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Chapter 284: Taking Advantage

Chapter 284: Taking Advantage
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Ling Tian then suddenly remembered about something, "Did you kill that Qian ShuiRou?" His voice traveled afar, echoing in the forest, "Did you kill that… did you kill… did you…"

After which, the forest fell into a deathly silence without any response from the green-dressed man.

Ling Tian didn't stay there any longer and darted farther into the forest. While Ling Tian wasn't bothered about Qian ShuiRou's life and death, she obviously had some relations to the Sky Bearing Imperial Family. Furthermore, she actually went the same way with Northern Wei today and his own father had just set off to fight the Northern Wei army. Ling Tian just couldn't convince himself that their conspiracy had nothing to do with his father.

While Ling Tian was also born in an aristocratic family in his past life, he had never enjoyed any kind of kinship! Instead, he was framed and ostracized and even humiliated by his so-called brothers. Only the present Ling Family treated Ling Tian like a treasure, caring for him with all their heart. Thus, Ling Tian treasured the family in his present life greatly and he would never allow any harm to befall his family members. As long as there was even a slight sign that Qian ShuiRou was scheming something to deal with Ling Xiao, Ling Tian would never be able to ignore that fact. Despite the fact that he only suspected that something was up, Ling Tian would definitely get to the bottom of the matter!

I must stop them! Regardless of what their plan is and who their plan is targeted at!

Anyone who dares to touch my Ling Family must be eradicated!

Ling Tian's body was like a shadow darting around in the forest. At the same time, Ling Tian made full use of all his senses to observe the forest around him.

All of sudden, Ling Tian could hear the sound of a conversation coming from afar, with the mournful wails of suffering mixed within it. Ling Tian was immediately energized upon spotting the survivors! As long as there were survivors, things would be much easier.

Ling Tian then held his breath and concealed himself as he approached them.

"... little princess, leave with Die'er first. We are all heavily injured and would be no more than a burden to you. If you were to bring us along, the important matters would be delayed. Furthermore, your injuries aren't light either and there is no need for you to concern yourself with us." The person speaking had a weak tone with heavy panting and coughing mixed into the words. It was obvious that he had suffered some heavy injuries.

"Senior Zheng, you don't need to mention this matter again. I led our family's Eight Dragon Soul Warriors to Heavenly Star and unexpectedly offended an expert. Of the eight warriors, six are dead and two are injured. If I were to abandon Senior Zheng here, would I still be considered a human?" This was Qian ShuiRou's voice. However, she was slightly breathless and coughed occasionally as she spoke, obviously also suffering from internal injuries. She was no longer elegant and graceful, and her voice sounded extremely bitter.

"Little princess, please don't say that," another urgent voice panted, "that green-dressed man had obviously achieved the apex of martial arts and even the family head wouldn't be able to deal with him. It is already the biggest fortune for little princess to keep your life."

As though Qian ShuiRou was using her inner qi to treat his injuries, that person only let out a long breath after a long while, "We are extremely lucky to still be alive today. That person already heavily injured all of us, and he would definitely be able to kill us easily with his skill. After killing over a hundred people, why did he leave us alive? This is just too puzzling."

As these words were spoken, everyone quietened down as though they were pondering this.

Qian ShuiRou suddenly gasped as though she came to a realization, "I understand now. A few days ago, that green-dressed man said that he wanted to purchase the Southern Seas Sandalwood Pearl for 500,000 taels of silver. Yang Wei from the Yang Family offended that green-dressed man by insulting him and was killed because of that. Now that I think about it, who else would be able to kill Yang Wei from a distance of 500 feet? If not for the fact that he had heaven shaking abilities, how would he dare to buy that Southern Seas Sandalwood Pearl for a mere 500,000 taels? I only wanted to purchase the pearl and was still extremely happy about my success. Who would have thought that the only thing I bought was a ticket to hell!" Qian ShuiRou said with regret in her voice.

Everybody immediately came to a realization but remained silent.

Qian ShuiRou then continued, "That cunning Ling Tian must have realized the strength of that green-dressed man, thus not participating in the auction for the Southern Seas Sandalwood Pearl. He knew that the person who purchased the pearl would definitely not be able to escape from the green-dressed man. After that, he even took the blame for the green-dressed man and claimed that he was the one who killed Yang Wei. Not only was he able to suppress the Yang Family, he was also able to help conceal the true strength of the green-dressed man, causing us to be unaware of the green-dressed man's strength. If we had known about the green-dressed man's strength, we definitely wouldn't have been willing to offend such a terrifying enemy. No matter how precious the Southern Seas Sandalwood Pearl is, it can't compare to the lives of our brothers. Haiz, I am indeed inferior to him."

This time, Qian ShuiRou had indeed overestimated Ling Tian. No matter how smart Ling Tian was, he wouldn't be able to predict so far ahead. The matters today were purely coincidental.

