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Chapter 288: Kill or Not

Chapter 288: Kill or Not
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Ling Tian lowered his head to see two snow-white bulges standing up proudly before him. They jiggled before him with their pointy tips giving out an alluring splendor. Furthermore, the two films which had been undone by him could no longer withstand the pressure and fell to the ground. Ling Tian immediately felt flustered as he raised his head up to the sky with blood almost spurting out of his nose. Only after chanting to himself 'amitābha' for a dozen times did he finally manage to keep his cool.

No wonder this lass wanted to firmly bind them up! If she didn't do so, just this monstrous figure of hers would probably give her disguise away! With just her figure alone, she would probably attract countless lechers and her guards would probably kill to the point their hands were weak regardless of how high their martial arts were.

While Ling Tian knew that there was no one else around him apart from an unconscious lass, he couldn't help but have a guilty conscience, and he looked around suspiciously before focusing his attention back on the alluring beauty in front of him.

Stretching his hands out, Ling Tian swallowed two mouthfuls of saliva and he violently grabbed onto the two snow-white bulges. An indescribable sense of wonder immediately filled his heart. After composing himself, Ling Tian finally managed to calm himself down with a great deal of determination. With inner qi imbued into his palms, he began to check Shui QianRou's ribs.

After checking, Ling Tian's lust disappeared completely! This lass's injuries were actually very serious! A total of three ribs broken with her innards being ruptured! If I don't fix her ribs quickly, I probably won't have the chance to interrogate this lass.

How troublesome! Ling Tian took in a deep breath and circulated his Divine Shocking Dragon Formula. He first controlled Shui QianRou's body with his inner qi before sending out another two streams of inner qi to wrap up her broken ribs and fix them in place. This was Ling Tian's method to fix broken bones back in place. Not only was it able to significantly reduce the pain felt by the patient, it would also ensure a swift recovery. However, despite the pain being significantly reduced, Shui QianRou's body still began to tremble, and she groaned softly.

Finally, Ling Tian managed to fix all three broken ribs back into place and used his inner qi to hold them firmly in position. At that moment, they were both already filled with perspiration. Ling Tian was filled with perspiration due to fatigue while Shui QianRou was filled with perspiration due to pain!

After giving a sigh of relief, Ling Tian reluctantly lifted his hands up from those wonderful bulges. The two mountain peaks were still displayed before him and they trembled slightly when he let go of them. After he had successfully helped her to mend her bones, lust began to invade his thoughts again as Ling Tian felt blood rushing towards his little brother with his little brother's head slowly being raised!

"You… you beast! Demon! You… you deserve to die! You deserve to die a horrible death!" Behind him, a weak cry sounded, and Ling Tian turned around to see the maid called Die'er staring at his direction with hateful eyes. The place where she was looking at was where Shui QianRou's chest was. Her eyes were filled with anger, hatred, and heartbreak!

Ling Tian's eyes suddenly gleamed with killing intent. To him, Shui QianRou alone was sufficient for him to interrogate to get the information he wanted! Ling Tian was certain that no one in the world today would be able to escape from his way of interrogation! Furthermore, Shui QianRou was no more than a defenseless lady!

Die'er's life or death was no longer important! Furthermore, it was already extremely difficult for them to bring Shui QianRou out of the forest already! If there were to be one more heavily injured lady with such a vicious tongue, just how would Ling Tian bring them out? While Ling Jian and the rest were already on the way here, delaying for a time would only spell danger for them. Perhaps the Yu Family didn't only send two elders? After all, this was not the best time to drop all pretense with the Yu Family!

At this moment, Ling Tian had already decided to kill Die'er. Be it from the perspective of secrecy or her vicious tongue, it was more than enough to incite Ling Tian's killing intent! Let the lass make a move first! Thinking about that, Ling Tian was about to send out a palm strike! As long as Ling Tian sent out a palm strike now, even ten Die'er's would perish without a doubt! Die'er could already detect Ling Tian's killing intent and a look of despair could be seen in her eyes. However, she still firmly glared at Ling Tian without even blinking her eyes!

"Urgh…" At this moment, Shui QianRou let out a soft groan and began to regain consciousness. Opening her eyes, she saw Die'er looking towards her with a face full of hatred and hopelessness. She then couldn't help but ask, "Die'er, what's wrong?"

These were the words that saved Die'er's life from the brink of death! Ling Tian thought to himself, For her to call out the name of her maid the moment she regained consciousness, they must be as close as sisters. If I were to kill Die'er now, Shui QianRou would no longer be cooperative. If she were to end up seeking death because of that, things would be even more troublesome. If I don't kill Die'er, I will have another bargaining chip on my hands when interrogating Shui QianRou. With such a thought, his killing intent vanished completely.

