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Chapter 266: The Third Party Benefits

Chapter 266: The Third Party Benefits

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On the roof, Ling Tian stood up and said to Ling Chen and Yu BingYan, "The both of you remain here and watch over us. Ling Jian, the six of you will follow me down. Remember, don't leave anyone from the Blood Slaughter Pavilion alive. Kill them all! Leave a few of the Blood Iron Death Troops alive, I have other uses for them! Lest the XiMen Family tries to deny the truth!" He then revealed a cunning smile.

Ling Jian and the other five nodded in agreement and Ling Tian waved his hands, "Kill!" At the same time, his body shot out and flashed into the battlefield like a bolt of lightning. With each of his feet stepping on the head of a Blood Iron Death Troop, their heads were easily crushed with the exertion his inner Qi. After which, Ling Tian brandished his sword, and a head flew up into the sky with a fountain of blood spraying into the air!

At the same time, Ling Tian's left hand wasn't idle either. Sending out a palm strike, a tyrannical force crushed the ribs of a Blood Iron Death Troop as he landed on the floor with blood flowing out of his mouth! Before he could even reach the floor, he had already taken his last breath.

Ling Jian and the other five assassins also charged in a unleashed a massacre as though they were slicing up vegetables! In just a short moment, heads began to roll with fresh blood all over the place! Both parties never imagined that there would be another powerful force waiting to ambush them. Now that the battle was about to come to an end, both the parties were already exhausted and weary. Just when their guards were down, the ambushing party had already killed almost half of their forces!

XiMen BuHui had been paying attention to Ling Tian's appearance from the start of the battle. For Ling Tian to send so few men to lay an ambush, wasn't that akin to seeking death, even if these troops were indeed extremely powerful?

Ling Tian finally appeared and XiMen BuHui heaved a sigh of relief. He no longer had to nervously wait for Ling Tian's appearance. However, he immediately realized that something was wrong! After Ling Tian appeared, he actually began unleashing a massacre on both parties! It looked as though he was determined to wipe out everyone present. XiMen BuHui was immediately startled and knew that there must definitely be something wrong. Thus, he quickly made a swift retreat.

Kong YuanYang then shouted out, "Where are you going! Die!" while charging over with his sword.

XiMen BuHui quickly blocked the attack and asked, "Who are all of you? Aren't you guys Ling Tian's men?" While it was a question, XiMen BuHui already had the answer in his heart. At this moment, this number one expert of the XiMen Family almost cried out!

After losing more than half of their elites with success right in front of them, they realized that the people they had been fighting had nothing to do with the one they wanted to kill. Furthermore, it was likely that they were on the same side. After all, an enemy's enemy is my friend! To think that he would actually help the person he wanted to kill!

Kong YuanYang then replied hatefully, "Talk less nonsense and hand me your life!"

XiMen BuHui quickly said, "Misunderstanding! This is a misunderstanding! Both of us have been fooled! Look!" As he said that, he pointed to Ling Tian.

Kong YuanYang was afraid that it was merely a ploy by XiMen BuHui. With his sword still pointed at XiMen BuHui, he turned around to take a look. Only then did he realize that his men were almost all dead with only a few of them hanging in there pitifully. However, those hanging in there were also riddled with injuries and couldn't hold on for much longer. At that moment, he couldn't help but feel like tearing up.

XiMen BuHui pointed at Ling Tian with a look as though he wanted to cry, "This fellow is Ling Tian and we were led here by him. We thought that your guys were the subordinates of Ling Tian. This…"

"We're the subordinates of Ling Tian? F**k you! What kind of a joke is that?!" Kong YuanYang scolded in exasperation! Dammit, almost all of my men were killed by you and you are telling me that this is a misunderstanding? "Misunderstanding your head!" he then charged over with his sword.

XiMen BuHui quickly defended himself with his sword with frustration in his heart. I have already said that it is a misunderstanding, and you still want to tangle with me like that. While all of your brothers are dead, how many of mine are left alive? Would I be feeling good?

With a ball of anger in his heart, XiMen BuHui no longer showed mercy. At this moment, it was also impossible for him to show any mercy. Mercy would be akin to suicide!

They then engaged in a fierce battle.

Ling Tian's footwork was swift like lightning, interweaving around the remaining troops. As the remaining Blood Iron Death Troops witnessed that the situation was amiss, they quickly gathered together and charged at Ling Tian collectively, ignoring the brandishing swords of Ling Jian and the others. With a few slashes, four of them were already dead! However, the other death troops were able to approach Ling Tian as they attacked with all they had, hoping to drag Ling Tian down with them in death!

However, it was a pity that Ling Tian had already jumped into the air and avoided their final attack. At the same time, he threw out kicks at a rapid pace! 'Pu pu pu pu pu pu' sounds sounded and the remaining six death troops were kicked in the ChanZhong acupoint, falling to the ground without the ability to retaliate.

