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Chapter 291: Temptation

Chapter 291: Temptation
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After Ling Tian reminded them to ensure that they were not spotted by anyone, he disappeared into the forest.

Shui QianRou looked at the freshly dug soil with a reluctant gaze as she thought to herself, Here lie my closest comrades. What a pity. Her face was filled with a complicated expression. As she looked at Ling Tian leaving, she reverted to her usual calm self. From the point when she stared at the freshly dug soil to Ling Tian leaving, Shui QianRou didn't even give him a glance.

As for Ling Tian, he sprinted back to the Ling residence quickly. While he was extremely confident in Ling Chen consuming the Great Cyclic Pellet, Ling Tian still felt worried in his heart. Wishing that he could quickly witness the greatly improved Ling Chen, Ling Tian sped up further.

All of a sudden, a phrase appeared in his head, "...she is even deeply in love with you. Are you really going to be so heartless?"

Deeply in love? Ling Tian shook his head as a sneer appeared on his lips. Being one with the sword with killing intent emanating, the splendor of the blade that wanted to take his life! If that could be considered to be deeply in love, then wouldn't this young noble be the saint of love?

Then, the appearances of Ling Chen and Yu BingYan surfaced in his heart and Ling Tian immediately felt a sense of warmth. I should treasure the people in front of me. Even if she is the most beautiful rose, I will still have to be careful of her thorns!

While Ling Tian had killed two Yu elders in his trip out, he didn't feel a trace of guilt in his actions. To find out about Shui QianRou's schemes and save his father from danger, if he had to kill two Yu elders who he didn't know, it wasn't worth mentioning. Even if he had to kill Yu ManTian, he would do so without mercy! Furthermore, with the actions of the Yu Family becoming greater and greater, who knows what kind of hidden plans they had? From the way Yu ZhanFeng and Yu ZhanYun stealthily snuck into Sky Bearing, it was obvious that the Yu Family was not as detached from worldly affairs as they seemed on the surface!

Perhaps it is inevitable for us to fight!

With his dense inner qi to support him, Ling Tian quickly traversed the distance of a few hundred miles.

In the small courtyard in the Ling residence, two ladies were talking.

"Sister Chen, when do you think Tian'ge will come back? I really want to let him know about the condition of my body!" Yu BingYan said with a bright smile as she spun around in the room. Despite cultivating the sutra which Ling Tian had given her before, her illness would still flare up from time to time. After consuming the Great Cyclic Pellet, Yu BingYan could clearly feel that her body was much better than how it usually was, brimming with energy and filled with warmth and comfort. The Divine Black Negative Meridians which had been haunting her for decades and the chill she felt every now and then, especially the fact that her illness had been flaring up more often recently, couldn't be felt at all today. She felt as though her body was as light as a feather and that she could take off into the sky. At that moment, Yu BingYan felt as though she had taken a celestial pill to cure her illness.

A healthy and rosy red could finally be seen on her usually pale face, making her look extremely healthy and even more beautiful.

Ling Chen watched her with a smile and a look of satisfaction could be seen in her eyes. At the same time, a warm shade of jade could be seen on her usually fair face. If Ling Chen's usual appearance could be said to be like the transparent ice, her current appearance was like a warm snow jade.

As long as one had a keen eyesight, he would definitely be able to tell that Ling Chen had changed greatly in these few short hours.

"Don't need to be anxious sister Yu, young noble will be back soon." Ling Chen teased, "When young noble comes back and notices that sister Yan looks like a blooming peony, the first thing he would definitely do is to give you a kiss on the cheek."

Yu BingYan's face turned red as she said with a grunt, "He dares?! If he dares to do so, I will… I will…"

Ling Chen then interrupted, "If he dares to do so, you will let him kiss you twice. Mmm, perhaps you may even let him kiss somewhere else. After all, young noble is your life savior! Am I right! Hahaha!"

Yu BingYan's face turned bright red as she was completely embarrassed, chasing after Ling Chen to give her a beating. Ling Chen then laughed as she avoided Yu BingYan, both of the ladies creating a commotion in the little courtyard.

As though she suddenly thought about something, Yu BingYan sighed and said, "Sister Chen, can I ask you something?"

Ling Chen looked at Yu BingYan with an odd look as she heard her question. Seeing Yu BingYan's mischievous and nosy look, Ling Chen couldn't help but be cautious as she asked, "What do you want to ask?"

Yu BingYan suddenly giggled and whispered in Ling Chen's lips, "Sister Chen, I always hear you crying out in at night… speak the truth," Yu BingYan blinked her eyes, "is it very painful? Is it very miserable?"

"Aiyah!" Ling Chen covered her face with her hands as even her neck began to turn red. After stomping her feet on the ground, she said, "You… darn lass, what are you talking about?" Ling Chen's embarrassment couldn't be concealed. Who would have thought this lass would hear me… just what should I do?

"But…" Yu BingYan said with a thoughtful look, "Your cries sound so… weird… Did Tian'ge bully you?"

