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Chapter 286: Interfering

Chapter 286: Interfering

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Three low grunts sounded at the same time! The elder Zheng who was facing Yu ZhanFeng head-on lacked strength. Both his wrists fractured on the spot with a sharp pain in his abdomen at the same time! The next moment, his internal organs were ripped to shreds, and he began spraying out blood in all directions. His body then became limp in mid-air as his bones began to shatter with 'pa-pa' sounds! By the time he landed on the ground, he had already been reduced to a lifeless pile of meat.

However, under the suicidal attacks of the elder Zhengs, Yu ZhanFeng had suffered injuries on both his front and back, and he grunted as he spat out a mouthful of blood. As for the elder Zheng behind Yu ZhanFeng, despite his palms landing squarely on his back, he felt as though he had just attacked a slab of stone. From the recoil of his inner qi, his originally injured body couldn't take it either and he let out a low grunt with blood flowing down from the corner of his lips.

Yu ZhanFeng originally thought that in the face of the pincer attack by both the elder Zhengs, he would certainly be heavily injured even if he didn't die. However, he had an unexpectedly light injury, and he was even able to instantly kill one person. He immediately realized that both the elder Zhengs were already at the end of their strength from using the Heaven Stealing Formula. He quickly turned around with blood on his lips and a malevolent expression on his face, charging towards the other elder Zheng without any hesitation. After receiving multiple injuries, the previous injuries of that elder Zheng also began to flare up. Furthermore, he had suffered from two palm strikes to the back from Yu ZhanYun as well. If not, he wouldn't have been frail to the point he could be injured by the recoil of his attack. Now, he no longer had the energy to fight back and even standing up was a problem. His body was then sent flying by Yu ZhanFeng and rose up into the air.

"Senior Zheng!" Qian ShuiRou burst out into tears and charged over, catching elder Zheng in her arms.

"Quickly… escape…" That elder Zheng could only spit out these two words before passing away with an indignant look in his eyes.

"AHHH!!" Qian ShuiRou held onto that elder Zheng's body and wailed loudly. At the same time, blood could be seen flowing down from her lips. She had previously suffered from a palm strike and was already seriously injured. She no longer had the strength to fight back.

With another mournful wail, another figure landed on the ground. The maid called Die'er had also suffered from a palm strike by Yu ZhanYun. While Die'er's martial arts weren't weak, she wasn't a match for a XianTian cultivator.

"Little princess, why do you have to fight so hard?" Yu ZhanFeng wiped off the blood on his lips and said with a bitter laugh, "The outcome was unavoidable but you just had to cause the two Zheng brothers to lose their lives. I originally thought that the two Zheng brothers would definitely bring me to hell with them, but who would have thought that they were the first to be exhausted and went easy on me. What a waste!"

"Yu ZhanFeng, Yu ZhanYun! You two old fogeys!" Qian ShuiRou glared at the both of them with hatred in her eyes. Even after killing two of her guards, they were still acting in such a hypocritical manner. "As long as I, Shui QianRou, don't die today, I will definitely shred the both of you into a million pieces!"

"Ah ah, I'm afraid that Miss Shui won't have that chance." Yu ZhanFeng ridiculed.

"She will definitely have that chance! I can ensure that!" A crisp voice suddenly sounded 10 feet behind Yu ZhanYun. Yu ZhanYun immediately felt his soul shake as he darted 20 feet away and raised his guard as though he was facing a powerful enemy!

As a XianTian expert, he actually allowed his opponent to creep up 10 feet behind him without even noticing! Wouldn't his opponent be able to easily take his life?

Hearing this voice, the look in Shui QianRou's eyes became complicated. Shock, frustration, guilt and many other expressions could be seen in her eyes. But the most obvious expression was without a doubt relief!

Why would I have a feeling of relief?! Even if he isn't an enemy, he definitely isn't a comrade? Would I be better off falling into his hands instead of the Yu Family?! Besides, the reason why I was going to Northern Wei was to…

As everyone turned to look at the direction where the sound came from, they witnessed an incredulous sight. Ten feet away from them, a pine tree suddenly began transforming and a suave young gentleman appeared in front of them with a smile on his face. The most unbelievable thing was the fact that this teen was dressed in a snow-white robe without any dirt on it at all!

In that instant, the hearts of everyone present began to throb. Especially the two Yu elders who thought of a single word in their mind: Demon!

"Demon!" A high-pitched voice sounded. Just when the maid called Die'er regained her consciousness, she witnessed a tree turning into a human right in front of her eyes. Thus, she couldn't help but let out a shriek and fainted on the spot.

Ling Tian's originally smiling face was now filled with black lines as he glared at the unconscious Die'er. After deliberating for a long while, he had finally thought of this stunning way to make his entrance. However, he never expected the lass to treat him as a demon instead!

"Ling Tian?" After seeing his appearance, both the Yu elders exclaimed. While they had never contacted Yu ManTian, they were aware of everything that happened around Yu ManTian and Yu BingYan. The teen in front of them was able to defeat Yu ManTian in a single blow, and even if they were to join hands they weren't certain of their victory.

