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Chapter 309: Sea of Blood

Chapter 309: Sea of Blood
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At this moment, Ling Tian was a bundle of nerves as he whipped the horse to go at top speed!

In front, the pine forest was already in sight! However, Ling Tian would definitely not go through the forest this time! If he went along the main road, the distance he would take would be a third of going through the forest! While he knew that the Sky Bearing army would definitely place obstructions along the main road, Ling Tian would definitely not take a detour! Ling Tian was more than confident that he could trample a few regular camps without any delay!

A whistle sounded in the front and a squadron of four to five hundred troops emerged from the pine forest. They were clad in the Sky Bearing military attire and the one leading the group shouted out, "Who are you? The Sky Bearing Emperor has ordered for this road to be sealed. You can pick another road to continue your journey! If not, we will kill you without mercy!"

"This daddy is the father of the Sky Bearing Emperor!" Ling Tian said with killing intent as his horse charged forward without slowing down!

"I will have to fire the arrows if you are not going to slow down!" In truth, his words were as good as useless. Before he even gave the command, a wave of arrows had already shot towards Ling Tian and the others!

Ling Tian's cloak suddenly shot out and he spun it in mid-air. The arrows were then sucked into the cloak like it was a whirlpool and gathered into a neat bundle!

As the commander saw that, he couldn't help but be frightened and he unconsciously raised his sword. His face was completely pale with his body trembling slightly. Obviously, he was greatly frightened by Ling Tian's actions! Before he could even say a thing, Ling Tian had already jerked his right hand and the arrows were sent back to the commander!

Before he could even let out a sound, the commander blocking the way had already become a human porcupine! Behind him, over forty to fifty of his men fell off their horses with a groan!

Ling Tian weaved around them swiftly and the other assassins followed behind closely. With a flash of light and in a short blink of an eye, the sound of galloping horses could be heard leaving them! From their first encounter to Ling Tian leaving, there wasn't a single moment of delay! If not for the many casualties on the ground and one human porcupine, none of them would have imagined that death had just brushed past them!

A short while later, the survivors gave a sigh of relief. At that moment, they had all felt that death was just a small step away from them! It was as though it wasn't five people who appeared in front of them but five gods of death! The bloodlust emanating from the five of them was something that they had never felt before!

Only then did they realize that there were more than ten of their brothers still seated on their horses without saying a word! The other soldiers thought that these men were scared silly and wanted to tease them. However, their eyes suddenly widened in fear, without a single word coming out from their mouths!

In front of them, a strange scene had taken place: A small line of red suddenly appeared on the necks of these unmoving soldiers, and their heads flew off from their necks with fountains of blood shooting into the sky! They were actually unknowingly beheaded! Their opponent's swordplay was just too swift, and the heads were actually intact for a long time after being sliced off!

The surviving troops were all pale from fright with a few of them fainting on the spot! Those who were still conscious couldn't help but touch their necks as they looked at the direction Ling Tian had gone. Are the five of them humans or ghosts?! Are they really death gods from hell?!

Battlecries could be heard all over the battlefield without stopping for a moment. It was as though a blade could appear from any direction and reap their lives on the spot! Even Ling Nineteen and the rest could feel the pressure growing stronger and stronger. If was as though their enemies had already realized Ling Xiao had broken through from the northwestern direction and had begun to send reinforcements!

Li XiangDong who was leading the charge finally faced powerful resistance! In just a few hundred feet, they would be able to reach a boundless grassland with a few mountains at the very end of it! As long as they could break through this final barrier, their whole army would be able to escape from danger!

However, this short stretch was something which they just couldn't break through despite sacrificing many lives! Li XiangDong was already riddled with injuries all over and an arrow embedded in his shoulder. However, it was as though he didn't notice it at all and he continued to brandish his weapon to kill the enemies! His yelling had already been reduced to meaningless bestial roars, and his eyes were blood-red!

In front of him, a Northern Wei general was also gasping for air with his armor broken in many areas and barely hanging on his body. Blood could be seen flowing out from many different parts but he still endured the many ferocious attacks of Li XiangDong without retreating!

Behind him, reinforcements from Northern Wei flooded in, and the encirclement seemed to be getting denser and denser.