Two wails of despair then sounded by the side and the two remaining assassins from the Blood Slaughter Pavilion fell under the joint attacks of Ling Chi and Ling Feng. To an assassin, defeat means death. An arrow of blood shot out from their throats as their eyes lost all hope!

In the battlefield, Ling Tian's party had already killed almost everyone and only Kong YuanYang and XiMen BuHui were left fighting. While they knew that their enemy was watching them by the side, neither of them were willing to stop the fight. In this bitter battle, they had already disregarded life and death!

With a whistle, two graceful figures flew over and landed by Ling Tian's side; they were Ling Chen and Yu BingYan.

After they had landed, they immediately gagged from the bloody surroundings. As for Yu BingYan who had never been to a battlefield, she puked on the spot. Looking at the scattered limbs and organs, her countenance changed completely. Grabbing Ling Tian's arms, she dived into his embrace. At the start, Ling Chen was still handling it well and managed to keep herself calm. But after Yu BingYan puked out and dived into Ling Tian's embrace, she also dived into Ling Tian's embrace.

Ling Tian laughed bitterly and patted the two heads in his embrace. He originally wanted to force Ling Chen to face this fear of hers. After all, it was impossible for his most beloved lady to avoid blood for all her life. But after thinking about it for a moment, he decided to scrap that idea. Just like the saying, 'more haste less speed', if he were to push Ling Chen too hard, it may leave a shadow in her heart instead.

Nine people forming a circle to watch two people fighting in the center. This was indeed a strange sight. Originally, XiMen BuHui and Kong YuanYang were both here to kill Ling Tian. But now that Ling Tian was right in front of them, they ignored him completely and fought amongst themselves instead.

Both XiMen BuHui and Kong YuanYang were already in despair! In the both of their eyes, it would be impossible for them to charge out of this encirclement even if they were uninjured. This was destined to be their burial grounds! As such, they decided to completely forget about their mission! they had the same idea in their hearts: before I take my last breath, I must definitely kill this b*st*rd who killed so many of my brothers!

"What an intense and exciting show." Ling Tian said with a chuckle as though he was watching a play, "Did you guys see that? Experts will be experts. Despite being surrounded, their mental state is still calm and each of their moves is accurate with their judgment not being clouded at all. This is something that all of you should learn."

"Err, young noble is right!" Ling Jian said, "My horizons have really been widened today. So these are what experts are like! Staying calm in peril and ignoring the deaths of all of their brothers! What a good mental state!"

"Mmm, look! XiMen BuHui's sword was a little too far to the left. If he was able to lower his wrist slightly and attack two inches lower, Kong YuanYang would definitely be injured! At that moment, Kong YuanYang will be no more than a fish on a chopping board! What a pity."

Ling Chi recalled the sword move which Ling Tian had just said and asked, "But when he launched his attack, his footwork was that of a tiger and his knee was already lifted up to the highest possible point. If his wrist were to be lowered, wouldn't his knee obstruct it?"

"Stupid!" Ling Tian scolded, "After lifting up his knees, he can just take a step out diagonally. At that time, wouldn't it become the elephant step? If that's the case, the tiger step will change into the elephant step and it would further amplify the strength of his attack instead of limiting it! Be it the lowering of his wrist, pulling up of his arm, or slashing out horizontally, it would all be done naturally and fluidly. That would be the perfect move!"

Ling Jian and the five others bowed respectfully! While they were fighting with their lives on the line, Ling Tian actually began to teach his disciples! Yu BingYan couldn't help but begin giggling, forgetting about the disgusting sight she had just witnessed.

The discussion between Ling Tian and the others was completely heard by XiMen BuHui and he couldn't help but be startled! To think that this silkpants was able to spot the flaws in my moves despite witnessing it for the first time. Furthermore, his words were completely accurate! At the same time, he can immediately point out the method to solve the flaws! What kind of eyesight was that?

After hearing that, he could die in peace!

With just his keen eyesight, Ling Tian could be said to have the strength of a grandmaster! XiMen BuHui couldn't help but sigh in his heart, How was such an existence someone who their XiMen Family could provoke? Just how frightening of a character did that XiMen Zhang provoke? My dear family head, the whole XiMen Family will probably be destroyed because of this mistake of yours trying to take revenge!

Being slightly distracted, his sword moves were no longer accurate. In a duel between experts, a slight mistake would lead to a large difference! Kong YuanYang immediately gained the upper hand, and his attacks became even fiercer!

XiMen BuHui clenched his teeth and actually decided to not avoid Kong YuanYang's sword at all. At the same time, his sword turned into a white line and charged at Kong YuanYang's heart!

Since I can't escape, let this fight end in mutual destruction! At the very least, it would be better than being captured and humiliated by the enemy! XiMen BuHui's gaze was resolute as he felt the sword plunge into his chest.

Kong YuanYang also revealed a look of liberation at the same time. Because his sword entered XiMen BuHui's chest first, XiMen BuHui's sword had missed his heart by a few inches. However, this killer had actually forced his body to move slightly to the side to welcome XiMen BuHui's sword with his heart! He was also hoping for a swift death!