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Chapter 297: Devious Psychological Attack

Chapter 297: Devious Psychological Attack
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Shui QianRou met his eyes with a level gaze and unyieldingly replied, "Just as the celestial bodies never run out of energy, we should always strive to better ourselves. In order to achieve some accomplishments, how could one be picky about what they do? The victors are glorified, and losers vilified, what more can I say? Your father Ling Xiao is a great general, with half his life as a soldier, he should have long ago made the preparations to die in battle. When two countries war, it's every man for himself. To be completely unscrupulous, what wrong is there in that?"

Ling Tian coldly snorted, "So, to you people, what you did was ultimately correct. But if you stand in my viewpoint?"

"When two countries go to war, it's every man for himself. When people fight for accomplishments, the winners are glorified and losers vilified!" Ling Tian recited. "Indeed, under this pretense, anything done can't be counted as wrong. Miss Shui, is it not like that? Do you really think that's the case? Is this the behavior of a monarch?"

Shui QianRou sneered at him, "To think that young noble Ling has finally achieved enlightenment!"

Ling Tian ignored her jibe and instead continued to speak, "As enemies on opposing sides, based on what Miss Shui said, does it mean that anything and everything should be done to win? Since we chose to be enemies, then should we accept it and go all out? Is this what Miss Shui wants to say?"

Shui QianRou coldly ridiculed, "You're not too foolish after all! I've said it, just as the celestial bodies never run out of energy, we should always strive to better ourselves. This is the way of a monarch!"

Ling Tian laughed out loudly, suddenly withdrawing his smile as his face become cold. "Good. What a good saying, just as the celestial bodies never run out of energy, we should always strive to better ourselves! In that case, let me ask Miss Shui, are we now enemies?"

She snapped back, "If we aren't, then why would this lady be here?"

Ling Tian clapped his hands, leisurely continuing, "Then since we're enemies, why can't I scold you? Since you can even kill me, do I need a reason to scold you? Whatever you do is the way of a monarch, so why can't I remain noble if I scold you?"

Shui QianRou was stunned silly!

A cruel smile now surfaced on Ling Tian's face, "Based on your logic, anything I want to do is permissible! Are you prepared to actually be my slave? Or a toy to be played with and discarded? Can I actually throw you into the barracks to be the prostitute for the military? To sate my soldiers' lust? Have you had this mental preparation? Since you're a nobility that understands this concept. Is that it?!!"

Shui QianRou's face immediately paled! No one knew if it was because of anger or… fear! This young woman's heart definitely was in a panic right now.

Ling Tian coldly snorted, ruthlessly pressing on, "Since you've already made ample preparations, then if I don't do as you wish, then wouldn't I be seen as too friendly? Otherwise, I wouldn't have any of that regal bearing!"

He turned around, hollering, "Men!"

From outside came sounds of assent, and Ling Tian commanded, "Strip this Shui Family's Miss of her clothes, and throw her into the military barracks! Tell the brothers that they are to enjoy themselves to the fullest, as per the request of the successor of Water of Heavenly Wind! This person has long ago prepared herself for such a matter, and we definitely must live up to her expectations!"

The group agreed, and four big men rushed forward!

"NOOO!" Shui QianRou screamed out mournfully! It was a plaintive lament, full of sadness. What color that was left on her face bled out immediately, as two streams of tears rolled down her cheeks!

"Ling Tian! No, young noble Ling, I beg you, please let my family's young princess go!" Die'er immediately kneeled down on the floor, kowtowing to him, "My young miss's body is after all worth its weight in gold, how could it be defiled like so? On account of the feelings our little princess has towards you, please let her go! I beg you! I beg you! I beg you! …" Die'er kept knocking her head on the floor, to the point that her forehead was profusely bleeding. On the floor, a bloody patch had already formed!

"Worth its weight in gold?" Ling Tian sneered, "But we're enemies after all, and what is a noble body worth to me? Hurry up! Drag her out!" Shui QianRou's face was already ashen, looking like a corpse! For someone of her status, to speak nothing of having those crude boors defile her, even touching her would be a humiliation! If she was really bestowed to Ling Tian's troops as a prize, then she would rather die! She had already formed the intention to commit suicide in her heart!

In the end, Ling Chen was still a lady and couldn't take it anymore. She tugged on Ling Tian's sleeve, softly whispering, "Young noble….."

Ling Tian, however, furiously hollered at her, "Shut your mouth! When a man is doing his business, as his partner, you don't have the rights to interrupt! Stand at the side!" His voice was cold and ruthless, with no room for argument!

The rims of Ling Chen's eyes immediately reddened, as the tears threatened to fall. She could only aggrievedly stand beside the wall, not daring to even speak another word. This was the first time Ling Tian had ever rebuked Ling Chen so loudly and viciously, so how could she not feel heartbroken?

The four of the guards looked at each other, feeling that the situation was incredibly awkward, and hesitated.

Ling Tian was apoplectic with rage and sent a kick to one of the guards as he shouted, "Are you guys deaf?! This noble here has already given his orders, didn't you guys hear me? Hurry up and entertain this Miss Shui, unless you tell me you want this young noble to do it myself?"

