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Chapter 273: Life-Saving, Life-Destroying

Chapter 273: Life-Saving, Life-Destroying
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Ling Tian let out a sigh and revealed a disinterested expression. While the Sky Blue Serene Gem was indeed a precious treasure or perhaps even a priceless one, it was no more than a shiny rock in Ling Tian's eyes. Or perhaps a more accurate description would be a shiny gem. However, regardless of whether it was a gem or rock, Ling Tian had no interest in it at all. In Ling Tian's heart, this Sky Blue Serene Gem couldn't even be compared to a bun in his hands. At the very least, the bun could be used to satisfy his hunger. As for this Sky Blue Serene Gem, apart from keeping it at home to attract the robbers, there wasn't another use for it! To think that Yang Wei would still treat it like a treasure. However, he didn't realize that he was only bringing a pile of dynamite back home. As for Ling Chen, she had been influenced by Ling Tian since she was young and would naturally not place any importance on such an item.

"The fifth treasure is a fist-sized Southern Seas Sandalwood Pearl!" From Xiao YanXue's bright smile, it was obvious that she was extremely satisfied with the price of the Sky Blue Serene Gem.

"500,000 taels of silver!" Before Xiao YanXue could even give the starting bid, a calm voice sounded and a green-dressed man stood up slowly. With an expressionless look on his face, he said, "I am sorry but I only have 500,000 taels of silver on me. However, I will get this Southern Seas Sandalwood Pearl for sure."

The appearance of this green-dressed man was just too ordinary. He was neither tall nor short, neither fat nor skinny and didn't even have a distinctive feature on his face. He was an individual who would definitely be overlooked if he were to be placed in a crowd. Upon a closer look, one would realize that it was difficult to estimate his true age. From the way this green-dressed man looked, it wouldn't be odd to say that he was 20 or 30 years old. But at the same time, it also seemed likely that he was 40 or 50 years old.

Ling Tian took in a breath of cold air! Ling Tian who originally intended to bid for this item also changed his mind. Ling Tian could already recognize the green-dressed man; he was the mysterious martial arts expert outside the Smoky Thea Tower. So it turns out that he is also here!

To think that such an otherworldly expert would also want to obtain this Southern Seas Sandalwood Pearl! If that's the case, he must definitely have his own use for the pearl. Furthermore, he had already displayed the determination he had to obtain the pearl. Ling Tian predicted that regardless of who obtained the pearl in the end, that person would definitely not be able to keep it. The green-dressed man's words were akin to informing the others that he only had 500,000 taels of silver but wanted the exorbitantly priced Southern Seas Sandalwood Pearl. In other words, this green-dressed man had no choice but to resort to snatching it.

How would Ling Tian be foolish enough to offend this expert for a pearl? Thus, Ling Tian remained silent.

"Hahaha… where did this pauper come from? He actually thinks that he can purchase the Southern Seas Sandalwood Pearl for a mere 500,000 taels of silver? Is he daydreaming?" A sound of ridicule could be heard, "I offer 1,000,000 taels of silver!"

Without looking, Ling Tian was able to guess that no one else apart from the idiotic Yang Wei would say something so insulting. At the same time, he thought to himself, This fellow is really the calamity of the Yang Family! As long as there is trouble, he will definitely be there to stir it. This fellow is someone that even this young noble can't afford to provoke at this moment, and your Yang Family actually dares to ridicule him!

Xiao YanXue suddenly said in a cold tone, "The starting bid for the Southern Seas Sandalwood Pearl is 1,500,000 taels of silver! May young noble Yang watch his words. Everyone present here is a guest of my Xiao Family and should not be casually humiliated. But… this customer, there are rules to an auction. If you really needed this item and are short of silver, you could have mentioned this before the auction. However, YanXue is not able to help you at the present moment, and I can only apologize!"

The green-dressed man looked at Xiao YanXue with a surprised expression and glanced at Yang Wei before responding with a 'Mmm'. He then sat down quietly and didn't say another word.

Ling Tian then lamented Xiao YanXue's lack of vision. If she was able to sell the pearl to this green-dressed man for 500,000 taels of silver, the green-dressed man would definitely have a good impression of her. Gaining a good impression from such an individual was definitely a rare chance! What a pity!

He then looked at Yang Wei pitifully and had already given Yang Wei a flower wreath in his heart.

The matter of the green-dressed man was an insignificant one in the whole auction and no one gave it a second thought. Qian ShuiRou quickly made a bid of 2,000,000 taels of silver and DongFang JingLei quickly made a bid of 3,000,000 taels of silver when he saw that Ling Tian didn't open his mouth.

Ling Tian then looked at Qian ShuiRou and smiled thoughtfully. This lass can also be considered to be someone knowledgeable. No matter what this young noble likes, this lass will definitely participate in the bid as well. Just this insight alone was sufficient for Ling Tian to see her in a different light.

As the price soared, the Yang Family was the first to give up bidding on the pearl. Only DongFang JingLei and Qian ShuiRou were left in this price war. As Ling Tian observed them from the side, he was certain that they were definitely aware of the true value of the Southern Seas Sandalwood Pearl. After all, having this kind of item was akin to having another life-saving treasure. Furthermore, it was one which could be reused. Curing grave illnesses, injuries or internal injuries, this Southern Seas Sandalwood Pearl did indeed have many uses.

