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Chapter 294: Ling Chen“s Improvement

Chapter 294: Ling Chen's Improvement
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"Young noble, are we really going to let the Xiao Family leave peacefully like that?" Ling Chen asked with a frown.

"Mmm," Ling Tian responded with a smile, "the Xiao Family is leaving because they think that their goals were achieved. The Heaven Splitter had already successfully gained the attention of the whole continent and would definitely cause chaos to break out. In their predictions, regardless of who obtains the Heaven Splitter, they would definitely stage an uprising in a year at the latest. The Xiao Family is definitely preparing for war upon their return. However, what they don't know is that the party that obtained the Heaven Splitter is one which no one in the continent would dare to provoke. Furthermore, that party is also the only power without any ambitions to conquer the continent. However, this is something that no one would be able to guess!"

Ling Chen nodded her head in response and said, "However, it is a pity to let Xiao FengYang leave like that."

Ling Tian then said with a smile, "What's the pity? If we let them go, the Xiao Family will definitely remain silent for now. As long as the world doesn't break out into chaos, the Xiao Family won't make a move. However, chaos will definitely not break out anytime soon. This change is something that is definitely out of the Xiao Family's calculations. Thus, we have unknowingly won ourselves more time." Ling Tian chuckled before continuing, "If the Heaven Splitter really had been obtained by another party, I would have definitely exhausted all my means to kill Xiao FengYang in Sky Bearing! While the Xiao Family's plans are extremely intricate and well thought out, they didn't include Beyond Heavens, the biggest wild card, into their calculations! With the addition of this change, things will be interesting!"

Ling Chen came to a realization and she couldn't help but smile, "That's right, regardless of whether or not a power has the strength to conquer the continent, they would definitely have the ambition. However, the unbelievably powerful Beyond Heavens is able to seclude themselves from worldly affairs without the thought of conquering the continent. For the Heaven Splitter to land in the hands of Beyond Heavens, it is akin to having it disappear from the world. As such, the Xiao Family's plans of using the Heaven Splitter to incite a war have been completely foiled. Am I right?"

Ling Tian laughed out loud, "That's right! The Xiao Family would definitely wait for the party with the Heaven Splitter to stage an uprising so that they can gain the benefits when the continent breaks out into chaos. While their plan was a good one, they just couldn't predict the future! The Xiao Family's plan will definitely be foiled. Furthermore, if Beyond Heavens were to think that the Xiao Family was the mastermind for inciting chaos in the continent, the Xiao Family would certainly be in trouble!"

Ling Chen replied with a giggle, "Then, the Xiao Family would be waiting for nothing or perhaps for calamity to befall upon them?"

A slight smile could be seen on Ling Tian's face as he looked out of the window, "That's right, by the time the Xiao Family comes to that realization, it would probably be a year later. At that time, Xiao FengHan would realize that the state of the world was far different from what it is now! The Ling Tian of that time will also not be the present Ling Tian! While a year isn't a long time, it is enough for me to lay out my plans!"

"So, Xiao FengYang can't die!" Ling Tian concluded, "Not only must he be alive, we must pray for him to arrive back at the Xiao Family safely, lest the Xiao Family get anxious and start the war early. After all, we were the ones who received the most from the auction. Not only did we receive the Millennium Warm Jade and Ice Fire Lotus, we even exterminated the bulk of Water of Heavenly Wind in the continent and captured Shui QianRou. At the same time, we have also wiped out the XiMen Family and gained the time which we lacked the most! If we don't let others return home safely after receiving so many benefits, I wouldn't be able to face my conscience. Right, Chen'er?" As he said that, he revealed a mischievous smile.

Ling Chen's face turned red and she also burst out laughing. At the same time, she couldn't help but feel pity for the Xiao Family. After such detailed planning and great foresight, their plan was completely foiled and even benefited others! Furthermore, they were still kept in the dark and celebrating their success.

The brightest one is still my young noble!

Ling Tian suddenly stopped smiling and asked, "Chen'er, how is your improvement?"

A trace of excitement could be seen on Ling Chen's face as she said jubilantly, "Young noble, the Great Cyclic Pellet which you had refined is a divine medicine indeed! Chen'er didn't meet any danger when consuming the pill. All I did was to use my cold inner qi to continually refine the medicinal effects of the pill. In the end, not only was my inner qi much purer than before, I had successfully broken through to the seventh stage and entered the mid-seventh stage. The pill is just too amazing!"

Err! Ling Tian's mouth was wide open in shock.

The top grade Great Cyclic Pellet which Ling Tian had refined was without a doubt extremely effective and even Ling Tian had tried it out himself. However, he definitely didn't have such an unusual improvement like Ling Chen. Thinking about how he had to undergo a torturous process to absorb the medicinal effects of the pellet, and looking at how Ling Chen was able to absorb it so easily as though it was something insignificant, Ling Tian had a sudden urge to bang his head on the wall!

The mid-seventh stage of the Divine Ice Formula?! It seems that Ling Chen was only at the fifth stage originally! To think that a single Great Cyclic Pellet was able to help her cross two stages! Ling Tian was completely speechless.

