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Chapter 292: A Gentleman“s Desire

Chapter 292: A Gentleman's Desire
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A strange feeling then filled her heart and Yu BingYan slowly stopped struggling. She felt as though a wave of electricity was transmitted from their lips touching, as her soul was shaken and her body became light. Her jade arms had also unknowingly curled around Ling Tian's neck with her eyes shut tight and soft moans sounding. At the same time, she was completely unaware that a pair of despicable hands had already swum into her clothes, playing with all the sacred spots on her body.

Their lips finally separated and Yu BingYan panted lovably, with her face red and eyes blurred. She lay in Ling Tian's embrace like a pile of mud with her head buried in Ling Tian's chest. Her whole body was void of strength and she looked as though she was at the complete mercy of Ling Tian.

Lust rose in Ling Tian's heart as he bent down and carried her. As though she realized something, Yu BingYan felt as though she didn't have a single sense of objection but muttered subconsciously, "Tian'ge, don't… don't… my illness isn't cured yet…"

Ling Tian suddenly stopped all his actions as he stood there in a daze. A short while later, he let go of Yu BingYan and took a step back, pinching his thighs with all of his strength. Feeling the wave of pain strike him, Ling Tian immediately felt himself wake up. Looking at Yu BingYan who was completely reddened and at his complete mercy, Ling Tian felt thankful as a sense of lingering fear crept into his heart.

He suddenly remembered that Yu BingYan was still suffering from the Divine Black Negative Meridians! If she were to engage in a man-woman relationship with Ling Tian without the root of her illness being cured, her final shred of positive energy would definitely be exhausted and her body destroyed on the spot.

Yu BingYan was still in a state of intoxication as she felt her beloved man leaving her embrace. Thus, she couldn't help but open her eyes with confusion as she saw Ling Tian looking at her with a face full of tender affection. She immediately understood what he was thinking and said softly, "Tian'ge, you… no matter what you want to do to Yan'er, Yan'er is willing… Yan'er… can do it." Saying that, she lowered her head in embarrassment.

Ling Tian let out a sigh and took two steps forward, holding her in his embrace. At the same time, he only felt love and affection in his heart, void of all forms of lust. Stroking her hair gently, Ling Tian said softly, "Yan'er, you are still sick and it isn't wise for you to participate in a man-woman affair. Both of us are mutually in love with each other and we will have many chances in the future. I will definitely properly cure your illness and make you a complete lady again. Yan'er, believe me."

Yu BingYan's petite body was still curled up in Ling Tian's embrace as she nodded her head and leaned on Ling Tian's chest. Yu BingYan could feel a strong sense of security from leaning on Ling Tian's firm chest. At the same time, she felt comfort, warmth, and satisfaction. It was as though she was leaning on a tall mountain peak which had existed since the ancient times, capable of blocking and rain or wind in the world! At the same time, she also felt as though she was in a comfortable and warm spring, capable of washing away all her fatigue and sorrows. Thus, she couldn't help but shut her eyes in satisfaction.

With the Great Cyclic Pellet, Ling Tian had once again ignited Yu BingYan's hope which had long been extinguished. From the changes in her body, Yu BingYan could clearly feel that the Great Cyclic Pellet was definitely the best medicine to deal with her illness. After consuming it, she felt as though her vitality had recovered to the level of a normal individual. If such a pill could be consumed over long periods of time, even if it couldn't cure her Divine Black Negative Meridians, her life would definitely be preserved.

However, if curing her Divine Black Negative Meridians was such an easy affair, Ling Tian wouldn't be so frustrated about the matter. Apart from Yu BingYan looking down on the Divine Black Negative Meridians, she also underestimated the value of the Great Cyclic Pellet. If it were to be consumed over long periods of time, even the Yu Family might not be able to support it with their wealth. Furthermore, apart from the significant effects when this pill is taken for the first time, subsequent consumption of the Great Cyclic Pellet would definitely result in diminished effects. If Yu BingYan were to really consume the Great Cyclic Pellet over and over again, she might suffer from a backlash of the medicinal effects. This was the meaning of 'medicine is 30% poison'!

They then leaned on each other as though they were one as their hearts were filled with love. However, they were in full control of their present selves and not a slave to lust like before.

With his sharp hearing, Ling Tian heard someone rapidly approaching his courtyard. Then, a gentle voice could be heard, "Sister Ling Chen, is young noble Ling present?"

It was Xiao YanXue's voice. Ling Tian was immediately startled as he thought to himself, The Xiao Family hasn't left?

Ling Chen's voice could then be heard, "Young noble is resting. What does Miss Xiao need?"

Xiao YanXue's eyes dimmed as she said, "Is Sister Chen still angry at me?" Ever since she had come to Sky Bearing, Xiao YanXue made friends with Ling Chen because of her talents and they addressed each other as sisters. However, Ling Chen called her Miss Xiao at this moment and made their relationship sound extremely distant. It could be seen just how dissatisfied Ling Chen was with Xiao YanXue's actions. If not, with Ling Chen's gentle personality, it was impossible for her to act like this!

When the Xiao Family came to Sky Bearing, they visited many parties and had close ties with all the various powers. However, they had malicious intentions and held an auction to stir up huge waves in the world. They even took out the Heaven Slitter and pushed Sky Bearing to the tip of the waves! As long as their plans were to succeed, the Ling Family would definitely bear the brunt of the huge waves and Ling Tian's plans would definitely be ruined. How could Ling Chen not be frustrated?

