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Chapter 290: Words Killing the Heart

Chapter 290: Words Killing the Heart
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Ling Tian then replied coldly, "I know that myself without you saying anything! Miss Shui has feelings towards me and admires my talent. I can easily see that from the way she looks at me. This young noble also has that kind of confidence! However, I am extremely certain that feelings and admiration are different from relying on each other in life and death circumstances. Even if Miss Shui and I were mutually in love, she wouldn't hesitate in the slightest to take my head should the need arise! After which, she would just sob some tears of regret and lament about the fact that it is difficult to find someone who understands her. Don't you agree?!"

Ling Tian let out a mocking laugh, "Perhaps this is the tradition of the so-called aristocratic families. While you are both descendants of aristocratic families, you can't hold a candle to Yu BingYan, the descendant of the Yu Family! I am not looking down on you and overpraising BingYan. While BingYan has contracted a deadly illness that leaves her without much time to live, and her martial arts are weaker, at least she is able to follow her heart! She is extremely clear about what she wants in life and is willing to give everything up for the person she likes! So, Yu BingYan is a lady who is worthy for me to treasure! What about you? You obviously have feelings towards someone but try your best to plot his death and even personally try to assassinate him! On one hand, you miss him dearly but on the other hand, you are trying to harm his father! Is this something that you should do to someone you love? Can you answer me?!"

Shui QianRou covered her face with her hands as her body trembled with tears flowing down, "I don't know, I don't know! I didn't like you before! Stop talking, stop! Just kill me! Just kill me!"

Ling Tian didn't show any mercy as he pointed at Shui QianRou with coldness in his eyes, "You are a talented individual exceptional in both the scholarly and martial arts. Your wisdom exceeds your peers, and you are adept at scheming and strategizing. Everyone says that you are a phoenix among the ladies and the proud daughter of heaven. But in my eyes, you are no more than a pitiful worm being used by others! You are no more than a zombie without control of your life! You don't even have a goal or direction for your life! You don't even know what a lady needs the most in her life!"

Ling Tian then turned around and said without mercy, "You are completely worthless! What right do you have to battle Yu BingYan? Furthermore, the most pathetic fact is that the person you admire doesn't admire you at all! In the eyes of this young noble, you can't even be compared to the prostitutes in the brothel and commoners in the market. At the very least, they are struggling to lead their own life. But what have you done?! As for you liking this young noble, you are not worthy! You don't have the right!"

Shui QianRou then collapsed on the floor dispiritedly upon hearing those words, her eyes in a daze as though her heart was dead! Ling Tian's words stabbed deep into her heart as she felt her body tremble! "You are completely worthless! What right do you have to battle Yu BingYan? Furthermore, the most pathetic fact is that the person you admire doesn't admire you at all! In the eyes of this young noble, you can't even be compared to the prostitutes in the brothel and commoners in the market. As for you liking this young noble, you are not worthy! You don't have the right!" These words resounded in her ears as Shui QianRou began bursting out into tears.

Shui QianRou had always known that everything she did was for her family! In fact, she had never made any plans for her own life before and she would still follow her family's plan even if it meant suffering some grievances. She was willing to sacrifice anything for her family's benefit. Shui QianRou had always thought that everything she did was perfect without any flaws. However, she had never thought of her future. She had always thought that if she liked someone, the other party would definitely be overwhelmed with joy and do anything to win her favor.

However, reality was cruel!

Ling Tian's words made her remember that she was a lady no matter what! However, the pitiful fact was that she had never considered anything from the perspective of a lady!

To think that someone would be able to treat her as dirt and not place her in his heart at all. Furthermore, this person was the guy she liked!

While a lady can be extremely strong, she would always be the most brittle in front of the one she likes.

Just when her maiden's heart was just touched, she could immediately feel that it would be in conflict with her family's interests. Thus, there would always be a hidden struggle in her heart but her family's interest would always gain the upper hand. Yet again, she habitually chose to sacrifice herself for her family's interest.

However, Ling Tian's words resounded like thunder in the depths of her soul! As compared to Yu BingYan, Shui QianRou could feel the gap between them. Why didn't she have such courage? Why could Yu BingYan choose her own path?

At this moment, Shui QianRou couldn't help but feel envious of Yu BingYan!

While Ling Tian's words were logical, Shui QianRou's actions were completely in line in this generation where the family's benefits were the priority. This was an irrefutable logic in the present generation! However, Ling Tian made use of this point and also made use of the situation presented before him.