"Such quick improvement?" Ling Tian suddenly thought of something and couldn't help but become anxious. Quickly placing his finger on Ling Chen's wrist, he sent out a wave of inner qi into Ling Chen's meridians. However, he was shocked to realize that the flow in all her meridians was incomparably smooth with her inner qi gentle, dense and pure. There wasn't a single oddity in her meridians, and Ling Tian couldn't help but exclaim in shock.

Ling Chen then smiled, "At the start, I felt as though the medicinal effect of the Great Cyclic Pellet was extremely violent but it became gentle and smooth after a full circulation in my meridians. Furthermore, when I hung the Millennium Warm Jade which young noble gave me on my chest, I felt as though it was continuously sending out waves of warm energy into my meridians. The originally violent energy then became much calmer and gentler. It is really so amazing, hehehe…"

Millennium Warm Jade! Ling Tian suddenly thought of this item! No wonder Ling Chen's improvement was so stunning! With the Millennium Warm Jade protecting her, she wouldn't need to worry about entering into cultivation deviation and could focus fully on absorbing the medicinal effects of the pill. How could her improvement be slow? Furthermore, she has the pure Yin physique and is cultivating the Divine Ice Formula. Upon being mixed with the pure Yang Great Cyclic Pellet, she would naturally achieve twice the results with half the effort. After which, breaking through into the seventh stage of the Divine Ice Formula was no more than nature taking its course. Ling Chen was originally at the peak of the fifth stage and a single step away from the sixth stage. With the aid of the top grade Great Cyclic Pellet and Millennium Warm Jade, she was actually able to break through into the seventh stage! This was definitely something unexpected.

"I see…" Ling Tian nodded his head.

Ling Chen then said excitedly, "Young noble, this Great Cyclic Pellet is really useful. If I take a few more of them, will I breakthrough into the ninth stage directly and enter the highest stage of the Divine Ice Formula?"

Ling Tian was startled as he reprimanded, "You must not have such a thought! The Great Cyclic Pellet is something which goes against the heavens and goes against the logic of inner qi growing by slow accumulation. Such a quick improvement is already something that shouldn't happen and would be harmful to your meridians. If you were to take another pellet, you would suffer a backlash on the spot and die from all your meridians rupturing! This is no joke! With your improvement, you can only take the second pill five years later! Furthermore, this is conditional on whether or not your improvement in these five years is satisfactory. Even if you can take a second pill, the effects of the pill would definitely be greatly diminished. If I were to have a say, I wouldn't want to you to consume another pill. After all, an external source of strength isn't the right path!"

Ling Chen's eyes widened in shock as she patted her chest with fear, "Ah? So that's the case? Thankfully I only ate a single pill. I originally still intended to consume two pills. Mmm, I will listen to young noble and work hard in my cultivation. I will not rely on such divine pills!"

Ling Tian began perspiring as he thought, Does this lass think that this is a candy? My goodness! If this lass really consumed two pills, I would probably be greeted with a pile of ashes upon my return! Then, Ling Tian couldn't help but pull Ling Chen into his embrace. With a shriek, Ling Chen was already placed on Ling Tian's knees. With two loud slapping sounds, Ling Tian began spanking her behind.

Ling Chen cried out in pain but her eyes were filled with joy.

Ling Tian said with a 'hmph', "Let me teach you a lesson! How can you be so naughty!"

Ling Chen leaned on his knees and raised her head out, "Didn't young noble want to assess my improvements? Why not let Chen'er exchange a few moves with young noble? It's been a long while since Chen'er had a spar with young noble." With a large improvement in her inner qi, she was itching to have a spar.

Ling Tian then gave a lecherous smile as his hands were already under her shirt. Grabbing on two her twin peaks, he grunted, "You can spar with Ling Jian tomorrow. Today, we have other more important things to do. See how this young noble makes you submit!"

Ling Chen's face was completely red as she struggled to get up. However, she was quickly pressed down by Ling Tian and had no choice but to shut her eyes as she felt a wave of pleasure rising from her chest. With a moan, she said, "Young noble, it is still in the day!"

Ling Tian then carried her up and walked towards the room with a chuckle, "So what if it's in the day? Who says we can't do it in the day?"

With a shriek, she plunged her face into Ling Tian's chest and stopped struggling. Like a docile cat, she allowed Ling Tian to carry her into the room.

Ling Tian was first ignited by Shui QianRou first and Yu BingYan next. However, he had no way to let out his lust and could only hold himself back. Then, Xiao YanXue came to bid her farewells which frustrated him even more as he almost wanted to let out a roar to the skies. Now that he had a chance, why would he care about the day or night? He immediately sought Ling Chen to have a good 'confirmation'!

The sound of the both of them talking could then be heard.

"Young noble, can I beat Ling Jian tomorrow?"


"Then I must definitely teach him a good lesson tomorrow! I must definitely beat him up black and blue. Hmph, hmph…"

"...up to you, the fiercer the better." As though he was busy with something Ling Tian's words weren't very clear.

"Young noble, then can I…" Ling Chen continued chattering on.

"Keep quiet!" Ling Tian finally cried out in exasperation and thought, This foolish lady really knows how to spoil the mood!

"Oka...err...ooo…" It was as though her mouth was covered with something and the room became silent…