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Chapter 279: Pill Refining

Chapter 279: Pill Refining
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Ling Tian hadn't left the secret chamber for a full day and night.

In this day and night, DongFang JingLei of the DongFang Family had said their goodbyes to the Sky Bearing Imperial Family and left Sky Bearing. Almost at the same time, the BeiMing Family also left Sky Bearing.

The heads of the NanGong Family had also requested to see Ling Tian but were all stopped by Ling Chen. Furthermore, all of the news which came from the Ling Family Courtyard including the movements of the Yang Family and Qian ShuiRou were suppressed by Ling Chen.

All of these would have to wait until Ling Tian came out from his secret chamber.

At the same time, Yu BingYan and Ling Chen were both worried about Ling Tian as he hadn't slept for a full day and night. Thus, they took turns pacing around the entrance of the secret chamber. The dishes that they had prepared were reheated many times before they were thrown away. More dishes would then be made, reheated, and then thrown away… Such a process was repeated at least ten times.

Ling Chen had a profound cultivation and didn't display any signs of fatigue despite not sleeping for a night. Before this, Ling Tian had also done similar things before, entering into closed-door cultivation or refining elixirs. As such, she was still at ease despite her concern!

On the other hand, this was the first time that Yu BingYan had waited for Ling Tian like that and she was filled with worry. Especially after she heard Ling Chen say that Ling Tian was trying to refine a medicine to help cure her Divine Black Negative Meridians, she was touched to the point that she wanted to burst out into tears. However, her Divine Black Negative Meridians were something that even the world's number one Yu Family had no way to cure. Just how could Ling Tian come up with a solution? Refining medicine was something that was extremely strenuous and taxing on one's body. If Ling Tian were to overwork himself from refining medicine for Yu BingYan, wouldn't she feel guilty for her entire life?

Haiz! My silly Tian'ge! Don't you know that I would rather remain uncured for the rest of my life then see any harm fall upon you?

In this day and night, both the ladies felt as though the wait was a full year long with Yu BingYan especially suffering. At the start, they would still chat with each other casually to pass the time. But as time went on, both of their lips became sealed as they stared at the entrance of the secret chamber with worry all over their faces.

In the secret chamber, Ling Tian had also reached a critical period. In order to refine this top grade Great Cyclic Pellet, Ling Tian felt that he had already made sufficient preparation, preparing large quantities of every single herb. Before this, he had even practiced the refinement method of the Great Cyclic Pellet with ordinary herbs and would be greeted with success. Thus, Ling Tian was extremely confident that he would be able to successfully refine the Great Cyclic Pellet.

However, Ling Tian never expected that using true top grade herbs and his previous experiments would differ so greatly. Especially to refine the Blood Ginseng and Ice Fire Lotus, while they complemented each other greatly, they also opposed each other like fire and water.

In the process of extracting the essence of the other herbs, everything went smoothly just like it did in his previous experiments. Just when Ling Tian confidently placed the Ice Fire Lotus and Blood Ginseng into the same cauldron and carefully lit up the flame, he never expected the herbs to oppose each other upon being heated. Both the herbs each took up a side of the cauldron with an obvious separation between them. Despite trying a few times, the situation never changed. As such, this gave Ling Tian a great headache; if the two herbs wouldn't want to come into contact with each other, how would they be able to merge together to form a pill? Furthermore, these two herbs couldn't be sliced up like the other herbs. If the spiritual Qi within it were to dissipate from being sliced up, the effects of the pill formed by it would be greatly reduced.

Helpless, Ling Tian could only use the clumsiest method. He controlled the fire with his right hand and held on to a short dagger made of jade with his left hand, placing it on the cauldron and sending his inner qi into the cauldron through the dagger. He then used his inner qi to lock onto the two herbs and prevent them from separating. However, this method would mean that Ling Tian would have to suffer!

The biggest taboo of refining pills would be the introduction of any metals. The only exception would be jade which was not a metal. However, an item made of jade was extremely fragile and unable to endure a large amount of inner qi. Furthermore, the cauldron was made out of steel and it was half a foot thick. When Ling Tian had forged the cauldron, he had only pursued sturdiness and it was naturally extremely bulky. Now, his inner qi had to pass through the jade dagger to control the cauldron and then pass through the cauldron to control the herbs. As such, it resulted in a huge exhaustion of his inner qi! It wasn't that Ling Tian didn't want to place his palm on the cauldron directly, but if he were to do so, his palm would definitely be charred when the temperature of the cauldron increased. No matter how dense his inner qi, he wouldn't be able to fight the high temperature.

But if he were to constantly supply inner qi into the cauldron, his inner qi would be exhausted extremely quickly. Even with Ling Tian's pure XianTian Qi of the ninth stage of the Divine Shocking Dragon Formula, he was only able to endure for two hours before being exhausted. At that moment, the two main herbs in the cauldron had only begun to merge! Only until both the herbs had spent some time merging with each other, with their spiritual qi being able to accept each other would the herbs not repel each other. That would also be the best time for the pill to be formed.

At that same time, the flame couldn't be increased and should be maintained at an appropriate well controlled and balanced level. If one were to rush the formation of the pill, the herbs in the cauldron would definitely be reduced into ashes!

Ling Tian could no longer back down!

