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Chapter 301: Scheme Within a Scheme

Chapter 301: Scheme Within a Scheme
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Wave after wave of cheers came from the Sky Bearing army, and they were actually showing an unshakable fighting spirit and resolve! This sort of response wasn't expected by their enemies, and they all turned to look at each other.

"Ling Xiao indeed lives up to his name as the 'Sky Bearing God General'. Even under such circumstances, he's still able to rouse the will of his soldiers! Respect, much respect! In this area, even I can't compare!" A glint of admiration rose in the eyes of the youth, as he leisurely spoke. His voice was clear and bright, bringing about a certain magnetism, causing all to hear it to subconsciously relax.

"Haha, brilliant as he is, he still fell into our trap in the end! Today, Ling Xiao has no path to advance, and no reinforcements from behind, thus even if given wings, he would find it impossible to fly! He is akin to a cornered beast now; how could he fight back? Brother Shui is indeed a divine strategist!" Wei ChengPing flattered.

"We can't be careless!" The youth solemnly looked at the boiling mass in the darkness of the night, cautiously saying, "Ling Xiao is a good general, and his soldiers are willing to die for him. In this battle, even if we win, it could be a pyrrhic one!"

He waved his hand, and a cavalry soldier came forward to greet him. The youth indifferently asked, "Are the Western Han calvary in place?"

The soldier in question replied, "I've received news an hour ago that their ten thousand strong army is already in place, ready for the ambush."

A cruel smile appeared on the youth's face as he replied, "Not bad. Pass on my order, that the moment day breaks, all are to rush forward! They are to encircle them, leaving a gap on the Western flank, so as to allow Ling Xiao to use his utmost strength to escape from there, only to fall into our trap!"

Wei ChengPing paused in shock, asking in confusion, "Brother Shui, why are we doing so? We definitely have enough strength to swallow Ling Xiao and his men. Why should we allow him to escape? If the Western Han army slips up, then we're allowing the tiger to return to its den!"

The youth started at Wei ChengPing with a gaze as though he was looking at an idiot, but in the end chose to answer, "We've cornered Ling Xiao like a caged beast, hence his retaliation will definitely not be small! Even though we have the strength to ensure their destruction, I'm afraid that it would cost us a huge sacrifice. If one is without hope, who wouldn't go all out to ensure mutual destruction? With 70,000 troops under him, he would at least be able to pull 100,000 troops from us if we try to forcibly take him down!"

"But if we purposefully leave an exit for them, this can reduce their urge for mutual destruction! Furthermore, letting the Western Han ambush there can serve as a way for us to grind down their troops if we send Ling Xiao there to fight with them! When we catch up with them, then we can cut Ling Xiao down! Without him, the Sky Bearing Empire is akin to our backyard. As for the Western Han, heehee, for such a small country, the moment they receive such a huge number of casualties, they would never be able to recover in a short time, and can easily be manipulated by us! This is all prepared for us to better achieve world domination!"

The youth gave an arrogant smile as he concluded, "And this is why I chose to let the battle drag on even though I could have swallowed Ling Xiao long ago! I hope Brother Wei understands!"

"Brother Shui is all-knowing!" Wei ChengPing seemed to have achieved enlightenment as he cupped his hands in acknowledgment, a smile on his face. "As it turns out, one has to make so many preparations in order to actually rule the world!"

A look of ridicule quickly flashed in the youth's eyes, but he replied, "That's right! If it continues as planned, Brother Wei can hasten your domination by a few years at least!"

Wei ChengPing gave a satisfied laugh, further flattering the youth, "By the way, your pet bird is indeed godly, to be able to lock out the surrounding sky, not allowing any of Ling Xiao's rescue attempts to succeed. This point really makes me sigh in praise!"

The youth only gave an indifferent smile in response, and mockingly replied, "If the eight golden eagles that I've spent so much time and effort in training could allow any messenger pigeons to escape from their sight, then that would be a joke!"

Speaking to this point, his expression became heavy, "However, the person situated in Ling Xiao's camp had already considered this point. The message that was sent was coded in some mysterious way that we are unable to decipher. Without the code, we are unable to guess what the contents are actually about. This person in charge of sending intelligence is a real talent, and if there's a chance, I must get him!"

As he spoke, he looked towards the blazing torches far away from them, continuing, "If we are able to get our hands on such codes, then it would be like adding wings on a tiger. The whole world would be in our hands!"

Wei ChengPing flattered him once more, "Brother Shui is indeed farsighted and with such foresight!"

The youth gave an indifferent smile again, turning his head away. No one discovered an undisguised disdain in his eyes, as well as impatience. Towards this boot-licking Northern Wei crown prince, he felt that this person was extremely despicable. How could he even become the crown prince of a nation, let alone wanting to conquer the world? This was unbelievable!"

A pale light shone out from the east!

The sun started to rise, the day had broken!

