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Chapter 272: Sky-High Auction Price

Chapter 272: Sky-High Auction Price
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Who knew that while Ling Tian had planned his actions so meticulously, and with the start going in his favor, that things would take such a sharp turn? He had almost achieved his objective, but that old fellow Yang Lei had actually blocked him! In this case, the price temporarily paused at 2,000,001 taels of silver. However, to those who knew of the true function of Millennium Warm Jade, this price tag was nothing.

Since when did the Yang family become so astute? This young noble here actually got played by you! Ling Tian glared at Yang Lei for a moment, but actually received a smile close to ingratiation in return! He couldn't help but start in shock, suddenly realizing that this fellow did so because he was scared of Ling Tian!

The moment he understood, Ling Tian could only sigh under his breath. This was also called reaping what you sow, right?

On the stage, Xiao YanXue eyed Ling Tian, before announcing, "The price now is 2,000,001 taels of silver, any other bidders?"

She had barely finished the sentence when a clear voice sounded, "3,000,000 taels." That was Qian ShuiRou. DongFang JingLei had actually wanted to say something, but when he cast a look at Ling Tian, he hesitated quite a few times, finally deciding to stay out.

Qian ShuiRou's opening price was as good as giving Yang Lei a slap on the face. While the bidding war just now could be considered a competition between two spendthrifts, Qian ShuiRou's opening price could be considered the actual price of the jade!

All present cast their gazes on Ling Tian. They knew that this young master would definitely not let it go, but they were curious as to whether he would increase it by a tael or by a coin? Even Qian ShuiRou's heart started to race, this fellow wouldn't try anything funny, right? If so, what should she do?

Ling Tian only smiled and replied, "Since Brother Qian has already given the price, then this young noble will also bid…" He seemed to pause for a while as though considering. Everyone held their breath, preparing for the legendary 1 tael outbid, and Qian ShuiRou's tiny hands were balled up into fists.

"4,000,000 taels then. Since the clown has already left, the real bidding should start now." Ling Tian winked at Qian ShuiRou and laughed.

Qian ShuiRou couldn't help but sigh a breath of relief, her previous worries fading away. While she suddenly seemed to have glared at Ling Tian fiercely for his bid, but in truth, she was thankful deep in her heart. This made her question her own contradiction, why was it that she was thankful for him fighting with her? Could it be because he didn't call out 3,000,001 taels?

Qian ShuiRou kept her emotions before calling out again, "6,000,000 taels!" Once this price was spoken, everyone stared in shock!

Everyone was aware of the rarity of such a warm jade, but it was in the end only a palm-sized piece of jade, so how could it be worth 6 million taels? This was taels of silver, not 6 million pieces of stone! Was this bidder crazy?

Xiao YanXue was also stunned silly by the bid, because in her estimation while the warm jade had an extraordinary effect, it was probably only worth around 3 million taels. But now it had doubled! Could there actually be some unknown miraculous effect that she was unaware of?

Ling Chen gently tugged on Ling Tian's sleeve, lowly whispering to him, "Young noble, forget about it. Chen'er doesn't need it."

Ling Tian laughed at her care for him, but resolutely shook his head. He had already determined in his heart that Qian ShuiRou would definitely be aware of the true function of this warm jade and that her cultivation should be something similar to Ling Chen's, or else she definitely would not fork out 6 million taels for a piece of jade. This was a full 2 million higher in price! This alone already showed off her determination to obtain it.

But similarly, he couldn't let go of this jade, as Ling Chen's Divine Ice Formula required this warm jade in order to proceed to the realm of large success or else she would likely suffer from cultivation deviation! Furthermore, this was also related to the matter of Yu BingYan's Divine Black Negative Meridians. Thus, this jade was a treasure among treasures to Ling Tian! Whatever the price, he would make sure he got it!

Ling Tian smiled as he stood up fully, lightly calling out, "Ten million taels!!"

Qian ShuiRou slumped back down in disappointment. While she had the intention to continue the bidding war, her finances didn't allow her to do so! The whole arena was thrown into chaos. A palm-sized jade, as rare and strange as it might be, couldn't be worth the sky-high auction price of ten million taels! Was this young noble Ling insane?

DongFang JingLei secretly wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead. Luckily he didn't participate in this bidding, or else he would really have no way out of this farce. Looking at Ling Tian's attitude, it seemed like he would be willing to pay no matter the price. After all, with the current earnings from the Ling Family, this could be considered merely the hair on an ox, and would definitely not harm their finances in any way!

After asking thrice, there was no higher price, and thus the mallet fell. The Millennium Warm Jade now belonged to the Ling Family!

When Ling Tian went over to make payment, Xiao YanXue spoke in a low tone, "This Millennium Warm Jade is not worth that much, why did you bid such a large amount? Just to maintain your image, is it even worth it?" In her tone was the slight hint of a reprimand.

