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Chapter 282: Blood Path

Chapter 282: Blood Path
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Moving about in the shadows at high speed, Ling Tian's body was like a formless spirit, floating around in the forest as he went deep into the forest.

A short while later, Ling Tian could suddenly smell a strange stench coming from ahead. Taking another sniff, Ling Tian was certain that it was the smell of blood! Furthermore, it was the blood of someone who had just died!

About 50 feet ahead, six to seven corpses lay on the ground.

Just what is going on? The person who they wanted to ambush wasn't me but someone else?

Ling Tian didn't dare delay as he observed his surroundings carefully. Only after he didn't realize anything strange did he drift down slowly with only the tip of his foot touching the ground. This was a habit which Ling Tian had from his previous life: under no circumstances should he leave behind his footprint for anyone to see. While this world didn't have such high-tech methods, Ling Tian had always believed that it would never be wrong to be careful.

Looking ahead, Ling Tian couldn't help but be shocked! Ling Tian had seen these seven men before!

These were all men from the envoy regiment of Northern Wei. In the scholarly meeting when Ling Tian invited Meng LiGe, these men had even tried to stop him by the door. Who would have thought that they would actually die here? Just who was the one who killed them?

Did the Northern Wei Envoy break out into a conflict with Qian ShuiRou? That can't be possible!

From their appearances, these seven men didn't have any injuries and their faces were still calm, looking as though they had merely fallen asleep. After a slight consideration, Ling Tian undid one of the man's shirt and couldn't help but nod his head with a mumble, "Indeed so." Following which, he undid the shirts of all the other guards and saw the same sight.

In the center of their chest was a slight imprint. It wasn't red and swollen at all and the bones under the chest weren't broken at all. Without taking a closer look, it was impossible for one to even see the injury. However, Ling Tian could immediately tell that this injury was inflicted by the dense inner qi of an expert! With a single palm strike to their chest, their bodies were shaken up by the inner qi, causing all their meridians to be ruptured and taking away their lives! From the surface, it was impossible to observe any traces of injuries.

The murderer was definitely one, or a few inner qi experts! Even if the martial arts of the murderer couldn't be compared to him, it wouldn't be too far below either! To think that there may be more than one expert at such a level!

Ling Tian then stood up with a smile. If there was really more than one murderer, it wouldn't be something too surprising. After all, the martial arts level of the murderer would be comparable to Yu ManTian at the very most and Ling Tian could deal with such an expert easily. Right when Ling Tian was about to turn around and walk away, his face suddenly changed as he turned his head around with an incredulous expression on his face.

Ling Tian suddenly remembered that the looks on all seven of their faces were the same. They were all extremely calm as though they were sleeping. For them to have such similar expressions, it meant that there can only be one murderer!

To kill someone motionlessly with a single palm strike was what Ling Tian specialized in. However, for the faces of all seven of them to be completely calm, it showed that they had died at the same time! If not, for the seven of them to be so near to each other, there would definitely be a look of terror on some of their faces if one of them were to die slightly later! However, not a single trace of terror could be seen!

What does this represent? Exceptional inner qi with lightning fast movement techniques and an ice cold heart!

This conclusion was far too frightening. Even if Ling Tian were to achieve another breakthrough, it was impossible for him to kill all seven of them at the exact same time without giving them the time to even react. Just who was the murderer?

Ling Tian's back was filled with cold sweat as he thought, Could it be him?

In Ling Tian's heart, there was only one plausible culprit: the mysterious green-dressed man! It turns out that he is here too! Why is he here for?

"500,000 taels of silver! I am sorry, but I only have 500,000 taels of silver on me. However, I will get this Southern Seas Sandalwood Pearl for sure." This voice suddenly appeared in Ling Tian's head as the image of the green-dressed man's calm expression surfaced in his head.

"Oh no! So this is the case! The treasure was the cause of this calamity! It is really like the saying, 'a commoner is guiltless, but having a treasure is a sin'. Yang Wei who doesn't know how to control his tongue is guilty and even the powerful Qian ShuiRou isn't an exception either!" Ling Tian's countenance changed completely.

No wonder Qian ShuiRou would abandon the road and enter into this dense forest! So it was the green-dressed man who was chasing them!

Ling Tian's body then lifted into their air as he sprinted forward without bothering to remain concealed!

Qian ShuiRou, to think that you would be a victim of your own wisdom! To think that you would spend 18,000,000 taels of silver to buy a ticket to hell! However, you must definitely not die! At the very least, you can't die before telling me your schemes.

Along the way, corpses could be seen all around and the traces of battle were becoming more and more obvious. Very obviously, Qian ShuiRou had changed her directions at least seven to eight times to shake off the chase of the green-dressed man. However, the green-dressed man would be able to catch up to her all the time. Every time they fought, a few corpses would be left behind. From the battlefield and the looks of the corpses, it was obvious that they weren't too weak either. However, their opponent was just far too frightening, frightening to the point even Ling Tian would feel fear when facing him!