The guard who got kicked was smashed heavily on the stone wall and even rebounded back. An intense look of pain appeared on his face, yet he dared not even let out a sound of pain. However, sweat poured profusely down his face as he endured it!

Seeing the four guards step ever closer, Die'er lost her head out of fear. She quickly crawled back up, and stood in front of Shui QianRou, pleading in a low voice, "Miss, under someone else's eaves, you have to lower your head; hurry and beg young noble Ling! If you ask him yourself, he might change his mind!"

Shui QianRou had a bloodless complexion, despair evident in her eyes. "No! I'd rather die!"

Ling Tian immediately took the chance, "Die? Do you think you still can choose to die now? Do you think that by dying you'll escape all this? Shui QianRou, you're too naive!"

"Dang!" Ling Tian drew out one of the blades on the waist of the guards, and threw it beside Qian ShuiRou, saying, "I'll give you this sword. Do you dare to commit suicide now? Hmm?"

Shui QianRou stretched out her hand and placed the blade on her fair neck. In a severe yet mournful voice, she screamed, "Ling Tian! I'll die for you to see!" As she spoke, she lifted up the blade to chop at her neck!

Ling Tian jeered, "Go ahead! After you die, I'll strip your body naked, and while it still has human warmth, give it to every soldier to sate themselves! After they're done, then I'll freeze your body and expressly deliver it back to Heavenly Wind Continent to parade around. I'll let everyone all over the world have a feast for their eyes and allow the world to see what the millennium-old Shui family is like! I believe, the name of Miss Shui, from Water of Heavenly Wind, will go down in history, to be passed down across all ages!

"Dang lang!" The steel blade dropped onto the floor as Shui QianRou pounced on Ling Tian, grabbing hold of his lapels. "Ling Tian! You're not human! As nobility, how could you treat me as such? You devil! You're a b*st*rd dog who's worse than a beast!"

Ling Tian however remained unmoved, as though nothing out of the ordinary had happened. He only coldly replied, "Isn't this Miss Shui's life motto? This young noble here is just following your thought process. Since we're enemies, then of course I can be as unscrupulous as I want! This is nothing more than what I've just learned from Miss Shui!"

Shui QianRou slowly let go of Ling Tian's lapels, her whole body falling onto the floor as she started bawling. How could such a young girl like her take such psychological torment?

"Young noble Ling, what do we have to do in order for you to let go of my family's miss?" Die'er kneeled on the floor once again, with tear tracks all over her cheeks, and her forehead matted with blood, looking like a malicious spirit.

Ling Tian snorted, "Who are you to ask me! Your Family's Miss clearly knows what to do! And she also knows what I want!" Ling Tian turned his head to face Shui QianRou, his voice suddenly becoming gentle, "Great Miss Shui, are you planning to have the reputation of your family to be as smelly as the XiMen house for the next millennium or so? Or are you going to tell me about your detailed plans? How are you going to deal with my father? Where did this scheme originate from? Who is participating in it? So long as you spill the beans, I can save my father, and your Shui Family can be spared this humiliation. It's a win-win! Even if the scheme doesn't succeed, your people might not die! However, if you don't speak, while you can't avoid your fate, my father still might not die!"

Ling Tian continued, "I spared no effort to kill the two Yu Family elders, so as to bring you back. I don't have time to dawdle! Right now, my patience is wearing thin, so I'll count to three. Shui QianRou, if I don't receive the answer I want, then I'll immediately rush through dawn and dusk to the North to save my father. And you can obediently accept your fate as a slut!"

Ling Tian did not even hesitate, immediately counting, "One!"

A tremor passed through Shui QianRou's body, and myriad expressions flashed through her eyes, but her lips only trembled.

"Two!" Ling Tian did not pause, immediately shouting out the next number.

Shui QianRou bit her lips, drawing blood. Her body trembled uncontrollably, and the tears kept falling.

"Haha," Ling Tian laughed out, "Seems like Miss Shui doesn't want to say. Then I need not waste my time on counting down. Come, men, drag her out!"

"No!!!" Shui QianRou raised her head up in panic, her defenses entirely crumbling! With a voice as soft as mosquito buzz, she spoke, "I…. I'll say…." But she suddenly swayed and fell into a dead faint. She was originally already inflicted with heavy injuries, and now that her psyche had been broken by Ling Tian, there was nothing left to support her, and she collapsed! The moment she dropped, her breath became shallow, as though she was about to die!

Ling Tian's face turned grave as he took a step forward, grabbing onto her wrist. Exercising his inner qi, he couldn't help but sigh, the wounds of this lass were unexpectedly heavier than what he had thought! He immediately commanded, "Summon the doctor to treat her. The moment she wakes up, report to me, regardless of the time." After he had finished, he walked out, and the four guards followed, standing uniformly outside. Ling Tian suddenly stopped and patting the shoulder of the guard whom he had kicked previously, apologizing with a genial tone, "Brother, thank you for your hard work. In order to get what I wanted, I had to do so. Does it still hurt?"

A warm current of inner qi flowed as he patted the guard, seeping into his body and alleviating the pain immediately, before removing all present injuries.