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Chapter 281: Pine Forest

Chapter 281: Pine Forest
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Ling Chen took the note to take a look and couldn't help but smile, "When we ambushed the XiMen Family and Blood Slaughter Pavilion, we didn't find a trace of Ye BaiFei from the start to the end of the whole incident. Ye BaiFei's martial arts aren't weak, and he has a resolute personality. If he were to be left alone to do as he wishes, he would be a possible threat to young noble's plans. Thus, when young noble was dealing with XiMen Qing in the Smoky Thea Tower, I got Ling Jian to lead Ling Chi and the rest to the hiding spot of the Blood Slaughter Pavilion. Just as we had expected, Ye BaiFei had not recovered from his injuries yet and didn't have anyone to guard him. Thus, Ling Jian and the rest had captured him without much difficulty, and he is presently being locked up in the Ling Family Courtyard."

With regards to Ye BaiFei, Ling Chen was extremely wary towards him. While she had beaten Ye BaiFei before, his martial arts were no weaker than Ling Jian and his means were cruel and unscrupulous, thus making him a difficult enemy to deal with. Especially after how Ling Tian had wiped out almost all of the assassins of the Blood Slaughter Pavilion, it was inevitable for Ling Tian to form an irreconcilable blood feud with Ye BaiFei and the organization behind him. If Ye BaiFei were to be let loose in Sky Bearing, he would definitely hide in the shadows to wait for an opportunity. With his bizarre assassination methods, he was definitely a threat to Ling Tian and the whole Ling Family. Thus, this was the first time Ling Chen had issued an order before receiving Ling Tian's approval.

Ling Tian let out a smile and praised, "Good job, it was a good decision." After considering for a moment, he said, "Ye BaiFei is a rare assassin and it would be a waste for him to be killed. I will decide how to deal with him after I have a conversation with him!"

After which, Ling Tian skimmed through the other slips of paper, saying as he read them, "Chen'er, you and Yan'er should go to the secret chamber to consume a Great Cyclic Pellet each. Your Divine Ice Formula would be a good complement to the elementally opposing Great Cyclic Pellet. You should only let Yan'er consume the pill after you have completely refined the medicinal effect of the pill. You should help her to digest the surging medicinal effect of the Great Cyclic Pellet and help her to nurse her illness. With the aid of your Divine Ice Formula, you would definitely achieve twice the effect with half the effort. Right, about that Qian ShuiRou…" Before he finished his sentence, Ling Tian realized that the last few strips of paper was news regarding Qian ShuiRou and couldn't help but be startled.

"She led her men and left Sky Bearing today morning?" Ling Tian asked with a frown, "In which direction did she go towards?"

Ling Chen thought for a moment before replying, "She should have left with the envoy of Northern Wei and should have gone to Northern Wei." After thinking for a while, she added on, "This piece of news came from the Violent Wind Gang less than four hours ago and it shouldn't be wrong."

"Less than four hours ago…" Ling Tian paced around and felt that something was wrong. Qian ShuiRou obviously showed signs of colluding with Sky Bearing's Imperial Family and the Ling Family was still unaware of it as it was probably due to the Imperial Family concealing the matter. But right at this critical moment where a battle could break out between Sky Bearing and Northern Wei at any time, Qian ShuiRou had actually gone with the Northern Wei's envoy. This made Ling Tian feel extremely uncomfortable as an inexplicable sense of danger filled his heart.

"Chen'er, you can shut down all the traps in the secret chamber when helping Yan'er consume the Great Cyclic Pellet. Don't come out first and you can only leave the secret chamber after the medicinal effect of the Great Cyclic Pellet is fully refined. I will follow them secretly to see what is going on. Mmm, you can order Ling Jian to follow behind me." Ling Tian then walked towards the outside, disappearing the moment he said the last word.

A loud neigh could then be heard and the sound of a galloping horse became more and more distant.

From Ling Tian's expression, Ling Chen could tell that something was wrong so she immediately sent the order out to Ling Jian.

Ever since Ling Tian tested the Great Cyclic Pellet in the secret chamber, he could feel that the Great Cyclic Pellet was indeed extremely effective in increasing one's cultivation. From the density of his own inner qi, Ling Tian could feel that his cultivation had taken a large step forward. The martial techniques which he had to strain himself to use could now be freely executed. The only pity was the fact that the Great Cyclic Pellet was only able to increase the amount of inner Qi but not his personal realm! While the density of his inner Qi could be increased, his personal realm could only be slowly comprehended from countless battles. Only then would he be able to achieve another breakthrough in his Divine Shocking Dragon Formula.

In the secret chamber, Ling Tian didn't manage to break through into the tenth stage of the Divine Shocking Dragon Formula. In truth, he also didn't think that he was able to achieve that breakthrough. Each of the last three stages of the Divine Shocking Dragon Formula was at least two times more difficult than the previous stage! Furthermore, he would feel as though he was dragged into hell when he attacked certain acupoints. The only reason why Ling Tian tried to attack the tenth stage this time was because the medicinal effect of the Great Cyclic Pellet was far too vigorous and he was helpless in dispelling it. His own inner qi and the portion he had absorbed was already opposing the medicinal effect of the external source of inner qi as it ran rampant in his meridians. However, Ling Tian didn't wish to waste the unabsorbed portion of the inner qi and could only force it to merge with his inner qi by attacking the tenth stage.

