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Chapter 277: Battle of the Tians

Chapter 277: Battle of the Tians
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Just what should he do? Since he had taken the item out, how could he take the gift back?

DongFang JingLei then awkwardly chuckled and said, "This foolish brother had said it already, while this is a rare treasure, it may not necessarily be to your liking. However, I hope that this little brother will accept this gift on account of my sincerity. Just like the saying, "goose feather sent from afar, a small gift with a large meaning". While this brother didn't come from afar, this… ah ah ah…" As DongFang JingLei said that, he felt as though he had just eaten a fly. For such a treasure to receive such cold treatment was something completely out of his expectations. Thus, he couldn't help but feel indignance on behalf of this Blood Ginseng.

Ling Tian smiled and muttered under his breath for a moment before saying, "Since brother DongFang says so, this little brother shall not stand on ceremony. Facing brother DongFang's sincerity, it wouldn't be good for this little brother to continue concealing something. This item is indeed useful to this little brother."

Hearing what Ling Tian said, DongFang JingLei was immediately energized. However, he quickly saw Ling Tian's worrisome expression as he said softly, "My father goes out to war very often and guards the borders of our empire. He has practically spent more than half his life on the battlefield and has been through countless battles suffering numerous injuries. Recently, he has been suffering from rheumatism and such an illness is indeed bothersome. As a son, I am extremely worried about this matter. The Blood Ginseng that brother DongFang had sent over is an object brimming with Yang energy. While it can't be consumed directly, it should be beneficial to my father's illness if I were to brew it into a jug of good wine. This little brother has another secret formula as well; if I can sun-dry the Blood Ginseng and grind it into powder before using it to form a medicinal paste, it would definitely be effective to shield off wind and moisture for my father. Ling Tian thanks you on behalf of my father!" Ling Tian said earnestly and full of gratitude. After which, Ling Tian actually stood up to give a bow to DongFang JingLei!

However, DongFang JingLei almost spit out a mouthful of blood!

You are actually going to brew wine with this heavenly treasure?! You want to make a medicinal paste out of it?! After what you had just said, the heavenly treasure which I have given to you has been completely transformed into an ordinary herb to cure rheumatism! Is that bow of yours supposed to conclude this matter?! DongFang JingLei's originally amiable expression couldn't help but turn ashen. If not for Ling Tian's status, DongFang JingLei would probably give Ling Tian a good beating! After exchanging a few more pleasantries, DongFang JingLei quickly took his leave and left pitifully.

Ling Tian then elegantly sent his guest out and witnessed DongFang JingLei's men leave with a polite posture. After DongFang JingLei's men were no longer in sight, not a trace of calm could be seen on his face as he excitedly sprinted back to his courtyard. The two guards who were standing by the entrance then looked at each other in bewilderment. Just what was wrong with their young noble? A look of bitterness filled with joy? Was he happy or was he sad?!

As he was walking back, he saw Ling Chen and Yu BingYan giggling as they walked towards his courtyard. In excitement, Ling Tian laughed mischievously and pounced onto the two ladies, pulling them into his embrace. Feeling their soft bodies and smelling their fragrance, Ling Tian was without a doubt enjoying himself. With some force, he hugged the both of them and jumped right into his courtyard.

Being caught off guard, both the ladies let out a shriek as they pummeled Ling Tian with their fists.

"You brat over there, put my niece down! In broad daylight and witnessed by everyone present, a man and woman hugging each other without any restraint. How preposterous! Don't you know that my Yu Family is an elegant Great Family? How impudent!" Yu ManTian's loud roar could be heard as his face was flushed with anger as though he had suffered some huge grievance.

Ling Tian then didn't have a choice but to place the two ladies down as he rubbed his head in confusion. Since when did Yu ManTian turn into an old-fashioned man who bothered about such things? Did those words really come out from his mouth? With some remnant fragrance on his hands, he suddenly realized that the smell on both his hands was different.

Ling Chen smelled like natural lilies and a fresh orchid smell belonged to Yu BingYan. At this moment, both their fragrances were so distinct. With a face full of intoxication, Ling Tian couldn't help but put his palms by his nose as he took in two deep breaths. Then, he looked towards the two ladies with a lecherous look.

Ling Chen smiled like a blooming flower as she revealed a trace of embarrassment with sweetness in her heart. However, Yu BingYan was not able to be so composed. She was still a young virgin and was actually hugged by a man in the presence of her third uncle. In that instant, her face was completely red as she was at a loss for what to do. Looking at Ling Tian with her head slightly lowered, she saw him smelling the hands which he used to hug the both of them with a face full of intoxication. She then couldn't help but turn her body around as she lowered her head and stomped her feet on the ground with her ears bright red.

Yu ManTian then walked over aggressively with a look of hatred on his face as he rubbed his fists, "Ling Tian! You little gigolo! This Third Master will not let you off today! You actually dare to harass my niece?! This Third Master will definitely teach you a lesson!"

During the auction, the 'scholarly' Third Master Yu had no interest in the so-called heavenly treasures and went out of the city early in the morning. However, who would have thought that he wouldn't see Ling Jian and the five other brats after waiting for a full afternoon! After he arrived back at the Smoky Thea Tower in frustration, he found out that he had missed a huge show and was completely depressed in his heart.

