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Chapter 268: Bequeathing Shame

Chapter 268: Bequeathing Shame

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"Pa!" Ling Jian harshly sent a slap towards XiMen Qing's face, and with his strength, XiMen Qing was sent flying, flipping a few rounds in the air before landing back in the exact same position!

The person that Ling Jian respected most was actually Ling Tian, and he treated Ling Tian like a teacher or parent, but the person Ling Jian doted on the most was actually Ling Chen. In Ling Jian's heart, Ling Chen was just like his blood sister, and upon hearing that XiMen Qing had actually developed ill intentions on Ling Chen, he immediately exploded with rage! The moment he saw XiMen Qing acting pitiful, he immediately threw a slap across.

"Pop!" XiMen Qing's mouth opened and immediately thirty-two teeth dropped out into the floor! Ling Jian had actually dislodged all the teeth in his mouth, not leaving a single one for him! His originally elegant and handsome face now looked like a shriveled and deflated thing.

With that concussive blow, XiMen Qing had already turned unconscious. However, Ling Jian just stretched out a leg, and gently stepped on his feet, exerting force slightly. XiMen Qing woke up due to the pain, making an "aiya" sound.

Ling Tian opened up the jade bottle, scrutinized it, and with satisfaction said, "Your servant indeed didn't lie. There are exactly thirty-two inside, four for each one of you here. I was actually worried that the distribution wouldn't be even and that you guys would start fighting as a result. That wouldn't be good! Ling Chi, first distribute them to young noble XiMen as well as Mister Six, and oh, the six death troops too, they're the main actors to allow young noble XiMen to have his good time."

Ling Chi let out a sound of assent, excitedly leaping up and took over the bottle, force-feeding four pills to XiMen Qing. After which, he went to each of the men one by one, using up all thirty-two pills.

Ling Tian let out a cruel smile, "Give them all a bottle of wine to flush it down, I heard that with this sort of thing, there would be a better overall effect."

After midnight, a strange sound woke up all the various aristocratic families in Smoky Thea Tower. From the sound, it seemed like…. Someone was very joyful… erm, basically an unexplainable noise. This was accompanied by a heavy hammering sound...

Because of their curiosity, everyone hurriedly put on their clothes and came out to take a look.

"Ah!! Shameless!!!!!" An embarrassed cry rang out as all the ladies, Xiao YanXue included, covered their reddened faces and escaped the scene as quickly as possible.

When the various families cast their eyes across, they saw that the lights that surrounded the great hall were suddenly all lit, lighting the great hall as though it was daytime. In the middle, six strong, one scholarly, and one shriveled body were tangled with each other. Their bodies were all hairy, especially a certain part in their front, and all these men were actually hugging each other! There was a lascivious atmosphere in the great hall, with the group in the center vigorously moving a certain part of their body.

"Ah! Isn't that XiMen Qing?" DongFang JingLei's eyesight was incredibly good, and he immediately recognized at a glance a pale-skinned man huddling in the center and doing the most crazed actions. Wasn't that the supposed number one talent, XiMen Qing?

Hearing him shout, the rest of the audience could immediately recognize him. Some of them immediately spat out white foam, their faces full of disdain.

The group immediately turned their gazes towards Extreme Joy Chamber and got an even bigger shock. By the entrance of the pavilion was placed a chair, and seated on it was the number two figure of the XiMen Family. His gaze was fixed towards the promiscuous scene, without a single word of protest. His eyes seemed fixated on the scene, as though he was deriving much enjoyment from it to the point that he didn't want to tear his gaze away.

Everyone began to fervently discuss this scene. A few of the elderly scholars began trembling uncontrollably throughout their whole bodies, their beards shaking as they commented in anger how public morals were degenerating by the day, and how shameful it was that the XiMen family could actually have such a hobby! This was completely offending public morals, an eyesore to everyone! It was a given that every house would have their own skeletons in the closet, but all of them had a tacit mutual understanding not to gossip about each other. However, now that a family was washing their dirty linen in public, this was a complete loss of face for them!

A few of the aristocratic families immediately realized that XiMen Qing had been set up! He might have been fed some aphrodisiac, been mind controlled or force fed some poison. Whatever the case, he had already earned the name of laughingstock from the entire world! He had lost his right to be part of the eight great families!

What person could be so venomous? It was one thing to make him engage in such acts in a private room, but that person actually placed him on the stage of the scholarly meet in Smoky Thea Tower! His surroundings were filled with influential figures who could dispose of the aristocracy of the XiMen Family with just a word! This sort of matter would definitely spread through the public like wildfire in summer, and the humiliation of the XiMen family probably wouldn't be washed away for the next millennium!

Those on the scene watched as XiMen Qing continuously moved and shook, a hysterically bewitched look on his face. This scene made everyone unconsciously tremble in fear!

No matter who their opponent was, this person had to be shown respect even from afar! In the event that this sort of disaster would befall upon their heads one day… thinking of this point, all those present felt as though there was an ice-cold hand gripping their hearts.

