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Chapter 276: Thousand Year Blood Ginseng

Chapter 276: Thousand Year Blood Ginseng
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Once DongFang JingLei spoke, everyone nodded their heads fervently like chickens pecking corn, and BeiMing Kong added in, "That's right, General Yang, you should return to your residence as soon as possible. I believe that once the Yang Family Head receives the news, he can make a more informed decision. Young noble Yang's death has to be avenged, but not by blaming an innocent party and letting the evildoer go scot-free." As he spoke, he coughed twice hoarsely. Apparently, he had also been injured internally from the clash just now.

Everyone on the scene twitched, what another load of bullsh*t, this was as good as not saying anything! But everyone on the scene still nodded, praising the idea.

Yang Lei took advantage of the situation to retreat without losing his face, coldly remarking, "This Yang will go back and inform my father. This murder in blood, I'll definitely repay it with blood. No matter who the murderer is, our Yang family won't let him go!"

NanGong Yu sniggered as she continued to provoke him, "The person in question has already happily stood up to acknowledge his wrongdoing, but as his father, you actually don't dare to accuse him! You want to revenge his blood? How laughable! I've never seen someone as despicable, yet so shameless and cowardly as you. Don't tell me you're going to only wait for all of your sons to die before you take revenge?"

Yang Lei's face turned purple, but he treated her words like empty air and commanded all the Yang family members to leave.

The Heaven Splitter had already been missing for the past millennium, and now it had appeared once again, only to be stolen by a mysterious person. This was no small matter! Be it an aristocratic family in this current age, or the imperial families of every empire would definitely have allocated manpower to deal with this matter. If someone were to really use the fame of Heaven Splitter to rally troops to his cause, then this would be a source of panic for all the various countries!

Besides, the matters of most of the families were coming to an end here in Sky Bearing, whether they had obtained any benefits or not!

The DongFang Family could be said to have obtained quite a considerable harvest this time. Not only did they obtain a common consensus with the BeiMing Family in securing some funds under wraps, they also improved his relations with Ling Tian. DongFang JingLei was very conscious of allowing Ling Tian to have his way, believing that with his efforts, Ling Tian would definitely be able to take notice of it. However, as the saying goes, 'A sage might have a thousand considerations, but he would definitely make a mistake'. Through this auction, Ling Tian had discovered that DongFang JingLei possessed strength comparable to Qian ShuiRou, given that when he suffered the least when he exchanged blows with the green-robed man.

Talking about benefits, the originally obstructed NanGong Family had become an ally of the Ling Family and was extremely happy!

Naturally, there were people who had suffered, with the XiMen and Yang Families within that group.

The XiMen Family believed their plan to be infallible, but in the end, they were met with an iron wall and had their entire troop routed!

The Yang Family had lost considerably earlier on and had intended to use this chance to form new alliances so as to borrow some strength to get past this difficult stage. Sadly, the younger generation didn't live up to expectations and they not only lost a descendant, but also provoked the Ling family. After learning of the capabilities of Ling Tian, the BeiMing Family suddenly pulled out of their alliance with the Yang Family and prepared to return to their empire. The Yang Family was once again thrown deep into the storm surrounding Sky Bearing.

However, the greatest benefits were gained by the Xiao Family. Not only did they succeed in earning a huge sum of money through this auction, they also managed to successfully let go of the 'hot potato' that was the Heaven Splitter. In their eyes, all their objectives had been clearly achieved. The skies were sure to rage with war because of the Heaven Splitter, and the only regret they had was that they were unable to tell which family took the Heaven Splitter in the end. However, the most important thing now was actually to recruit and build their own troops and wait for an opportunity.

Thus, Xiao FengYang also had the intention to leave.

After going through another round of talks with NanGong TianLong, Ling Tian left the Smoky Thea Tower that night, returning to his residence. Of course, he didn't forget to get some men to shift the piece of Black Iron to the armory. Ling Tian laid down a stern order, that in a week he had to see the Black Iron transformed into the weapons that he had briefed!

Indeed, the methods to refine Black Iron had already been lost here, but in Ling Tian's world, even diamonds could be smelted and reforged, let alone mere Black Iron. How could he not be able to smelt them into weapons? While seven days might be a little too short a time to forge the Black Iron, but given the characteristics of Black Iron, as long as one knew the formula to forge it, there was no need to repeatedly hammer and smelt it.

Ling Tian had just reached home, and barely sat down when he received a report saying that the DongFang Family was here for a visit.