Ling Tian looked at her strangely, when did this lass actually become so concerned for him? Didn't she hate him from the start? But he still obliged by whispering back, "This is because I have no other place to spend my money, haiz, who asked my Ling Family to only have money and nothing else?" Xiao YanXue pursed her lips at him, furious to the point where she couldn't get any words out.

When Ling Tian took the warm jade from Xiao YanXue, he received a pleasant surprise. The moment it came into contact with his hands, he felt a sense of warmth, followed by his heart suddenly settling down and becoming extremely peaceful, as well as a sense of enlightenment. The longer he held it in his hands, the stronger this feeling became, which made him exclaim in praise. Spiritual treasures of heaven and earth were indeed different! This ten million was well spent, even if he were to add another ten million to it, it would still be worth it!

The moment he returned to his seat, he passed the warm jade over to Ling Chen's hands. Ling Chen was ecstatic and gingerly placed it inside her bosom. In her happiness, she couldn't resist giving a peck on Ling Tian's face. Then she recovered her wits, and realizing what she had just done in the middle of an audience, she immediately buried her face into Ling Tian's chest in embarrassment.

Qian ShuiRou, however, was filled with heartache. To think that this fellow actually spent such a sky-high price to buy the warm jade that was of paramount importance to her, just to get a smile from his lover. But this d*mnable playboy attitude of his actually cost her a precious cultivation opportunity! How hateful!

Xiao YanXue gazed at Ling Chen who was nestled in Ling Tian's bosom, and a weird expression flashed on her face but was quickly hidden away. After coughing twice, she continued, "The third item that our auction is showing today was also discovered by our three herb pickers, and it is native to the artic, two Ice Fire Lotus! These two are also spiritual treasures of heaven and earth, and if dealt with properly, can revive a person on his last breath of life. This is indeed a lifesaver that is worth the price needed to obtain it. The price starts from 600,000 taels, and every increment must be at least 10,000 taels!"

Ling Tian laughed to himself, Women are really petty, I only teased you just now but you're already turning back to take revenge! However, it is a pity that you missed out on one other function. These Ice Fire Lotus can also be used to produce the Great Cyclic Pellet, which can allow all my brothers to experience an increase in cultivation for their Divine Shocking Dragon Formula! This will allow for an increase in strength for my Ling Family and furthermore can cure Yu BingYan's ailment! There was no need to think further! Ling Tian immediately placed a bid of 2,000,000 taels.

While the original price of the Ice Fire Lotuses could probably reach up to 4,000,000 taels, nobody dared to make a sound after Ling Tian had bid. Everybody could tell at a glance that this guy had the look of someone who had nowhere else to spend their money, and if they were to compete with him, wouldn't that just be asking for trouble? Not only would they benefit the seller, but they would also offend the Ling Family, and the Xiao Family wouldn't even bother to thank them for their contribution! Furthermore, such a thing was abstruse and mysterious, with the actual methods of use still unknown, and thus no one dared to compete. Xiao YanXue called out thrice, and could only bang the mallet, scolding furiously in her heart, What a malignant star this jerk is! However, the profit he brought through the Millennium Warm Jade was far above their original estimations, so losing a bit with their Ice Fire Lotus was still acceptable.

Seeing how Ling Tian bought the two treasures as though he was possessed, everyone developed some fear towards him. If this guy continues at this rate, wouldn't all the treasures end up in his hands? Chances were that they couldn't fight him, they couldn't afford to antagonize him, and they also couldn't outbid the family that was termed as 'Sky Bearing Fortune Deity'. Then wouldn't this auction turn into a personal auction for the Ling Family?

The fourth item that was carried up on stage left everyone dazzled. Sky Blue Serene Gem, this was not just miraculous in name, but in reality! Just placing it on the table, it gave off the colors of the rainbow, and following the change in light source, the gem would brighten and extinguish itself. While it was inanimate, it gave people the impression that it was constantly moving, constantly shifting angles to provide the brightest glow. Even a person who wasn't well versed could tell that this was an invaluable gem!

The base price started at 800,000 taels of silver.

However, when this price was reported, nobody made a sound even after a long while, as all of them assumed that Ling Tian would definitely not let this go as well!

Contrary to everyone's expectations, Ling Tian didn't seem to have the intention, instead engaging in conversation with Ling Chen, as though he didn't care about this Sky Blue Serene Gem. Even Ling Chen's attitude was surprising, as such a jewel was usually a fatal attraction to women, even to Qian ShuiRou, but Ling Chen acted as though she didn't even see it! Could she be a freak?

Seeing this scene, everyone sighed in relief. A wealthy merchant started the bid with a million taels of silver, followed by all the aristocratic families joining in. The prices soared higher and higher, with Yang Wei finally buying it for a sky-high price of 12,000,000 taels of silver. He couldn't help but suggestively glance over at Ling Tian.