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Chapter 287: Powerful Hidden Weapons

Chapter 287: Powerful Hidden Weapons
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In the eyes of Shui QianRou who was currently on the ground, Ling Tian had suddenly turned into a thousand-hands demon. Without seeing any movement from him, rays of gold and silver and black flashes could be seen shooting out from his waist, chest, abdomen, and arms. Golden needles, silver needles, sleeve darts, hidden pebbles, flying knives, iron caltrops… over a dozen different types of hidden weapons shot out! These hidden weapons flew in two different directions with some flying straight and others flying in a curved trajectory. The two Yu elders who were currently escaping were completely covered by the humongous attack radius of the hidden weapons! However, none of them noticed that there was two faint green glows among the hidden weapons, disappearing after a flash!

Shui QianRou forgot about her injuries as she stared with her eyes wide open. Who would have thought that there was such a mystical technique in the world! Who would have thought that there was such a hidden weapon technique in the world!

Facing such an attack, how many people in the world would be able to defend themselves against it? Ling Tian's martial arts had already reached an unfathomable peak, and coupled with his tyrannical and mystical hidden weapons technique, how many people in the world would be a match for him?

Perhaps only the green-dressed man who had just left could be a match for him right? Thinking about that green-dressed man again, Shui QianRou revealed a look of hatred.

Two bitter cries sounded at almost the same time and both the Yu elders fell down. After their bodies struggled for a moment, they took their last breath and died! Their bodies were filled with countless hidden weapons and they looked like two porcupines! Despite the fact that Ling Tian had sent out almost a hundred hidden weapons, there wasn't a single one that missed its mark!

The two green lights were the first two hidden weapons to hit the Yu elders at an unbelievable speed. In fact, the two Yu elders were already dead the moment the two green lights hit them. Those two green lights were also Ling Tian's true trump card! It was a pity that even if one were to stare hard, it was extremely difficult to catch a trace of these two green lights. Thus, with Shui QianRou's serious injuries and almost muddled mental state, how was it possible for her to spot them?

Who would have thought that two XianTian experts had actually perished under Ling Tian's hidden weapons without even having the time to react! Shui QianRou was completely dumbfounded as her mouth widened in shock and she was unable to say anything. At that moment, Shui QianRou had almost shouted out the same word that Die'er did: Demon!

Hidden weapons had been one of Ling Tian's strongest move and also his final trump card. Originally, Ling Tian didn't want to use his hidden weapons, but Shui QianRou was in an extremely bad state. During the fight with the green-dressed man, she had already suffered some internal injuries and had even exhausted her inner Qi to help treat the injuries of the two Zheng elders. Then, she had launched her most powerful attack despite her injuries and even suffered a palm strike from Yu ZhanYun! Now, her body was also in the same state as the two Zheng elders, at the end of her strength. She would probably die if there were any delays in treating her injuries, and Ling Tian wouldn't be able to extract any information from her! Weighing the pros and cons, Ling Tian could only choose to settle the battle as quickly as possible. Since Shui QianRou had already landed in his hands, she definitely wouldn't be able to escape, and Ling Tian wouldn't have to worry about her revealing his secret.

As Ling Tian walked to the side of both the Yu elders, his hands made a strange movement and the hidden weapons on both the corpses seemed to be connected to a string, jumping up on their own and landing into Ling Tian's palms. Then, Ling Tian flipped his palm around and all the hidden weapons disappeared without a trace. However, his appearance had not changed in the slightest and not a single trace of the hidden weapons could be seen on him. It was completely like magic.

As Shui QianRou saw the magic-like method of Ling Tian, she couldn't help but helplessly groan. To think that she actually attempted to assassinate such a frightening character! Thankfully he didn't find a suitable chance to deal with me. Otherwise, I probably would have been already cleanly taken care of, right?

After he had stored his hidden weapons, Ling Tian circulated his inner qi and smashed his palms on the ground. The next moment, a large crater appeared as the soil and vegetation were all blasted aside. Ling Tian then carried the bodies of the Yu and Zheng elders and buried them in the crater. After fighting each other for many decades, the four of them finally ended up in the same resting place. Would they continue their fight when they were in the afterlife?

Looking at the small mound of soil, Shui QianRou's eyes glistened with tears as she forcefully propped her body up to give two bows. As her body bowed down, she didn't have the strength to lift her body back up before losing consciousness.

Ling Tian then sighed as he thought to himself, I was originally here to catch this lass, but ended up saving her and killing two elders from the Yu Family.

Both Yu ManTian and Yu BingYan shouldn't have known about the presence of these two Yu elders. If that was the case, then what were they here for? For Water of Heavenly Wind? Or were they here for the Heaven Splitter? If they were here for the Heaven Splitter, then how did the Yu Family know about the sword beforehand? Perhaps the Yu and Xiao Family were in cahoots from the very start? Ling Tian thought in his heart as there were many questions left unanswered. He then walked towards Shui QianRou and began inspecting her injuries.

