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Chapter 285: Desperate Battle

Chapter 285: Desperate Battle
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From their conversation, Ling Tian could already understand what was going on. In the world today, there were only two large families who were at odds with each other despite being on two different continents. They were Water of Heavenly Wind and Jade of Heavenly Star! 1 It turns out that the identity of the mysterious Qian ShuiRou was actually the little princess of the Shui Family. If that's the case, Qian ShuiRou's name should be the famed Shui QianRou! Who would have thought that she would travel all the way from the Heavenly Wind continent!

An enraged voice could then be heard, "Your Yu Family is despicable indeed. Despite knowing that the little princess of my Shui Family was here, you guys didn't help in any way. When the little princess of my Shui Family saw you guys in Sky Bearing, she was afraid that your Yu Family might misunderstand something and cause a battle between both our families. That is why she chose to leave Sky Bearing early. Who would have thought that your Yu Family would be so despicable to hit us when we are down! Hehe, what a display by the number one family of the Heavenly Star Continent!"

The one who was speaking was Qian ShuiRou's personal maid. Ling Tian was startled as he heard what she said and thought to himself, This little lady has a sharp tongue indeed! If you guys were afraid of causing a misunderstanding, then why would you guys even bother coming to the Heavenly Star Continent? To think that you can say that so righteously as though all of you are not in the wrong at all!

However, the words of this lass did give Ling Tian a new insight. Could it be possible that Qian ShuiRou left Sky Bearing hastily because they noticed the two experts of the Yu Family and were afraid that they might be ambushed by the Yu Family?! If that was the case, Ling Tian could be more at ease.

The elder of the Yu Family then said coldly, "Now that things have developed as such, what is the point of bickering? Does little princess really think that you can escape from our hands?"

"Yu ZhanFeng! Isn't it too early for you to say that? We have been opponents for a long time already and we can have a good gathering today!" The two elders with surname Zheng straightened their backs as their auras exploded forth and their eyes gleamed with energy. It was as though their internal injuries had vanished completely!

"Senior Zheng!" Qian ShuiRou let out a bitter cry as tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Heaven Stealing Formula!" The expressions of the Yu elders changed as they immediately raised their guards! "Brothers Zheng, with the injuries that you have, what would you be able to accomplish with the Heaven Stealing Formula? Aren't you guys treating your lives as a joke? On account of the fact that we know each other, this brother here advises you to dispel that tyrannical martial skill. At the very least, you would be able to keep your lives!"

Ling Tian, who was in the shadow, also began thinking to himself, It seems that this Heaven Stealing Formula is similar to the Demonic Body Dismantling Formula from my previous life. When someone is seriously injured, they can use this tyrannical secret skill to stimulate their vitality and temporarily regain their peak strength at the expense of their life. It was a secret skill which harmed one's self before even fighting the enemy! The moment the effect of the skill was over, the user would be completely crippled without any possibility of recovering.

From the injuries of these two old men, there would definitely be no hope for them! Even if they were to dispel the skill right now and preserve their lives, their cultivation would definitely be crippled!

"Die'er, leave with the princess! The little princess of our Shui Family must not fall into the hands of the Yu Family!" After that elder Zheng said that, the both of them pounced towards the two Yu elders without hesitation! At the same time, they shouted out, "Leave quickly! We can definitely hold them off for 30 minutes!"

"Thirty minutes? Either brother Zheng is thinking too highly of himself or looking down on us too much." the Yu elder said with a sneer and executed a palm strike at full force! The way he attacked without holding back it was obvious that he planned to finish the battle quickly!

"Little princess!" Die'er knelt down on the floor, "Please leave with this servant or it'll be too late." She said while sobbing as tears rolled down her cheeks.

A trace of unwillingness flashed past Qian ShuiRou's eyes and she knew that this was not the time to retreat! Thus, she immediately struggled free from Die'er's hands and unsheathed her sword. With her body shooting into the sky, she stabbed towards one of the Yu elders!

Good! Ling Tian praised in his heart, This is the right thing to do! With Qian ShuiRou's injuries, it would be difficult to escape from the hands of the two Yu elders in a mere 30 minutes. For her two guards to use the Heaven Stealing Formula at the expense of their lives, they would be equivalent to uninjured experts for a short while! This was the moment where the four of them would be the strongest! Rather than let their opponents defeat them individually, it would be best to make use of the chance where her guards had the strength to fight to seek a chance of survival in battle!

The moment Qian ShuiRou stabbed out, Ling Tian could already determine that the one who attempted to assassinate him at the Smoky Thea Tower was Qian ShuiRou!

The magnificent aura surrounding her together with the splendor of her sword! The unrestrained killing intent without a single shred of hesitation! The combination of all these gave Ling Tian a mystical feeling as though he was in a strange realm!

One with the sword!

Despite being heavily injured and trapped in a desperate scenario, this lass actually chose to use the most exhausting but yet very powerful technique, one with the sword!