She really wasn't a simple character. To think that the Qian ShuiRou lass would be so resolute and willing to give up her subordinates!

As Ling Tian sprinted, he praised her in his heart. Under such circumstances, abandoning the soldiers and protecting the general was the best choice! Obviously, Qian ShuiRou knew that she wouldn't be able to win even if they were to combine the strength of everyone present. Thus, she instantly decided to choose such a cruel method! She would only leave a few men behind to hold the green-dressed man back while the bulk of their troops continued on.

While the green-dressed man was an expert, but with his opponents being prepared and ready to fight to the death, it wasn't impossible for them to hold him back for a short while. Through the accumulation of many 'short whiles', it was enough for Qian ShuiRou to widen their gap.

The corpses increased in number as their appearance became closer and closer to each other. Furthermore, the way they died was a sight that was too appalling to endure. Ling Tian knew that the green-dressed man was already enraged by Qian ShuiRou's unending tricks! Thus, the force he used was no longer as well controlled as before.

Ling Tian stopped and looked at two corpses in front of him, letting out a sigh. Ling Tian had only seen these two men before once but could clearly remember their appearances. Not for any other reasons, but because these two men were top-notch experts in the world today!

These were two of the eight guards by Qian ShuiRou's side! These two men also suffered tragic deaths. One of them had his forehead smashed into smithereens with blood flowing out from his nose and ears. While the blood was still flowing, he had already taken his last breath. The other person's body was folded in an odd manner, parallel to his legs. It was obvious that his backbone was already shattered!

To think that these two experts who were extremely close to the XianTian realm couldn't escape with their lives! Furthermore, it was obvious that the green-dressed man didn't use any weapons to kill them! If that's the case, just how frightening were the green-dressed man's martial arts? Along the way, Ling Tian had already seen more than a hundred corpses and the killing intent of this green-dressed man was probably no weaker than Ling Jian. However, such an assassin was one who Ling Tian had never heard of before!

From afar, the sound of shouting could be heard with a loud bang following behind it. Ling Tian quickly determined the direction which it came from and rushed forward like a bolt of lightning!

A step too late again!

In the dense forest, it was obvious that fighting had already taken place. Furthermore, a large piece of land was actually void of grass and bushes with only the soil being left. At the same time, that piece of land was two inches lower than the surrounding land with the surface being extremely even. The land was cleared by the force of a palm strike!

Four corpses could be seen on the ground in four different directions! They were four of the eight guards by Qian ShuiRou's side. At that moment, Ling Tian felt his whole body turn cold!

Just what kind of strength was this?! Was this the strength that a human could have?

To think that he could kill over a hundred people single-handedly! Six top-notch experts dying tragic deaths one after another! The frightening cultivation of the green-dressed man, strength of his martial arts, ruthlessness of his heart, and unscrupulous means couldn't be doubted!

Ling Tian was certain that if he were to face these four experts alone, he would definitely be able to kill the four of them after a period of time without any injuries. However, Ling Tian knew that it was impossible for him to kill the four of them in such a short time after giving chase for a thousand miles and killing more than a hundred people! No matter how strong his body was, it was still made of flesh and blood! How could he endure such exhaustion?!

A light wind could be felt from his back and Ling Tian was immediately alerted, knowing that there was someone behind him. Ling Tian was shocked at the movement techniques of the person behind him but didn't turn his head around. He couldn't turn his head around and didn't dare to do so!

The moment he felt the light wind, Ling Tian was already on full alert. At this moment, while Ling Tian's back was facing the person, his whole body was already on full alert and ready to take action at any time. The moment Ling Tian turned around, he would definitely reveal an opening for his opponent to attack and would be on the losing end for sure.

Facing such an expert, even a slight moment of carelessness would send him into the depths of hell!

"So it is you." Just as Ling Tian had expected, the person behind him was the mysterious green-dressed man. However, Ling Tian never expected the green-dressed man's tone to be so calm, "Why are you here? Are you here for the Southern Seas Sandalwood Pearl? I know that you are also interested in this item!"

From his tone, while it was slightly interrogative, there wasn't an indication of him wanting to take action. Thus, Ling Tian let out a sigh of relief and turned around, "Mister is here for the treasure and your intentions are obvious. How would Ling Tian dare to create any trouble for you? Ling Tian is only here for a single person." Ling Tian turned around completely and met this mysterious expert face to face! The person in front of him was an unrivaled death god! However, Ling Tian suddenly felt his mood to be completely calm, as though it was like a still lake reflecting the affairs of the world while absorbing the mysteries of the heavens!

"Here for the treasure, hahaha, what a good guess, here for the treasure! Your guess is right, and I am here for the treasure!" The green-dressed man seemed to be in a good mood as he continued, "With your status, you shouldn't be putting yourself in such dangers. For you to give chase alone, are you not afraid that I will suddenly kill you? You have to know, you are probably dying to kill me in your heart to get rid of future troubles! Even if I were to kill you, it would be only right for me to do so."