Ling Chen quickly covered her mouth with her whole body heating up. Standing up, she quickly caught Yu BingYan and began to tickle her in the armpit, "Who asked you to spout nonsense! You darn lass… when Tian'ge comes back, I will ask him to bully you as well!"

Yu BingYan avoided her as she laughed, "I didn't eavesdrop on you… hehehe… who asked you to cry out so loudly? Hehehe… the whole Ling residence would be able to hear you for sure… AHHH… mercy!"

"Who asked you to keep talking!" Ling Chen began to grow anxious. How could Yu BingYan be her opponent? A short while later, she didn't even have the strength to laugh as she lay on the floor and begged for mercy while panting.

"Mmm? Why is it so noisy?" Ling Tian's clear voice sounded as he stepped into the courtyard, "What is so funny? Let me into the secret as well."

Both the ladies never imagined that Ling Tian would suddenly return. In shock, they quickly broke free from each other with both their faces red.

As Ling Tian looked at them, blood almost sprayed out from his nose. The weather was currently sunny and both ladies had just consumed the Great Cyclic Pellet. Both of them were filled with positive energy, and their clothing was rather thin. After a round of teasing each other, their clothes were already in a mess with their hair in disarray. While Ling Chen's snow-white top was messy, she didn't reveal herself. However, Yu BingYan's shirt was almost completely loosened with a few buttons being undone and her collar wide open. At the same time, her snow-white undergarment had also slid down, and the two globes could be seen standing up proudly. As compared to Shui QianRou's surging waves, it didn't lose out in the slightest!

Who would have thought that he would be greeted with such a wonderful sight after rushing back? Ling Tian immediately sighed in his heart, Heaven does indeed reward the diligent. What a beautiful scene.

However, the lass Yu BingYan didn't even know that Ling Tian was having the time of his life. Seeing Ling Tian return, she was suddenly filled with an unknown source of energy as she bounced towards Ling Tian with a chuckle, "We were talking about sister Ling Chen. Hahaha, it's too funny."

The moment she jumped, her chest also began to jump with her. As she laughed, it began to shake along with her laughter as well. Ling Tian felt his thoughts go blank as hot blood rose up to his head. He then couldn't help but stretch his hands out.

Ling Chen lowered her reddened head down, but a cheeky smile could be seen on her face.

Yu BingYan was still wondering why Ling Chen didn't attempt to stop her but she suddenly felt a pair of hands land on the sacred spot of a lady's chest. Her body then couldn't help but freeze on the spot as she couldn't move any longer. Then, an incredulous look could be seen in her eyes as she slowly lowered her eyes to take a look.

She immediately realized that her shirt was undone with a pair of hands gently fondling her proud mountains. From time to time, they would even be molded into two different shapes… To think that she would actually allow Ling Tian do as he wished while standing there without moving.

Her eyes immediately widened as her mind blanked out and she didn't even know what she was thinking about. A short while later, she finally snapped out of her daze and a loud shriek broke the silence. Yu BingYan then anxiously swatted Ling Tian's hands away and turned around to quickly tidy up her shirt. Her face was as red as a cooked prawn as she felt a wave of sweetness, fear, and grievance. All of a sudden, tears began flowing down from her cheeks.

Ling Chen was already holding onto her sides as she laughed. Walking over to Yu BingYan, she whispered in her ears, "Wasn't little sister waiting for your Tian'ge to come back and give you a kiss? Why are you embarrassed now?"

Yu BingYan rolled her teary eyes at Ling Chen and wailed, "Who wants him to kiss me? I couldn't care less!"

Ling Tian was still indulging in the comfort felt in his hands as he was still at a loss. He only felt as though he was holding onto a ball of cotton in his hands, with hardness in the softness with a frightening springy texture. However, he was actually forced to leave that sacred base! Thus, he couldn't help but be disappointed. However, after hearing the sound of Yu BingYan whimpering, he knew that he did something wrong.

Ling Chen rolled her eyes at Ling Tian and gave him a look, signaling for him to comfort Yu BingYan. She then left silently.

Ling Tian stretched out his hands and placed them on Yu BingYan's shoulders. Yu BingYan's back was still facing him and she immediately shrugged his hands off. Stomping her foot, she covered her face with her hand and charged towards the outside.

With his swift reflexes, Ling Tian caught her waist, and Yu BingYan sent a flurry of fists at Ling Tian, pounding on his chest. At the same time, she wailed, "Let me go! Baddie! I will beat you to death!"

Ling Tian chuckled as a thought suddenly surfaced in his heart. Turning her face around, Ling Tian could see her tear-filled reddened face which was both mesmerizing and alluring. He then lowered his head and kissed her trembling lips.

Before Yu BingYan could even object or struggle, she felt her lips being covered. Her whole head was then jolted as though her world had collapsed and her heart was completely emptied. She then felt a mystical feeling as a slippery tongue snuck into her mouth like an agile snake.

She immediately snapped out from her daze as her body began to struggle, wanting to struggle free from Ling Tian's embrace. At the same time, she began slapping him on the back but to no avail. Thus, she tried to push him in the chest but felt as though she was pushing a concrete wall that wouldn't budge. Furthermore, her body was completely fastened in Ling Tian's embrace.