"How rare, how rare." Ling Tian let out a smile, "To think that both of you Yu elders would know my name. Ling Tian is really overwhelmed by your favor."

"Young noble Ling's fame had spread all over the world. Who wouldn't know your name?" Yu ZhanFeng's lips contorted in an ugly expression for a moment before revealing a forced smile.

"Mmm, I do indeed feel comfortable with your praises," Ling Tian closed his eyes with a satisfied smile, "I originally planned to personally kill both of you. Since you are so tactful, I will show you mercy." Ling Tian then said calmly, "You can both take your own lives. I will definitely leave your corpses intact."

At this moment, Ling Tian didn't want to drop all pretense with the Yu Family yet. Thus, his appearance had already signified the ending of both of the Yu elders — they had to die! Currently, Ling Tian didn't have the strength to deal with a powerful family like the Yu Family while dealing with the various powers in the continent. If he were to let them return alive, the fact that he had helped their thousand-year-old enemy would definitely incite a tremendous reaction from the Yu Family. At that time, it would definitely bring both him and his Ling Family trouble!

Regardless of what his motive was, it was the truth that he had saved Shui QianRou. At the same time, Ling Tian enjoyed the feeling of the secret battle of wits with the Yu Family, and he intended to let such a situation to continue. At the very least, he would have to let such a situation continue until he took care of all his problems.

Even if the Yu Family knows my strength, they wouldn't be able to grasp the information on everything. While they are wary towards me now, they wouldn't bother too much about me. In other words, the Yu Family hasn't taken me to be a worthy opponent. They don't think that I can threaten their existence!

Yu ZhanFeng and Yu ZhanYun were both enraged and thought, Even if you are more powerful that Yu ManTian, are you that certain that you can take both of us on alone? Even if you can beat us alone, you shouldn't be so conceited! Even if we can't win, do you really think that we can't escape? Losing the battle and being unable to escape are two completely different concepts!

How preposterous!

"Ling Tian, do you think that you are able to beat both of us brothers alone? It is good for a young man to be confident, but arrogance is a bad thing." Yu ZhanFeng said coldly and with a trace of mockery, "Even if you can beat us by luck, do you think that your meager Ling Family could endure the revenge of our Yu Family?"

Ling Tian then chuckled, "You must be joking. I think that whether or not my Ling Family can endure the revenge of your Yu Family is completely dependent on whether or not you can bring back the news!" Ling Tian then took two steps forward and said with a smile, "In truth, your Yu Family doesn't consider me worthy of their attention. At the same time, I also don't consider you worthy of my concern. So don't threaten me with your Yu Family as it is useless. I have already given you an opportunity and it seems that you don't want an intact corpse." Ling Tian concluded.

"You! Arrogant brat, surrender your life!" Yu ZhanYun exploded in anger as he sprung forward with his sword. When he had faced the three individuals from the Shui Family, he hadn't taken out his weapon. However, he had immediately unsheathed his sword when facing Ling Tian. It was obvious just how wary he was of Ling Tian.

Just when Yu ZhanYun pounced forward, Yu ZhanFeng had also made his move. His body stealthily appeared beside Shui QianRou and immediately caught her.

The two of them had cooperated for many years and were almost telepathic in their thoughts. Yu ZhanYun's attack was no more than a distraction to hold back Ling Tian. Even if he couldn't beat Ling Tian, he should definitely be safe for a few moves. As for Yu ZhanFeng, he was in charge of catching Shui QianRou, and then they would escape in different directions. No matter how powerful Ling Tian was, he would only be able to chase one of them! As long as the other party could escape, Ling Tian would definitely have some apprehension, and the one being caught would definitely be safe!

However, it was a pity that their plan just couldn't keep up with changes in the situation! While it might seem to be a perfect plan, any changes would always be extremely frightening!

Shui QianRou's face was completely pale as she forcefully supported her body up to remain sitting. When she saw Ling Tian appearing, she unknowingly felt a sense of relief and her inner qi had dissipated immediately, making her feel weak in the body. It was only by forcing her body to stay awake that she was able to remain conscious. However, she no longer had the strength to even move.

Seeing that Shui QianRou was about to be captured, Yu ZhanFeng was elated in his heart. However, a white figure suddenly flashed past his eyes and Shui QianRou disappeared.

He is indeed powerful! Yu ZhanFeng was startled in his heart. However, he was also an experienced individual and didn't hesitate in his actions at all. He quickly changed directions and darted out 30 feet in a flash. Both the Yu elders then exchanged eye signals and sprinted off in two different directions.

Since it was hopeless for them to catch Shui QianRou, the priority would be for them to preserve their lives! They both resolutely chose to escape!

With a snort, Ling Tian waved both of his hands and it seemed like the whole sky had been filled with rainbows!

Hidden weapons! Ling Tian's killing trump card which he had concealed for a long time. This was also the reason why he dared to challenge the green-dressed man!