The inner qi which had already absorbed could naturally be effortlessly controlled by him. However, the remaining medicinal effect was like an unpolished gem in his body, making his body feel as though it was on fire. Furthermore, the process of attacking the next stage was filled with pain and agony, as though the medicinal effect was like unpolished jade being ground and polished, like magma being cooled to become a warm current.

Indeed, after the brutal process of attacking the tenth stage, the unabsorbed medicinal effect had all been transformed into pure inner qi, merging together with Ling Tian's inner qi. However, this first experience at attacking the tenth stage had already made Ling Tian feel as though he had been through hell.

Just why did Ling Tian dare to let Yu BingYan and Ling Chen consume the Great Cyclic Pellet, despite his inability to absorb it at his own cultivation realm? This was because of the fact that everything in nature had an opposing force and could complement each other.

The main ingredients to refining the Great Cyclic Pellet this time was the Blood Ginseng and Ice Fire Lotus. The Ice Fire Lotus had both fire and ice element in harmony with the ice element being slightly more dominant. As for the Blood Ginseng, it was a Yang item with a pure fire element. Thus, while the medicinal effect of the Great Cyclic Pellet was far more powerful than an ordinary Great Cyclic Pellet, it also tended towards the fire element. If an ordinary person were to consume the pill, he would definitely be tortured by the pure Yang fire element. Even with Ling Tian's ability, he felt as though his whole body was lit on fire and had to go through a torturous process before fully absorbing all the medicinal effect of the Great Cyclic Pellet! Thus, while the Great Cyclic Pellet was a top grade one, Ling Jian, Ling Chi and the rest would probably also be tortured by the consumption of the pill.

All items in the world would have something else that opposes it. A pure Yang Great Cyclic Pellet was the best nourishment for someone who cultivates the Divine Ice Formula, and the Divine Ice Formula would be easily able to diminish the fiery effects of the Great Cyclic Pellet. Ling Chen could even use the effect of the Great Cyclic Pellet to further purify her Divine Ice Formula. Thus, by just considering the gains she could receive from the Great Cyclic Pellet, Ling Chen was a notch above the rest including Ling Tian.

The reason why Ling Tian rushed out so quickly was one, to follow Qian ShuiRou, and two, to allow Ling Chen to face the medicinal effects of the Great Cyclic Pellet alone! If she could persevere through this with her own willpower, she would receive the greatest benefit! If Ling Tian were to be by the side, he would definitely take action upon seeing the look of Ling Chen suffering. However, that wouldn't be beneficial to Ling Chen's cultivation and would cause her great damage instead. If he wasn't careful, Ling Chen might be unable to make any progress in her martial arts forever!

Using a pill to forcefully increase one's cultivation was originally an action which went against the heavens! If one were to receive the aid of another, then the inner qi that was gained would have come too easily. For her inner qi to come too easily, it would definitely obstruct Ling Chen's realm from increasing in future! If that's the case, even if she were to receive a 20-year boost of cultivation, her realm would forever be stagnant and the losses would far exceed the gains!

But for Yu BingYan, this wasn't a concern at all. Her Divine Black Negative Meridians would naturally neutralize the effects of the Great Cyclic Pellet, and the effects of the Great Cyclic Pellet also wouldn't increase her cultivation. The medicinal effect of the Great Cyclic Pellet would only nourish her present cultivation, and she could reap the benefits without doing anything. Furthermore, Ling Chen would be guarding by her side to ensure that nothing goes wrong. Thus, Ling Tian was not worried in the slightest.

Ling Tian exited from the north gates and his horse sprinted rapidly! The scenery around him passed by him rapidly and was thrown behind him quickly.

In his heart, he could feel that something frightening was about to happen. However, he was unable to tell what exactly was about to happen. If he couldn't find Qian ShuiRou to find out just what was about to happen, Ling Tian wouldn't be able to be at ease.

Northern Wei and Sky Bearing weren't too far apart from each other, a mere thousand miles apart. Even from the capital of Northern Wei to Sky Bearing City, it was only 1300 miles. 1 A top-notch horse would easily be able to travel that distance in a few days. Ling Tian was only afraid that Qian ShuiRou would abandon the other troops and horses, rushing to Northern Wei with the martial arts experts around her. Thus, Ling Tian gave chase with everything he had.

There was a small hill in the front with a black pine forest which stretched a few miles behind the hill. After less than a hundred miles from the black pine forest was the border city of Sky Bearing, Nine Swallow City. At the same time, it was also the place where General Ling Xiao was guarding.

From afar, a large flock of birds flew into the skies from black pine forest, letting out a loud shrill cry before flying away.

There is actually an ambush ahead? Ling Tian sneered and entered the forest quickly. The moment he entered the forest, he intentionally sped up his horse before dismounting from it and letting it sprint towards the depths of the forest.

Ling Tian then smiled cruelly, Hehe, to think that you guys would lay an ambush along the way. However, if you guys are not from the 21st century, you guys can dream about ambushing me! Do you guys really think that you are like the green-dressed expert?

Forget it, this young noble will show all of you what a real ambush is! What is a real assassination! Those little tricks of yours are nothing in this young noble's eyes!

Ling Tian looked towards the sky before looking towards the dense forest and small forest train. Turning around, Ling Tian had already taken off his white robes and flipped it inside out. The inner side of his white robe was actually navy blue in color and Ling Tian blended into the pine forest as he wore the robe. At times, he would transform into an ordinary pine tree and at times a shadow in the sunlight.