After that, Yu BingYan said that she wanted to go over to the Ling residence which was exactly what Yu ManTian wanted. Thus, he sent his niece to the Ling Family as he thought about how he could make Ling Tian have a fight with him. Even if he couldn't fight Ling Tian, he would definitely be able to get some good wine for sure. Who would have thought that after arriving at the Ling residence for a short while, Yu ManTian got the chance that he was waiting for!

Regardless of whether or not both of you are mutually in love, this Third Master can't be bothered with that. Since this Third Master has found my reason, I must have a good fight first before we talk about anything else.

Ling Tian shook his head as laughed bitterly. How could he not understand Yu ManTian's thoughts? However, this was not a good time for him to fight. There was still a Blood Ginseng in the room waiting to be tested, and a pile of precious herbs and Ice Fire Lotus waiting for him to refine into the Great Cyclic Pellet. The strength of Ling Chen, Ling Jian, the other brats, and himself was waiting to be increased, and Yu BingYan's Divine Black Negative Meridians were waiting to be cured! However, Yu ManTian just had to appear at such a time!

"Third Master just wants to have a fight right? You just have to say it." Ling Tian said impatiently.

Yu ManTian's eyes lit up, "Smart! Little gigolo, this Third Master has that intention!"

"Then come at me quickly, what are you still dawdling around for?" Out of Yu ManTian's expectations, Ling Tian was even more enthusiastic than him! Before Ling Tian finished his sentence, he had already adjusted his body into a posture ready for a fight. At that moment, Yu ManTian couldn't help but regret, If I had known that this brat was also a martial arts maniac, this Third Master would have come ten or twenty times already! Why did I have to fight the bunch of brats?

With a loud roar, Yu ManTian's fighting intent exploded as he took great strides over. With every step he took, everyone present could feel the ground shake slightly. As though he was a mountain, Yu ManTian walked over with an imposing pressure.

With the heart to quickly finish the battle to tend to more important things, how would Ling Tian have the interest to drag this battle out with Yu ManTian? A loud whistle could then be heard as Ling Tian's body lifted into the sky and flew towards Yu ManTian like a feather.

Yu ManTian's aura had already been condensed to the point where he only needed one more step to reach the peak of his aura. At that moment, it would be the best time for him to make his move! The attack launched would definitely be earth shaking! He was extremely clear about Ling Tian's abilities and understood that Ling Tian was no weaker than himself. Ling Tian definitely couldn't be compared to the five brats, and Yu ManTian naturally wouldn't show any mercy like how he did to the five brats!

Who would have thought that right before he took the last step, which was also the most important moment, his opponent would disappear from his sight? His originally towering aura suddenly seemed to have disappeared! At the same time, a powerful attack descended from above!

Ling Tian's feet seemed to have formed a spiral as he descended from the sky. His palm strike landed with an earth-shattering grandeur! When he was still 30 feet above Yu ManTian's head, the strong force generated from the palm strike had already made Yu ManTian's clothes flutter. The dust and sand below Yu ManTian also began to gather together as though there was a whirlpool.

Take the initiative to attack!

This move had completely destroyed Yu ManTian's aura and blocked all paths of escape. Yu ManTian could only face it head on!

As a XianTian expert, Yu ManTian was not flustered at all. Fighting with someone head-on also had its relevant techniques. Yu ManTian then let out a loud shout, which sounded like thunder in the bright sky, "Good move!" He then circulated his inner Qi to his palms as his burly body didn't bother avoiding the attack in the slightest. Springing off from the ground, his palms curved at an odd angle and he received Ling Tian's palms head on!

This was a secret art of the Yu Family: Three Palms Supporting the Heavens!

With a loud bang, a gigantic dust cloud could be seen and Yu BingYan felt the whole Ling residence tremble slightly. At the same time, she felt a stabbing pain in her ears as they began to ring. On top of that, the strong force of the collision also caused her to feel a strong wave of dizziness. Upon noticing that, Ling Chen quickly held onto Yu BingYan's palm and sent a wave of gentle inner qi over. Yu BingYan then felt a warmth in her heart as she shook off her dizziness and gave a smile to Ling Chen.

After the collision of their palms, Yu ManTian's body landed back on the ground and the tiles surrounding him began to shoot out in all directions! Furthermore, Yu ManTian's legs could be seen diving deeper and deeper into the soil until the point it reached his knees. With a loud roar, Yu ManTian circulated his inner Qi and jumped out of the ground. The black soil then spewed out like a fountain and two new craters appeared on the ground.

Being filled with inner qi, Yu ManTian's body was as firm as steel. After receiving Ling Tian's palm strike, he was like a nail that was hammered right into the ground!

With just a single move, it was enough to display the magnificence of both their skills. At the start, Ling Tian cleverly took the initiative to destroy Yu ManTian's built up aura and sealed all routes of his escape. At that time, Ling Tian could be said to have the upper hand and if Yu ManTian were to receive the attack head-on he would lose without a doubt. However, Yu ManTian was indeed an experienced individual, jumping up into the air and colliding with Ling Tian before he could fully accumulate his momentum. At the same time, he gave himself some leeway for retreat. Thus, while he did lose out a little, he didn't win or lose this exchange.