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Chapter 283: Battle of Auras

Chapter 283: Battle of Auras

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"There are some things a man should do and others that he shouldn't do!" Ling Tian said proudly, "I am called Ling Tian. If I were to act cowardly and not dare to come here out of fear, would I still be Ling Tian? Would I be able to rule over the world?!" As he said that, Ling Tian said with a trace of ridicule in his tone, "Furthermore, while Sir's martial arts may be high, are you sure that you can kill me?"

The green-dressed man was stunned for a moment as a trace of killing intent flashed past his eyes. However, Ling Tian ignored the killing intent and continued, "Are you really so certain that you can kill me now?"

No matter how powerful the green-dressed man was, he was still a human after all. After fighting the many experts in the Smoky Thea Tower, he chased after Qian ShuiRou for a thousand miles and killed more than a hundred individuals. After fighting many experts continuously, Ling Tian didn't believe that the green-dressed man wasn't exhausted at all. Therefore, Ling Tian was burning with killing intent at this moment! If Ling Tian wanted to kill the green-dressed man, this would definitely be a heaven-sent opportunity and a rare chance!

The green-dressed man suddenly burst into laughter. The fact that the green-dressed man would actually burst out into laughter was uncharacteristic of him. Thus, this sudden laughter caught Ling Tian off guard.

"Ling Tian is Ling Tian indeed!" The green-dressed man praised, "You were actually able to achieve a breakthrough in your martial arts in just a single night! No wonder you dare to face me and act so arrogantly."

Ling Tian twitched his lips and said, "Thank you for the compliment. Ling Tian has been like that since I was born and have had such a character since birth."

The green-dressed man shook his head, and he reverted to his usual expression. With a chilly tone, he said calmly, "It is a pity that you are wrong! Do you think that I really can't kill you now? It isn't that I couldn't kill you, it is that I didn't want to! Even in my present condition, I would be able to kill you easily!"

"Hahaha…" Ling Tian burst out into laughter, "Sir, you are far too confident. Ling Tian will gladly seek some advice from you."

Ling Tian would never believe that the green-dressed man would still have enough strength to kill him despite giving chase to Qian ShuiRou for a thousand miles!

Do you really think that you are the number one expert in the world?

The green-dressed man then stared at Ling Tian and said calmly, "You want to kill me?!" After pausing for a moment, even the green-dressed man felt that it was an incredulous matter and repeated himself again, "You actually dare to direct killing intent at me?" All of a sudden, his aura grew violent.

Ling Tian looked at him silently and circulated the inner qi in his body and said calmly, "Yes. Your existence poses far too great a threat to me! For such a chance to be right in front of me, I don't want to let go of it!" The green-dressed man's sensitive intuition could already detect the killing intent in Ling Tian's heart. If Ling Tian chose to deny it, it would be completely pointless and unbecoming of his status as an expert.

"Ah ah ah," the green-dressed man smiled and said with a reminiscing tone, "it has been almost ten years. In the past ten years, no one has ever dared to say that they wanted to kill me in front of me. I finally heard it again today." He then looked at Ling Tian with mocking expression and said, "It seems that you won't give up if I don't let you try."

"Then let me try to kill you once." Ling Tian asked calmly, as though he was bargaining for groceries in the market. It was as though a life and death battle was already something extremely ordinary and unimportant in the eyes of both the green-dressed man and Ling Tian.

However, these few words separated life and death…

"Alright!" When the green-dressed man said that, he was extremely serious and cautious, "I shall let you try once!"

Ling Tian had already been circulating his inner qi and waiting for a chance. After hearing what the green-dressed man had said, he also replied seriously, "Thank you!"

The green-dressed man chuckled as his gaze sharpened, "I first heard your name five years ago, but only became interested in you a month ago." His tone was mellow and seemed to contain a unique rhythm, "For you to be recommended by Ye QingChen, you are indeed extraordinary. However, I am not Ye QingChen!"

Right when the green-dressed man said that, Ling Tian suddenly felt as though his surroundings were frozen and it became difficult for him to even breathe. Heaven and earth suddenly seemed to have been joined into a single entity at this moment, and Ling Tian felt as though he was a fish in a frozen lake! Even moving a finger was something difficult for him to achieve.

Just what kind of a realm is this?! Is this a realm that a human can achieve?!

The green-dressed man placed his arms behind his back and looked towards Ling Tian with a profound gaze. While he didn't make a single move, heaven and earth had shifted from his aura alone!

While Ling Tian was shocked in his heart, he wasn't anxious in the slightest. He circulated his Divine Shocking Dragon Formula to the extreme at this moment! His eyes stared straight into the green-dressed man's eyes without avoiding it at all as a dense aura exploded forth!

After a loud 'Bo', both their auras collided together like two ancient spirits, colliding together with the majestic aura of the world exploding forth.