Furthermore, they were unaware that the reason why they were able to keep their lives was one, because the green-dressed man had already achieved his goal and was unwilling to kill anymore, and two, the green-dressed man realized that there was another 'expert' arriving. The brilliance of Ling Tian's concealment methods had made the green-dressed man excited to hunt his prey. After already obtaining what he had come for, the green-dressed man immediately turned around to face the 'expert' behind him.

After the green-dressed man realized that the one behind him was Ling Tian, he immediately knew that the person who would benefit the most from Qian ShuiRou dying was definitely Ling Tian. So, he no longer had the heart to kill Qian ShuiRou. The green-dressed man was clear that Ling Tian was definitely aware of the fact that he wasn't a match for himself. Since Ling Tian still appeared despite that, the only possibility was that he was here for Qian ShuiRou. Under such circumstances, he would definitely end up being caught in a pincer by Qian ShuiRou and Ling Tian if he were to insist on killing Qian ShuiRou. While the green-dressed man wasn't afraid of that, he wouldn't receive any benefits from it. Thus, the green-dressed man chose to take his leave after having a small exchange with Ling Tian. After all, Qian ShuiRou was an insignificant figure in his heart, and his departure would be akin to giving Ling Tian a huge favor. Since he would be able to repay Ling Tian's favor for taking the blame, why not?

Just from this point alone, it could be said that Ling Tian was Qian ShuiRou's savior!

Ling Tian quickly traversed tens of feet in the forest. With the dense vegetation in the forest, touching the branches slightly would definitely create some sound. However, Ling Tian passed by the dense thickets without making a single sound!

Just based on his skills of concealment, Ling Tian was without a doubt the number one in the world! Even the Saint realm green-dressed man wouldn't be able to compete with Ling Tian in this aspect!

In the front was a large clearing with four individuals sitting down with their legs crossed. Qian ShuiRou, the maid called Die'er and two old men. They were the two oldest and strongest guards of Qian ShuiRou's eight guards. The two old men also looked alike and were probably brothers. Blood stains could be seen on their chest with their snow-white beard being stained with blood as well, obviously suffering from serious injuries. While Qian ShuiRou had already treated them with her inner Qi, it was difficult for them to recover in such a short time.

Among the four of them, the one who had the lightest injuries was the maid called Die'er. Her martial arts were the weakest among the four, and with the green-dressed man's status together with the fact that Die'er was a lady, he would naturally show some mercy.

Qian ShuiRou still had the mask made of skin covering her face and it was difficult to see the degree of her injuries. But from the way her eyes were in disarray, it was obvious that she must have suffered some internal injuries. Together with the fact that she had used her inner Qi to treat the two old man's injuries, it wouldn't be too much to say that she was completely exhausted.

To the present Ling Tian, taking care of the four of them was no more than child's play. Ling Tian had complete confidence that he would certainly be able to capture all of them! When Ling Jian arrived, he would then be able to capture all of them and take them back to the Ling residence!

Just when Ling Tian's eyes gleamed and he was about to take action, the sound of branches snapping could be heard. Ling Tian then couldn't help but be stunned as he thought, Someone is actually coming? Who are they?

Why was this usually tranquil forest suddenly so busy today?

Just by listening, Ling Tian could tell that while the people coming had a graceful movement technique, it was far from being at the mystical realm. Even if the people arriving were experts, they would be far from the level of the green-dressed man!

While Qian ShuiRou and her three followers weren't able to deal with the green-dressed man, none of the four were weaklings. They all quickly realized that something was wrong and forced themselves to stand up, observing their surroundings with caution.

"Hahaha… we are really fated to meet here. Little princess, Zheng brothers, it has been a long time." Amiable laughter could be heard and two old men appeared with a warm smile on their faces.

"I thank elder Yu for your concern. This little girl is indeed overwhelmed by your favor." Qian ShuiRou said coldly with despair in her eyes.

"There's no need to stand on ceremony. For Princess Shui to come to Heavenly Star from afar, how can my Yu Family not be a proper host? If news about this were to spread, wouldn't the world laugh at my Yu Family for being rude? I know that little princess is about to head to the north and we are also on our way back home!" The elder in the lead said with a chuckle. However, he looked at Qian ShuiRou like a rat toying with his prey, "Since we are fated to meet here today, this old man will boldly invite Princess Shui to the Yu Family so we can play host."

The old man with the surname of Zheng then roared, "Taking advantage of our plight, is this the bearing of the number one family in Heavenly Star? If that's the case, our Water of Heavenly Wind disdains the fact that we are mentioned in the same breath as your Yu Family!"

"Brother Zheng is taking things too seriously. We brothers have been apart for many years, and it is indeed fated for us to meet each other today." the other Yu Family elder said with a wide smile, "Both our families have a relationship of a thousand years and can be said to have extremely deep ties. Can it be that Princess Shui is afraid?"

The moment both the old men appeared, Ling Tian recognized them immediately! They were the two experts who appeared to snatch the Heaven Splitter at the auction! So, they belonged to the Yu Family! While the Yu Family appeared to be indifferent towards the affairs of the continent, they actually sent two XianTian experts in secret! Furthermore, they wanted to steal the Heaven Splitter! Just what does Yu ManLou want to do?