No matter what, I have to succeed! Ling Tian's eyes remained calm as his inner qi was transmitted steadily. A while later, he began to shut his eyes and focused on transmitting his inner qi with his left hand while his right hand controlled the fire. While the scene looked to be calm and tranquil, a great danger was boiling beneath that tranquility!

Four hours had passed…

Six hours… Ling Tian's forehead was already filled with beads of sweat, and his face had also turned pale.

Twelve hours had passed, and Ling Tian's face was drenched with sweat as his hair stuck onto his face with his clothes completely soaked. At the same time, his face was also unnaturally pale with an unhealthy shade of red being seen on his cheeks. The veins by his temple also began to bulge as he clenched his teeth tightly…

Ling Tian never imagined that the Great Cyclic Pellet wouldn't be fully condensed even after a full 12 hours! After all, he only took four hours during the experiments he had. The cauldron was like a bottomless pit, absorbing all of Ling Tian's dense XianTian qi without any signs of slowing down.

At this moment, Ling Tian's inner qi was already completely exhausted! His eyesight was also becoming blurry as an unresigned spirit burned in the depths of his heart. Ling Tian then let out a loud roar and transmitted his last strand of inner qi into the cauldron. His vision went black and Ling Tian lost consciousness. But just before he lost consciousness, he could vaguely smell a strange aroma which made Ling Tian heave a sigh of relief.

A long while later, Ling Tian began to wake up gradually and the fire under the cauldron had already been unknowingly extinguished. Looking a the cauldron in front of him, Ling Tian felt an inexplicable feeling in his heart. Unsure about the outcome of the refinement of the Great Cyclic Pellet, Ling Tian didn't have the courage to even open up the pill cauldron.

Taking a deep breath, Ling Tian calmed himself down and sat up slowly. Only then did he realize that his whole body was extremely weak without any strength left in his body. With a laugh, he thought to himself, Even if I really failed, I must know the outcome at the very least. How can I, as a man, be acting in such a wishy-washy manner?! Without hesitating any further, Ling Tian stretched out his right hand and lifted the lid of the cauldron. Following which, the cauldron was slowly opened and a dense aroma spread across the room. Ling Tian then felt his whole body lighten up as though power permeated through his limbs.

At the base of the cauldron, over a hundred red-colored, bean-sized pills lay silently. They were all well-rounded and transparent, glistening like a diamond. The strange aroma was wafting out from the pills and one would feel a wave of relaxation fill them from just smelling the aroma.

I have finally succeeded! Ling Tian shut his eyes and felt a huge burden lifted off his shoulders with a hysterical joy breaking out in his heart. At this moment, Ling Tian almost felt like bursting out in song.

These pills in front of him represented the fact that Ling Tian's invincible army would be born into the world! With the strength of Ling Jian and the rest, as long as they consumed the Great Cyclic Pellet, it would definitely add twenty years worth of cultivation to their strength! At that time, their personal strength would definitely be unrivaled in the world! Apart from a few others, they would be invincible!

During such a critical moment when war was about to break out, the ability for a sudden rise in strength made Ling Tian feel as though there was no longer anything he needed to be wary of!

Ling Tian then quickly took out the jade bottles that he had previously prepared and placed the Great Cyclic Pellets into them carefully. Only after he sealed up all the bottles and ensured that none were left in the cauldron did he let out a long sigh of relief. In that instant, he felt fatigue hit him with full force and almost fell asleep on the spot. Ling Tian then quickly stabbed himself in the thigh to wake himself up. This was definitely not the time to be sleeping but the best time to recover his inner qi.

Taking out a Great Cyclic Pellet, Ling Tian sat cross-legged on the floor and began circulating his Divine Shocking Dragon Formula. At the start, he felt that his inner core was completely empty and could only feel a small trace of inner qi swimming around his meridians. The speed of the inner qi gradually grew faster as it completed a full cycle in an instant. All of remaining inner qi in his meridians was then swept up completely as it formed a large current surging in his inner core. Ling Tian could clearly feel that he had made significant progress in his inner qi after the exhaustion today!

Right at the time when his inner qi was at its peak, Ling Tian placed the Great Cyclic Pellet in his mouth and felt a cold pill go down his throat. Shortly after that, a warm and powerful flow exploded in his inner core! An unblockable wave of medicinal effect rose in from his inner core and permeated his whole body, making him feel as though his whole body was on fire.

Ling Tian then tried his best to control his inner qi to guide this powerful source of medicinal effects according to the circulation path of his Divine Shocking Dragon Formula.

With a loud bang, Ling Tian felt as though his whole body was truly lit on fire! The hairband on Ling Tian's head also exploded as his long black hair shot up into the air and a powerful force burst forth from his body. At the same time, the white robe on Ling Tian's body also exploded into smithereens and he became completely naked!

As Ling Tian guided the powerful medicinal effects of the Great Cyclic Pellet, he attempted to merge it with his own inner qi but just couldn't succeed. The moment both the forces touched each other, they would be instantly separated as though they were opposite poles of a magnet.

If that's the case, let me sharpen myself! Thinking about this, Ling Tian's eyes suddenly turned red and steeled his heart, circulating all of his inner qi to attack the tenth stage of the Divine Shocking Dragon Formula!