"Honored brother Ling," DongFang JingLei appeared extremely warm and friendly, immediately addressing him as honored brother the moment they met, "to be so familiar with each other at first sight, that must be fate! I believe this honored brother is now aware of why I've tarried so long at Sky Bearing. The appearance of the Heaven Splitter has caused huge waves that stretches across the entire continent. Now, this foolish one has to return to my country to come up with a countermeasure with my liege. I've come today especially to bid farewell!"

"Oh… hehe, Brother DongFang is being too polite!" Ling Tian instructed some servants to bring over some Smoky Thea tea, before courteously replying, "To be able to chance upon brother DongFang here in Sky Bearing, as well as to have a good time together should be my pleasure; this is a joy in life. Unfortunately, brother DongFang is about to return, and we can't chat and debate together side by side, what a pity."

Staring at DongFang JingLei, even more questions appeared in Ling Tian's heart. Why did this person continuously shield him in Smoky Thea? In order to prevent himself from being maligned, he even spoke up against the Yang Family! On the surface, it seemed as though he was doing this to help Ling Tian, but if NanGong Yu could get his meaning, why did DongFang JingLei still act that way, given his intellect? He should have fanned the flames instead!

Could it be that his goal was to prevent Ling Tian from dominating the whole of Sky Bearing?

DongFang JingLei gave a free and unrestrained smile as he spoke, "Everybody comes and goes, and it doesn't mean that if I leave today that there won't be any more meetings. Maybe in the future, we'll still get to ride side by side, admiring the mountains and rivers."

A glow lit up in Ling Tian's eyes as he laughed out loudly, "Brother DongFang's words make sense, just that I'm afraid by then I'll probably be burdened with children. I wish you a good voyage!"

DongFang JingLei let out a smile and said, "Much thanks for the kind words, brother, this foolish person here will pay attention to my journey, with respect to you. While I know this honored brother does not care for worldly gifts, I still have to show you some small appreciation. Please accept this." Saying this, he drew out a small, slim jade box from his bosom and placed it on the table. "Inside this jade box is a treasure I obtained in the cold, a Blood Ginseng. I saw just now how you unhesitatingly bid for the Ice Fire Lotuses. I came to the conclusion that you must be searching for related spiritual treasures, thus I'm gifting this to you. I hope you won't reject it!"

A fully formed Blood Ginseng! Ling Tian's heart leaped. This was an interesting plaything here. Most people didn't know that the Blood Ginseng would only take shape after a millennium, and its effectiveness vastly outstripped that of normal millennium-old ginseng. However, this was an extreme Yang-related herb. If a person were to consume it without the proper preparations, even a small slice would cause the body to implode from the immense Yang flame in their body. Thus, another name was given to this Blood Ginseng, which was 'Fiery Heartburn'! It was the extremity of healing panaceas, as well as the most violent!

While there might exist detriment in using excessive amounts, if Ling Tian were to use this Blood Ginseng in his Great Cyclic Pellet production, the result would have a doubled effectiveness! Furthermore, the Ice Fire Lotuses he was putting inside were mainly still Yin related in nature, and if these two were used together, they would balance out and complement each other, Yin and Yang intertwined, the best of both worlds.

Ling Tian thought fast, and leisurely raised his head, saying with a poker face, "Such a treasure, how could I easily just accept it? I beg brother DongFang to take it back. It is not that I'm being unreasonable, but that such a precious gift is not for me to accept lightly." As he finished, he gently nudged the box back. It was as though Ling Tian was not even moved by such a rare treasure of heaven and earth.

Seeing the indifferent look on Ling Tian's face, DongFang JingLei couldn't help but feel astonished.

In order to rope in Ling Tian, the DongFang Family had debated long on what to offer him. It was only upon seeing Ling Tian bidding for those items during the auction that JingLei realized Ling Tian had an interest towards such medicine, and actually had academic inclinations in this field. While the DongFang Family had got their hands on this Blood Ginseng a long time ago, they weren't able to utilize it, which was as good as seeing a treasure hill but being unable to touch it, depressing beyond words! If they were to attempt to sell something of this caliber, it would definitely attract unwanted attention. In the end, they decided to gift this to Ling Tian, in the event that he would know how to utilize it, and then he would owe a huge favor to their family! With the rumors going around that he was a successor of Beyond Heavens, and with the top notch medicinal skills of the Beyond Heavens, if they could receive a favor from Ling Tian, they would have a trump card in their hands to use in the future!

In the thoughts of the DongFang Family members, as long as they gifted this Blood Ginseng, they would definitely receive the goodwill of Ling Tian. However, to DongFang JingLei right now, Ling Tian looked just like a zombie, with neither joy nor ecstasy seen on his face, and instead a general lack of enthusiasm.