Ling Nineteen's eyes flashed as he ordered, "Protect the marshal! Do not allow the marshal to suffer from any injuries. I will help General Li to break out of this encirclement!" Without waiting for a reply, his body shot off the back of his horse and forty feet into the air! A skinny figure had actually flown past the many soldiers of Northern Wei! Anything can happen on a battlefield and there were already a few who noticed Ling Nineteen's strange actions. A Northern Wei commander then gave an order and a wave of arrows shot towards Ling Nineteen!

Ling Nineteen's blade danced in the air and it formed a perfect guard around him, deflecting all the arrows shot at him! His body weaved past the many swords and spears pointed at him and then he landed, stepping on the heads of two Northern Wei soldiers. With two mournful shrieks, the skulls of both the soldiers were shattered with their heads stuffed into their chests. However, Ling Nineteen seemed indifferent about his actions as he sprung into the air again. A single blade finally managed to find its way to Ling Nineteen's left leg, slashing his muscles as blood splattered all around. However, it was as though Ling Nineteen didn't notice a thing, and he had swiftly made his way to Li XiangDong and the opposing general!

Li XiangDong's bloodshot eyes saw Ling Nineteen and couldn't help but cry out, "D*mmit, why are you here instead of protecting the marshal? Seeking death? The job of the vanguard belongs to this daddy!"

A smile could then be seen on Ling Nineteen's malevolent face, "General Ling, he who kills more enemies is a hero! I am here for a competition with you! You can only boast after killing more enemies than me!"

Li XiangDong was stunned for a moment, and he couldn't help but burst out into laughter. While he was laughing, Ling Nineteen had seemingly turned into a flash of light, charging at the Northern Wei general with unfathomable speed!

"Dang dang dang!" A series of metal clashing sounds could be heard and Ling Nineteen did a somersault in the air. He then slashed down diagonally, and the heads of three Northern Wei soldiers flew into the air! Ling Nineteen then landed in the middle of their enemies and a bright resplendent glow formed by his sword could be seen!

"Ah! Ah!..." A series of shrieks sounded and the dozens of soldiers surrounding Ling Nineteen fell to the ground with their legs severed! As they rolled on the ground in pain, Ling Nineteen had already dashed in another direction with another dozen soldiers lying on the ground!

Right at that moment, the Northern Wei general who was fighting Ling Nineteen suddenly trembled on his horse and fell from it. Before he could even land on the ground, his body had already been dismembered into pieces! It turns out that he had already been killed in the battle with Ling Nineteen, but Ling Nineteen's swordplay was just too swift!

Ling Nineteen's swordplay was from the same source as Ling Jian and the rest. While his swordplay may not be as exquisite as Ling Jian's, it was more baleful and overwhelming!

"Fantastic martial arts! With just what you displayed, I will punish myself with a bowl of wine!" Li XiangDong laughed, "Little brat! This daddy is here to compete with you!" Then, he began to brandish his sword and charge out with an unstoppable momentum!

Ling Nineteen laughed in response with blood flowing out from his wounds. While his swordplay could kill his enemies, it was lacking in defense. But despite the many wounds he had suffered, he still had a smiling face. "Old Li, you are old and weak! You can't win against me!"

Li XiangDong then shouted out, "Bullsh*t! See how this daddy here beats you into resignation!" His blade then began to dance as dozens of Northern Wei soldiers fell under his blade!

With a flash of his shadow, Ling Nineteen had actually charged back to his original spot! After charging to and fro, almost a hundred Northern Wei soldiers had died under his blade!

Ling Nineteen then let out a roar, "Brothers, fight with me!" He then charged forward again! Li XiangDong followed beside him, one on the left and the other right, one on the horse and the other not, charging forward like two mad tigers!

As the weary Sky Bearing soldiers behind them saw the ferocity of these two individuals and how they were able to kill their enemies like dicing vegetables, their morale was greatly increased! They then let out a roar and charged forward as well!

Ling Nineteen's previous onslaught had already scared the Northern Wei soldiers out of their wits as they looked at Ling Nineteen with fear in their eyes! This young man was akin to a death god, with blood and death surrounding him when he walked. Not one of his men were injured because all of his enemies had died in his hands. Even the respected General Sun had been diced up in just a single exchange! How could they block someone like that?

Seeing him charging forward again, they all couldn't help but exclaim in fear and retreat a few steps!

Ling Nineteen then gave a cruel smile as he circulated his inner qi and let out a roar, "KILL!!"


The Northern Wei soldiers felt as though they heard thunder erupt by their ears and all of them couldn't help but take a few more steps back. There were a few who couldn't endure the pressure and actually abandoned their weapons and ran!