunch of disappointing fellows! If your martial arts could rise faster with a quicker rate of improvement, would young noble need to go to such great lengths to deal with these little shrimps? Young noble has obviously shown great benevolence, but how do you guys thank him? Third Master Yu is looking upon you guys like his juniors, staying his hand, but you guys not only don't know how to appreciate it but instead insist on playing tricks on him, not knowing the true strength of a XianTian realm powerhouse!"

Ling Chi and the rest lowered their heads in shame.

Ling Tian smiled as he broke in, "Ling Jian, your words are a little harsh, one side is an aristocratic family with fifty death warriors, and the other side is the famed Blood Slaughter Pavilion, how are they little shrimps? However, the rate of your improvement is indeed slow. Third Master Yu ManTian is, after all, a peerless expert of this generation, so if you would face him seriously your benefits would definitely be much higher!"

Ling Tian's words were actually just meant to motivate them. Based on their current rate of improvement, they could be considered as geniuses, but Ling Tian was still not satisfied! As the saying goes, one does not need a heavy mallet to ring the gong, but Ling Tian felt that this saying was wrong. When sounding a gong, the heavier the mallet, the better! If you don't use a heavy mallet, then how would you be able to fully display the beautiful bass sound of the gong?

Ling Tian turned his eyes back to the battlefield, solemnly saying, "The battle below is about to come to an end, so we can start to prepare."

A mournful shriek finally sounded from the battlefield, it came from one of the Blood Slaughter Pavilion members who, after killing three Blood Iron Death Troop members, was finally hacked down. In that instant, dozens of blades fell upon him, turning him into meat paste!

The fighters on the scene were visibly fewer than before, with the Blood Iron Death Troops numbering about thirty. As for the Blood Slaughter Pavilion, six of them were now lying on the ground. There was not a complete corpse amongst the deceased, which showed just how cruel this battle actually was. Once a Blood Slaughter Pavilion member collapsed, he would definitely be greeted with a large number of blades, and even the corpses of the Blood Iron Death Troops were also equally trampled by their comrades!

Kong YuanYang and XiMen BuHui were battling each other, and their strengths actually turned out to be evenly matched, with none being able to have an advantage. Seeing their own people falling, both of them were equally worried, and thus went all out on each other, hoping to end the battle fast so they could turn back and aid their men! In that few exchanges, both of them were already filled with wounds, but despite the blood flowing out from their numerous injuries, the two men still persisted in the duel. While Kong YuanYang had an advantage in his vicious strikes, XiMen BuHui had the advantage in having better martial skills. At this point, neither wanted to retreat and would only stop when the other party was dead!

If this bunch of killers used sneak attacks instead, they could probably wipe out the entire Blood Iron Death Troops without losing even a single man, and if they were to lose any, it would definitely be a minor issue! However, being lured over here by Ling Chi and facing a frontal battle was their disadvantage, and while their martial skills gave them an advantage, they would definitely face many losses!

Kong YuanYang was panicking inwardly, and couldn't help but think of Ye BaiFei. If the latter was here, then with the two of them joining hands, they would have long gotten rid of this guy! However, it's hard to clap with only one hand, and while he put in his all, it was to no avail. He could only watch as his underlings turned into meat paste one by one, almost causing him to vomit blood in misery!