Ling Tian then patted Yu BingYan's head as he said softly, "Good Yan'er, I will be back in a little while." Yu BingYan responded with a soft 'en' and lifted her head from his embrace. She then suddenly kissed Ling Tian gently on the cheek with tenderness in her eyes.

Ling Tian then smiled with affection and stroked her on the head before shouting out, "Chen'er, bring Miss Xiao to my study and serve some tea."

On the outside, Ling Chen acknowledged Ling Tian's orders.

Just as Ling Tian was about to walk out, he suddenly remembered the death of the two Yu elders. He then couldn't help but stop as he turned around to look at Yu BingYan. Seeing that he had suddenly stopped walking, Yu BingYan mischievously stuck her tongue out and made a funny face at him.

Looking at Yu BingYan's wide smile, Ling Tian couldn't help but smile. He originally wanted to talk about the death of the Yu elders but decided to use a different method to ask her, "Yan'er, let me ask you something. Don't be in a rush to reply to me. Ponder the question carefully before giving me an answer. I want to hear your true thoughts."

Yu BingYan blinked her eyes and asked curiously, "What? It seems very serious!"

Ling Tian let out a sigh and said softly, "Yan'er, if I were to become an enemy with your family one day, and we both wouldn't rest until one of us perishes, what would you do?"

Yu BingYan never expected Ling Tian to ask such a sensitive and difficult to answer question at this moment. Thus, she was dumbfounded on the spot as she looked at Ling Tian's serious eyes silently.

Ling Tian then smiled and said, "Think about it carefully and there is no rush to give me a reply. I can accept any answer but I hope that you won't lie to me!" He then stroked her face gently before leaving the room.

Yu BingYan watched Ling Tian's back as he walked away, and in a daze, she muttered under her breath, "Tian'ge, is there still a need for you to ask this question? In BingYan's heart, I already have an answer. No matter how deep your enmities are, as long as you don't harm my parents, Yan'er won't take any sides. Even if my parents were to become your enemies, I would definitely die first and not let Tian'ge be stuck in such a dilemma!" Two streams of tears then flowed down her face.

The poor Yu BingYan was actually infatuated to the point she had such feelings! For her to be infatuated to such a point, what else was there to be said?!

Ling Tian paused for a moment and Yu BingYan felt her heart skip a beat. Ling Tian then continued walking as though nothing had happened. With Ling Tian's cultivation, he would have naturally heard what Yu BingYan said. While Yu BingYan also knew that Ling Tian could hear what she said, she couldn't help but feel a sense of desolation when she thought about the inevitable face-off between their families.

It turns out that happiness always has its end.

As the daughter of an aristocratic family, choosing between her family and her lover was the most difficult choice she could possibly make! It was akin to cutting her heart in two! However, Yu BingYan knew that for Ling Tian to ask her such a question, she would definitely have to face such a choice eventually. Perhaps this was fate?

Yu BingYan's originally joyful look was replaced with a look of desolation. However, her eyes were extremely resolute!

For the one who loves her and the one she loves, so what if she had to sacrifice herself?

"I never thought that Miss Xiao would pay a personal visit. What a rare guest." Ling Tian said with a harmonious smile, "For such an esteemed guest to pay me a visit, I wonder what the matter is?"

As she heard that Ling Tian's words were extremely distant, Xiao YanXue's eyes dimmed and she forced out a smile, "Young noble Ling is too courteous. This little sister is here for three important matters. The first would be to bid my farewell to young noble Ling."

Ling Tian raised his eyebrows and chuckled, "I have already guessed this first purpose. I wonder what is the second and third!"

Ling Chen then served tea and Ling Tian lifted up his glass of tea, lightly blowing on it as he said, "Your Xiao Family has definitely reaped greatly from this visit to Sky Bearing and this young noble is very envious of that. I wonder if this is Miss Xiao's second reason?"

Xiao YanXue's face turned red as she said, "Young noble is extremely wise and we have troubled your Ling Family greatly in our visit to Sky Bearing. This little sister is extremely apologetic about that, and the second matter is to apologize to young noble Ling. Grandmother Ling has always taken care of this little sister but this little sister has disturbed your Ling Family greatly. I don't have the face to see grandmother and I hope that young noble Ling can accept this bow on her behalf !" As she said that, she gave a bow to Ling Tian.

Ling Tian then laughed and said, "Both of our families are extremely close to each other. There is no need for you to be so polite for such a small reason!" He actually accepted Xiao YanXue's bow!

On the surface, the Xiao Family looked as though they were the greatest winner in Sky Bearing. Not only did they earn a huge fortune from the auction, they had even ignited a future battle in the continent and even placed Sky Bearing on the opposing faction to all the other major powers. Furthermore, it was impossible for their Ling Family to avoid all of this. Ling Tian was certain that if not for Duke Ling and Old Madam Ling it was impossible for him to not kill everyone from the Xiao Family here at Sky Bearing. Thus, it was only right for him to accept the bow!

After Ling Tian accepted Xiao YanXue's bow, the whole place fell silent.

After a moment, Ling Tian finally took the initiative to break the silence, "So what is Miss Xiao's third matter?"