After Shui QianRou had escaped death thrice with all her subordinates dead, she was saved by Ling Tian and her mental state was at the weakest point. Right at this moment, Ling Tian exposed the biggest secret in her heart and dealt a huge blow to her heart. With her weakened mental state, she was naturally at the point where she was most vulnerable and thus completely at a loss. Ling Tian had wonderfully made use of her arch nemesis, Yu BingYan as the comparison. As for the point of comparison, it was completely from the point of a lady's feelings. Ling Tian had made use of this to destroy her already weakened mental defense and shattered her guarded heart!

While Shui QianRou was a meticulous planner who lived up to her fame of the descendant of Water of Heavenly Wind, she was still a 17-year-old teen! This was the age when young maidens dream of love! While Ling Tian's words were extremely sharp and sounded extremely logical, they were extremely unreasonable and nonsensical! However, it was the weakest spot in any lady's heart and also the easiest place for one to break through from!

With a few soft 'swooshes', Ling Jian, Ling Chi, Ling Feng and Ling Yun appeared in the forest with their bodies emanating killing intent, like a hunter chasing its prey in the dark forest.

After the four of them gave a bow to Ling Tian, they couldn't help but be dumbfounded by the sight before them. There was a beautiful lady in front of them with her attire in a mess and sobbing. By her side was another good-looking lady glaring at Ling Tian with hateful eyes as though she wanted to swallow him alive. As for Ling Tian, he stood by the side with his hands behind his back indifferently.

At this moment, the four of them couldn't help but have immoral thoughts, Did young noble… do that to her?

While they were still imagining things, Ling Tian waved his hands coldly and said, "Bring them back to the Ling Family Courtyard and guard them carefully! They are serious criminals and no one is to let out any news about them! Apart from this young noble, no one else is allowed to visit them! Kill all who defy my orders!"

The four of them trembled slightly before bowing in acknowledgment of the order.

"Wait!" Die'er then shrieked, "The little princess is heavily injured and can't endure long journeys! Ling Tian, command your servants to act as a stretcher for the little princess."

Pa! Ling Tian waved his hands and a crisp slap was heard. Die'er's petite figure was then sent flying from the slap as she fell on the floor with a red palm mark on her swollen cheek.

Ling Tian then said coldly, "Remember, even if you are a lady, you are my prisoner and enemy. Never make a scene in front of me! Even if she is your little princess, she is still my prisoner! The both of you don't deserve such good treatment!"

Die'er held onto her cheeks with tears seen in her eyes as she wailed, "My little princess is like a fairy and she is even deeply in love with you. Are you really going to be so heartless? Even if she is your prisoner, the little princess's body is extremely frail at the moment. How would she be able to endure a journey of over a hundred miles? If that's the case, why don't you kill us now!"

Shui QianRou then stood up unsteadily and looked at Ling Tian with rage burning in her eyes, "Die'er, no need to beg him! What is the point of begging someone as heartless as him? We can walk on our own!"

After Ling Jian heard Die'er saying 'she is even deeply in love with you', a strange look appeared in his eyes. The four of them then exchanged gazes with each other and had already made a decision. Ling Jian then ordered softly, "Ling Feng, Ling Yun. The two of you form a stretcher to carry this lady."

Ling Feng and Ling Yun immediately acknowledged the order. However, Ling Tian's eyebrows shot up immediately as he glared at Ling Jian. Despite looking as though he wanted to say something, he didn't say anything in the end.

When Ling Jian gave his orders to Ling Feng and Ling Yun, he didn't seek Ling Tian's approval beforehand. He knew that if he were to ask Ling Tian, Ling Tian wouldn't agree to his brothers carrying this lady. He could only make the decision himself and issue the orders directly.

Only Ling Jian would have such authority and no one else would dare make such a decision!

Understand that Ling Jian had always been in charge of the First Pavilion, and Ling Tian would never interfere with any of his decisions. Ling Jian knew that Ling Tian would never overrule his orders on the spot. Even if he were to make a mistake, Ling Tian would only point out his mistakes after the whole affair. If Ling Tian were to overrule Ling Jian's orders on the spot, it would definitely diminish Ling Jian's prestige in the First Pavilion.

However, Ling Jian felt a sense of nervousness in his heart. After following Ling Tian for so many years, he naturally understood Ling Tian's temper. While Ling Tian would definitely show him face now, he would definitely have to suffer a good scolding upon returning!

In fact, while Ling Jian wasn't sure who this beauty in front of him was, Ling Jian would never be able to treat her as an ordinary prisoner because she had feelings for Ling Tian. Who would know how things between them would turn out? Furthermore, this lady definitely had an important status. If she were to die on the way to the courtyard, wouldn't that delay his young noble's plans?

When Shui QianRou looked at Ling Tian, she saw his merciless gaze and couldn't help but feel her heart turn cold. She then shut her eyes as she felt a sharp pain in her soul! The pain made her feel as though her soul was about to be sucked out.