It was as though time had stopped at this moment! With a loud bang, the surrounding vegetation for 100 feet around them was completely blown away, with soil and vegetation shooting out in all directions.

Ling Tian's body then shook slightly with his body almost collapsing backward before he forcefully supported himself. A trace of redness could be seen on his fair face before it quickly faded away.

"You are indeed exceptional. No wonder you have the confidence to rule the heavens!" The green-dressed man praised as his body leaned forward slightly.

After the green-dressed man leaned forward slightly, Ling Tian suddenly felt as though the whole world was crushing towards him! Ling Tian suddenly felt as though his surroundings had become pressurized! He quickly circulated his inner qi and steam could be seen rising from his head. Then, a bolt of lightning seemed to have flashed past his eyes and he didn't let up in the slightest! With a cold laugh, Ling Tian replied, "There's still more to come!"

The green-dressed man then let out an 'eh', as though he was surprised that Ling Tian could actually block the attack of his aura! His right foot then stepped out all of a sudden as though it carried with it the force of a thousand catties. While his step was extremely slow, countless shadows could be seen despite the green-dressed man only taking out half a step!

While it was only half a step, in the eyes of others, it was as though he had taken a few thousand 'half steps'!

Bang! The green-dressed man stepped on the ground firmly and Ling Tian felt as though the whole forest, and even the whole Sky Bearing, had shaken from this single step!

However, his surroundings were still completely quiet. Ling Tian knew that the green-dressed man's half step actually didn't create too much of a physical effect. In fact, even the ant that had passed by the green-dressed man's foot wasn't affected in the slightest.

The tremor which Ling Tian felt was just his soul being shaken from that green-dressed man's step! To think that the actions of the green-dressed man were able to shake his very soul! It had even hindered the sensitivity of his senses!

"Puu!" Thinking about that, Ling Tian resolutely bit down on his tongue and spat out a mouthful of blood. At the same time, he regained his clarity from the pain of the bite. He could then see that the pine forest in front of him was just like before and without any change. Ling Tian felt a sense of lingering fear in his heart and a sense of ease.

The martial arts of the green-dressed man had already reached the point where he was able to manipulate nature and meld in with the heavens!

"Hahaha…" the green-dressed man burst out into laughter and straightened his back! After pressuring Ling Tian with his body's inner qi, the green-dressed man who was originally leaning forward straightened his back again!

Attacking and retreating at will! Attacking and defending as he wished and in complete control of his strength and actions.

Ling Tian suddenly felt as though the mountain like pressure in front of him had completely disappeared! Right when he was about to launch his full force attack, the pressure had suddenly disappeared! Not only that, the pressure seemed to have transformed into a huge whirlpool, pulling his body forward! His right foot then couldn't help but take another step forward! This produced a loud bang, as Ling Tian's step had indeed contained the inner qi of his whole body! The whole forest began to shake from the step as the skies turned dark and countless of pine cones began dropping from the tremor! At the same time, the originally lit sky was also blocked by the swaying branches.

After using all of his strength, Ling Tian was finally able to prevent himself from falling forward and preventing himself from making a fool out of himself!

The green-dressed man than looked at Ling Tian with a smile as though nothing had happened, "It seems that you are definitely unable to kill me now."

Ling Tian revealed a relaxed smile, "That's right, thankfully I can't kill you now."

"Mmm, it is indeed a good thing," the green-dressed man said with joy, "it is something worth celebrating."

Both of them then looked at each other and burst out into laughter together.

"You aren't too bad!" the green-dressed man said, "I really want to wait twenty years for you. At that time, a battle between us would definitely be much more interesting! In the world today, there are far too few people like us and we are destined to be lonely. What a pity, what a pity." The green-dressed man shook his head with regret, "You are growing far too quickly and some people will definitely not be able to wait anymore. If not for your noble status, you might be able to live for a longer time."

"Oh?" Ling Tian said arrogantly, "Twenty years? That's too long! Do you think that I will take such a long time? I won't let you remain lonely for such a long time!"

The green-dressed man studied Ling Tian for a moment before saying with a laugh, "Perhaps it is indeed a little long for you."

He then let out a sigh, "It is time for me to leave." Without even seeing his body move, the green-dressed man had disappeared completely, "I think that I will come to kill you very quickly. There are definitely some people who won't be willing to let you remain alive. If you can die under my hands, it would be your luck. Don't you agree? I really look forward to that day and yet hope that the day won't come so soon. Do you think that is extremely contradictory?!"

The words drifted over from afar, with the first and last word spoken at the exact same volume. However, the green-dressed man was already nowhere to be seen.

"What mystical movement techniques!" Ling Tian muttered, "What a dense inner qi!" Then, he said with a confident smile, "If you were to die under my hands one day, you probably won't feel indignant."

A soft laugh could then be heard from afar.