The might of this attack was definitely more powerful than the attack used by Golden Leaves BaiFei. However, with Qian ShuiRou's present condition, she would only have enough strength to launch such an attack once! Qian ShuiRou had already displayed her determination and intention in this single attack of hers: life and death determined by this single sword! After this attack, it would either be the four of them leaving together safely or the four of them dying here!

Both the Zheng elders also revealed a crazed battle intent as their eyes shone with a hysterical glow. At the same time, their attacks also became 20% more powerful!

Die'er clenched her teeth and wiped off the tears from her cheeks, launching her body forward at the same time! While Die'er couldn't be considered much in the eyes of the green-dressed man, Ling Tian was surprised to realize that Die'er's wasn't weak at all. She was almost comparable to the weakest of the five assassins, Lei Dian, and was slightly weaker at the very most!

Both the Yu elders were experienced individuals and extremely familiar with the martial arts of Water of Heavenly Wind. Knowing that it was already impossible for them to settle the battle quickly, they took a step back without hesitation. At the same time, they lost their balance for a moment before quickly stabilizing themselves again.

The two Yu elders were experts of the Yu Family after all. With the confidence of victory in their hands, why would they be willing to face their four opponents head-on and end up in mutual destruction? They immediately changed their approach from ending the battle quickly to dragging the battle out. While Water of Heavenly Wind was known for their mystical movement techniques, the two Yu elders were able to rely on their experience to hold on for a moment. As long as they could drag out the battle to the point that the two Zheng elders suffered a backlash from the Heaven Stealing Formula, it would be the time for their victory. However, this was the moment where the attacks of their four opponents were the most ferocious and the two Yu elders had to be wary in order to ensure their victory. Thus, they ended up being forced to make a slight retreat.

The four of them were able to overwhelm two XianTian experts, despite their serious injuries! Just this alone would be enough to make them feel proud of themselves. However, the two Yu elders were completely indifferent about being suppressed and it could even be said that such a scenario was created by the two of them. They were extremely clear that this ferocious attack was only temporary and a mere desperate measure of their opponents. As long as they could withstand this wave of attacks, victory would be in their hands.

A short while later, the torrential attacks finally passed and the situation changed completely. While Qian ShuiRou's party was still taking the initiative to attack, the Yu elders were no longer defending completely. They would defend 90% of the time and attack 10% of the time. Furthermore, the moment the Zheng elders launched a suicidal attack, they would definitely retreat and defend regardless of how big of an advantage they had.

With the experience of the two Yu elders, they were naturally able to tell that Qian ShuiRou's party was starting to become exhausted. As long as they could endure to the point where Qian ShuiRou's party was completely spent, her party would definitely collapse without the need for them to do anything. Thus, the two Yu elders weren't anxious at all and fought in an extremely conservative manner. No matter what, they weren't willing to fight in a head-on battle with their opponents!

A short while later, one of the Zheng elders suddenly let out a battle cry and his speed increased even further, pouncing forward despite the palm strike which Yu ZhanFeng sent towards him. At the same time, his palms were imbued with inner Qi, and white mist could be seen coming out from them! This is no longer seeking victory in defeat but hoping to end in mutual destruction! Just this resolute action of his was enough to make one gasp with admiration!

Yu ZhanFeng was immediately startled! He originally thought that his opponent wouldn't be able to dodge his attack and would probably launch a suicidal attack. However, he never expected his opponent to speed up so suddenly. He quickly retracted his palm strike and defended against his opponent's attack while retreating at full speed.

On the other side, the other elder Zheng suddenly sped up as well and abandoned his opponent, charging towards Yu ZhanFeng. While he was much faster than before, he revealed a huge opening for his opponent when charging towards Yu ZhanFeng and suffered from two heavy palm strikes. Qian ShuiRou's sword then stabbed towards the other Yu elder, trapping him in a dense wave of sword light with Die'er's attack following after shortly. Originally, Qian ShuiRou's strength was insufficient to delay the other Yu elder, Yu ZhanYun, and suffered from a palm strike after just a single exchange. However, Die'er launched her attacks in a hysterical manner without any concern for her life, tangling with Yu ZhanYun and making him unable to aid his partner!

The two Zheng brothers knew that it was impossible for them to attain victory and were thus resolute to take down their enemies with their death. Despite knowing that it would speed up their deaths, they decided to use the Heaven Stealing Formula again and squeeze out every last vitality in their body to speed themselves up. No matter what, they would kill one of their opponents to help create an opportunity for their little princess to escape!

With both the Zheng elders trapping Yu ZhanFeng in a pincer attack, he was left with no route of retreat. Thus, he roared and gathered his inner qi at his back, forcefully enduring elder Zheng's attack from the back. At the same time, his palms received the elder Zheng who was in front of him with a full force attack and he let out a concealed kick towards the elder Zheng's abdomen!