As his pure inner qi swept past Shui QianRou's body once, Ling Tian found out that this lass didn't only have serious internal injuries. Her meridians were blocked up and she probably had a huge fracture in her bones. However, Ling Tian had already checked all other parts of her body and didn't find any fractures. The only two parts left unchecked were her chest and inner core but it was just at too inconvenient a place for him to check . 1 Hopefully, her ribs were the bone that was broken. If the fracture is at her inner core, it would be far too inappropriate for me to check that place. Thinking about that, Ling Tian stretched out his body and wanted to undo her shirt. At the very least, Ling Tian was still rather pure and didn't have thoughts of taking advantage of Shui QianRou at such a moment.

"You… you lecher! Don't touch the little princess!" A loud shriek could then be heard.

Lecher?! Ling Tian was stunned for a moment. For a full 16 years, there have been many who called me a silkpants, good-for-nothing, loafer, uneducated, or even rogue. However, this is the first time someone actually called me a lecher.

Turning back to take a look, Ling Tian turned around and saw the maid called Die'er forcefully lifting up her body with a face full of anger while looking at his hands with a look of caution. Ling Tian then followed her eyes and realized that his hands were right above Shui QianRou's chest. As long as he was to lower his hands by a few inches, he would be greeted with a soft and springy texture. With an 'err', Ling Tian immediately retracted his hands. However, he suddenly remembered that he wouldn't be able to check her injuries if he didn't undo her shirt. If her ribs weren't the place that was injured, Ling Tian would still have to take off her pants.

Ling Tian then glared at Die'er fiercely and bellowed, "What do you know? Shut up!" He then continued with what he was about to do.

After being yelled at, Die'er felt her body tighten up as fear filled her eyes. However, she then saw Ling Tian undoing Shui QianRou's shirt and she was suddenly filled with an unknown source of courage. Despite her heavy injuries, she actually jumped up and pounced on Ling Tian's back, both biting and scratching him.

Ling Tian couldn't help but laugh bitterly, grabbing her shirt and throwing her off his back. Seeing that Die'er was about to get back up and charge at him again, he pointed at her and shouted, "Don't move! Little lass, if you dare to move again, this young noble here will definitely rape her then kill her, rape her again and kill her again! Hmph!"

Die'er's body trembled as she stared at Ling Tian with fear. However, she still gathered the courage to rebut Ling Tian, "If my little miss is going to be violated by you, she would be better off dead!"

"Bullsh*t!" Ling Tian scolded, "With your little miss' zombie-like appearance and wash-board figure? Would I violate her? Wouldn't I be suffering a loss then? Is this young noble really so desperate to the point I have to accept such trash?"

"Nonsense! You are a despicable and lecherous b*st*rd!" Die'er was angered to the point her face turned red and eyes were filled with tears. In that instant, she forgot to feel fear as she scolded back, "You are the one with the zombie-like face! You are the washing board! You despicable lecher! Darn gangster! My little miss is a country-toppling beauty and has an extremely good figure! Err…" After saying that, she realized that she had said the wrong words and quickly covered her mouth with a face full of fear.

"Oh?" Ling Tian's eyes lit up, "Country-toppling beauty? Extremely good figure?" He then shouted out, "If you dare say another word, I will strip her naked and take a look for myself! I will have a look to see if she is truly a country-toppling beauty and how good her figure truly is! If her figure is truly amazing, this young noble won't mind suffering some losses for once!"

Die'er was both angered and anxious, staring at Ling Tian with both fear and fright in her eyes. With her face completely red, she pointed at Ling Tian with her lips and finger trembling. All of a sudden, her head suddenly took a dive and she lost consciousness.

It's best if she faints, lest she ends up being bothersome. Seeing that Die'er had only fainted with her chest still rising and falling, he let out a sigh of relief.

Without hesitating any further, Ling Tian grabbed Shui QianRou's shirt and tore it off. Unexpectedly, he didn't see the surging waves he was expecting and couldn't help but be stunned for a moment. Looking carefully, Ling Tian realized that there was a layer of film stuck firmly to Shui QianRou's skin. Using his hands to rip it apart, Ling Tian realized that he wasn't able to tear it apart and couldn't help but be stunned. Just what is this thing? How can it be so tough?

Helpless, he could only lift Shui QianRou up and feel her back. Indeed, the layer of film was firmly secured at Shui QianRou's back. Ling Tian then gave a sigh of relief and thought to himself, Thankfully this daddy here is from another world and know that I should undo it from the back. If not, who else would have the experience with this?

After much effort, Ling Tian finally managed to undo this firm film in front of her chest. Just when the film was loosened, Shui QianRou's chest immediately sprang forward and slapped Ling Tian on the face with a loud 'pa' sound. Then, a fragrant aroma was emanated and soft and tender item immediately blocked Ling Tian's nose and mouth making it difficult for him to breath at that moment.

Ling Tian quickly lifted his head up pathetically as he took in a few breaths of fresh air. At the same time, he thought to himself, I wasn't the one who wanted to take advantage of you. Who would have thought that your airplane runway-like chest would be so bouncy the moment it was unleashed! You indeed have a good figure! It is indeed like the surging waves! How tyrannical!