"The f**k!" Third Master Yu opened his bleary eyes from being woken up, and immediately got the shock of his life. He said, "This XiMen family's hobby is… is really unique! God d*mn!"

"En." NanGong TianHu pretended to nod very seriously, "He is indeed a talent, even his reactions are different."

Yu ManTian cackled weirdly, interestedly stroking his chin as he looked at the 'performance', "Hehe, what a passionate scene, but the fellow seems to be too skinny. If Second Master NanGong were to go up, then there would definitely be a better show, hehe…."

NanGong TianHu snorted once, replying sarcastically, "If Third Master Yu were to go up, then that would be the best show! Oh right, I saw a few of those refined and handsome youths together with you at your chamber yesterday, could it be that Third Master you…"

Yu ManTian did know whether to laugh or cry as he started throwing a tantrum, and NanGong TianHu laughed evilly.

Standing in front of the Heavenly Fragrance Chamber, Ling Tian was dressed totally in white, quietly standing as though curious about the whole scene. He wore a wry smile as though he completely didn't judge this obscene situation, appearing to be a pure and sincere pretty boy.

However, those who saw this expression of his all started to tremble from the very bottom of their hearts.

These few days, who was the one that the XiMen Family was biased against? That went without saying! In Sky Bearing, who was the family whom the XiMen Family had the greatest grudges against? That went without saying too! And finally, who was the person who could have the power in Sky Bearing to gather and deal with all the XiMen family members in one go?

The three answers were: Ling Family! Young Noble Ling! Ling Tian!!

And only Ling Tian would have such venomous methods at hand and would dare to use such venomous methods! By using such a method, the XiMen family would no longer have their original clean reputation, nor any face left to speak of! He had completely thrown away all the face they possessed, leaving them without a foothold in the circles of influence and power!

Even though nobody had proof, all of those who witnessed the scene were left without a doubt that it was Ling Tian!

For such a person, if you made yourself a sworn enemy of him, you would definitely be unable to eat well and sleep well, obsessing over when he would strike!

What a frightening person, what frightening methods!

However, few people were aware that for XiMen Qing to actually reach such a stage, it was completely his own fault! From when XiMen Zhang tried to snatch a beauty on the streets, to the point where XiMen Qing developed designs for Ling Chen and Yu BingYan, they had signed the contract for their eternal damnation! Their actions pushed the XiMen Family to the brink of destruction!

Ling Tian coldly observed the reactions of all the surrounding people as the corners of his mouth curved upwards in a smile. In the end, he didn't speak a word, choosing to return to his chamber. He knew long ago what reactions everyone else would have, and was also clear that doing so would leave the impression of him as a sinister person. But all of this was within his expectations, as he planned to use this chance to shake the world with his deeds! Want to go against me, Ling Tian? You better think twice. Are you better than the XiMen Family?

A huge explosive sound rang out suddenly! When everyone turned to look, all of them paled, overwhelmed with shock! Ling Tian also paused in his steps and turned his head to look.

XiMen BuRuo, who was originally seated stably on the chair was bleeding from all seven of his orifices! However, he still leaped up, and with a despondent look, pulled out his sword, jumping onto the stage and stabbing directly through XiMen Qing's heart! However, even with his pierced heart, he still thrust a few more times, before dropping down on the floor, having lost all life! XiMen BuRuo continued, running his sword like chopping vegetables, mowing down the other six men as well as Six, looking every bit like an asura!

After venting his anger, XiMen BuRuo stood on the stage, his two eyes glaring at Ling Tian, the blood from his eyes still flowing non-stop. He opened his mouth but no words would come out. Finally, his eyes rolled backward and his body slumped down on the stage, no longer breathing!

On the stage, his sword remained gripping in his hands, thrust perpendicular into the ground, refracting the lights in the great hall!

XiMen BuRuo actually had all his acupoints sealed by Ling Tian and was unable to move his body. With his strength, it would require at least 12 hours before he could release himself! However, seeing XiMen Qing behaving like a depraved beast in the middle of all the other aristocratic families, he could no longer take the humiliation and pressure, and no longer had the intention to live! Thus, he destroyed his dantian, using the force to break through all his sealed acupoints and regain his mobility. Then, with the limited time he had, he cleansed the family name by killing all the 'shameful sinners' of the family, finally slumping down like a lamp bereft of oil.

The last part, he glared at Ling Tian as though he wanted to speak, but had no more strength to do so. Even voicing out a bit of sound was a monumental task, and so he died unwillingly.

Seeing his tragedy, no one could speak a word for a long time!

The entire stage was thrown into deathly silence!

XiMen Qing had actually become the laughingstock of the generation, but XiMen BuRuo's cleansing of sinners, in the end, managed to gain back some face for the family!

Once the matters of today were spread, the XiMen Family definitely wouldn't let Ling Tian go until one side was eliminated!