However, how would they know that the life-saving treasure that they were fighting for had already turned into a life-destroying talisman! Regardless of who obtained it, that person would definitely be paying a visit to King Yama! 1 How could someone who was at the peak of martial arts be a friendly character?

Ever since the green-dressed man opened his mouth, the Southern Seas Sandalwood Pearl was no more than a life-destroying talisman in Ling Tian's eyes. As he looked at Qian ShuiRou and DongFang JingLei fighting for the item excitedly, Ling Tian shook his head and let out a sigh.

Finally, Qian ShuiRou obtained the pearl at a sky-high price of 18,000,000 taels of silver. She then heaved a sigh of relief and revealed a smile on her face. Ling Tian then shook his head and thought to himself, Is there really a need for you to be so happy? You just spent 18,000,000 taels of silver to buy yourself a trip to hell.

"The sixth treasure is a piece of Black Iron that weighs 175 catties." Xiao YanXue then smiled radiantly and said, "The starting bid will be 1,000,000 taels of silver. Everyone should know that Black Iron is a treasure in forging weapons. As long as three taels of it are added into a weapon, an ordinary weapon would turn into a divine weapon immediately, slicing through metal like it was clay."

As Xiao YanXue said that, the whole hall fell silent and not a single person made a bid! All of their faces also turned strange.

Everyone knew that while Black Iron was a good material and that Xiao YanXue didn't exaggerate in the slightest, it was impossible to melt this piece of top-grade Black Iron. With the method of melting it being lost hundreds of years ago, how could a divine weapon be made out of it? If it couldn't be used, what was the point of buying a useless chunk of Black Iron? Should they be buying it to use it as a pillow?

A long while later, everyone was still silent and Xiao YanXue began to reveal traces on anxiousness. As the host of this auction, if they had any items which couldn't be auctioned, it was a huge embarrassment to the host and they would definitely become a laughingstock. For them to take out something that they thought was precious but that no one wanted to bid for was no more than a joke!

Xiao YanXue's gaze then landed on Ling Tian. She was extremely clear that this Black Iron was here to test Ling Tian. However, Xiao YanXue only saw Ling Tian peeling the skin of a grape and sending it into Ling Chen's mouth. From the start to the end, Ling Tian had never looked at Xiao YanXue before, and it was obvious that young noble Ling had no interest in the Black Iron at all.

Xiao YanXue's heart sunk completely. How embarrassing! She then couldn't help but blame her grandfather, Xiao FengHan, in her heart. Why did he have to make me bring this item to Sky Bearing? How could that brat Ling Tian have the ability to use it? See? We are now a joke!

Letting out a long sigh and seeing that no one was willing to make a bid, Xiao YanXue wanted to declare the item unsold. However, she heard a soft voice at this moment, "How can such a good item be ignored like that? This lowly concubine here offers 1,100,000 taels of silver."

Xiao YanXue felt relieved as though a weight was taken off her shoulders. Someone finally made a bid.

As everyone turned to look at the owner of the voice, they were all shocked. The owner of the voice was a middle-aged lady who still retained her charm and elegance. She was the owner of the Smoky Thea Tower, Gu XiYan. Gu XiYan then said with a smile, "What a coincidence, our Smoky Thea Tower is missing a treasure to be the symbol of our tower. Since sister Xiao is sending this Black Iron to us, I will really have to thank you for that. This lowly concubine here has limited funds and I hope that all the noblemen present will give this lowly concubine a chance. I hope that all of you will not fight with me for this item and this lowly concubine will thank all of you in advance."

Xiao YanXue looked at Gu XiYan with gratitude in her eyes. Gu XiYan was only the owner of a restaurant and this chunk of Black Iron was obviously useless to her. However, she was willing to spend more than a million taels of silver to help her out of this situation. As such, Xiao YanXue was extremely touched in her heart and wished that she could just give this chunk of Black Iron to Gu XiYan for free. Furthermore, as the boss of a restaurant, she had a poised bearing and was able to show face to everyone present here today. It was indeed something rare!

"The last item will start at one tael of silver with no minimum increase." Seeing that Gu XiYan had sent someone to carry the chunk of Black Iron off the stage, Xiao YanXue made a shocking statement.

"One tael of silver? No minimum increase? What kind of an item would that be?" someone asked curiously.

As Ling Tian turned around, he immediately realized that the person who was speaking was the same individual who was playing along with Xiao YanXue at the start of the auction. Ling Tian then smiled and thought, It was indeed as I thought, he is playing along with her!

Xiao YanXue then smiled, "This treasure is the sword of the sect master of Above Heaven from a thousand years ago, Heavenly Splitter! For the past thousand years, there has always been a legend that a heaven-shaking secret is hidden within this 'Heavenly Splitter'! The one who is able to obtain this sword will be able to grasp this secret and become the ruler of the world!"

As though Xiao YanXue's voice was like thunder, everyone present was shocked silly by her words! There were many who even stood up instinctively upon hearing the words 'Heavenly Splitter'!

Heavenly Splitter! To think that the Heavenly Splitter was here!