"Ah?!" Shui QianRou let out a shriek and realized her embarrassing plight. She was actually stark naked and in Ling Tian's embrace. At that moment, she was completely filled with shame and struggled to get up. Then she raised her hand and immediately sent out a slap towards Ling Tian.

Despite her serious injuries, her slap was actually lightning fast! Ling Tian was still considering if he should kill Die'er and never expected Shui QianRou to have the strength to even slap him. Thus, he only had the time to turn his head, but it was already too late. His cheek burned with the fiery pain from being slapped in the face!

After slapping Ling Tian, Shui QianRou ran out of strength and fell back into Ling Tian's embrace. She knew that she was definitely in the wrong. After all, she wasn't an unreasonable or dimwitted lady. She immediately realized that her ribs were set properly in place and the previous sharp pain was no longer present. While she could still feel the ache in her chest, the ache was still bearable. She then knew that the other party must have taken off her shirt to help save her. Thus, she couldn't help but be filled with a wave of guilt. Ling Tian had just saved her life and helped treat her injuries. Just what kind of a great favor was that? However, she had given him a tight slap the moment she woke up! Thus, she couldn't help but quickly ask with concern, "I'm sorry, does it hurt?"

Ling Tian felt a stinging pain in his cheek as he thought about how his kindness was repaid with first a scolding and then a tight slap on his face. This was the first time he had been slapped after coming into this world, so he was naturally enraged and his killing intent exploded forth. Right when he was about to kill both master and maid, he suddenly heard the gentle tone of concern from the beauty in his embrace. For some unknown reason, his stomach full of anger was immediately dispelled as he replied with a frustrated tone, "I'm alright."

Die'er then sprinted over quickly, rushing over at a lightning fast speed despite her injuries! However, her body was taxed from sprinting and her wounds began to bleed again. She then snatched Shui QianRou away from Ling Tian's embrace and quickly covered Shui QianRou's body up with a shirt. Then, she glared at Ling Tian with a wary look and said anxiously, "Miss, this lecher had obviously taken advantage of you. Why did you…"

After being grabbed tightly by Die'er, Qian ShuiRou immediately felt a sharp pain from her ribs as she muttered, "My ribs were fractured previously and young noble Ling helped me to…" as she said that, she felt a wave of pain and embarrassment, not continuing her sentence.

While she was not someone from the pugilistic world, the chest was still a sacred place to her. While it was due to him treating her injuries, she was still seen completely naked by a stranger! In a generation where females were so conservative, how could she not be embarrassed?

As Shui QianRou said that, Die'er immediately came to a realization and a look of apology filled her eyes. She then looked at Ling Tian and Ling Tian conveniently played along and displayed a look of being treated unjustly. Thus, the lass became even more embarrassed.

All of a sudden, Shui QianRou's expression darkened as she remembered something, Just when did Ling Tian come? He couldn't possibly have rushed here to save me because he predicted that I was in danger right? Not to mention whether or not Ling Tian had that ability, our relationship obviously isn't at that level!

If that's the case, Ling Tian's motives were obvious! Furthermore, my own motive was to…

At that moment, Shui QianRou's heart turned cold and not a trace of blood could be seen on her face. It was as though she had been dragged into hell from cloud nine! At that moment, she felt despair in her heart.

Ever since she saw Ling Tian in the rain, Shui QianRou could feel that this infamous silkpants was extremely different from the rumors. He was also like herself and loved the drizzle. This made Shui QianRou feel as though the both of their souls were in agreement at that moment! Following which, she heard Ling Chen recite the poem that Ling Tian created, and it was a magnificent piece! When it was dark at night and without anyone beside her, Shui QianRou would usually sit by the window and mutter the poem under her breath. Her feeling at that moment was as mystical as a dream.

Following that, Ling Tian shocked the world at the scholarly meeting and stepped on all the geniuses of the continent. At that moment, Ling Tian had left an unerasable mark in Shui QianRou's young maiden's heart. Ling Tian's suave and carefree figure had become the thing she longed for in her fantasy.

While the both of them belonged to opposing parties and Ling Tian was Shui QianRou's mission, and while Shui QianRou could control herself well in front of Ling Tian and still deal a killing blow without hesitation when assassinating him, all of these couldn't conceal that it was the first time her maiden heart was moved!

Even if Ling Tian were to die under Shui QianRou's sword, he would be still the first man to move her heart!