The little red flag that the youth had been holding onto tightly all this while was suddenly swept upward! His eyes were cold as he ordered, "Advance!"

The sounds of bloodlust rose to the heavens as soldiers rushed in from all directions like a flash flood! The sound of horse hooves resounded like thunder, causing the land to tremble!

Fresh blood immediately sprayed across the battlefield, just like a blooming azalea flower!

Ling Outer Courtyard.

Ling Tian scrutinized the new batch of 'special' weapons that had just been delivered. Picking up one of them, he drew it from the sheath. Gazing at the sword body that looked like a still body of water, glittering with radiance from the light, the sword made all who looked at it feel as though a wave of cold sword intent was rushing towards them!

"Good blade!" Ling Jian praised.

The bruises on his face seemed to have disappeared, revealing his handsome facial features once again. One could see how effective the Great Cyclic Pellet was; not only did it boost one's cultivation, but also improved other areas!

The other five Ling brothers who had also ingested the pellet at the same time all looked as though they were bursting with energy, their presence steady and overbearing like Mount Tai. Compared to their previous fleeting presence, this was a shocking change!

This was especially so for Ling Chi, as he received the greatest gains this time. He was the most attractive among all of them, and this 'little gigolo' practically had light shining out of his face and sparks shooting out of his eyes. He had broken through the sixth layer of the Divine Shocking Dragon Formula, now only one layer away from Ling Jian, who was at the seventh layer! The rest of his brothers were all still at the fifth layer, with the slowest Ling Dian being at the fourth layer!

The strength of the First Pavilion just took another qualitative leap forward!

Ling Chi even had a sort of feeling that if he were to face off against Yu ManTian himself, he could actually defeat him! Of course, that was only his wishful thinking. However, the fact that all of their capabilities took a huge rise left them full of confidence! Except for the trio of Ling Tian, Ling Chen, and Ling Jian, of who they had a deep-rooted fear, they would even go to challenge the green-robed unfathomable man they met the other day!

While Ling Chi seemed to have gotten the most benefit out of the consumption of the medicine this time, the true beneficiary was actually Ling Jian! The Divine Shocking Dragon Formula only grew exponentially harder the further one went, and while Ling Jian had Ling Tian to personally guide him, he didn't have the time to properly restrain the internal energy in his body. As such, after a long period of time, the internal energy combined with his killing intent, creating the image of the 'Asura' from the First Pavilion. The consumption of the Great Cyclic Pellet this time gave Ling Jian the most pain, but his benefits were also the most outstanding, putting his benefits on par with Ling Chen's! 1 Not only did his internal energy get purified, it also began to settle down. With a few more days of hard work, he would be able to consolidate his foundation, turning the original severe cold air he had around him into a milder form that could be kept within him. With this change, he wouldn't scare the people around him any longer.

In conclusion, all of them were in high spirits because of the effect of the Great Cyclic Pellet. This was because they hadn't spent the time to slowly revolve and absorb all the energies. As long as they cultivated for a while more, their powers would settle down, and their improvements would then be solidified!

"Is it really just a good blade?" The corners of Ling Tian's mouth curved up into a smile. Holding the sword in his left hand, he put two fingers on the tip of the sword and pressed. The beautiful blade contorted into a half moon shape, but without the slightest creak or groan, which would have signified that the blade was unable to withstand such pressure! Just based on the suppleness it had already surpassed many famed swords!

The moment Ling Tian let go, the blade straightened itself with a 'shua' sound, regaining its original shape as a ray of light blinded everyone present!

"Indeed, a fine blade!" Ling Tian nodded his head in praise, then looked at the skinny youth who had sent the blades over. "Ling Five, how many more of such blades can we produce?"

Ling Five respectfully answered, "Reporting to young noble, we can manufacture around five hundred more of high quality, and another three thousand six hundred of a slightly lower quality. Together with the ones sent over this time, this would be enough to fit-out over twenty thousand elite troops!" He paused for a while, then added in another sentence for good measure, "As for the other weapons, the same amount could be used to make 200 cavalry swords, 100 steel lances, 16,400 daggers, 7,000 bows and over 10,000 arrows! In addition, the Azure Dragon guandao 2 which young noble specially ordered has also been crafted. It is eighteen feet long and used a total of 10 kilograms of black steel together with a hundred over secret minerals to take shape. The blade itself weighs over 62 kilograms, so there's no way anyone else can use it!"

Ling Tian did some sums in his head, before replying appreciatively, "You did well, I'm very satisfied!"

An expression of joy appeared on Ling Five's face, the four words of 'I am very satisfied' could be considered the highest level praise from Ling Tian. However, he suppressed his joy, and replied in embarrassment, "But as for the sabers that use the Black Iron, they haven't been completed yet, and will require at least two more days."

Ling Tian continued to nod his head, saying, "This is already considered very good! To be able to bend the black steel, that leaves all other blacksmiths helpless, like putty in your hands, I'm already very proud of you, Ling Five!"